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BlackBerry PlayBook OS v1.0.8.4985 now available

BlackBerry PlayBook OS v1.0.8.4985 now available
By Bla1ze on 24 Nov 2011 10:17 am EST

We heard not too long ago there was a BlackBerry PlayBook update waiting to be released and now v1.0.8.4985 has arrived. This release really just concentrates on some bug fixes, updates Flash and addresses some issues with WiFi connectivity. The update should show as coming in at around 95MB when all is said and done.

The BlackBerry PlayBook OS v1.0.8.4985 contains the following fixes and updates:

  • Updated version of Adobe® Flash® Player version 11.1 and Adobe AIR® 3.1
  • Daylight savings time updates for time zones in the regions of Latin America, Australia and Central America
  • Updated Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi® software to help to improve connectivity
  • Fixed issues some users were experiencing with account payments in the BlackBerry App World™ storefront
  • Improved synching when restoring applications with BlackBerry Desktop Software 
  • This update also includes a security update for Adobe Flash Player, as noted in Adobe Security Bulletin APSB-11-28, which addresses issues that can potentially affect any PC, tablet, or other device with an operating system that supports Adobe Flash.

Discuss more in the CrackBerry Forums

Thanks, Diegonei for the screencap!



I hear that Rosco is a handsome fella


Sorry Rosco; Daisy rules Rimzard County!



This update has made the browser totally unusable. It hangs, doesnt load pages at all, stalls and makes it totally useless. DO NOT UPDATE YOUR PLAYBOOK!

I am totaly sick of RIM pushing out updates for this useless piece of equipment. I am selling it and getting something that actually works and has apps. If you are thinking of buying a PLAYBOOK then dont. In fact, you should get out of Blackbery all together! The company has no clue as to what it is doing. Thats what I am doing.


My pb works just fine after the update so maybe its not a universal issue.


I had the same problem myself. Disabling wireless N on my router fixed it, but RIM needs to sort this ASAP.


Just in time for the Playbook sales


Hopefully this will fix the annoying wifi connectivity issues I'm having


Webmail and video camera issues solved?


What webmail & Video Cam issues are you having SuperDuckWC?


Cannot access to my webmail account since the last update (CPANEL said cookie problem of the browser)

And taking video is really a pain in the ..., video is laging every 3 minutes but sounds is ok... I saw this issue in the forum too, can't find the topic



Should you be saying thanks for the screen shot or, gracias?


"Obrigado pela foto" would have been better. We speak Portuguese here in Brasil. ^^


diegonei, obrigado pela foto e feliz dia de ação de graças


Happy Thanksgiving to you too IsOver, and to all of Mobile Nations. ^^


Well it's nice to see something before February. Tethered and downloading at work now.


Anybody know if A2DP works now and whether WPS connectivity works solid now?


@QuIcKsIlV3r and mavricxx, No A2DP Yet!

First thing I did after updating was to pair it with my Bose Soundlink and it still says the no services message and the bluetooth bar stays white.


Same here.. Connects, but no services.


I Did the same thing
WTF I wanna use my bose


Downloading V. at this instant. Keep the updates coming RIM!


Wow! They kept a promise. Oh, right, Leapfrog Jim is out of the country. Good work Mike, Scott, everybody else.

Thanks for not forgetting about us.


downloaded, no auto correct :(

checked Shop Blackberry all Playbooks sold out


Auto correct is on 2.0.


i hope so, i hate typing on glass


i am getting error downloading ??


Bold 9900 . . .T-Mobile . . .update plz . . .gezz . . .everything will get an update twice before I do . . .


What does your 9900 have to do with the PlayBook?


right there with ya. sprint is slow on the updates too! i am on the 9930 original os! not sure what the hold up is?


No problem downloading... Playbook rebooted with no issue...

All apps working like before...

Did not fix the Podcast not downloading new episodes issue...


I just want to be able to see my emails when bridged and this did not fix. Any thoughts?



Does your bridge currently work? Other apps on the bridge working? What Blackberry are you using?


no issues, wonder what other changes exist for 95 mb there has to be more.


good this is another proof rim is firmly behind playbook. why would rim otherwise release updates ? I have strong feeling that this stock is all about new revision of playbook coming out in feb with new packaging os2 installed rtc


:O can i get it on my curve 8900


Downloaded and installed with no issues


NO A2DP with my BT headphones :(


Downloaded and rebooted ,no problems. Did not see much changes as stated.
Sux ..still no A2DP it cos they having problems putting this on as result of interference with the BT bridge function? Hope they can solve this by OS 2.0.


Can totally be it:
i can't listen to my 9900 in my car if my PB is there at the same time. I have to shut PB BT and then the music plays normally


I don't agree. I use BB Bridge or tethered PB + BT Rocketfish headphones.
What I expect to see fixed is the intermittent connection to my Logitech BT keyboard.


I downloaded this update without really thinking about it. Now, I cannot connect to my wi-fi network. Since the wi-fi network didn't change, and my other devices can connect just fine, I have to assume the update to the playbook somehow messed up the playbook's wi-fi connection. Has anyone else experienced this issue after the update, and if so, how was it corrected? I have tried logging in manually, and it still won't allow me to connect. Any suggestions?


Try removing the network from your PlayBook (Wifi - saved connections - delete your connection) and re-establish the connection. That should do the trick.

If that doesn't work, try checking for a firmware update for your wifi router.


Thank you, Abrante. I go to Wifi-saved networks, but there is nothing (that I can find) that says "delete").Is it something I missed?



AHH, the pencil...I will try that now. Thanks again!!


Yea, I apologize for not mentioning "the pencil" part. Hope that delete/re-establishing the connection solves your problem.


Same here..... is it possible to uninstall this upgrade. PB is useless without Internet.

Tried deleting WiFi profiles. Reset my router (even though all other devices have no problems connecting)

The strange thing is that AppWorld works, but the moment I open the browser, the Internet connection is lost, but NOT the Wifi Connection (still 5 green bars) and then AppWorld also loses connection. If I disable/enable the WiFi, AppWorld can reconnect, but only until I start the browser.

Very frustrating this...


I had the same issue but got around it by turning off wifi, powering off completely and then restart. It is flying at top speed now.


i have also been experiencing wifi issues since the new does seem to be triggered by using the browser....turning completely off after turning off the wifi seems to work for now, will see if it holds true going forward...thanks for the tip


YESS !!!! It works now!

My router had the option b+g+n selected.
I changed it to b+g only.

Now it works again. n somehow gives trouble with this new 'update'.


After too many attempts, it now says " This configuration has been disabled. Too many failed attempts...:(


did you backup your playbook first?


Downloaded and rebooted with no problems as well.

This thing is a Ferrari. I love my new Playbook!

Thanks RIM!


Okay, still will not connect. Is there any way to remove the update, outside of wiping the device and starting fresh?


Sorry to hear that it didn't work. Drop a line if you end up resolving it through other means. Would like to know what caused that to happen and how it is fixed.


At first couldn't backup / restore either (worries started on 1.0.7) from DM for MAC, but solved it like this:
1. Delete your PB's profile on DM
2. Turn WiFi off
3. On storage and sharing settings, put "Connect to Mac", file sharing on and the rest off
4. Under network properties change the name of yor Playbook from "PLAYBOOK-XXXX" to whatever you like
5. Plug in the PB to the USB port
Voilà! Everything works (for me)!
Hope this helps


try disabling wireless N on your router. fixed it for me.


Good to see Adobe Flash has been updated, because the Flash performance on OS 2 which has Flash 11 is noticeably faster, especially with flash games..


Oh look, advanced airplane mode...

The Me

Where? I only have the regular ones.


oh ya! I got Advanced Airplane Mode too!
·now have the option to set Airplane Mode for PlayBook using BlackBerry SmartPhone connected thru Bridge
·also have Advanced Airplane Mode option to control plane thru bluetooth using PlayBook
I been waitin on this like everyone else...yes, finally!

The Me

Am I missing something? I still don't know where it is and I am bridged... Help?


After update, I still can't backup my PB. Before I could at least back up my media... now I can backup nothing...

I am not giving up hope...


What works for me is backing up each backup category individually (media, settings and apps). It's a pain but at least it works.


At first couldn't backup / restore from DM for MAC, but solved it like this:
1. Delete your PB's profile on DM
2. Turn WiFi off
3. On storage and sharing settings, put "Connect to Mac", file sharing on and the rest off
4. Under network properties change the name of yor Playbook from "PLAYBOOK-XXXX" to whatever you like
5. Plug in the PB to the USB port

Voilà! Everything works (for me)!

Hope this helps


just upgraded hopefully the browser crashing issue is resolved!

El Cid

I'm right there with you @Rehabilatator, FWIW, this site is one of the worst culprits of PlayBook browser crashing, I've made it a habit NOT to load more than one page/tab while perusing AND closing such page/tab prior to moving on to another site, the excessive use of scripts on every page -- even if it's just one post -- is detrimental to the browser's stability.

The Me

Thank you for the update RIM, but my wireless connection still reports that I am at 11mbps and that I am on g when i have 802.11n.


If you connect at 5Ghz (access point or router needs dual band)then you can connect at 'a' 24Mbps. No way of getting 'n' yet.

The Me

I know, I don't have a dual-band router yet, getting one next week maybe.
But from my experience, if I do a speedtest, I get 32mbps which is my connection speed. Could it be that the drivers are not reporting properly? Could I be connected to "n" or am I actually connected to "g"? Because my range is not that good either and this is why I am confused.


Day Light Savings is still not working. Sydney +10, has the correct time in the settings page, wrong time on the home screen bar.

A bit of testing RIM? Cheers.


Oh ffs. That was the only thing i was excited about in this release and it doesn't work. Balls.


ffs indeed. C'mon RIM fix this timezone bug!


Yep same for me.

The Time and Date Settings time is accurate but the Home screen time is exactly 1 hour behind.

Time and Date Settings screen: 10.30 am

Home screen: 9.30 am


Still not worth downgrading from the Developer Beta 2.0 OS. Even for a non developer.

Like the new keyboard style better.
Like the ability to create folders.
Like the new icon setup and larger carousel better.
Like that Bridge and WiFi seem to work much faster.
Like the aditional options and hints of what is coming based on unused options.
Like being able ton run Android Apps. (but look forward to native ones).

Dont like that video chat doesnt work.

Love that RIM didnt completely stop updating both the Beta and the Retail OS's.

Hope everyone is enjoying their PlayBooks.


Did a security wipe, and that allowed me to access my wifi network, but now won't let me pick a country and language for the lic agreement... RIM, I love you, but this is somewhat dissapointing.


It's still under warranty! If it gives you too much trouble, you can exchange it. =)


ok got it install and the bridge is not working.... :S heeeelp please....


Why can't they update the Adobe Reader with a little more than just base functionality. So annoying. Is it that difficult?


I'm still having problems in appworld payment, when I try to change my credit card it keeps saying me theres a credit card authorization error (error id 12000). Any help? PLEASE!!


this probably means your credit card expired or the information they have is inaccurate... try changing it on the App World website


My update size is 97mb. I got more size than the most?

I also notice auto correct in documents to go, is that new?


It must have re-added 2MB of a "necessary" file that you deleted from your previous version.


hello I have a blacberry playbook I live in Senegal but I can not access appworld that is installed on the playbook I received a message telling me that appworl is not available in your country I am looking for another way to download or a solution to my problem is urgent. thank you


My suggestion would be to try one of the VPN services that gives you an IP address of another country where App World is available. Search online for service providers.


It sucks. I want back my old OS. I can't figure out how this made it past acceptance testing. My wifi has become so unstable it is ridiculous. In the last 10 minutes it has dropped more than 6 times.

My router is dual band wireless n and everything else on it that's n-capable is at n, except this.

I just bought two Viewsonic 7e android tabs for my kids. They work fine. I saw my son playing with an active background of the spinning planet Vulcan. My professional grade tablet seems so ridiculous at the moment.

Edit: it dropped 5 times while typing this and twice while I was adding this edit. And Crackberry, PLEASE FIX THE BLASTED JAVA SCRIPT OR WHATEVER THAT MAKES THE KEYBOARD DISAPPEAR WHILE YOU ARE TYPING!!! JEEZ!!!


Just hit the stop and type away.


For the wifi issue, try disabling wireless N on your router. set to G only, or B/G only.


how to update when appsworld are not available in your country ?


Lol, good entertainment this thread :) My PB works great, what r some of you guy's smoking? ;)


i was just wondering how big is the download and how long does it take if its tethered to my Torch?

BlackBerry Torch 9860 and PlayBook


Notifications still don't work. Still says I have new emails and I don't.


delete your bluetooth profile, remove the pb from within your phone bridge app, reboot both. rebridge the devices. That fixed it for me.


"Fixed issues some users were experiencing with account payments in the BlackBerry App World™ storefront"

Oh, thank God! I hope the update will solve it for the international customers.

Kinda wish we have a big PB sale here but oh well, I'm happy with my PB so far :)

EDIT: Hmph, seems like it's still not solved. I keep getting error 9300 (PayPal) or 11400 (credit card). Darn it RIM :(


Please read the list of bug fixes before complaining that things like autocorrect, A2DP, and other issues haven't been fixed.


I hope they get rid of the checkers with 2.0 at least chenge it to something nicer.


Well this is welcome. I just downgraded from OS2.0 BETA yesterday. Will update soonest.

After downgrading, though, I realise how much of an improvement the 2.0 UI is. The huge pretentious keyboard of 1.0.7 is awful. Folders are a very useful tool and the plethora of Android apps really made my life a lot easier in 2.0.

The only reason I downgraded was the camera problems - 2.0 has focus issues - and browser performance. In 2.0 my browser constantly crashed if ANY Android app was open.

Now I'll patiently wait for the official release in February, with my 1.0.8 in tow.



I'm having issues with my games after installing the update. I noticed it first with tank recon 3d that I purchased right before the upgrade. It really became obvious when I tried to play modern combat 2 online. The game would lock up for a fraction of a second every few seconds. It was working fine before the update. I went back and checked...dead space has the same issue and modern combat has the issue in single player mode as well. I did a couple of restarts. No change. I just deleted and reinstalled modern combat 2 to see if that makes a difference...

The Me

Interesting, my game (NOVA2) locks up every 10 seconds for about a second. My other friend reports that he is fine. I'm pretty sure he upgraded his OS too. I did 4 restarts just to make sure and re-downloaded the game... Still freezes.



Comwave ePhone is broken on this OS build as the microphone and camera crashes the App. Other flash based websites with camera and mic have stopped working as well. No ETA. Seems like a Adobe Flash security issue in this version.


But I had to delete my wifi profiles and all bridged phones and reset them up. I never had to do that on any previous update.

I have noticed I can now connect to the N wifi profile of my router. Before it was only the G.


Updated fine, no issues so far, haven't tried Bridge yet but rarely use it.


Updated fine for me. No issues here. Wifi and Bridge work perfect.


i have 2.0, lol

just sayin' is all


in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere


i can't wait until rim fixes the one thing that bugs me:

how it takes a million years to download 400MB's of data from app world, even if my playbook is practically attached to a wifi router, seriously, i could duct tape my playbook to the router, drive around for a week, come back, and it will be at 144MB's out of 400MB's, it makes me want to yell stuff at strangers, but i won't really do that, just sayin'

oh, and how i can't even load app world over any connection except for wifi and / or mobile hotspot - which i have neither, lol, at least until my 9810 gets 7.1 with mobile hotspot

app world won't connect using "internet tethering" or "blackberry bridge" lol

i know it's not rim's fault how i refuse to subscribe to a landline, but c'man already, i can use app world over my good buddy's android phone, because it has MOBILE HOTSPOT, whereas, me - mr. blackberry die hard - sitting here all bummed out because i can't do with my playbook what my friends android phone can do?!?!?!?! and i use blackberry 7 9810!!!!!!!! like, what? it is like a slap in the face, well, maybe not quite, but still...

okay buck - deep breath - remember, "you love blackberry" - yes, i guess i have no choice except to be patient, if there is one topic or virtue rim has taught me about since jumping aboard, it is patience, tons and tons of patience



in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere


Never takes me that long. Giant ones are done in 15 minutes for me.


unrelated, but...

machinirium is SO good


in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere


Yea, I saw it was mentioned earlier...My Podcast doesnt update. Everything else is working fine at this time.


is there any way i can remove os 2.0 beta from my playbook and install this ?


i want to go back to version 1.06, where internet of WIFI worked (even after deleting and recreating the wifi connection), Why Rim WHYYYY, didn't you learned anything ?


Update went fine, but didnt fix my appworld problem. (which effects my phone now as well I found out)


Does anybody know if you can transfer media or files between the phone and the PB?


yes you can move files between pb and phone.... via blackberry bridge and a file browser which supports reading sd cards via bridge....


I notice app world is much faster now - excellent


Updated and all seems to be working perfectly! Can't wait for BBX 2.0!!


How about auto cap and spell check. Dammm rimmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


I've noticed that I still have all that when using the bridge apps, but not he main apps. It catches me off guard a lot.


Significantly improved connection between Playbook and my bold 9900. The speed/connection is so much better.


My download gets "interrupted" or experiences a "fatal error", so I can't do the upgrade. Anyone else have that problem and/or a solution for it? Thanks for your help.


Updated 11/24/2011 with no errors or issues. The wifi connections are quick and browsing is actually a bit faster.

btw anyone using a different browser on the playbook?


While it's great to see new updates they STILL haven't fixed the single largest bug!!
As always the browser still hangs at around 50-70% of page load on most of my site visits. Clearing all data and history etc fixes it for about 5 minutes and then the hangs return.

Over 3 OS updates and this huge bug still hasn't been fixed! Drives me mad. If the OS 2.0 doesn't fix this and there's no android browser apps that we can use I may as well sell my playbook and get an android tablet - and just be stuck with their ugly OS, but hey at least it would work!



Sounds like the same issue that i had. Try disabling wireless N on your router. Set to G or B/G only. This has fixed the issue for a lot of people.


Bluetooth connectivity is not improved. Bluetooth keyboards still randomly disconnect and reconnect. Sorry, RIM, fail on that one.


I don't think the timezone issue in Australia was fixed My pb still shows the wrong time although the alarm clock app shows the correct time. Since i use the clock app just manually changing the time is not the answer.


Music player stops playing music when browser plays a sound (ie. fbchat)


The on line Flash player of Sirius Radio still doesn't work with this update. Gee :(