BlackBerry PlayBook OS v1.0.3 update details - BBM, Video Chat and more

BlackBerry PlayBook video chat
By Adam Zeis on 2 May 2011 04:17 pm EDT

We heard earlier today that a new OS update for the BlackBerry PlayBook would be made available as early tonight and now we have some details as to just what will be included in the new software. OS 1.0.3 will include both the much anticipated video chat as well as BBM (via Bridge). Document editing via Bridge is a new feature that will allow users to edit documents stored on your phone via the PlayBook, and also users will now have the ability to create browser bookmarks on the homescreen for one-click access.

The update is scheduled to roll out later this evening and should be fully available by Tuesday. To check for the update, go to Settings > Software Update on your PlayBook (or just wait for the notification). Keep reading for full details on all the included features. 

Source: Inside BlackBerry 

BlackBerry PlayBook Video Chat

The Video Chat application enables video and voice over Wi-Fi calling between BlackBerry PlayBook tablets in peer-to-peer or enterprise environments using your BlackBerry® ID profile. Here are some of the features I'm really excited about:

  • One-Click Calls - With just one click you can make a call from your Video Chat contact list, log of recent calls or simply by entering the BlackBerry ID email address of the person you want to call.
  • Incoming Call Notifications - You will receive a notification pop-up when a new video call comes in, allowing you to accept the call as either a video or voice call, or decline the call. For those quiet moments - such as when you're watching a movie, playing a game or listening to music - you will also have the ability to simply set the "Do Not Disturb" option and the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet will automatically ignore all incoming calls.
  • Powerful In-Call Functions - By using the picture-in-picture function you can easily preview what your camera is seeing prior to placing the call to see the video feed you will be sending. You can also easily switch cameras from front to rear so your friends can see what you see, and for private moments you can mute/unmute audio or make or take calls using voice only.
  • Friends List - BlackBerry PlayBook Video Chat comes complete with a Friends List for maintaining your contacts. A friendly name and a picture can easily be added to a contact to personalize the entry and a Call Log makes it simple to keep track of who called, as well as when and what calls were missed. Friends are added using their BlackBerry ID profile.
  • Video Chat Multitasking - Thanks to the power of the BlackBerry Tablet OS and its true multitasking capabilities, video and voice over Wi-Fi chats can continue running in the background while you interact with other applications.
  • HDMI Video Chat - In addition to chatting using the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet's high-resolution screen, Video Chat supports HDMI output when in ‘Mirror Mode', allowing you to output what is on your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet's screen to a larger HD television or monitor.

BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) Support via BlackBerry Bridge

BlackBerry Tablet OS v1.0.3 expands the BlackBerry Bridge experience to include BBM (woot! Ed.). BlackBerry smartphone users with BlackBerry Bridge enabled can now mirror their smartphone BBM on the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet's large high-resolution display over a secure Bluetooth® connection. BBM via BlackBerry Bridge features:

  • Full BBM Chat Functionality - Either one-to-one or multi-person chats.
  • BBM Status Updates - Let your friends know how you feel about your new BlackBerry PlayBook tablet!
  • Photo Sharing - Via the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet or your BlackBerry smartphone SD card.
  • BBM Alerts - New BlackBerry Messenger alerts will appear on the BlackBerry PlayBook notification ribbon.  

Document Editing via BlackBerry Bridge 

In addition to BBM, BlackBerry Tablet OS v1.0.3 now adds document-editing support via BlackBerry Bridge to the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. This means that documents sitting on your BlackBerry smartphone can now be accessed via secure Bluetooth connection, edited on the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet's large high-resolution display and then saved back to your BlackBerry smartphone. Here are some important aspects of document editing via BlackBerry Bridge to note:

  • File Access - Access to your pictures, documents, spreadsheets and slideshows via either email over BlackBerry Bridge or the BlackBerry Bridge files application. With BlackBerry Bridge, you can view photos and office documents and edit spreadsheets and text-based documents.
  • BlackBerry® Internet Service Support - When bridged to a BlackBerry smartphone with a BIS service plan, users can select to either save their document locally on the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet or back onto their BlackBerry smartphone SD card.
  • BlackBerry® Enterprise Server Support - When bridged to a BlackBerry smartphone operating on a BlackBerry Enterprise Server, documents automatically get saved back to the BlackBerry smartphone SD card to help ensure corporate data is kept secure.
Home Screen Browser Bookmarks

Users can now quickly save a BlackBerry PlayBook Browser bookmark to the PlayBook tablet home screen for easy access. Select the browser bookmark from the home screen, and the BlackBerry PlayBook browser will automatically launch the webpage you want to see!

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Reader comments

BlackBerry PlayBook OS v1.0.3 update details - BBM, Video Chat and more


Can't wait for this too! Hopefully they open up AppWorld downloads via tether in the near future!

still need spellcheck! also need the browser not to cloze on its own for cut n paste to work better, lots of stuff

BBM is available now.
Got the new versions of the Bridge App and BBM via Appworld on my phone, and now BBM is up and running on my Playbook.

Running a 9630 Tour from Sprint with

To achieve critical mass, they need to add BBM Video to their smartphones.

If not, Skype may be the way to go.

At this rate of "UPGRADES" the PlayBook will be as GREAT as advertised in know time .......KODOS for RIM ......keep'em coming

everything takes time. RIM is betting heavily on the Playbook to succeed and they gonna be pushing out alot of great things for the playbook. MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Google Talk, AOL Messenger are all coming.

All i want now after this update is BB Traffic, BB Travel and that will hold me over until all the IM apps come along.

By the way... with the new bridge features it means you can basically use the BB as an "external hard drive" and store there an additional (up to) 32GB of data using the SD that brings, if you got the the 64GB version of the PB, to a... LOT of GB :) where to store docs.
PC bye bye.. no need for it anymore!!!!

Not fully yet.

I tried on the weekend and I couldn't "see" anything on my 9700 except doc files (doc, pdf etc).

Pics, mp3's and other files hopefully will be allowed soon.

Once I updated blackberry bridge on my phone and synced it with the playbook the bbm app was there. It works like usual with sending/receiving messages and pictures. Its choppy when changing orientation and does freeze when opening the keyboard for a few seconds. Hope these bugs will be fixed with the playbook update! Good job rim!

just got the pb today and already cant wait! I cant wait for more ims to come out to such as msn at least then i wont need my laptop at all for most things! RIM you are on the right path keep it up amazing job!

I hope they also add that you can connect an external hard drive or a Digital Camera to the PB so you can transfer/copy pics/videos to the PB to post on FB/youtube. Also, I hope they add all the Codecs or all the popular ones at least as some videos like flv are not watchable nor detected by my PB.

Now we just need OoVoO, Skype and Yahoo Messenger to chat, call, and video calls. Also, it would be so awesome if they could integrate OoVoO, Skype and Yahoo Messenger into this App. Otherwise this App won't get much use. Lastly, it would behove RIM to add a front facing cam on future Blackberry phones. On a different note, did anyone notice you can't zoom while recording videos on the PB? Please fix this RIM, its so annoying!

Yeah i noticed that. You have to flip back to the still camera to change zoom and then go back to video. I haven't used the video camera much yet so it hasn't bothered me much, but if i were to try to use it it would definitely annoy me.

Hey BB dependents brothers !!! Lets try that video chatting direct call on that incoming update tonight, here my PB pin # 500E7CC4, and also my Torch Pin # 22EEA11C, let's try it ! , i did also get the new bridge today and have just a few little lags trying to get back out the keyboard previously hide, but ROCKS !!!! this thing just only does EVERYTHING.
can't wait for it !!!!

Awesome! I have been waiting for an update, as have all of you CrackBerry fans... can't wait for it to go live here!

no pb update but the bridge updated. now bbm shows on my pb and works. hoping the pb update will make things smother. my email connection is less stable and locked up.

Loving this stuff! Totally hooked on the PB and RIMs commitment to knocking out the updates is immense. I for one am glad to have this device now and see the improvements in the os and apps each day.

Finally RIM took nearly a month to do this why on earth did we have to wait for BlackBerry World if the device is already out - does this influence share price when announced at BLACKBERRY WORLD ;) just curious

C'mon, can't wait to long...please come out the new version....its very boring if playbook didn't haved new update...thanks

ya u need to update your bridge as well as the bbm. i have bbm something and it works. They said u need the one from the beta zone. But rim release today bbm 5.0.3 and im not sure if that one is compatible.

It's about 10mins till 12:00am EST.... where's my update????? :'(

10 more minutes before I'm officially sad

still no PB update. The new Bridge and BBM is working great with Playbook. My BB is a Bold 9700 on Rogers OS6.

2AM and still no software update for the PB. I even restarted still nothing.

EDIT: 203am, AST and I have the new update downloading OTA to my PB.

just did first try out with my friend Chad from Canada and works greats ! on video call and only audio.

Did you update BBM and Bridge to the newest version on your phone? BBM showed up on my playbook after updating those two and bridging to my playbook, even without an OS update

Thanks for the help, I had everything updated except for my bbm - looked like I missed the last few updates for it :/

RIM please add zoom to the video camera and while you're add it please add OoVoO, Yahoo Messenger and Skype to the list so we're not just stuck only able to do Playbook to Playbook voice/video calls. Lastly, Please add a dock like the rapid charging dock that has full size USB, HDMI and SDHC slot, as well the ability to connect and sync with the computer.

Word has it that the playbook does not work with BB presenter......Can anyone using the 2 confirm weather this is correct? Thanks

The guys at Teamviewer should work on this app for PB. Its a brilliant application and they've got one out for iPad.

Hang on a sec; they've got an app for Android - so all we need is the android player!! Come on RIM - enough demos already!!

Finally got the Bridge, BBM and PB update and I must say I'm feeling still disappointed. I'm feeling releived about having BBM and the ability to attach files to my emails but so disappointed I STILL can't see my phones files on my my PB thru the bridge. Also, no sms/MMS viewing available yet. The Video camera still has no zoom and although the video call app is really cool, I can't use it with anyone other than people who have a Playbook! Come on RIM give us OoVoO, Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Qik and Fring. Also, the Messages app always displays the asterisk even after I've seen all my messages. Another thing I hate is how I have to keep tapping to try to fix a word, please give us that dot mark that Android uses to go to a specific point in a word to fix it and Swype. Another thing, please give us A2DP, the ability to rememebr passwords or an app that does that for us. I hate having to keep entering my passwords over and over even if I hit the back button. Lastly, how about Auto correct and the option to add to Dictionary like my BB phone, universal search like OS7 and the ability to organize websites in folders like in IE and rename them.