BlackBerry PlayBook OS v2.0 Developer Beta updated

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By ObiGeorge on 2 Nov 2011 12:43 pm EDT

The developer beta for the BlackBerry PlayBook v2.0 has been updated. With it brings just a few improvements to help developers in creating their apps. The first is that BlackBerry WebWorks applications can now call the GPS. Secondly, Wi-Fi profiles are now saved and do not disappear after rebooting your PlayBook. After registering to receive the developer beta software, an icon will appear in the status bar on their BlackBerry PlayBook to notify that the update is available. At that point you'll have 24 hours to complete the update of software on your PlayBook. After 24 hours, developers can reregister to receive the Developer Beta of PlayBook OS 2.0 as long as the beta is still open.

If you are already running the developer beta, by now you should see a gear symbol signifying that there is an update available. To update simply tap the top right corner of your screen, select Software Updates, Check for Update and complete.

*Update* - Looks as though RIM decided to put BlackBerry App World back into the build. They've adjusted the information on their blog and it no longer reads that App World will not be loaded. Try reregistering your PIN if you have issues though as suggested in the comments.

Source:  Inside BlackBerry Developer's Blog

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BlackBerry PlayBook OS v2.0 Developer Beta updated


I had AppWorld in the 3778 build.
I did a secure wipe, inital setup and downloaded and AppWorld was always there and working.

can you bridge successfully in this build????????
the previous workaround is cool but it doesn't support bridge browser! just saying

Every time I use a picture or wallpaper as my PlayBook's background the picture gets enlarged. Is there a way to stop this?

YES!!! If that is fixed I will be ecstatic! I was wondering if I was the only one who thought the browser was broken in the dev build. Kindle is great but I almost went back to the consumer build just to have my browser back.

You have 24 hours to pull your upgrade through your device AFTER you register for the download. Otherwise, the download/registration option will will be available indefinitely or until a newer release comes along.

Is there anyway that At&t customers can use the browser / Internet for Free? I hardly take my Playbook anywhere that doesn't have WIFI. It would be nice to use every once in awhile but I do not want to pay $20 a month for the tether.

Yes there is! Go here on your BB phone's browser and get the bridge app OTA:


I had to split the link, otherwise, it won't display.

(The bridge app from AppWorld won't work with AT&T). This allows you to bridge your PB to the phone and use the phone's 3g without paying a dime! It's bridging and NOT tethering, so that's why you don't have to pay.


I had the first OS 2 beta which came with AppWorld, and it worked fine. Did others not have it?

And now RIM is putting it back into the build? What does that mean? And the previous post is now saying AppWorld is missing?

Update: We apologize for the typo earlier this morning mentioning the removal of BlackBerry® App World™ from the BlackBerry® PlayBook™ OS Developer Beta update; the post has since been updated. To confirm: BlackBerry App World is available in this build. Thanks for your patience.

I'm about to figure out this wiping/OS 2 business for once and for all. Will post step by step and result by result when I'm successfully back on OS 2 with side loaded robot apps. Stay tuned.

228 MB for those minor changes? I admit I don't know much about it, but seems like alot, especially after they implemented incremental updates...

Update: We apologize for the typo earlier this morning mentioning the removal of BlackBerry® App World™ from the BlackBerry® PlayBook™ OS Developer Beta update; the post has since been updated. To confirm: BlackBerry App World is available in this build. Thanks for your patience.

Update worked for me, but I haven't seen any changes yet, I assume its under the hood.. Hopefully the browser crashing stops..

i know this might be a pain for one of you to answer but how can i upgrade to 2.0? i have a blackberry beta account and all, i just dont know how to upgrade. if one of you could give me some steps, thatd be great. also, if it does crash for some reason, will i be able to downgrade to the normal os? thanks in advance

thank you @AllSystemGo
i will still be able to keep all my purchased apps right? and also, if i choose to downgrade how will i do that?

I used OS2 for about a week but moved back to OS1. I can live with crashes and unresponsive apps but the bridge was a deal breaker for me. Im glad to see RIM is working and releasing upgrades for OS2, once they fix the bridge I'm back in.

Just installed. App World is there. Bridge still not working. Haven't noticed anything else yet, but it's just been a few minutes....

Sigh... just installed. If you press the reload icon in the browser the list of suggested websites still wont disappear until you select something in the list and have it reload another time. Hopefully the crashing issue is less prevalent though. If it is then I will deem this update a great success. If not, well, I still have email and kindle. ; )

What is the upgraded version, mine is, it says I have the latest software but I didn't upgrade since I download 2.0.

Did the register and then within about 5mins did a software update check and it was there ..

Try doing a manual check ..

Ok folks, I am kinda lost as to why people's BB Bridge isn't working in OS2 beta. I was leary of installing OS2 for that reason but decided to take the plunge anyways and even after the upgrade to OS2 (build and side loading BB Bridge back onto my Torch 9810, everything works fine. I can launch the Blackberry Bridge Browser and surf the net, launch Message and read my email, Contacts, etc. I don't have to do the work-arounds for bridge apps that everyone is talking about needing in OS2. So what gives? Is it only happening to select people or am I just lucky? And if so, should I upgrade and risk breaking my bridge??

9810 is a OS7 device.
OS5 and OS7 work fine for Bridge, it's OS6 that has the issue.

My personal OS6 device is not working but my work OS5 device is working fine.

One more reason to change my 9800 with a 9810. Wanted to wait for BBX but I guess I should not hold my breath

Actually, I have an OS5 (Storm2) and OS7 (Torch2 9810) and my Bridge doesn't work without the work around, so there's something else at work here. But the 9810 is worth upgrading to, so go for it!

Someone needs to do a case study of why it works for some and not others to try to get to the bottom of this issue.

Funny thing is that I keep reading the peoples regular apps from app world are not working on OS 2.0, but my apps work just fine.

I am using an OS6 9330 Curve 3G & have had no trouble using Bridge on my PB that is running the 2.0 developer build.

The only bummer I have found so far for OS 2.0 is the fact that the Android apps won't use the Bridge internet connection. However, everything else works just like it did with OS

Thank you for the info, now I'm back in the haze.
I really set myself to wait for BBX upgrade and that only if it's truly great.
I loved OS2 for folder organizing, extra Android apps (still check the list how the number grows by the hour) but I hated the browser bridge and no bridge browser(sounds funny :)) and bridge files.
I hope somebody finds and posts a reliable way to make it work right or hopefully RIM fixes it. Well, before February 2012...

I am confused by all these folks reporting bridge that is not working. Mine has never had any problems on 2.0 what soever.

Nor have I had any issues with bridge, and I have installed both OS2 dev versions OTA.

Torch 9810

Has anyone noticed any improvements in the browser crashes? Seems like it is still crashing or freezing.

Browser not crashing or freezing here, I've tried running everything that never worked together in the previous 2.0 before the update, Android apps, browser and bridge browser for bridge workaround and it all works well. A very noticeable difference with the way the android player works, its faster and smoother. I've got Android player, crackberry app, browser, emmanuel bible, video player and bridge OS2 browser workaround app (kindly placed for free in appworld and its fast) all working no issues here. This was definitely not possible before the update. Things are looking good! Fix that bridge issue and we're on our way home even with beta!