BlackBerry PlayBook OS v2.0.1.358 now available

PlayBook OS Update
By Adam Zeis on 17 Apr 2012 09:05 am EDT

If you've been holding out and waiting for another BlackBerry PlayBook OS update - today is your day. The PlayBook software has been updated to version A few updates and fixes to go along with this one including some welcomed enhancements.

  • Browser enhancements to address performance with some websites
  • Improvements to support Android apps
  • Optimizations to Video Chat, PIM and BlackBerry Bridge applications
  • And much more!

You should see the update pop up on your PlayBook, but if not, head to Settings > Software Updates to check on your own. Hit the forums for more discussion.

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Source: Inside BlackBerry

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BlackBerry PlayBook OS v2.0.1.358 now available



Not going to go through 4 pages of comments but is anyone else noticing that the video store is available??? (Yes I am in canada and as everyone knows, it did not work before)

I haven't created a log in but I can browse no problem, where as before, no content would show up at all.

Is it just me and I should have kept my mouth shut?

I don't see a video store after updating today. Can you give me more details? Saw at least one more comment mention this.

I previously had it, but when I did the update to OS2, I couldn't reinstall it. Lemme know if you can, when you get a chance.

I read the source, but I don't see anywhere to find out what "and much more!" consists of. Is there a complete update list somewhere?

I doubt anything *major* is coming until BB10 comes to the PlayBook.

My score on is still the same as before and is not what that website has for "RIM Tablet OS 2.1." I wonder if they're holding back on some upgrades and if 2.1 is different from 2.0.1?

I saw a claim that there would be upwards of 8,000 browser changes for I'm guessing that's not the scale of the improvements here.

2.1 <> 2.0.1

OS 2.1 has not been released yet. I suspect this patch deals with the lack of security with app development. I won't write apps for the playbook until my software code is protected. Right now if I released my app, everyone could see my code.

Has side-loading been altered in this version? Or are the Android improvements for better compatibility?

This is what I'm waiting to see. No upgrade for me if sideloading doesn't work... Half of what I use my playbook for is there because of sideloading (Kindle, Kik and Mint).

I believe sideloading will continue to work. I think the change they're going to make is that apps in App World will have a key encrypted to disable piracy/copying.

Ooooooooh boner!!

Updating now - I'm so excited, but with this erection it makes it difficult to focus!!

Great news!

Now hopefully the boot-up process is faster.

Waiting 3-5 minutes after pressing the power-on button till you see the log-in screen really sucks and is my number one complaint!

My second complaint is that POGO will not play on the PlayBook.

Still no support for organising my browser bookmarks??? Seriously RIM, wtf? I've been waiting for this feature forever!! And as a premium customer I raised an FE for this, I mean how hard is it to add the code in for's getting beyond a joke...

That was the very first thing I checked after the original OS2 update and it was like a slap in the head when I realised that bookmarks were still stuck in 1995. I seriously could not release a browser without bookmark organization.

In any case, not doing this update unless side loading still works. Side loading is my insurance that my PlayBook will continue to be useful should RIM decide to do an HP on it.

I have a separate folder on the home screen just for bookmarks. That doesn't excuse that I shouldn't have to do that and that I should be able to manage them, import them, and export them from within the browser itself. This has been a WTF since the PlayBook came out. Seriously, more than a year later we still can't manage bookmarks? Couldn't they assign a junior programmer to it? They're bookmarks!

Warning! troll comment below. Please ignore,skip and otherwise move on

Joyfully sent from my BlackBerry Playbook.

It's called a homepage and it works great. Has anyone noticed the browser is absolutely rocketing through Page renering? Mine is easily twice as fast vs. Pre-update.

BTW please ignore the Kennedy troll comment directly above this comment.

Joyfully sent from my BlackBerry Playbook.

i'm still on 2.0, yet to update and i have the power off button....which shut down button are you referring to?

Am referring to the same power off button, i also had it when i 1st updated to 2.0, but had a few problems with the playbook and did a security wipe, and then restored 2.0, and since then have lost all the orginial wallpapers and the power off button. do you have any idea how to get then back.. thank you for youe help.

I'm on OS2 and I still have a Power Off icon. I don't use it. If you press that and then Stand By the PlayBook reboots. I friend of mine didn't know about pressing the battery icon and he complained to me that his PlayBook always reboot in standby and took forever to boot up. I showed him mine going into Standby and he thought it was awesome. Then he showed me how he did it by pressing the Power Off icon and then Standby. It reboot. We tried it on mine and got the same result.

Lost my soft power button with this update.
Wallpapers stayed though.

I can live without the soft power button.
I did start noticing some websites would shut down the browser so hopefully this update patches that little glitch.

I do see that my remote control is preliminarily improved....anyone else notice the bezel swipe to close/app swap from your phone working better?

I think the boot time is still up there though.

Same here. No more soft power button. Not sure I understand why RIM would choose to remove that, even the phones have such an icon.

Mine still exists after the update. I had moved it to a Utilities folder, as I never use it. The Standby reboot bug has been fixed now but I'll still never use it anyway.

Nevermind....just downloaded new update and the altered AAT bridge works fine with internet access - yippee!

We need Arabic-script support and we need it now! As I mentioned elsewhere, I'm nervous that RIM will not have Arabic-script ready for the BB10 release. That would spell disaster for one of RIM's bright spots in the Middle East markets.

If anyone at RIM is reading this, please: Don't fumble the ball on Arabic-script!!!

I totally agree.. We seriously need the arabic script support, lots of people are hesitant about buying the PB because they lack this feature. I hope this update has it *fingers crossed*

ishamid - I don't want to sound like a jerk because I truly understand your concern for not having Arabic-support on the PlayBook or BB10 devices.. but you have posted this same comment in multiple articles. I would think that if RIM popping up stores across the Middle East, their products will eventually have Arabic support.

"but you have posted this same comment in multiple articles."

The same comment? No. The same topic? Yes, and the topic is relevant to both of the (only) two articles. And I was explicit above that I mentioned the topic elsewhere. So what's the problem?

"I would think that if RIM popping up stores across the Middle East, their products will eventually have Arabic support."

So would I. But what seems reasonable and what happens in reality often don't coincide. Since RIM people read these forums sometimes I think it's important to raise the issue loudly, BEFORE BB10 is released. Making assumptions without communication is a sure-fire way of becoming disappointed.

@ishamid - again, I wasn't trying to sound like a jerk and I certainly wasn't attacking you. From my viewpoint, I have seen similar posts it seems on most PlayBook articles (not from you of course) both here and on BerryReview, etc. While I think it is good to provide input, I have to think that RIM has people working on this... they would be foolish not to. Have you posted this same feedback about Arabic language support on RIM's own blog?

"Have you posted this same feedback about Arabic language support on RIM's own blog?"

I don't know anything about it; I'm relatively new to the BB universe (storm + playbook), and I've become a
fan/well-wisher. I'd be happy to constructively contribute to RIM's blog as well; what is it?

why is everyone so excited? Do any of you know what this update brings other than "much more" things? Really, is there anything in this update to be excited over, or just the fact that RIM gives us an update is enough reason to be excited?
Maybe the boot up will not take forever, just maybe. I don't want to sound like a troll, but take for instance the update process on OS 7 from 7 to 7.1. It took forever and afterwards I had to log in every application again. I updated my parents' Nexus phones to Ice Cream Sandwich over the weekend and it took less than 5 minutes and all the apps were still functional after the update. Now, that's what the consumer wants easy to maintain and upgrade devices, that don't take a week to update.

So you're making fun of someone who expects that updates should help you instead of mess up your electronic world? I happen to agree with him and I don't care whether it's BlackBerry, Apple, Microsoft, or Google that is doing the update.

I'm sorry but anyone who was expecting a major upgrade a month after we received a major upgrade is not realistic. You really think they're going to release anything major between OS2 and BB10? Highly unlikely.

well, we've used the major update for a while already and we find it to be not enough, can we not have hope that RIM only released half a major update and release the half now?

He does have a good point. After updating I can hardly notice any changes. Hopefully all of the bug fixes will make the whole experience better. Regardless, I did update the second I found out and it made me a few minutes late for work. So I was pumped.

Well - they could make minor improvemnts. Like, per chance, give the ability to edit bookmarks. That is not something that has to wait until BB10 in my opinion.

They need to give the ability to organize the Bookmarks and allow for folders and subfolders in the Browser. The fact that they didn't is beyond odd, it is a feature in every single browser. And a work around like folders in the home screen is unacceptable, this isn't a small 1 person business selling their app for 99 cents. BlackBerry should know this, as they should have known that email was a necessity when they first released the PlayBook. The lack of judgement from a company that was ahead of the curve a few years ago and should know better is frustrating.

That said, I am glad for the bug fixes (though I personally haven't experienced any before), and hope for standard browser features in the 2.1 update (that hopefully won't take months to implement).

I agree completely. I am religious about how my bookmarks are organized - it's the only thing I'm religious about. My Firefox bookmarks are divided into almost 50 folders with subfolders and subsubfolders. That way, I can always find things. The first thing I tried to do with my PlayBook was import my Firebox bookmark folder. The best I could manage was a giant html page that takes forever to browse through.

For now I save the frequent ones on the home screen and move them to a bookmarks folder... cursing RIM and their forefathers every single time I have to do it.

the guy has valid points but as usual there are always a few blind crackberry trolls with their useless about you offer some constructive feedback instead of lame-ass comments like the one above?

You may not want to be a TROLL but you are sounding like one. If we are happy for any update that we recceive why are you trying to pop bubbles. If you mommy android is running, updating and moving fasting then go there and leave BB's alone.

There is always someone who just cannot be happy for happyiness sake. SUCKS that you find yourself on CB

I don't think expecting performance from a device is trolling. It is probably time for us to realize that RIM's software needs a lot of work and not blindly support them. I used to have a Bold 9930 and still have my Playbook. The QNX on PB is awesome and wouldn't go to Android tablet or iPad, but the OS 7 with all the improvements over OS 5 and 6 is still sub par when compared to the Android. Just the boot-up takes 3-5 minutes. These days the apps and the speed of the OS make or destroy a platform and while RIM can't seem to be able to help in the app department, they can surely make the OS snappy...
...awaiting BB10 to redeem Blackberry

"There is always someone who just cannot be happy for happyiness sake. "

Who would be happy for happiness' sake? Wouldn't it make him insane....

I agree with him 100%. These updates are so minor its nothing to get excited over. IMO since Rim is so far behind every update they come out with these days should be a major changes

Bluetooth sounds 1,000,000x better and it does not switch to mono anymore. Good job RIM. I can finally use stereo BT.

How's the load time for the message app? I found it very annoying that I'd get an email on the PB I could select to open the message then grab my phone, read the message and move onto something else by the time the message loaded on my PB.

way better, but I think they still have a ways to go. Those msg's need to be instant.....BlackBerry users live off of their email

All my side loaded applications are still available

The only thing I have noticed in 5mins of use is the 'Problem Networks' option when connecting to Wi-Fi. Was that there before because I have never seen it when I have had issues connecting to my work Wi-Fi.

Your current side loaded apps work but are you able to side load anymore? Does the current localbar (proxy method) still work?

Things ive noticed:

- Browser stability improved
- Android player stability improved
- Faster load times for Native PIM
- Battery life improvements

I've also noticed that after the update, my car runs smoother. Not to mention, that nasty tickle in my throat seems to have disappeared!

Installing now! I hope that using bbm through the playbook is tweaked. The experience can sometimes be frustrating when it is not syncing read messages as read...

Updated and checking it out now. Looks good. Going to try the video player now. Had problems with the last update playing .avi and .mp4 files. Hopefully this update fixed that also.

I've notice everything is a lot snappier and faster to load. It seems they also fixed the issue of having to multiple tap in a field to get the keyboard to show up. Web pages also load faster.

So far so good...

Wish my 64GB Playbook would arrive already, ordered a week ago and it's still on "inventory hold". Guess I'll be fresh out of the box with the update to learn on though when it does get here.

If you guys read the little note below the update you will see it describes exactly what the update addresses. :)

As far I can see that explanation only makes generic comments to general communications improvements. The weblink for more information takes you to the OS 2 update info, and nothing more. This information is less than useless. As a business user of BB's, where we have had to wipe all BB's and reactivate, and re-load, re-permission software just to get back up when a BES server died, I am seeing fewer and fewer reasons to feel good about RIM and BB. This kind of general bafflegab and dead links just reinforces that view.

It was installing when I finally forced my self to go to work. Has anyone tried Words With Friends, it was basically useless before. Anyone tried project free tv, streaming was nearly useless. What's the new HTML5 score?

I checked it last night before the update and it seemed to be working. Tried a couple of shows and some newer movies and they all played. I only checked the first minute or so though.

Boot time is still over 3 minutes and 1/2 for me (first boot after the update)

I will reboot after it loads to see what happens!!!

Second boot was 2 min and 50 sec... 40 seconds better than what it was before the update... Getting better!!!

Not great, but better!

Nice surprise!
So far, boot time is the same (the last reboot took 6 minutes).
The Android runtime starts faster, and the apps load faster than before. Sideloaded apps are still there. Haven't tried to sideload new ones, but I really only needed Evernote anyway.
The native PIM apps seems pretty much the same. Still no portrait mode in messaging client. Bridge runs fine.

But, I have a video store and I was allowed to register in Canada. That's new.

Things i noticed after the bootup:

- Boot up is still super slow (very annoyed by this)
- No Bookmark Management yet
- YouTube app still doesn't have "my videos, my subs, my favorites, ect..."
- Zinio app now comes preloaded (last app in the "app menu")
- I don't sideload apps so I wouldn't know if anything changed there.

Overall I don't see anything thing new, hopefully I find something that would make the update worth while soon.

Man o Man. Still no youtube updates. That app is useless for me without the ability to see my subscriptions. Everytime I see that app it pisses me of.

HUGE UPDATE.....................Android Apps now remember information that you input even after re-booting.
For example, before everytime I restarted my PlayBook I had to re-input my twitter credentials into the Android twitter client. Now after a reboot it keeps me logged in!!!!!!!!!!!!
Don't have to accept terms and conditions for apps like latitude than run in the android player.
Seems like they spent a lot of time to make sure the android app experience is getting better.

Browser also seems to require less resources = increased stability.

Nice Work RIM!

You know that you've gone around every single BB site and pasted this exact comment. I'd have more respect for RIM employees if they actually typed an original comment each time. It can say the same thing essentially, but if you really believe it to be true you should be able to recreate the same emotion without just pasting. Try to earn your wage.

Also, this is a strange way to publish release notes.

Not me. I caught on after the second reboot that the Twitter app didn't save any of my settings and that was the last time I used it.

Great to have another update ! sorry to see there are still no way to sync Outlook contacts and calendar :-(

So far, (still early yet) the Browser and the Droid player seem more stable.
No browser "snaps shut" events. Droid Player seems smoother and no lockups yet.

This was a needed update, if it pans out that it stablizes things.
The browser and the Droid player were just to wonky to be really useful before.

No new items noticed or missing, but a good solid base for more goodies.

RIM will know in short order if this update mellows things out and provides
a solid base for more updates containing more add ons.
If not, expect one perhaps two small updates before anything super.

If this update delivers than. hopefully, finally, we can get what RIM said this thing would be almost one year ago! Hopefully, its not too little too late.

But from what I see, so far, good step (even though its about 6-9 months late) in getting things working and stable.

Got to whine about one thing.



So simple, so needed and so noticeable missing!
I am not moving to BBM as no one I know has it. Ok, 1 person
I know has it.

and so it goes...


For those that use Android or other platforms to compare boot up time, ease of use, etc...

The one major difference between RIM and all other devices is that RIM constantly has to be concerned with security. So not being a techie or an expert by any stretch, you have to wonder if preserving the integrity of the security of BB's plays a significant role when deploying their updates.

Now whether it does or doesn't, who knows. I certainly don't and can only guess (like many of us) at how "easy" it is to implement a feature that other platforms offer.

But I am willing to cut RIM a little slack so long as they continue to focus on security and offering the right services and products that cater to people that carry a BB over an iPhone or Android.

Sort of? Server or client? It needs client more than it needs server. I have DLNA servers on my router and on my Win7 PC. Would love to be able to see them on the PlayBook. Then the next problem would be that I don't want to re-encode everything just to get it play the audio. Mkv files need to play when they were encoded with 5.1 audio.

to search, type your search into the address bar and hit enter. Been there since day one. YOu can change the search engine in the options.

Hi everyone, I just downloaded the software update and was wondering if anyone has noticed that the "power" icon is no longer there after the update? The power icon I'm talking about is the one on the apps pages,not the one on the top right of the screen... Also I am noticing that my playbook is getting very hot after the update (just browsing Internet,no video/games).. power button is gone as well...replace with the zinio icon.....maybe a fair trade? Haha.... Never used that power button anyway. Besides that, I haven't noticed much of a difference. Maybe a little "snappier" .... If the update was mostly bug fixes I'm ok with that!

Ah guess I'm not the only one who noticed the power icon lol... Have you noticed the back gets hotter than normal? I'm wondering if they tweaked something with the battery...

WIFI still has bugs. I still can't connect to open wifi that requires you to agree to agreement on a web page.

I could do that on the current OS2. WiFi connects fine and then you open your browser and you get hijacked to the signin page. Had to do it at a hospital a couple of weeks ago to get on the Internet.

It works but only for the perfect storm. It works at Bob Evans, yes. I have been at the hospital for a month and I can never connect. My laptop, and android tab connects fine to the Wifi, but the playbook no. Not before or after the latest update

9700-9780-9900-Playbook 2.0.1
Where's my "power/restart/shutdown" icon thingy on the home screen?

9700-9780-9900-Playbook 2.0.1
Nevermind found it myself! The only reply I expected was "downloading it now" anyway.


Where did you find the power icon? I looked on both pages of my home screen and couldn't find it..

How cool would it be to have Amazon official APPS such as Amazon MP3, Kindle and even a Movie/Prime on PlayBook :/ ... Ohhh... & skype.. . sigh...

"Pushed" a lot the Android player and didn't crash yet. On the older version, by now I would have had to restart

الله يفضحكم فشلتونا,,وش دخل اللغة العربية في هذا الخبر يا مهطفة؟؟

Some Changes I would like to see;

-Search button on main menu, just like on BB7 phones
-Profile Login for a guest (allowing guests to try out a playbook w/o having access to all my personal items such as e-mails, calendar etc.)
-Bookmarks Management

did you somehow get Traveler for Android on the playbook? Why not just use the native push email. Set up an 'Exchange Account'... You just need port 80 open to your Traveler Domino server

Our corporate Server records the profile of the device and blocks native playbook. However, the Android version was working until the update. Do you have any idea how to remove an Android application completely? I can delete the mail icon for Traveler on the PB screen but for the other functions, calendar and search I had to use the Android Launcher Pro. Now I can't delete those even if I delete the mail from the PB, using the trashcan, or by trying to uninstall it using the sideloader.

Thanks for the pleasant surprise RIM and thanks for this article that gives un insight in to the update... Under the process now

Android apps now seem to load without any lag, which is a nice improvement. Disappointed that there was no update to PDF reader which still lacks a search facility.

Yeah, I already got qPDF. Search works but is not exactly quick on large PDFs. However, the response of handwritten annotations on this app is really good. Why, oh why, oh why, is an android emulated app so much better than anything written native for PB? At least qPDF now loads so quick that I don't really care that it is not native.

Has anyone had any issues with it being slower. For me loading up every page is a hassle. Crackberry even takes 20 secs to completely load. Might have to redownload. Can someone explain how to do that. I dont wanna lose all my music

1. Adobe reader still sucks! Needs a FIND text option!!!!
2. Still no (easy) way to load contacts from OUTLOOK!!
3. Still no (easy) way to get movies

Sigh... We also need:
a DWG (autocad) Viewer!!
Amazon MP3
Amazon Prime-Instant Videos
Google EARTH app
A dockstation with HDMI output!
And CB Store to finally ship my Bluetooth keyboard!!

Bold 9900 & PlayBook 64GB Wifi

FYI - Amazon Instant Videos work fine on the PlayBook. This update didn't address this. It was fine last week as well...

I side loaded a Kindle app on my Playbook and I'm wondering if I upgrade to the new OS will I have to side load my Kindle app again? Does anyone know? Thanks


Update: I just finished downloading and my browser seems faster! I checked 2 of my Kindle books, and everythng seems fine there as well :). I can't find the power off icon on my homepage, hopefully I didn't lose it, I liked the standby feature. So far I love the update!

Zinio? really?
The "world's largest newstand" and not one single magazine about which I give a rat's behind, yet RIM saw fit to install it on my PB.

Oh well.. maybe they make a buck or two from each customer reference... I guess RIM could use the extra income.

downloaded new os. so far i have not seen any changes... sideload apps still working... will post i see changes on my pb

Please can somebody confirm that the Book Reader for EPUB and Kindle app is still working after this update, the books are selectable but will not display any pages...just a blank page ?

Book Reader is broken with this update (at least until I can figure out what it is doing). I might try uninstalling and re-installing it to see if that works. In the meantime, my sideloaded Aldiko reader is working fine.

I uninstalled it and then went to App World to install it again. Greeted with a message about the app being a different price now & only gave options to purchase or trial, which almost prompted me to test the aerodynamics of the PlayBook. Tried a couple of times and it has re-installed (if it charged me again I'll be in their face for sure).

Anyway, long story short, it still doesn't work.

Has anybody checked if Android apps can now use camera/microphone? So, would my sideloaded Skype be useful for anything more than IM?

Didn't see that mentioned in this thread, but please excuse me if I overlooked it. Can't upgrade just yet, loaned my PB to my little sister for a couple of days just this afternoon. Damn the luck!

The update appears to have broken Book Reader. If this is a vain attempt to get me to use the crappy Kobo version, it's not going to work. My sideloaded Aldiko reader still works.

Glad it's not just me, I'll have to try out this Aldiko reader instead until they fix it but like you I also think Kobo sucks so won't be reinstalling that poop!

i refuse to take my playbook out of storage in the closet so no update for me having too much fun with mt galaxy tab 7.0 plus

Worked ok this morning but not about every third email on bridged messages will not open. Have had to restart to get it working again.

10%... 20%... 30%... 40%... 50%... 60%... 70%... 80%... 90%... 100%! Installing faster than it was downloading... This will take some time. Gotta see all those packages and system software components and linux stuff being installed behind the scenes... XD

Can't wait to see what stability it offers. Browser only crashed on me a few times.

Here is what sucks...after the update I noticed I need to link my contacts again. The email addresses still seem to be linked, but the fb and linkedin contacts are not linked.

Did the update nuke anyone else's New York Times Android App (sideloaded). This is the one App I used faithfully everyday and now it's useless eveytime it opens it says

Sorry! com.nytimes. android is not responding.

Anyone try resideloading it? does it then work?

REALLY REALLY REALLY Wish RIM would write a NYT App. :(

I installed this update and now I can no longer connect to my primary wifi router. It's a Netgear WNDR3700 running DD-WRT. It just connects and immediately disconnects again. I've rebooted the PB, the router, deleted the wifi connections and added them again, all to no avail. Neither the wifi 'G' or 'N' connections work. Both are WPA2 AES-only.

Just a heads up that this update may cause wifi problems for some (like me). :(

Same here. Have WNDR3700 running OpenWRT.
WIFI was spot on prior to update. Both G and N.
Now nothing, just connects, disconnects.
Any way to force 2.0 back?

No problem on my system, but my WNDR3700 is running the stock firmware. I have a Linksys WRT310N with DD-WRT on it. If I get a chance, I might swap them and test. I thought I remembered reading somewhere that you had to use WPA2 with both TKIP + AES turned on to get the WNDR3700 to work with DD-WRT? I might be thinking of the WNDR3500L. Anyway, worth a try.

Thanks anyway. But looks like an issue with the update to me that happens to be affecting WNDR3700 routers not running stock firmware. No WIFI settings help. Even tried no security and same deal.
This is logged repeatedly in the router logs.

ath: Failed to stop TX DMA, queues=0x004

Followed by the PB disconnecting and reconnecting.
Serves me right for blindly applying an update without a backup :P

Seriously, is there no way to go back to 2.0??

Have you tried forcing it to 5.0 ghz or 2.4 from dual band for that connection? I have to do that in my office. At home all works fine in dual band.

If you're still looking, the power/restart/standby buttons are now located under the battery icon. Hit Battery icon (top right) and they should be there.

Anyone else in the UK lost the BBC iplayer and BBC news native apps(icons) on the playbook home screen? And my bridge no longer works job just says connecting...

Mine are still there, however I had them in folders - not sure whether that's pertinent or not however.

I don't use Bridge so can't answer that question for you I'm afraid.

I know "real men don't backup"... But shouldn't it be the first thing one does before updating?


Haven't been able to backup anything but settings since I got the PlayBook. Tried backing up a half hour after I got it just to have a baseline backup - it failed. Makes a great first impression.

I have been able to do backups since day one! They are quite easy too.

I would say that such a failure is not normal behavior. May I suggest you look in Forum and see if others are reporting a similar problem. Maybe a solution or a fix is available.

If no posts exists, you could start one.

Good luck!


Installed my 64gb PB with new update. Didnt run on any trouble at all, however i dnt see anything special besides the browser is faster.. I believe the update is really small, seems like RIM is saving for BB 10... But we should get at least something.. Like a preview.!!!! The restart took 4mins and 40secs. I was hoping for more bridges option. But fail to see it.. Not so excited in my case.. But thanks RIM, anyway.. If BB10 is not going to be a killer, i dnt know whats next...

So far this update is Amazing.

Everything seems to respond so much quicker when typing so I don't seem to have to correct myself so much via slow response.

Also the Web browsing seems so much faster than it used to be.

I am typing this message on my Playbook with BlackBerry Bridge and I have open 3 browser windows, mail, contacts, greatest war little war (good game), BBM via Bridge, and I have been playing a video with nothing crashing as an app on me yet.

Never seen a personal technology device ever get so much better over time with hardware (the Playbook device) that is ages old in device speak ...... QNX OS has so much room for only better things and OS 10 could be something great for RIM and all of us as mobile device users.

Wow ! Very snappy. Great update. Things tend to move much smoother.
Android player runs much quicker and is much more solid. Doesn't studder at all.
Browser very fluid. Ten times better! Hasn't crashed at all. ( At least not as of yet )

Good work RIM team ! Keep the awesome updates coming! My PlayBook is getting better by the day.

By the way ...... do we have LifeTime updates?

I think RIM has finally put the last straw on this camel's back. My email, calendar and App World apps are noticeably worse. I can't see how a company can put out such a horrible update.

As of now I am waiting for windows 8 at which time I will switch OS, phone and tablet. Maybe I can be won back before windows 8 drops bit as of now I've had it. We are supposed to be getting a progression to BB10 not apps that make things worse.

I've been a loyal BB user and yes a fan boy but I can put into words how fed up I am with this company.

you're either trolling or your pb is an anomaly.

either way, i recommend a reboot or better yet, fresh wipe.

I agree he may have to do a wipe and reinstall but his complaints and frustration are understandable after reading all these posts by RIM employees about how incredible this update is.

Browser 10 times faster: only if your previous version didn't install correctly. Mine is slightly quicker but the checkerboarding is still very much there.

Bookmark management: the absence of this feature alone makes this upgrade a fail.

I could go on and on but it wouldn't make a difference to those convinced otherwise. RIM employees just need to stop posting here and raising false hopes.

Other thing i noticed is less memory use..Having couple of browser tabs and another app would use around 500mb with 2.0, with 2.1 it's no more than 350mb...
good work RIM

Although there are still many things that need to be addressed,
be glad they at least released an update that fixes some of the glitches/problems people were having. The more stable the OS gets the better the overall experience.

Other than that I am waiting for skype, VOIP and yahoo with video/voice chat!
I mean how hard can it be for rim and others to change their app from BB to the PB with more features.

i know it might have been asked already but i can't find an answer on here to many posts does side loading still work with this update?

When you plug your Playbook in, Windows will ask you if you want to run a 'setup.exe'. Say yes and and a new version of the Desktop will install and away you go!!!!!

It added two applications mySkreen VOD and zinio. I am french.

Aucun changement chez moi mise à part l'obligation de supprimer 400 mo pour faire la mise à jour.

I wish for a universal search button like on my smartphone !
Where is the homescreen shortcut for browsing images please? Since os two I can't find my picture shortcut.

Really like the improvements to the Android player. Some apps have gone from almost useless to almost usefull. eBay and USA Today in particular work well now. Hope to see RIM continue to iron out the issues there! I may even try and sideload some more Android apps this weekend.

Little help please from anyone at this point. I am on the phone with BB PB tech support....the desktop manager is not working on either my desktop and/or laptop. Have virus protection off. But error msg remains that it cannot communicate with the device. It was working prior to the new OS and they initially wanted me to do an RMA but I am hesistant b/c the DTM is working with the Bold 9000. They are aware of some kind of problem but I am wondering if anyone is having this problem. Please adivse thanks.