BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.1 update coming tomorrow?

PlayBook OS update
By Adam Zeis on 2 Oct 2012 03:14 pm EDT

According to a leaked internal doc the BlackBerry PlayBook may finally be getting the OS 2.1 update tomorrow. We've been holding out for way too long, and now that we're all pumped up from BlackBerry Jam Americas last week, what better time to drop a new OS. The update looks to include:

  • Allows PIM (Messages, Calendar, Contacts) to be viewed in portrait orientation
  • PIM - Deep Folder Hierarchy. Previously, if a customer had multiple nested folders within email
  • Allows for WiFi to be used for Bridge between 2 devices if they're on the same WiFi network
  • BlackBerry Bridge will now support viewing SMS messages on the PlayBook
  • Print to Go will now work across different networks
  • Android apps will now be run in separate windows instead of one window for every Android app
  • Android apps will now have the ability to use the PlayBook camera
  • A customer will now be able to make in-app payments within Android apps 

We'll be sure to let you know when it's available, but in the meantime make sure your PlayBook is charged up and ready to go! While the documentation doesn't say what version it will be, last we checked it was sitting at v2.1.0.1032 internally.

Source: MobileSyrup 

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BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.1 update coming tomorrow?


hey, we even have a holiday tomorrow because of that :p

(if only the ~8 hours time difference weren't there ;) )

I guess this is because of Thor ^^

Could be another ploy by RIM to get people thinking they are going to get an update tomorrow.

The problem I have with anything that comes from this website is that is all fiction and until RIM officially announces the release of OS 2.1 it ain't coming out.

Oh wow the mythical 2.1 might be here. Cool :-) I was one of the unfortunate ones who had a nightmare with the .668 update with my Playbook overheating and the battery being reduced 50%, so I downgraded to .358.

However if 2.1 shows up tomorrow, I will wait till others have tested it before I download it. Not saying 2.1 is gonna be bogus with bugs like .668 or anything but I wanna be safe.

PS Hey you like free? Go download 2 AWESOME new games in App World called CreaVures and ShodowGun. They are worth $5 each but are FREE till October 31. Thanks RIM I love you guys. They are AWESOME.
Tablets are incredible

LOL good thing its a virtual button. Just make sure you have your Playbook backed up and all will be ok. I'm really excited about this 2.1 and thought Blackberry abandoned it for BB10. When I do download the new 2.1 after I know all is ok and I dont hear any bad stuff about it like I did with the bogus .668 I am really looking forward to testing it out, specially the seperate android window :-)
Tablets are incredible

Honestly, I got burned with .668 to.. but I'm excited about some of the stuff in 2.1 so I'll probably download right away. Hell, it has been out in test forever so there shouldn't be any major issues (crosses fingers).

Nice to hear I wasn't alone and dont get me wrong I am gonnna be all over the 2.1 upgrade like white on rice, but just gonna wait about 2 days (with massive self control) to see what everyone is saying. My Paybook got royally burned with .668 and I lost a ton of data downgrading back to .358 as they we're not downward compatable, but I am so excited about 2.1 and know its gonna be awesome!!
Tablets are incredible

Sad! Very Sad! The nightmare is back after I updated to 2.1. The battery is dying like no tomorrow. I don't know how to downgrade back to .358. I should have known better and backup first... too bad so sad...

I just looked in App World with no notification over BB Bridge and there it was ! Downloading Now !
Version !

Is Christmas coming early for Playbook fans? I am already using the Beta 2.1.840 for few months and it is not that new for me except some changes. However one surprising thing is Android programs can use the Camera now??? that means the Skype .bar files can be downloaded and working on playbook? Can't wait to try tomorrow.

Desperately waiting for Skype? I know, I am too... I hope Skype will launch with BB10 at the very least!


me too.

for what do I have a "HD" frond camera...

(The frond cam should be a 3MP, up until now I haven't seen a higher front cam on other tablets or smartphones)

Oh yeah for sure. I want Skype so bad for my Playbook I can taste it. For now I am using Skype on my Playbook on a web based Skype at You can use Skype audio/video chat, yahoo chat, Instant messenger and many others. Check it out.
Tablets are incredible

Me too. Kindle and Moon Reader both work great. Wish Cool Reader worked though, so I could use one reader for all formats.

Because it thinks you're in Canada when bridged to your phone. I figured that out when I browsed to Netflex and was getting Canadian ads.

Agreed, but I want a NATIVE Netflix and Kindle app (well not so much for Kindle, I waited, they didn't release it, and I moved onto other apps that get my money for books and magazines. Still, it would be nice.

It's a region thing. It will update to the US region which causes problems with some apps. "Cineplex" is a good example. You cannot install on a US region OS. It installs and works fine on the Canadian version.

gah i seriously hope it happens this time... i dont know if i can take another tease...

woot ! just received it this morning !!!
Bridge updated on my 9900 ... PB setup in progress ( ... ready for 2.1 ! :D

Seriously man, then why are you here? My only explanation is that your nickname means that you are 18 or younger because if you're not then being a troll is the less important of your problems... Just saying...

I hope this is for real. I've been going nuts all day refreshing app world waiting for the bridge update. I can't take it anymore ahhhhhhh.

Could it be that was what was taking so long? Maybe they just couldn't get it to work all the way around. Sure hope not. It would make the playbook seem half baked. You can alreadY view calls so if it was only just viewing I'd imagine it would have been there along with viewing calls.

I seriously doubt it. If that was the case it wouldn't make sense to just be able to view. We will know when we get the bridge update.


I'd still take that over what we have now. I've had my phone on silent and in another room but I was using the PB when my phone rang, great feature.

Here's a thought. A bit OT, but...
What I would like to see RIM bring out alongside the BB Ten line is, basically, a Playbook without a screen and touch interface, in a smaller format. After all, the electronic and software design is all done.
Why? Use it with a monitor with the HDMI interface, that's why. Your entire BB infrastructure with only one keyboard.

All it needs for controls is a multicolor LED to say what is going on, and a little button to press to turn on Bluetooth discovery.
Now you can control it via the phone using remote control, and view emails etc. on the big screen.

My guess is it would be less than half the weight and cost of the Playbook, and it would make the N series that much more useful. Most of the places I work I have at least one HDMI monitor available, HDMI projectors are getting common. It would give a new lease of life to OS 7 devices, and be useful for everything from streamed video to sales presentations.

The development would be minimal, basically repackaging half the existing hardware in a simple box and removing some of the software.
I'm guessing it could be done for under $99, the impulse buy level.

For one thing, BB10 will have a DLNA client to serve media over WiFi.

For another, I can imagine the current BT media gateway being updated.

yawnnnnnn (while throwing my arms over my head) been using 2.1 beta without any issues for months now... I guess we'll finally make my playbook official...

I'm curious to how this was accomplished. Did they hire some HP employees? My touchpad did this right out of the box with my 9810.

Updates are welcomed but none of the features listed make any difference to me. I would trade all those in for a faster browser!

yes that would be great, but portrait email has been awesome! That is almost as good as faster browser.

I have been running the .840 beta since release. I guess this means I will finally make an "honest woman" out of my PlayBook and get back to the Official OS.

If a Bridge update brings SMS to PB without updating the OS I may wait up to 45 minutes to update the OS! Who am I kidding it am most likely to update immediately. Bring it RIM!

/Device agnosticism or bust!

NO! I like BB and RIM! just so happens I like Mac OS over Windows (that will change when I can update my other laptop to Windows 8 though most likely)

lol good! I get defensive when people tell me to get an iPhone over BB...telling me my Bold 9900 sucks...pft #blackberrybychoice

im not keeping my hopes too high.... although if its out tomorrow it'd be awesome.. else.. wait as usual


BB 9780 white os 6

BB Playbook 32gb os

I've been waiting for it for soooooo long, more than anything else. I've been on beta for a while couldn't downgrade and a few weeks ago all android apps stopped working, lost portrait mode and wifi disconnects all the time. So this update is major haul for me :) please make it official this time. Awaiting bridge first than pb update :D

if you guys been using the Beta Version, can someone enlighted us what are the features? any SMS bridge or something. As we all know bridge SMS is one of our most favorite, and BBM.

there should be lots of us. Oct 5th is the most common birth date in North America (9 months after new years...go figure) and the 3rd isn't far off

Wonder how many people will be irate and blaming RIM for "not keeping a promise" that they didn't make if this rumour doesn't pan out?

It looks like MemoPad is not slated to be one of the native PIMs. Hope it is still available when bridged.

I'll be checking this out tomorrow morning before sun-up... Hope I won't be disappointed and I"ll see "new update available"

How many tomorrow is in a lifetime??
I think the only thing im excited is about Android apps will now have the ability to use the PlayBook camera.
I wanna see how that works out. Hopefully it will be good.

i have to admit, I have maybe 4 android apps on my PB. I noticed when i used the CB app, my post read from Tapatalk for Android. I truly don't like that.

The internal bug reporter app shows that RIM is running BBM and a app called Navigator internally on PlayBook. Wouldn't it be "The greatest Update of all time." (in my Ali voice) if these two apps were included? PlayBook owners could message dev alpha owners and everyone else on a BlackBerry that uses BBM. Man it just sounds to good to be true so I guess I just have to wait for BB10. :)

Forgive me if I'm wrong, but when has RIM ever announced an upgrade to any device. I usually just find out from either checking the front page here or by default.

Version 2.0 when they introduced Android apps, and the re mote control functions via BlackBerry phones, and the integrated messages application among other things.

Until I see post that OS 2.1 came yesterday, I'm not believing any BS. I didn't read post and I don't care to know what someone "found" this time. Don't believe everything you read on internet.

As tomorrow is my birthday - this would be to he COOLEST bday present!! Come on @Blackberry!!

A Blackberry Lover & User of a Playbook & Torch9800!!

Since BlackBerry Tablet OS 2.1 might arrive ahead of BlackBerry 10 OS I am downloading the BlackBerry PlayBook Native SDK 2.1 Beta. I have waited long enough for tablet developers to create a few applications I deem essential, therefore, I decided to try porting my favourite nix editor to the BlackBerry PlayBook. I definitely require a faster connection to the Internet; does anyone have a spare flux capacitor?

I have a "friend" in Iran with access to nuclear power plants. No need to worry about powering up the flux capacitor. LOL

if and when OS 2.1 finally drops, there will be a lot of disappointed Playbook users out there. With all the anticipation and hype surrounding this minor update, once people see what's actually there they'll be upset. I've been running beta 2.1 and the only thing that'll be new is SMS Bridge and the wifi bridge connection.

BTW the OS is taking long to drop b/c with the LTE Playbook now in the mix, the OS needs to get carrier certification before being released. PIA if you ask me.

major update, can't wait. I would love better Android app support, I tend to have lots of those downloaded on my PlayBook. They are prone to freezing, probably due to code-level issues since they use different OS kernels. Otherwise, this update is going to rock!

My first blackberry was the nextel 7100. I remember I had a nextel flip phone riding on the bus to work one morning. I saw a girl that I use to go to school wit and she had a nextel 7100 and we were talking and I gave her my email address and she put it in her phone then started to look online. I asked her what was that and she said it was a blackberry. I showed her my phone then she said she had a chirp then chirped me. My eues poped outta my head and three days later I had one and never looked back.

Well, I certainly can't say anything more than what's already said above.

That said, I do hope this is NOT another false hope. Fool me once shame and me, fool me twice.... well, you know the rest.

Is this seriously an update to get that excited over?
...Seems like stuff that should have been there all along.
...At least the majority of it.

Now, if Skype & Netflix are getting squeezed in that's reason to celebrate.

Why would I get excited about Netflix? It is crap... I celebrate every day that Netflix isn't on the PlayBook.. bring on Blockbuster/Dish Network for streaming video and new release movies..

"I celebrate every day that Netflix isn't on the Playbook". For a pro-Blackberry guy, you say some stupid things!

How is that stupid? Is it a shot against RIM/BlackBerry? NO... It is just my opinion about Netflix. Their selection is terrible. I have both Netflix and Blockbuster right now and am going to dump the Netflix soon as the only thing that I like about it is that I can stream isht directly to my TV... that is the only thing I like. Their movie selection sucks.. unless you are into movies from 5 years ago...and I haven't seen one item in HD in their library. A partnership with Blockbuster/Dish Network to get new releases and Sling media (stream tv shows, etc) makes more sense to me. Just my 2 cents.

Sounds like an update that makes my Playbook a little less outdated and a little more like my Nexus 7. No wonder RIM is getting out of the tablet business soon. Come on RIM. I hope you added something more innovative than that to remember the PB by.

Troll much bro? I'm curious how you THINK RIM is getting out of the tablet business.. since they have said multiple times that they are committed to the tablet space as a critical element to mobile computing. If your Nexus 7 is so great, why are you on a PB OS upgrade article on a pro-BlackBerry site b*tching about your PlayBook?

ps. Innovative? Can your Nexus 7 run PlayBook apps? Will it get the awesome flow and peek of BB10? NOPE!!

And releasing a new PlayBook 4G version is exactly what a company getting out of the tablet business would do? Sure...

"No wonder RIM is getting out of the tablet business soon"

Where's your source for this, deercreekmichael?

Bet you won't have the nads to give an answer or admit you pulled it out of your butt.


Bridge updated. THIS IS GOING DOWN!


Depends on your ISP speed. Took me about 15 minutes to upgrade to 2.0 when it came out in February earlier this year. And that's on a 25 Mbps connection.
Tablets are incredible

What I meant was.. How long between when the Bridge update is released and when the Playbook OS 2.1 is released.

OHH lol. Well bridge is here tonight for some, depending on our region. 2.1 is supposed to be here tomorrow. But the fun is gonna hit the fan tomorrow when 2.1 arrives.
Tablets are incredible

I love all the enthusiasm over this! I just got told about the update over in the Blackberry Support Forums and came here to share the news but looks like I am way behind. I love reading the comments, they make me laugh. Good stuff!

I guess I will have to wait to upgrade my PB until tomorrow night as I am saving all of my sick leave for BB10. LOL.

LOL I know what you mean. There's all this enthusiasm over 2.1 tonight. Can you imagine the frenzy in here when BB10 comes out?

With all the BB10 news and people who have signed with RIM, I can guarantee BB10 is gonna put RIM back on the map big time, and give IOS a well deserved slap in their complacency.

Most Android and IOS users dont realize that RIM is creating a whole new BB10 OS from scratch, and that's not easy. BB10 is now where the iPad 1 was back in 2010.
Tablets are incredible

2 a.m. here EST can't stay up, gonna hook the PB up to HDMI and turn the sound up on the surround sound hopefully sometime through the night or early morning I'll hear the sweet sound of an update.

Night all, last out hit the lights...zzzzz

The blacker the berry the sweeter the use...

Ya I'm going to bed too. Its 2:25 EST here in Ontario and I haven't gotten a bridge update yet or 2.1 notification and I gotta sleep. 2.1 tomorrow.
Tablets are incredible

I am there too and I have had it since 10pm and THAT was an hour late.

You're "doing" it wrong. Go to your phone, go to App World, go to My World press the Blackberry button, hit refresh list or something like that...doing this from memory and it is late (we both should get some sleep) and wait because it will take a few mins...whoah! What's that? Update for Bridge? Fuck ya!

I'm working nights and FINALLY just got update :)

Now let's just hope 2.1 for PlayBook comes out today!!!

If print to go arrives and actually allows one to print to different networks I will be so happy. I need that desperately.

5:30am. Got my bridge update... Leaving for the airport in 30min to go to Mexico until the 10th commonnn rim don't let me down!! Release this nowww so I have something to tinker around with while in the air. (don't worry I'll turn my antenna off on my phone:-p)

Storm 1 (retired)
Storm 2 (retired)
Torch 9800 (active)
Playbook 32gig (active)

Hi timjamesw88 - Just got Bridge 2.1 in Ireland - you may need to tap on the bridge icon within app world to see the update - it didn't show up in the list as 'update available' but was there when I tapped the icon.

Sorry, wasn't clear. I meant I got the bridge update but not the PlayBook OS2.1 update.

Good point though, I did have to go within the bridge icon in appworld to update as it was not in update list.

Thanks Tim.

I presume we are unable to reap the benefits for bridge 2.1 until the playbook gets its update i.e no wifi bridge connection or SMS on playbook.

sms through bridge works for me, shows all contact names, can save messages to. go get the bridge update cause it works with the current beta os.

Enough already... just post a heads up when it ACTUALLY comes out! There is a permanent index finger print on my PB screen protector from check for updates every time you snapper heads post a story or thread about the illumines and elusive 2.1 update! Now if you'll excuse me while I duck tape my blistered index finger...

Disclaimer: This is a joke! Please refrain from freaking out! lmao

Sent from My Blackberry Playbook or Bold 9900

Im awake! ready for update. downloaded the new bridge on my phone. its kinda going nuts saying i have messages from people that aren't really the contact. is anyone else getting this?

Its not going nuts anymore, i deleted all my sms on my phone and started new and now everything is syncing correctly to the tablet.


I noticed in the bridge update log, that "view and respond to text messages" is listed. Not just view.

Rockin' the 9900

Patience, patience and more patience. I have been using my Playbook correct the past months without a working YouTube, no working video player. I hope tomorrow is correct real.

Just when I was getting used to my cheapie (PC World) PlayBook 64 which I'm using for business - tied to my 9780 Bold - along comes the inevitable upgrade. I was transferring docs between my PC and the PB this morning when the flash appeared through Desktop Manager and pretty much took over upgrading 2.0 to 2.1. I knew nothing about this and it certainly wasn't an option for me to 'upgrade later'.
Result? You'll not be surprised to find out that (for some reason) the upgrade failed and I should 'turn off Desktop Manager and try again'.
But this failure (not on my part) has crashed the PB and all I got then was a black screen with a white BlackBerry Playbook logo. I've checked a few forums etc and come to realise that an interrupted upgrade can be fatal. I've tried re-booting it by holding down both volume buttons and the start button simultaneously, but that only repeats the black screen / white logo.
So - can anyone advise me what to do next (other than throw a rant at the PC World 'help desk'?)
After too many years having my productivity slowed down - rather than speeded up - by the likes of Microsoft, HP in particular and now RIM, I'm in the market for a simple and totally reliable communications device that'll handle calls; emails; documents and the odd photo. Any suggestions from the floor?