BlackBerry Playbook OS updated to v1.0.7.2942

PlayBook Update
By Michelle Haag on 24 Aug 2011 09:14 am EDT

Following close on the heels of the BlackBerry Bridge update, as expected the BlackBerry PlayBook OS update is now rolling out as well. This latest version puts us at v1.0.7.2942 and while it mostly looks like a bug fix release, hopefully kinks are worked out to make everything run smoother than ever.

Official Changes:

  • Improved Wi-Fi® connectivity to WEP networks
  • Faster pairing between a BlackBerry smartphone and BlackBerry PlayBook tablet via the BlackBerry® Bridge™ app, and faster attachment opening via BlackBerry Bridge.
  • Differential Updates: The differential updates feature allows us to update only the sections of the BlackBerry Tablet OS that require updating. This should result in smaller download file sizes and therefore faster updating.

If you do happen to notice anything else changed, be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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BlackBerry Playbook OS updated to v1.0.7.2942


"Introduces one small but very important new feature: differential updates. The differential updates feature allows us to update only the sections of the BlackBerry Tablet OS that require updating. This should result in smaller download file sizes and therefore faster updating." - RIM

- Improved Wi-Fi® connectivity to WEP networks

- Faster pairing between a BlackBerry smartphone and BlackBerry PlayBook tablet via the BlackBerry® Bridge™ app, and faster attachment opening via BlackBerry Bridge.

second....(i think)....oh great now for all the haters to come on the site and start the bashing that this update will not have what they are looking we go again......

I'm not a hater. But I will complain. How many weeks??? And all we get is bug fixes? Dang - that sucks. I can't even say "RIM I'm losing confidence in you"... Cause I lost it all with the last "bug fixes" update. I do love my professional web browser that doesn't play silverlight, but hey!? I don't know about you, but I bought a tablet for a whole heck of a lot more than web browsing... Bug fixes?? Give me a break - its not even worth the download time.

I think cinder is right. I just saw someone's PB with a lock over the Bridge Browser after the upgrade. The person was with AT&T. Could it be that it only happens if you don't have a tethering plan?

No, the lock icon shows up on bridged apps like email, bbm, bridge browser and etc if you have content protection/password protection turned on in your BB. Usually you will see this when you were using bbm or etc on the pb and then set the pb down and then turn the pb on again and then you will see the lock over the bridged app. Then you just tap on the screen to bring up the unlock bridge app to start using the bridge features again.

I think cinder is right. I just saw someone's PB with a lock over the Bridge Browser after the upgrade. The person was with AT&T. Could it be that it only happens if you don't have a tethering plan?

I have bridge browser and AT&T and mine works just fine. I also pay for the tethering. Guess it's, 'if you want it, you just gotta pay for it.' Personally, I think the carriers all need to cut back those tethering fees for most users, and just charge for the 'big bandwidth users' as they use it. IMHO.

android player is crashing though.. after the update..



the only reason we get all pissed is because we follow it so closely and know what is coming (android player, etc). If we were just an average consumer these updates would be better received.

I see your point. But I also know a few playbook owners who are average joes. They know nothing of all this "sweet" stuff that's supposed to be coming our way... All they ever say is "dang, there's no apps for this thing, I'm getting kind of bored of kobo app".... Updates? They don't give a rip.... Just sayin...

I'm getting a little tired of people complaining that "there's no apps" for the PB. There are plenty of apps. There may not be 10,000 different versions of e-readers, for example, like there are on the iPhone and Android, but there are 4-5 and that's good enough for me. I would rather have a few thousand quality apps than a quarter of a million crappy apps that anyone with an sdk can throw together in an afternoon and put up for sale.

I can't tell you how many friends have shown me apps that are nothing more than a website "sucked down" into app form. I can download tools to do that in 5 minutes for free. Who needs it?

And we knew when we bought our PBs that they would support Android apps at some point in case you *really do* need hundreds of thousands of apps to play with. So what's the problem?

I am resigned to the idea that the promised features will not be coming until October in the 2.0 release but I will be happy if I don't have to reboot my playbook every time I want to use Bridge.

Wonder if this fixes the issues with the Kobo reader. Hate that it intermitently messes up your place in the book when you navigate away from the app

I'm a Voracious reader... I've gotten to the point where i use the "dogear" feature as well as the bookmark because i don't trust the app to remember my place properly... Too many times have i ended up over a chapter ahead of where i was last at... :/

I now get a notification for a Facebook for BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0.0 update notification but it's not in App World yet. I guess it's just a matter of time now.

I have as well but I'm getting the notification for an update but I still don't see it in App World. Apparently the update is to version to fix the notifications bug/crash.

Dam it Rim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was hoping you bring back being able to play video and game at the same time without pausing one or the other. Now II have no bragging power showing off my play book .

Options > General > Application behavior - select "Showcase"
All open applications are active and never pause in the background.

Dead Spaces pauses soon as you swipe to another task/panel/card.

This also happens if you want to watch a video in the native app and on youtube.

I love showcase mode(especially for browsing and watching a movie on my TV via hdmi port), but it seems that some apps are able to disable it.

Here's hoping it fixes Wi-fi on WPA as well. Been struggling all morning with my network dropping every 2 or 3 minutes.

Mine seems to be improved over this morning. Hasn't dropped since the update. I'm using a Cisco E3000.

Yes, that is one of those issues that does not get mentioned very much, but my Wi-Fi connection seems to always go stale/drop. I typically have to disable and re-enable wireless or restart the tablet. It will sometimes say the wireless network has been disabled due to too many failed authentication attempts. All is right though. Anyone else have this issue? Hope this update fixes it.

Seems a lot of us have this problem and we thought we were the only having an issue. I hope this update fixes the issue as well.


Have the issue on a dlink wr-2310 router..

Picking up a new one.. Mine works fine at work.

I can't wpa 2 to work no matter what at home by the routers i manage at work don't have any issues.

Tried six times - downloads okay, but won't install: 'The software update was interrupted. Please try again'.

well for me its great. Lying in bed i never got a good signal from wifi so i could not use it. bridge was too slow, now wifi is still on poor signal but web pages are flying in. cheers rim

Bridge is fine here, not noticeably faster or anything.
Dig the differential update (and their servers must like this better as well...)

A new version of Tetris showed up in App World after applying this update (v 2.2).

ROFL- Love the conversations. Everyone here is as OCD as I am. Update worked well. Those of you who lost the bridge uninstall from app world and install OTA. Worked for me.

In app world on pb... categories is no longer an option its already seperated into apps and games... little stuff like this makes me happy ... clicking categories to again click one of 2 choices was stupid waste of time

HELP! After downloading this update I noticed that scrolling through my apps from up and down isn't a fluid as it used to be.... Anyone has this issue? I tried restarting my playbook but in vain. :(

im a bit confused.... this update should bring differential updates rite? but isnt this update itself a differential update~ only 80mb....

Hey guys iam not a tech type of person but can someone please explain what this means:

•Differential Updates: The differential updates feature allows us to
update only the sections of the BlackBerry Tablet OS that require
updating. This should result in smaller download file sizes and
therefore faster updating.

It means that instead of downloading and reloading an entire OS that is 200+ MB, they will push out only updates to elements that have changed. Faster and more efficient.

With this update, I am finding my BBM notifications while bridged to my 9800 finally disappear from my PlayBook homescreen once clicked. Anyone else finding this? Coincidence?

Don't know if anybody else noticed but App World get a small face lift.
There is no longer a categories button. It was replaced with an Apps and Games button.
Also, the icons in App World have changed.

its starting to get annoying how we still arn't getting features that we were promised native email and andriod player i understand need alot of developing but we still arn't getting simple features such as a calander that we dont need bridge to use. another thing if rim promised the android player now we wouldnt be so annoyed about these small updates that are mainly enhancements dont get me wrong i love my playbook its taken over the role of my home computer but continually telling us things are coming isnt very good pr for rim

did you do this bridged from your phone email? From what I understand, BIS doesn't allow more than 3 mb. It would be nice if they increased the limit.

Not working for me.

First reboot it loads full screen then crashes out. Trying to load it up after this just results in it quickly appearing then quitting.

Wow, where's all the trashing on how a minor update weights the whole 350MB?
Hahahahahahahahahahahaa I'm laughing at you trolls!!

This is an update I've waited for so long. It fixes a very annoying feature of the system. The android player and that other s**t you complain about can wait :)

Everyone is complaining about the "minor" update. It seems as 3rd party apps that needed WiFi no longer need it. I disconnected my WiFi and tested to see if the Weather app, normal Browser, Blackbird, Crackberry app would work without WiFi, and through the bridge. Is seems as if it does.

Will someone please confirm.

To confirm, I'm typing this reply in the regular browser (not bridge browser) with my WiFi turned off. The page loaded fine, and so does the crackberry app, blaq, FaceBook, and Poynt. This is a significant update!!!

Cool, Yes, I can confirm. I turned off WiFi and tried a few apps that use Internet data and they worked through the bridge connection. The few I tried and worked, were the Crackberry and Weather app, plus the regular browser, not the bridge browser. The one that did NOT work was App World which is kind of strange. This is a great addition.

This isn't a surprise,App World didn't work when tethering either. What I'm curious about is how is all this data going to hide from the carriers if it isn't data the phone could need (for example, connecting to servers to send your latest highscore in a PlayBook-only game)... Only time will tell, but what are the odds AT&T are no longer selling blackberries anymore? :P

OH MY GOD!!! This is AMAZING! I sell the Playbook at work and this is A HUGE selling point! Lots of customers were annoyed that wifi was still required to utilise the Facebook app even though you have the bridge... Now its no issue, I intend to sell a LOT more Playbooks!!! :D

hello have a question with new updated i dont need to pay vzw 20 for 2g for tethering with the brigde is free or i still have to pay

I dont use vzw but as soon i used to start internet tehthering, my cell used to show modem mode enabled instead of Vodafone-IN but now when I am using the normal browser it doesnt show anything like that so i dont think tethering is needed now

WOW!this is huge! This adds a TON more functionality when away from wi-fi folks! Three chears for RIM for just THIS!

Don't update Bride Browser on your blackberry if you can't d/load the playbook @ the same/near time.

I updated bridge this morning, but can't update my playbook until tonight (work restrictions) and now I can't access BBM on the playbook through bridge (says that "version of BBM does not support BlackBerry Bridge)

- Hopefully once I install the new OS it will fix the problem!!!

Just a note... There has also been a change to the "Browsing" section of the App World... Top menu now has "Apps" and "Games" instead of just "Browse" and THEN having to select Apps or Games... Small change, but a welcome one....

its a big update for me! thanks rim. before my bridge is messed up i cant connect my bb for almost 3 months but now its working properly.. very happy

cool! right after upgrading i got a notification to upgrade facebook native app as well. facebook native app can now be used when paired up with bridge. unfortunately, still no auto spell check or auto capitalization as you can see . :(

This fix works for me.... one of the biggest peeves i had was with email taking long to sync when you retrieving more of the email. it is now work 10 times better. When you scroll down the list of emails and it comes to loading more, it use to take long, now thats faster. if i scroll back to the top, it usually crashes when its loading more from the top, that is now fixed. Overall, this update i needed and happy with. Now on to the big ones.

Love my playbook....

Ok, I just want I'm a hardcore follower and yes I want all the awesome updates promised. However, I want them to be right not rushed. Many of you will say RIM has had long enough but I am a little willing to be patient for my software to rock as much as my hardware as long as when the BIG update rolls it holds up to all the hype. I'm just saying for this update, the two FB icons still exists. Please... I only need one lol. Fix this RIM!

I downloaded the update thir morning, and It works just fine. Everything's great, I don't know why some haters try to make people think differently.
BTW in a completely different topic, this article was published today in, about new QNX Smartphones (Release expected Q1 2012) will have the Android player, and will support Android apps.

The link is:

But definitely we'll be having the Android player for our beloved PlayBook.

Best Regards from Mexico city

now apps like fb, blq, even the weather app work via bridge, no wi-fi needed. only app world seems to still need wi-fi. Also, not sure if this is new bu now the "bridge" messages icon get the notification icon whenever you get a new message, never noticed that before now.

Great that apps which require an internet connection work via the blackberry bridge.

At the same time, the Android player is no longer functional, which sucks. Has anyone tried to do a clean install of the Android player with this new update?

WOW, even the 7 digital music store app and Amazon Cloud player work with wi-fi turned off now! This is seriously a game changer!

This update is AWESOOMEEEEEEEEEE!!! I have ATT and now I can use normal browser thru bridge, FB and other apps (without wifi)????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!


GO RIM!!!!!!!!!!!!


Cool, except I have ATT also but it won't work for me. I get the message thru bridge: "Your wireless service plan must include a subscription to a tethering plan...blah, blah, blah"

How can it be different? Grr...ATT makes me mad!

Where are people finding the android player?

and there is a new version iGizmo that is only available on the android market.

We PlayBook owners has been very patience with RIM, hey it's been more than 3 months since launch for those early adopter like me. Heck what else can we do other than being patience? The next big update are coming and when it does, we still gonna hit the update button aren't we?

Sent from my BB9700, sometimes Iphone4, with love

i wonder if the update breaking the leaked android player was intentional, if it is, then thats really low :(

Would you expect RIM to keep code in the OS that allows an old, barely functional, leaked version of the Android player to work in there just to support something that they don't support? I installed the Android player an convinced myself that they really are working on the project. Played with it a bit and uninstalled it. I am anxious for it to be released but it's not far enough along for me to mess with it yet. Let alone depend on it.

Need to be able to read TXT or WRI files come on RIM, simple stuff! I get a report every morning in a TXT file, I can not open it when bridge to email from my BB9700. I ave to go the BB to read it. This is ridiculous!

pepe68, I'm with you, I need to be able to open TXT, HTM attachments also. when RIM fixes this I can finally let the Palm TX rest in peace.

Awesome update! Congrats to all true believers that kept their PB.
RIM, get the Android update out before the end of the year and you might convince me to come back.

Good update but it didn't seem to fix the Gmail application. The 'standard' view still doesn't work properly, have to keep switching to basic html view. It will definitely be nice when native email shows up. Looking forward to the android app player as well.

I'm having problems sharing files over wi-fi. Every time I try to access the playbook by the run command in windows, it disconnects from the network. Anyone experiencing this problem??

My WIFI sharing is not working anymore since the previous update. Still not doing anything. Anybody managed to get this running again?

My BBPB didn't take the os update. Keep receiving error message: software update has been interrupted, try again (2 days now). I do not want to wipe my device again (don't want to lose my HD wildlife video) backing it up do not save the video. Can anyone help?

Thank you for your time!

Great, now the browser is even fucking slower and is even less responsive than before. Not only that, but the Android Player no longer works.

I have four words for you RIM: Fuck off and die.

... This WOULD have been posted using my BBPB but it was too slow/buggy/crappy/unrefined/amateurish to actually load this page.

files in email bridge are way faster. there was a big delay before when I would go to open an excel sheet, now it's pretty much open on click