BlackBerry PlayBook OS v1.05.2342 update coming soon - addresses Flash fix issued by Adobe

BlackBerry PlayBook OS Update
By Kevin Michaluk on 11 Jun 2011 08:42 pm EDT

*Update: The OS update appears to be live for most people now, so if you're not one of those that already has it because you've been sitting there pushing "Check for updates" since this post went up, you can check it now and get to downloading!*

RIM dropped word tonight that an OS update for the BlackBerry PlayBook will be available shortly to address a vulnerability identified by Adobe regarding Flash:

Earlier this week, Adobe issued an update for Adobe Flash Player, which addresses an issue that affects all systems running Flash. As such, a new version (version of the BlackBerry Tablet OS will soon be available to all BlackBerry PlayBook tablet users, which contains an updated version of Adobe Flash Player within it. This free update can be downloaded over-the-air from your BlackBerry PlayBook. While there are no known reports of any BlackBerry PlayBook users being affected by the Adobe Flash issue, we encourage all BlackBerry PlayBook users to update to this newest version of the BlackBerry Tablet OS.

Those curious about the Adobe vulnerability can look here for more info. Flash 10.3 should be hitting the PlayBook soon, but we likely won't see it in this update (will still be on flash 10.2, though based on Adobe's bulletin I'm guessing we'll see 10.3 sooner rather than later). Keep in mind this isn't just a PlayBook thing... we're talking flash pretty much everywhere. It's great to see RIM be able to push out an update so fast (go #TeamQNX!!).

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BlackBerry PlayBook OS v1.05.2342 update coming soon - addresses Flash fix issued by Adobe


on the road enjoying the last update! able to watch videos while driving, yes.....and this will make it better, yes getting a room sooner than later

This is the first update that downloaded AND installed in the background. All previous updates downloaded in the background but when the install was initiated, nothing else could be done. Awesome.

Not gonna lie, a little disappointed that this only addresses a Flash "issue" that I am not experiencing. But I guess good on RIM for fixing this small issue that some people are experiencing.

10.3 is good but it should be amazing on the playbook but every flash update is vital trust me

Try this:

*Update to 1.05.2342, restart device as prompted.
*When device has restarted, check for updates. None found?
*Delete shortcuts to AOL, Gmail, Hotmail, etc.
*Check for updates. 6-ish MB update to same OS?
*Install "update", restart, shortcuts to AOL et al are back.
*Repeat for additional frustration.

I've tried this a few times with same results. Even got the automated update notification.

This is weak, seriously. I am a HUGE fan of RIM/BlackBerry, but this is pure BS!

anyone else loose icon for podcast app? try security wipe and force update on pc still not back.

IMHO RIM sacrifies its "secure" system for Flash.

I just had a talk to some people who work for embassies - they never buy anything else than BB. But I guess this stops now, as the Flash player threatens the safety of the data stored on the device.

Oh, and RIM seems to be slow on updating the flash player - Android has been on 10.3 now for quite some time. Probably they implement the plugin themselves - that's gonna be always a cat-and-mouse game then to catch up...

i know that 00.1 version seems to make a big difference to you... but what's the actual difference between 10.2 and 10.3?

Actually, you are wrong. You should read up on how RIM secures the PlayBook from vulnerabilities in the web browser.

He's been looking for reasons to bash the Playbook for some time. He won't let the facts get in his way!

The update does more than address a security issue in flash. Several apps that were not working are now working - none of which required an update - instead they work now with the new OS update so there must have been something in that update that prevented them from working. More specifically, the following apps now work: The Vancouver Sun, The Province, The Gazette, The National Post, and the Readers Digest App. There are still applications that do not work of course since the last update but at least some that didnt work now do.

anyone having problem with need for speed does not save any last status and start from new beginning after this update?

RIM should pull some of the demo PlayBooks from the field as most are running version It's not a good version for demoing to potential customers. RIM should recall them as they aren't being upgraded by the retailers. It's a bad sell in comparison to the competition.