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By Adam Zeis on 19 Dec 2012 10:12 am EST

The BlackBerry PlayBook OS has been updated today to version It's a small update at just 37mb with support for AIR and Flash for developers. You can expect the usual tweaks and fixes to go along with this one as well. Not the biggest update for most users as it doesn't bring any fun new features, but an update is and update, right? You should see the update available now. Hit up the comments letting us know how it is!

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BlackBerry PlayBook OS updated to


That pretty little 37mb update is only for the WiFi models. My LTE machines are sadly waiting for Rogers to allow the update.

If the stranglehold imposed by the wireless carriers continues with BlackBerry OS 10 there is little hope for Research In Motion. I am downloading and installing

Good sir, I avoid Google Android like the Black Plague. And I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of BlackBerry OS 10 in 2013. The combination of BlackBerry OS 1, BlackBerry smartphone, BlackBerry tablet, and BlackBerry Bridge make the perfect mobile computing environment. The sooner the BlackBerry Android Player is removed the better for BlackBerry users.

One improvement since the update is the tiny arrows in the email client showing "replied" and "forwarded". Small, but far that's all I've noticed.

My Comcast email issues seems to be resolved. My Microsoft Exchange 2007 issues are not. Still get the red x error message and then my email gets sent. Anybody have any ideas how to fix this. Thanks Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays!

That happened to me but once I restarted it all emoticons reappeared and has been fine.
My problem is that I am constantly being asked to enter the password for my email account. I have removed my account - added it back and restarted. Sometimes good for thirty minutes and then up pops the password request again.
Anyone else with this problem?

Yes.....I have had this problem for awhile. It's quite annoying, especially if I have the HDMI cable hooked up and I am watching a movie.

Well I got the 37mb update then a 405mb update! just waiting for PB to restart

Flash Player version
Air version

Read the description of the update.....

"This software release improves igloo strength by adding a base of hockey sticks to the exterior, as well as adding a heard of powerful, angry, yet playful beavers to protect the igloo. Get the Canadian only, igloo software update today at:"

Should have got a screen shot of that! When I updated my first PB, I also saw the promise of an improved igloo, but alas, 10 minutes later, on my second PB, no promises of a better igloo....

Cool, hoping it fixes the severe keyboard lag I've been having since the last update!

Bold 9900

I had severe keyboard lag too. I did an OS wipe and it runs amazingly well now, Web browsing and video streaming are snappier too. If you want to avoid a wipe, I've read having sideloaded android apps installed really bog down the PlayBook. Try uninstalling some of those before OS wipe.

I've quit sideloading Android apps completely. My Playbook would turn into molasses everytime I sideloaded. Stopped doing that and haven't had any horrible lag issues since. Sideloading is the devil!

Software update v2.1.0.1314 Dec. 19, 2012
Includes the following updates for the Wi-Fi only PlayBook:

- Resolved an issue where some users were unable to make in-app payments
- Updated the Text Messages app so that the latest SMS received appears at the top of the conversation list
- Fixed an issue where some users were unable to play MPEG-4 video

Well, I hope this will fix my in-app purchases as I am getting Error ID: 35005 and some other ID, I've exhausted all solution found in the net I hope this update will fix it.

"Resolve in-app payments"

OH my god!!! Thank GOODNESS this has been fixed! Earning coins in Jetpack Joyride was a pain in the ass, I was trying to purchase that counterfeit option and couldn't.

It made my browser freeze when trying to play a flash video then when I close the browser it remains transparent until I restart my device:(

Apparently these trickle updates are the most we can hope to received until BlackBerry OS 10 comes, if ever, to the BlackBerry PlayBook. Yeah, yeah, I know Research In Motion announced BlackBerry OS 10 will not be released until sometime after the launch of the BlackBerry 10 smartphones, but this is no guarantee it will actually materialize. Foot-dragging got Research In Motion into the present predicament. As Einstein has been paraphrased as saying, "The definition of insanity is repeating the same steps and hoping for a different outcome." BlackBerry 10 might be the greatest advancement since the electron microscope, but with a fractured launch plan troubled waters might be around the next bend in the river.

Oh my goodness, Eyore! Do try to smile. RIM is *NOT* doing the same thing .... its called new CEO. Please note events of the last few months and especially last few weeks. People outside of RIM allowed a peek have given their impressions. Guarantees? None. Probability of BB10 success .... excellent in my estimation based on *ALL* the data, not just the grim past.

I sure hope you have cheery holidays.
- Tigger

I have been a naughty little boy in 2012 so Santa will not be visiting. I outwitted Santa and reserved a BlackBerry 10 smartphone. :-)

Have a look at GitHub when you have time, BB10 being worked on for PB also but obviously BB10 is priority. :)

Downloaded & started using PlayBook. Could not notice changes yet.....
Someone tell me, Is there any major "Update" coming to PB after January 30th?
I want Hub with peak feature on my PB too..........

You'll get whatever RIM decides is good for you and you'll like it. And if you don't like it, tough, RIM has decided for you and you will learn to like the daily beatings. ROFL

Is the Sesame Street website down again? Have you tried just going to and hanging out there? Seriously, get a life. Nobody is forcing you to buy a BlackBerry, have a BlackBerry, or even read about BlackBerrys. You chose to visit CrackBerry. They write about all things BlackBerry for both BlackBerry owners and enthusiasts. If you don't like the products go visit an iPhone site (since Apple would never decide what is good for you and tell you you'll like it /s), Windows Phone, or Android. Hell, go hangout at the old Palm site if you like. You can make fun of them all day, since nobody will be there to listen to you.

dude BB9700CA is a longtime CB member. i wouldn't call him a troll, he's just jaded.

Bold 9900 - Playbook 32GB

He is severely bummed...needs to go to Waterloo for some BlackBerry Rehab - some time with The Ten, Ten beautiful babes, Ten year old whiskey...

Not sure where you live but in my neighbourhood taking some time with a 10 year old "babe" would be robbing the cradle and a criminal offense. ;-)

I swear we need a like button for comments too!!! Hilarious!!!!! LMFAO!!!! What's wrong with this post? Hee hee!!!!

I had really bad key board sticking issues with the last update so I swiped and reloaded. That seems to have corrected the problem. Pain in the ass though, makes you iffy about "upgrades".

Hey, can I ask you how did you swipe back to reload it again? Or can you post a link where explains how to do this? I have some issues with my wifi connection after one of the updates but the documentation I have read about swiping back says that jeopardize the product warranty. Please let me know, very appropriate it if you do.

Thanks a lot, let me check it out...

Update: the link takes me to the home page... Let me see if I find the article...

Update 2: ok, found the article, many thanks, didn't know that method... Happy holidays to you

Mine just updated, got up and made me a cup of coffee! This is amazing! It's browsing faster around my office and it just beat up my energizer bunny.

This only brings concern for me. See, I had concluded that RIM wasn't wasting any time on the current pb OS, since its going to receive BB10 after the phones are launched right? My playbook has multiple frustrating bugs, from shotty bluetooth and wifi connections to a lousy browser. I was fine living with these with the assumption that RIM was simply not caring and putting all resources into BB10, but to find out now that they are still releasing updates is kind of puzzling. Maybe BB10 for pb is further away then we think?

If the major release (10) is, as RIM says, not coming until well after first new phones out (Spring 2013), why wouldn't you be happy to get fixes?

I didn't say I wasn't happy. I said I was concerned.

1. That pb may never get BB10.
2. That IF pb gets BB10 its a looooong way away (hence the need to update the current OS)
3. If #1 concern is true, then why has it taken SO long to fix the current bugs? RIM has always been slow with software updates (largely due to carrier testing), but with the pb there are no carriers involved, and they have been PAINfully slow.

I may try this. When I have the time. Thanks. Btw everyone.... Despite my complaining up above, I absolutely have enjoyed my pb the last 1.6years I've had it... Its been great overall.

It is just a minor update. They do not need to make a huge update because there will be one when PB gets BB10. If anything I wouldn't be surprised if they do a few more small updates to get the PB ready for BB10 and at the same time they will fix some bugs and such.

BB10 will be on the PB, and it won't be months or years after the phone. I wouldn't worry about it. :)

Shame - I was hoping to see support in Bridge for the new emoticons in last week's BBM update, but they still don't display and aren't available when composing on the PlayBook :-(

That's right! How could they miss this! BB10 is DOA OMGOMG!!11!!! =P

No, seriously, maybe a little update on that, RIM?

Wi-Fi was finally abe to connect to my offices network - they use some interesting security settings that the PlayBook didn't support. Works like a dream now (no more tethering at work!)

Yep, my 37 MB update took a few minutes to download and 45 minutes or so to install. It is now downloading a 409 MB update - slowly.

Yes - looks like I am on the same track. Must have been 15min before Step 2 of 2 (install) even started.

They focus on the launch of BB10 for the new devices first. BB10 for the playbooks at a later date. Rim just has to recompile and alter some code for it to work. Playbook won't save them hence you have to wait till the push the update to it..

My HTML5 has also gone down. Right after the update it was a 396 and now after a restart it is at 391.

I am new to PB, is there any settings I should be aware of to improve the HTML5 speed?


Let me first say I love updates! Seems as if BB is pushing out more and more lately. I can't begin to tell you how much I like my Playbook. Today she is 1 yr old and still going strong! After installing this update she is running great. The one gripe I have is with the crackberry site. Now before everyone starts flaming me, please understand I love and it's users. I just don't understand why it takes my Playbook over 30 seconds to load. The checker boarding is outrageous. I have tried all the tweaks like disabling javascript and flash. This works BUT it shouldn't have to be this way. After all - this is a Blackberry enthusiast site and should be optimized for the Playbook. Does anyone else agree with me? I know Kevin has mentioned that they are working behind the scenes on the site so maybe this will be on their list of enhancements. I am anxiously awaiting BB10. Actually my entire family is too! Sorry for the rant. Happy Holidays from me to you. Cmon Jan 30th!!!!

I totally agree with you on this. So much so that I try not to goto crackberry. com on my pb, but rather just access the mobile site m. crackberry. com

Love how Playbook is pushing out a lot of updates. Cant wait till 2013 for the Playbook BB10 update. The BB server is gonna be packed that day thats for sure.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY PLAYBOOK. My Playbook is 1 year old this weekend!!!

I bought my Playbook as a Christmas gift to myself in 2011, and its one of the best things I have ever purchased. I use it to surf the web, play games, watch movies, take photos and HD videos, listen to online streaming radio and Tv and get all my emails. Not to mention I love to video chat with my Playbook. I use it all the time for everything. I've had this since December 2011 and never get bored with it.

Its so fast and intuitive, and lets you have up to 8 apps open at once because of the powerhouse QNX operating system. Additionally it has full Android support, and the BB10 Os is coming soon from RIM which they will be giving all Playbook owners for free, just as they gave us all QNX 2,1 for free this past October, and BB10 is coming 2013. Its a multitasking powerhouse.

Do yourself a favor and buy one, or maybe 2 like I did. You won't be dissapointed :-)
I’d rather be a Black Sheep than an iSheep any day.

Actually, it doesn't have FULL Android support, but it has a lot. If it did, we'd have no problem getting the likes of Netflix or Draw Something ported over. :P

Still, it does have plenty enough support to make anyone at least a little happy in my opinion. I wish more was redone natively rather than ported to the Android player, but beggars can't be choosers.

On Playbook. Swipe down from top, settings,content, turn off java script and Crackberry should load in 2-3 seconds. Only downside is you will miss some content. The website actually scores very well with online checkers,no major flaws, is well optimised, but I think we may be at the mercy of the ads,redirects etc.??

Thank god, because I've been experiencing way too many bugs with OS 2.1.. I find OS 2.0 was more stable.. So hopefully this solves the problems I'm having..

can we please have an update for the playbook 3g+ to os 2.1 or has rim forgotten it released one!

...yep and Bell is taking it's sweet time...I'm still waiting on it for my LTE 'Book... though I keep getting a "There was an error connecting to the update server. Please try again later. (65792)" error when on 4G LTE, and a 'You have the current software (2.0) when I'm on 4G or WiFi...odd...

BlackBerry Torch OS 7.1 9860
BlackBerry PlayBook WiFi OS 2.1.x.xxxx
BlackBerry Playbook LTE OS 2.0.1

After the 37MB one, I also got a 402MB update. Anyone else also got that? Because I've read some comments and it seems like I am (one of) the only one(s).

I didn't get the second update here in Australia.

I've wondered what it was about - did you already have the latest PB OS installed prior to this update?

The other thing I found was that my corporate email now shows icons on whether the email was replied or forwarded with a reference to when that was done. I didn't see that before the upgrade so I assume this little update brought that feature in.

Guess there was more then a flash and AIR update.

I only got the 37 MB update up here in Alberta, Canada and here are my observations:

1) My browser is a LOT faster. I am not making this up. Sites which took a long time to load FLY now. Try yours out. It's great!
2) videos play now. It still gives an error but once you dismiss the error, the video plays fine. Tried it on several videos. That's positive! Previous to this they never worked at all.
3) CNN videos on the other hand DO NOT PLAY AT ALL! It says This CNN feature is optimized for Adobe Flash Player version 10.1 or higher - install flash player. Of course if you click on the button another screen says, "Your device currently has the latest version of Adobe Flash Player that is available for your browser"...

Please try this URL: and see what happens to you. I can't seem get them to work now where as before this update, they sort of worked...failed a lot, but did at least start to play. Now I get nothing.

Thanks for trying that and you're RIGHT! My Flash was set to off in my browser (I'm an idiot and failed basic troubleshooting 101 before complaining)...They work very well now. Previous to this (even with Flash set to on), they would work spotty, now they don't hiccup or crash. Happy camper now!

Thanks for the update RIM!!!

Video streaming loads much faster. VEVO app works well, before it took forever to load a video.

Enjoy folks!

By the way, the annoying green circle of death is GONE from my Text Messages and my SMS message icon works perfectly now.

Also the annoying message I was getting from my Mail client regarding GMail is gone as well..

Sweet joy finally!~

Funny, i was just thinking today how nobody is b****ing about PB updates since we're all so focused on BB10 and wouldn't you know... I turn on my PB and there's an update! Sometimes I swear my brain has wifi and I don't even know it.

Well Instagram will be coming to BlackBerry now thanks to the mass exodus. That is, if you want your photos sold behind your back...cough cough.

or Skype!
pick1eberry - when did Skype ever work?

Any improved Bluetooth stack.
The A2DP / Stereo Headset support on the PlayBook sucks.

When pairing with my Logitech Mini Boombox (an awesome little device) it connects perfectly, but then pauses any music every 5-10 seconds continuosly.
My 9700, and gf's ithingy's work flawlessly.

anyone else having trouble with today's update mine hangs on "installing module 1 of 70. Is there a service that might be interfering?

After the first update, I also got a 409 MB update. Took forever. Anyone know why only a few of us have gotten this second, large update??? I don't notice anything different.

My Comcast email issues seems to be resolved. My Microsoft Exchange 2007 issues are not. Still get the red x error message and then my email gets sent. Anybody have any ideas how to fix this. Thanks Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays!

PB OS v2.1.0.1314 adds:

?????? Noticed on Ebay Browser has a a "Up" arrow to get back to top of page (Home button). Before on long pages you'd have to scroll up multiple and I mean multiple times.

(Don't know if this is new, if it's specific to Ebay RIM needs to find out how to add it to all sites.)

Edit: Don't see the up/top/home tab on other sites, must be a Ebay thing.

Am I missing something?

Does RIM have people that actually test devices in the REAL world? Getting back to the top of a Page, or the bottom takes 50-100 swiping motions.


Anybody knows if the USB bug is fixed? The one that prevented the battery to recharge when connected to a computer. That has been broken for some time now.


How about a Dell Voice app for the PlayBook?

It's a warning that the USB port only supplies 0.5 amps instead of the 1.8 amps the PlayBook wants. Will the PlayBook charge from the USB despite the warning? Yes. Will it charge fast? No. Will it charge while you're using it whilst connected to the USB? Maybe, maybe not, depending on what you're doing, i.e. definitely not while you're gaming, as that draws more power from the battery than the USB port can replenish.

I don't think we are talking about the same thing. I am referring to the bug that PREVENTED the PlayBook from charging while connected to a computer. Yes! You would get an error message. It did not state that charging would be slow. It said that charging was impossible.

I did do the update. Yesterday, I noticed that, upon connecting to my PC, the same error message appears. This time with the difference that it did charge the PlayBook. It was very slow indeed, but it did charge it.

So part of the bug is fixed.


How about a Dell Voice app (Fongo) for the PlayBook?


I need urgent help from you guys. After updating my PlayBook to OS i found a shocking bug!!! When i restarted my PlayBook after an update it was working pretty smart but after finishing my work when i turned it OFF having 20% battery left, suddenly while shutting down it got hanged, the screen was not completely off, unless the battery got finished.

Can anybody help me what type of bug it was???

Try holding Power + Vol+ + Vol- for 15 secs to get the PlayBook to completely reset. It should be fine after.

my update went quickly, seamless with no issues,,, i did a wipe then went w/ the OTA,,, not much time spent evaluating it yet but it does seem snappier all around & even CRACKBERRY LOADS W/ NO CHECKERBOARDING!!! sign in still takes forever tho,,, noticed a small visual change to homescreen folders,,, they now have a corner w/ a kind of leather desk blotter look,,, locked native wallpapers are gone & i'm ok w/ that,,, i always ditch them,,, so far so good overall...


waffles whipped cream maple syrup and bacon


in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere

This update fixed that problem I kept having where I couldn't unlock the bridge on the PlayBook. It would attempt to unlock when I entered the password but then bring up a new password entry screen, every time. Last update didn't fix it, so, ecstatic that they got it this time!

I'm sad to say but I'll be selling my playbook. I think I have been more than patient. I feel like no mater what updates are made to the playbook, the lack of the usual free apps such as instagram and countless games that other OS' enjoy, takes away from it all. I LOVE BLACKBERRY and will still keep my BOLD 9900 and hold off for BB10 L Series which Ill definitely buy so please no bashing. Just saying my opinion. I think Blackberry needs to do away with all phones and just focus all it's efforts on making L Series and one OS blackberry 10 thats it! I think if they do this, developers will be happier, customers will be happier and RIM will be happier as well.

Hi guys. I have a problem getting my playbook on. Sometimes it comes on with the look of a negative like from film and other times there's just lines. Any way this problem can be fixed?

Please RIM Please! Upon the next PB update, pleases add the following to the device's Settings Menu:

1) When Placed on Charger:

[ ] Do Nothing (i.e., I don't want to see the home screen and or password Login window,...being that I know that my PB is on, it's on 24-7)

[ ] Show Home Screen (....if your PB has a password enabled, the Password window will pop-up)

*If none is selected, the device will default to the screen saver's timeout setting when connected to or disconnected from a charging source!

2) When Disconnected From Charging;

[ ] Do Nothing (i.e., Again, I don't want to see the home screen and or password Login window,...being that I know that my PB is on, it's on 24-7)

[ ] Show Home Screen (....Again, if your PB has an access password enabled, the Password window will pop-up)

*If none is selected, the device will default to the screen saver's timeout setting when connected to or disconnected from a charging source!

As it stands now, my password pop-up window appears and doesn't go out until the screen saver times out! Also, for the most part, I always select 'Lock" when i park my PB,...and the last thing I want to do e a c h a n d e v e r y t i m e I use my PB is to go through the password drill just to when placing or removing my PB from a charging source.

C'mon RIM,...please giveth us this!

...patiently waiting on the release of BB 10 Devices!

For those that got the 407 MB update, are you developers?

Brian Zubert ‏@bzubert
Minor #PlayBook OS update today for end users, major update for @BlackBerryDev's: this build contains a fix for in-app payment

Pretty sure this is to reassure devs that in-app payment now works. You know, so they can get more money.

No, I'm not a developer but I also got the 409 MB update. I still haven't a clue why I got it. Don't notice anything different.

Worth the client definitely much improved and more functional, browser also appears more snappy ... so far so good

Here in the UK no problems at all updating / installing on a PB64.

My own experience is to heartily commend the advice given above by a few posters: 1. Yep, definitely do a swipe and then update to 2. Disable JavaScript in the browser settings.

Result? Much snappier browsing :-)

Thank you RIM for this update!!!!! My bridged email has not worked for 4 months which has been a serious pain in the butt since the wifi email through yahoo wouldn't load my contacts. This update, while mentioning neither bug, has fixed both of them. Finally, my PlayBook is whole again (and better than ever). Yay!!!!!!!

Does anyone know if this fixes the Camera. My camera has gotten Grey and White lines ever since the previous update.

Hmmmm.... Not sure when this started to appear but after OS, in the settings>about>network it now tells me I am on BlackBerry Bridge (BIS). Again not sure if this was new to the recent OS update or if it was info available on previous updates. I'm using a 9800 Torch and not connected to BES, but know my data plan supports BES.

I did the update. Just got the 37MB. Went fine. However, I "think" I'm seeing suggestions or hints here that a wipe of the device and fresh install of the new OS is preferable to just doing the update. Is that right, or am I imagining that?

And as to disabling Javascript for faster browsing, can I please get some kind of indication of what's likely to be lost as a result?


Reading these comments I am truly amazed at the different issues ppl have had with the different OS. I personally havent experienced much of them but a big issue I have had is apps like the browser and messages closing themselves while Im using them. Huge inconvenience for me. I really hope bb10 for PB is bullet proof. This cannot happen for bb10 or it will die very quick.

BB by choice.

I can no longer get audio from youtube. I also tried to get around skype on imo but cannot respond to the calls. I can only text

Got the 37mb then two days later another 3mb no change to update number????
Am I the only one as my wife, son and daughter in law got nothing.

I may have missed this on a previous update, but one thing that is working now for me is the wireless N network connection. Previously (although N is supposed to be supported) my Playbook would not connect to my router and I had to reset my router to G and everything was fine. I hadn't checked this problem out recently but decided to do so today after this new upgrade and this bug seems to have finally been fixed.

I'm a new Blackberry user who got introduced to Blackberry 9310 via Boost Mobile a month ago and I'm a new convert to Blackberry. My sister had given me her older Bold 9780 (she converted to Tim Cook's Empire) I'm also getting a Blackberry Playbook since the QNX realtime multitasking is cool. None of my relatives pays any attention to Playbook, they are all iPad Retina users, esp my Android 4.1 and iOS 6 developer cousin. I wish they all gave Blackberry and the Playbook a chance. When I get my Playbook, I'll definity show my cousin it can do better than iOS 6 with this update. I'm still getting a Playbook, I don't care what my cousin says.