BlackBerry PlayBook OS Update v. no longer available

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By Bla1ze on 19 Jul 2011 04:02 pm EDT

After all that waiting, Research In Motion has now pulled the latest BlackBerry PlayBook OS update due to amounting concerns from users who have had issues with BlackBerry Bridge after having updated. The CrackBerry forums filled up rather quickly with this issue and while there is some workarounds to correct the issue, RIM still felt it best to remove the update. As announced on the @BlackBerry Twitter account:

Some users were experiencing issues with Bridge & 1.0.7. We expect to release an update with a fix later this week

If you're experiencing issues, then by all means -- hit up the forums and see how you might be able to get things working correctly.

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BlackBerry PlayBook OS Update v. no longer available


This is exactly what I've been bitching about! They're just WASTING time. Stop releasing these (what seems to be) pointless updates, and give us 1 GOOD update!

I've spent the last 2 hrs reverting back to 1.0.6.xxxx which meant a clean installation, re-installing apps as well as re-synching media.

What a royal pain. This was indeed a huge miss. I've learned my lesson. Don't plan on being an early adopter of OSes until there if generally available feedback. Maybe it is time my company gets a demo 16gig PBook to experiment on before we go live with updates. My rookie mistake for sure. Thank god I didn't put it on my bosses' pbook.

Bridge stopped working for me. I have a Torch and PB 64GB wifi.

Crap, i have a business trip this weekend, hope there's a fix VERY soon.

Anyone know if there's a way to downgrade to previous version?

The update rendered my bridge email useless. It more or less negated the update for me (I don't need additional language support). I hope they can fix it quickly, I use the bridged email frequently.

I'm using a Style. Which I think is strange since a lot of Torch users don't have trouble. (Both running OS6)

Can't comment on Bridge functionality, but I lost Wi-Fi Sharing capability. Same settings as before, but my computer can't connect to my PlayBook after the update anymore... :/


I lost wi fi file sharing too. I wasn't expecting great progress from this update but I wasn't expecting to lose functionality either. Bunch of useless idiots.

I feel for you on that one. I learned that very same hard way not to update important things right before leaving for a trip, unless I had time to sort out issues.

Had to wipe my PB and reload Bridge on my 9650 to get Bridge email back. At least I can connect to our corporate Wifi now.

That's odd. I am running 1.0.7 on my PB with Bridge on my VZW 9650 (6.0 bundle 2333) and my Bridge email is working better than before. I used to have lags in deleting mails, and I would get phantom notifications, but both of those have disappeared. Links in emails work better than before too. My bridge browser still hangs on some websites, but for most of them I'd say it is faster (dare I say "snappier"). No problems with WiFi either.

It would be neat if RIMM could create a "Time Machine" for such occurances if Updates cause more harm than good.

If such an application already exsists and I simply missed it; well oops! =P

Given that RIM engineering groups can't work together to produce a decent comprenhensive OS that doesn't break things while fixing others. I imagine we would be stuck in an infinite loop around November 2008.

my torch and playbook are working perfect. actually even better since the update. bbm is alot more snappy aswell as bridge browser on AT&T.

I was never even able to download 1.0.7, as I kept checking for software updates for my PlayBook and it kept saying that I had the latest software ( So maybe that was a good thing.

Wow RATTLING. Saw the update first thing this morning, but Wi-Fi at work is brutal and it just kept failing to download, and now this - at least I know why it stopped appearing after multiple restarts.

So WTF do we do until the update is released? I cant access bridge functions??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Really? I didn't get the chance to update my PB but did update the Bridge on my BB and everything is still working fine for me. It is very curious how there is this lack of consistency regarding this issue. different builds of BB OS running on different handhelds doesn't seem to be the issue from what I'm reading here so what's the deal? Running the Style 9670 Bridge Playbook

LMAO Thanks sk8er that goes without saying,
I am finally starting to get frustrated with RIM. I recommend Blackberry to everyone, I am the IT Director at my company and refuse to allow any non blackberry phones in my environment(BES ONLY). But RIM is making my case weaker day by day. I really hope RIM can pull through and provide us all with a platform that is as fully functional and flexible. I am not an iOS fan but the android line is extremely tempting at the moment.

How strange..

i've got my works and personal BlackBerry's bridgeed to mine:

Work: 9700/
Personal: 9800/

Only issue i've noticed was on the torch, it didnt show SMS in bridge, yet on my 9700 it did.

i've also noticed, when you browse photos in Facebook app now, the tool-bar is always visable so you can click "done" without franticly swiping all over the place trying to make the menu appear.

weird how so many people are having issues, thay they had to pull the update :-\

OS 9650 Verizon. Update killed Bridge connectivity cold. Deleted and reinstalled devie bridge and deleted the link. Glad this is a known issue. I can wait the week out.

Allot of RIM hardware appears to be affected by OSes in different ways. I don't understand why, but noticed this first with the 9530 and every device since.

Strange... mine is working fine on both ends with the new updates.

Storm2 9550 - OS v.
Bridge v.
BBM v.

I hope the workaround works for those those adversely affected.

anyone else having trouble downloading files from BlueBox? I've tried several times, and it doesn't seem to be working...

it was working fine before hand, i was downloading pictures for work before the update finished installing, then after the restart all the photos were gone, so i tried re-downloading them and they wouldnt show up

Seriously. Who is doing QA on this stuff? This is really unacceptable, embarrassing and borderline negligent for something perceived as a professional tablet.

Word to RIM: Fire your sleeping at the wheel QA teams, go through their logs / UC's and see where the gap is - because it's widening by the hour. If you don't have a real QA team, now might be a good time to get one instead of sitting on that 3 billion pile of cash.

forgot to mention: you might want to consider getting all of those different business units to actually talk to each other, maybe a communications (or lack of) is the problem here. "Break down the silos..."

What a joke another half baked update! When is the board going to hold one of those 2 fools responsible?

My curve 8530 and PB have been working without bridge problems since I updated. I do however feel bad for those of you still having problems.

SMS in Bridge? Are you telling me this update has text through Bridge now. I tried to get it before I left for work but it wouldn't show up. I tried when I got home from work and they had pulled it. Noooooooooo.,

No trouble with me and my Curve 3G. I first installed the new version of Bridge (OTA, since I am one of AT&T "victims") and then came the latest PB upgrade. Apart from the fact that, except the Airplane Mode, I have not noticed any "new efect", either good nor bad. All is working perfectly on my side. Maybe I am one of the lucky ones. Sorry for the people who are having troubles. Sure, it is another embarrasing situation for RIM. I wonder what's next!

Among other things, this is what layoffs bring you.

Layoffs never work, they crush morale, get everyone out for themselves and playing CYA on EVERYTHING, send good people to the door, and make a full and proper agenda impossible.

The answer is to increase and evolve marketing, but RIM already doesn't understand marketing.

Just about no way we won't be seeing more and more of this, terribly sad to say.

I have everything working except wifi sharing and I can't connect with a usb cable now. I was dragging documents into folders in the document folder and the PB was show on my mac. now it doesn't.

Bridge functions are all working for me. Wi-Fi sharing works if I use the IP address assigned to the Playbook, but no longer works using the Network name. Try accessing it that way for those who are reporting no Wi-Fi sharing access.

Yes after a work around of deleting all bridge functions on my 9650 and the PlayBook and reinstalling on both devices it works fine. Is that NORMAL shouldn't be

I can't believe I'm about to say this, but the way the Bridge is designed to work today completely sucks! Yes, I think the PB should be able to browse the BB files, tether, etc. But the performance of e-mail, calendar, and bbm over the bridge just barely make the grade. Let's just be honest people. They work at a barebones acceptable level and they all lag and go stale after a while. And to think, I bought two of these things. To RIMMs credit, the one device I got to update is working fine. That said, I find this and the departure of key employees discouraging on the day Apple shares break $400 and reports millions of iPad sales. Not only am I growing frustrated waiting for those key apps to arrive, I am also starting to question whether my BB loyalty has made me blind... Just saying... Also, while my Playbook did not break, I did encounter this same issue on my friend's (I made the recommendation). We were never able to get it working and had to exchange the device at Best Buy. Yeah, QA needs to feel the wrath for this... Is a Kindle app too much to ask for?

These guys are just funny. the lay offs went obviously wrong way. OK, I'm still waiting you RIM got it right, but are you enjoying such a shame?

I updated early this morning and all my Bridge functions are just fine. Tour 9630 with lastest version of Bridge.

Great. I checked before I went to work and nothing, then while at work see it was released, and before I can even leave work it's pulled. Damnit! Come on RIM!

RIM Employee #1: Time to release the new OS for the Playbook! I'm excited.

Rim Employee #2: Yahoo, lets do it! This will be great.

-- OS Gets Released --

-- 15 minutes of Time Passes --

RIM Employee #1: Um...did anyone ever test the new OS?

RIM Employee #2: I thought you did?

RIM Employee #1: No, I thought you did.

RIM Employee #1 and #2: Hey, maybe Rim Employee #3 tested the new OS!

RIM Employee #3: What's a Playbook?

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the story of how the mighty have fallen.

LOL, I really REALLY hope that's not what happened.

I hope it's more like:

RIM Employee #1: This 1.0.7 update is RIMarkable! All those playbook owners should be happy about it!

--OS releases--

RIM employee #2: Ahhh, jeez...Hang on one sec. I just realized I misspelled "bridge" in the some of the code and forgot to carry the 1 in some calculation.

RIM employee #1: Happens to the best of us, my friend.

RIM employee #3: Hey guys! I've got the new OS ready with native email, autocorrect and the android player. Plus I went out on a limb and optimized the battery life and ported the android skype app over just for kicks.

RIM employee #2: Sweet! Let's just pull this OS for now and let them get hungry again for another update.

RIM employee #1: How about we released it next week?

All RIM employees: YAY!

I am not having any problems with either of the updates. It runs perfectly and quickly. Maybe it was the way I received the information. Verizon pushed the updated bridge to my phone and I updated it. Soon thereafter, the Playbook said an update was available and I updated it. I usually wait for items to be pushed to my devices rather than going to get them from links. BTW, I have the Storm 2. Its old but reliable. :)

Hey, I have a Storm2 also. However, I did get my bridge OTA. Everything worked well before and everything works well (better in some ways) now. Just wanted to share. I don't think that the method of getting the update is the issue, maybe the steps though?

Who knows... Feel bad for those encountering issues. Hope RIM resolves this and soon.

it was too many people to hit the reply button on for this post: stop *BLEEPIN* whining. PLEASE. they'll fix it. you all sound like a bunch of.....brats: rim this, rim that, they're a bunch of idiots...... tell us something we haven't heard before. thanks. all of my stuff works, by the way; 9800 on tmo. my wife updated her pb about 30 min ago and everything's working fine; 9700 on tmo. if you're that displeased with the pb, give it up and get something else. i hear enough feminine whining when my wife watches house wives.

I downloaded the latest and don't have any issues. First thing I did after it rebooted was bridge to my 9650. I didn't experience problems. 9650 running latest release of OS 6.

Mr. K RIM is starting to become like palm...great device jus wait for the update thats all thats said wait wait wait nothing jus like the pre....i worked for sprint and all i heard was where is this where is that and our answer wait for the update lol the playbook resembles the pre BIG TIME

Blah, blah and oh yeah ummmm blah!! Same gripe, different day. Is there any such thing as PATIENCE anymore?

just went through the dl and jnstall. seems to work ok with bridge and all.

i was surprised it was available for download.

I am another Playbook owner who updated with no serious problems, so take my take with a grain of salt. There is no way to make the freeze on the update sound like an achievement, but when you consider that this is still in the early stages of an entirely new OS it isn't exactly unexpected or unprecedented. Other makers have seen similar problems and brief delays, and it was common with Blackberry phones to have new updates to the OS put the scotch to some previously functioning app. It is unfortunate that the glitch this time sporadically hit the critical Blackberry Bridge, though, and let's hope RIM learns from this to secure those functions before each new update.

A lot of these bugs in the phone OS's would be worked out through beta releases of impending upgrades, as there is no shortage of willing testers out there who are always ready to test the waters. As unwieldy as that process can be, there is some value in it and I wonder if RIM can't use it to pre-refine QNX updates in the future. With somewhat "buggy" phone OS beta releases, often as not a work-around would quickly emerge and be spread informally throughout the online Blackberry community. These treatable bugs usually would be fixed by the time of the official release of the update, and beta-leak testers would get to enjoy the performance benefits in the meantime. As the phone OS's matured and consistently improved, the incidences of bugs diminished greatly to the point that many latter updates, even leaked betas, could be installed without a hitch and operate smoothly. I expect that this will ultimately be the arc with the Playbook QNX OS updates, which will become smoother and more seemless over time. In the meantime, i hope RIM continues to hang tough and largely ignore the manufactured hysteria and keep pushing out updates rather than sitting and waiting for perfection. RIM does need to get the Bridge secure this time, however, as I expect they will within a few days.

You can tell its a new device and OS because the user experience is so varied -- from those of us who have had a mostly smooth and improving ride -- to those who have been dogged by crashes and freezes. Its puzzling to a layman like myself why there is so much variance in very similar devices running similar software. Again with the phones, it was usually a short time until the causes of the bugs were isolated (sometimes relating to certain kinds of apps) which facilitated quick workarounds, To the extent that there are recurrences of this sort of thing in Playbook's future, I would think the accretion of collective experience and intelligence will offset the harm.

No issues here with me using Storm and the newest update. PB works great as always too! Wonder if is has something to do with me waiting for me to get the notification to DL the updates? Sorry for all that are having issues that's gotta suck.. Patchy issue are always the worst to deal with.

No problems here... updated bridge application on phone first before playbook update... works just fine, no hitches. video zoom pretty cool!

This whole PlayBook thing is broken. Now the Company is releasing updates without even testing them for quality !

Sign of the times, my friends

C'mon... Now the customers (not critics) are the ones to blame? I am pulling for RIM and do not plan to offload my devices, but I can't continue to deny that they are F(ing) up. Big Time!


My PB is working the best it ever has. Bridge works very well. i can access all my files on my phone from the PB.

Best update yet.

PB 64GB and a 9700 running

people, few things that i notice about the new playbook os are airplane mode, the screen lock in portrait mode is easily accessible, games are paused when u swipe up regardless of apps behavior that u set, able to zoom in videos, and better bridge (dont know why some ppl having trouble). the other features that are broken due to the new os is not relevant to me so...

WTF, RIM has taken us for granted. My patience has ran its course. I can no longer take it. Though I am stuck with the PB, and believe if I could find someone to buy it off my hands I would sell it in a minute, this is not encouraging. I am afraid somewhere in Waterloo there is a group of folks who just don't get it. How do you screw up this badly? It's not like they lack the brainpower or knowledge, or comprehension of the market place WFT? AHHHHGGHJJ!@#$%^&*

As of this morning (July 20th) I was prompted to download >>>>>> I am checking now to see what changes there are

I'm sorry to hear of others troubles with the update. I have had the opposite experience, my Playbook(64gig) has never been better. Bridge works fine, Kobo is fine, as well, my GPS now actually works.