BlackBerry PlayBook OS now available for download

BlackBerry PlayBook OS now available for download
By Michelle Haag on 25 Oct 2012 05:21 pm EDT

The BlackBerry PlayBook has today received an OS update to v2.1.0.1088. While not a huge update from the previous version, this release does provide a hotfix for those who experienced a loss of local contacts and calendars. While the fix won't bring back what was lost, it has been implemented to prevent the same thing from happening in the future.  Of course, this update is for the WiFi PlayBook only, as the 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook updates need carrier approval. If you're not seeing the prompt for the update yet, sit tight as sometimes they take a bit to roll out.

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BlackBerry PlayBook OS now available for download


A new playbook update AND a BBM stress test?!?

Having started listening to Christmas carols middle of October has paid off this year

Yea it was my understanding that RIM spent a lot of time making it so the Radio Stack was modular & updates could be sent out OTA without having to wait for the carriers.

After all that work did they cave to the demands of the carriers & not implement it?

Yea it was my understanding that RIM spent a lot of time making it so the Radio Stack was modular & updates could be sent out OTA without having to wait for the carriers.

After all that work did they cave to the demands of the carriers & not implement it?

Seriously, if it doesn`t affect the radio stack, why don`t they have 2 updates? One OS, one radio stack.

For some updates, it is possible but some like OS2.1 which were impacting lots of key components, I am guessing that may have required to go through carrier approval.
As this particular update is extension of OS 2.1, so they did not propagate it to 4G version also.

So what if you didn't download Will downloading it now get you both or still have to do the 2nd one?

Every company has glitches with their software and need to update. Let's not go overboard. If this starts to happen all the time I'll be concerned, but not yet.

FYI, the Dev Alpha's original OS was essentially an advanced version of PB 2.1, and the boot time was comparable (i.e. 2-3 minutes).

When BB10 updated to beta 3 a few weeks ago, the boot time dropped to about 1 minute.

Before update. Boot time on AC 102 seconds, on battery (48%) 136 seconds.
After update. Boot time on AC 103 seconds, on battery (52%) 134 seconds.

I think the differences are measurement errors. So no change in boot times. I don't find this a problem as the only time I shutdown is after a software update (or when testing boot times).

No kidding. Thanks, RIM! The fact we will get BB10 for free (rather than an iPad update so soon after release) is manna. We then, of course, must play our part as the BB Faithful and go out into the world showing what our PBs can do ....

I have the splat on my wifi icon even when I'm on my home wifi. Rebooted twice and it is still permanently there. Other than that. No noticeable change.

After much deliberation (and loafting :P), I shall now proceed to install OS 2.1 on my playbook. Assuming all issues users brought up have been fixed,

2.1 still has quirks. Once playbook get's 10 it will be golden. Till then we are still "Testing".

As a side note boot times will improve once 10 hits, since 2.1 loads EVERYTHING. Which is not really needed.

From hitting restart after the update and timing it from when the RED light turned on to get to the actual playbook desktop took 3 min 50.5 seconds.

Slower than a turtle...

How can you say BB10 will be so good? It's a new OS and RIM still can't get ths OS to work properly. On what authority can you make an outrageous statement like that?

What are u talking about? Have u seen the new BB10 preview OS that people are installing on their dev Alphas?

I went for a year with only sometime Exchange email working and no calendar or contact sync on the Playbook. I just gave up and synched Exchange to Google and used Google sync on the Playbook. Around the time 2.1 came out, I ran Exchange Healthy Utility on my very old 2000 Server and made the registry and other changes it recommended including adding 512 or memory to the thing. Everything has worked like a dream since then. Too good to be true.

The RIM needs to focus on the Blackberry 10 rather than the updates for the Playbook. The delay affects the reputation of the brand.

- Rezaur Rahman

They are focusing on 10. 2.1 is essentially 10 but expanded. Those goodies we won't get till next year. QNX is QNX.

Swipe down from the top of the bezel bring up the SELECT click on the ones you want to delete..

Delete works fine either way you do it for me.

So this update still doesn't get the playbook to the point where it used to associate contacts properly? This is a useless update IMO!

Only 75Mb for me here in Australia.

Boot times just as slow.
Viewing emails seems much much snappier :-)

No probs deleting emails or with contacts
Multiple google calendars still ok.

May be placebo who knows. Have been using Maxthon Browser due to PB one being so sluggish. Now have PB browser w/ 5 tabs open, Exchange Email, and Exchange Contacts open and 250MB free. This is unheard of from my prior experience. It also started w/ over 650 free which I don't ever remember having. I hate to use these words but it is acting as crisp as an iPad.

Very welcome update! Clocked my boot time to 2 minutes 18 seconds from pressing power button to getting to home screen! No other issues so far. Look forward to further improvements!

just downloaded and installed the ..1088 update... now my email and contacts and calendar will not open..anyone else having this problem?

My battery drain increased:(. 15% in about 45 mins when before the update my PB lasted 3 days on a single charge. It reminds me of that update that RIM released and took back the next day. It was also 80mb. Note to self- only trust large updates

I had a nightmare with and it ruined my battery life. Sorry to hear about your battery and thanks for the heads up on this update. No way I'm downloading this after what you just said. I upgraded to 2.1 two weeks ago and am staying there.
I’d rather be a Black Sheep than an iSheep any day.

Start up time (from full shutdown and letting rest for 5 min, unplugged or plugged) is ~2.5min, but it was 1.5min after first update to OS2.1. The extra minute seems to be the black screen before coloured patterns appear. Interesting, got a little screen shot indicating my playbook was unplugged (when I unplugged it while off, not sure when this was implemented). Not sure if I really care about this timing though, because I hardly ever shut it down. Just thought I would post for interest of others.

Browser was not so good after first OS2.1 update, but now it is screaming fast, videos play smoothly, continuously. Nice job on that front RIM.

Battery life was amazing on first OS2.1, time will tell with this update.

UPDATE: battery at 17% from time of original post (was 100% when originally posted), over 24hrs later. On standby over nights and casual use (watching videos, websurfing and playing some Bard's Tail.)

Thank you RIM.

I have never bought a product that has gotten nothing but better and faster for FREE since the day I bought it from any computer or OS vendor but with the RIM Playbook you do.

Boot times are still the same 3min 30 seconds but the tablet seems to move around faster between apps or just in general, more zip to things.

Keep up the good work.

PS: any chance of getting the Blackberry Hub going on my BB 10 Dev B model as that would just make my month!

I still don't see my events and birthdays from the Facebook Calendar, I don't see what was fixed on this update

@thatplaybookguy. totally ruined my Playbook and its battery life. Sorry to hear about your USB. Since I have learned to wait a few days and see whats happening to other Playbook users. There are a few guys in this thread who got their Playbooks messed up.

Hopefully you backed up your Playbook on your computer, so it will be just a matter of doing a restore. I upgraded to 2.1 two weeks ago and am very happy with it and intend to stay there. Let us know how it goes for you. I know RIM means well but they really needs to stop making these half assed updates that ruin peoples Playbooks.
I’d rather be a Black Sheep than an iSheep any day.

oh it took trying all last night and most of today to fix, had to uninstall all desktop software related to bb, had to go find a hotfix in ms database, then reinstall everything , had, with no choice, to turn on file and printer sharing(which i didnt need to have on before) then had to reset all settings on my pb and I couldnt get to back up my work. so now at a empty pb. it connects but had to wipe the whole effin thing. great updates. I thought updates are supposed to fix problems, not cause more. what a piss off.. i lost a years worth of work, thanks RIM.

I know what you mean. Sorry to hear about all your woes. Reminds me of myself when .668 ruined mine and I lost a ton of work too. Be sure and back up weekly like I (now) do. Since then I have learned NEVER to download a RIM update till seeing what everyone is saying. Think you learned it the hard way like me. RIM can suck.
I’d rather be a Black Sheep than an iSheep any day.

MY Playbook has never been this worse, now it's basically usesless for ME. Been having issues ever since installed 2.1 but this one is worse than 1032.

Browsing via bridge basically does not exist for me, this was the most important tool for me, since I saved a lot on data, too expensive this side. Flash issues have not been addressed, I thought this would be addressed when I saw the update as one of the RIM guys on the Blackberry forums ackowledged that they were aware of this issue and working on it.

For now it will just be collecting dust in the drawer.

Flash is unfortunately on the way out per Adobe for all mobile platforms that had it as of a few months ago so there is nothing there to get fixed.

You could always rebuild your playook up from a straight format. I did that a while ago just for kicks and it really doesn't take that long and all of App world Apps come back easy and you can re-sideload what you need

100% agree. f***** up my playbook big time, specially the battery so I went and did a complete format, upgraded to 2.1 two weeks ago and got all my apps back. All the crap I'm hearing in here about peoples Playbooks getting screwed up from this update, RIM can keep this crappy update as I finially have my Playbook the way I want it. Next upgrade I do will be BB10 next year and that's it.
I’d rather be a Black Sheep than an iSheep any day.

Contact, calendar, Internet tethering over bridge all working fine. Opened a few Android apps, they all worked fine. No problem deleting emails within the message app. I found the message app renders images within emails faster. Initially I had problem opening message over bridge. An error message popped up every few seconds (something about connection lost with the bluetooth device). I restarted my 9810, and ever since I haven't had problem again. Overall I found it snappier opening apps. Browser loads pages faster than the, but pages with flashes are still a bit sluggish.

Downloaded yesterday, in general the pb seems to be snappier, however the Web browser crashed two or three times already, this has never happened to me before, someone else is having this same issue?

At this point the only site my PB crashes in and gives me trouble with is right here in
Have not noticed any problems in other websites.
I tried to do this comment on my PB, but ended up having to use my desktop since it kept closing on me when using the PB.
Never had this problem before this update.
Besides my earlier stated pop3 mail problem, 2.1 seemed stable until now.

How do you remove the update and go back????


yes, now that i see it's only at when the browser crashes... about removing an update, i haven't tried but i would guess that you can connect your pb to desktop manager, and in updates see if you have the option of going to an earlier os version...

Now I am having problems with News Republic. I have a saved topic of 'Blackberry' along with a few others.
Funny thing is it only crashes when I go into the saved Blackberry topic. No crashes otherwise.
Not making any accusations, but has a bug been planted by someone that causes crashes only on things related to BB?????

my guess is that it depends of where do you download the update (country)... i am at brazil at the moment and i don't have bbm for the pb neither (only when i bridge)... but the update size is different, depending where you are (mine at brazil was 338 i think i recall)...i am planing once i am back to us reload the update, going to an earlier os version and then back to the latest one...

After the OS upgrade, the restart on my main PlayBook took 4min 16sec.
I just ran the upgrade on my backup PlayBook and the restart took 3min 38sec.
That's about 8min wasted!

So, anyone got their music player screwed?
I've got mine to a screeching music as if the music was not decoded properly.

Got my new PB and new update, all are awesome.
BBM, Email, SMS, Web Browser, FB, Whatsapp, DropBox all are OK.

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Oh bite me rim!!

Damn the update spoiled my playbook.
It's started to hang more, no change in performance, my calendar doesn't sync anymore.

Damn, when is bb10 coming out again??