BlackBerry PlayBook OS v1.0.8.6067 now available - Security fixes for DingleBerry included

PlayBook OS Update
By Bla1ze on 6 Dec 2011 03:32 pm EST

*UPDATE* RIM has posted the full change log for the PlayBook update and as expected, it does include the security fix for DingleBerry as outlined in the RIM knowledge base under KB29191*

A new update for the BlackBerry PlayBook is now rolling out to consumers. the update comes in weighing just around 5MB and while we don't have a full and complete change log as of yet from RIM it is noted on that the updated includes the following:

Version - Size 5MB
This version offers support for Flash 10.3 and updates to Adobe AIR to support developers in addition to DST and security fixes.

That said, pretty safe to assume RIM has included a security fix to patch up the DingleBerry exploit we saw not too long ago with this release and rightfully so of course -- the hole should have been patched as soon as they were aware of it but that's neither here nor there right now. If you're looking to keep your PlayBook rooted, best to not take this update however; if you have no concerns with ever rooting your PlayBook then by all means -- get to updating!

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BlackBerry PlayBook OS v1.0.8.6067 now available - Security fixes for DingleBerry included


well this was expected! you fixed my what? my DINGLE was just fine, thank you!

the answer to these questions and more is NO:

- will it let me send text messages on my PB?
- does it provide native email?
- can i Skype?
- can i Skype with young girls?
- does it have BBM?
- does it have video BBM?
- can i video BBM
- does it work on my 9700? 9780?? 9000? 9xxx?

I agree... We need Basic functionality that everyone else has for years. Instead the've been playing w/ their dingle-berries! ... and crackberry thinks they did good : (

Push them for on wifi ..into enterprise (something besides basic WEP/WPA), Skype Video, VPN into Cisco networks. etc etc ... basic stuff!!

Hahahaha, totally agree. I think it's time for some dingle blockin. If you ask me if I believe that Blackberry users would hope to jail break their devices I'd say the ones that did are probably with Android now.

the patch doesnt quite fix your wife... bit it will help with some unwanted pregnancies ;) unless you married a computer lol some patches will help with smoking issues :)

flash 11.1 is only on the 2.0 beta isnt it? if your on the beta then this would still be viewed as a downgrade overall, its more for non beta users

I have just installed the latest update and can confirm that the flash player version is listed as:

ah thats random then lol, unless its got parts of previous versions to be backwards compatible? or they just couldnt bring themselves to say `fixes root` lol. im going for the last option haha

I Agree...RIM is so secure they should make the PlayBook un Playable until u get that update

I hope my bridge to my bold 9700 will work....I doubt it though - I think the issue is on my bridge app for the 9700 and not the playbook - we'll see though....

I wonder if this would be covered under the 1 year warranty.....Any thoughts? I would love to call support but I've had it for more than 3 months.

Does Dingleberry still work after the update?

Can I still downgrade after the update so I can dingleberry my PB?


First I agreed, now I feel that's a bit harsh.

If RIM's and their products were a joke I certainly wouldn't be encouraging those around me to buy PlayBooks, 9900's and be holding out for the London (or whatever it may be called).

Thanks for the update RIM. My wifi is working better now.

lol 5mb's of data - hahaha

i wish they could be this quick with the release of 7.1 for the 9810 already, geesh

in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere

i have downgraded back to "non-beta" and can also confirm flash remains at:

just can't attach the screen shot, lol, to this commentary

in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere

I am glad they fixed the bit that allowed it to be rooted, now critics can't say anything about RIM having security issues.

feels like a way too rushed update being the same time as dingleberry is released. Not downloading, I have the feeling this one will be unstable

I don't follow your logic; the short dev time on this patch indicates to me, if anything, rather the opposite of what you suggest: namely that so little was involved in the fix that it is highly unlikely that some side effect was overlooked. I installed immediately.

maybe I didn't explain myself. Shorter dev time equals (to me) that some details might be overlooked. It has happened a couple of updates ago that the system was affected by "minor" tweeks

considering how fast this came out - it was either expidited through the QA process, or more likely it was already in the works from a few weeks ago. In either case, you shouldn't complain about it taking a long time for a security hole to get plugged.

I'm surprised at how fast they released a update for security fix, thats a good thing I guess.. My expectation was they would take a week or so..

Who cares about it being rooted when this is a useless tablet. I have been patient for months waiting on the ability to get onto a enterprise wifi (or something besides basic WEP which works fine) ...or ability VPN into a cisco neterprise network ? or Skype video

basic things every other tablet has been doing for years!! Good to know RIM, Blackberry and crackberry have their priorities !

Let me know how you got it working when Cisco and RIM can't. TAC & ticket open for months. Which Enterprise have you connected into ?

just a quick note...... this update has now crippled my flawless running video chat..... Thanx RIM I now suppose a new update to come shortly to fix this problem

The last thing I want to do is install a 'half-baked' patch that was rushed to fix a problem that they had known about for months. RIM should have bundled it with some additional upgrades to the OS.

smh! im soooooo f*ckin tired of rim with their wack ass apps! i dnt kno wat the f*ck DINGLEBERRY is but can i video chat on line! (cause im the only asshole who purchased a playbook n still believe in rim* n cant skype! watch nexflex! or other stuff! ) honestly i dnt like ipad iphone or any other i products! but RIM* wat the hell r u guys doing ? wat happen to RIM pickin up android apps ! dnt u guys see how much ppl r giving up on rim* wtffff! arrgghhhhhhhh

Can anyone confirm if the update kills the video chat? I actually use that and would rather wait for a fix than update now if it does.

And if I wanted trolls I'd be out looking under bridges. Not reading my favorite site about my favorite products.

Love it, Certainly fixed my browser hanging issue. It is fast now. It was hanging at half way every time I was loading new page and I would have to restart it to resolve it.
Thanks rim