BlackBerry PlayBook OS v2.1.0.1032 now available for download

BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.1 now available for download
By Bla1ze on 3 Oct 2012 08:35 am EDT

Now, is the time folks. If you've been impatiently waiting for the latest BlackBerry PlayBook OS to arrive, v2.1.0.1032 has now finally landed after a very lengthy beta process and is ready to be downloaded. With this release there is plenty of changes to be found including but not limited to:

  • Updated BlackBerry Bridge: Now you can view, respond and compose new SMS messages on their BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet when connected to a BlackBerry smartphone over Bluetooth®. You’ll also enjoy increased performance and speed of other BlackBerry Bridge functions as well. So you can do more, more efficiently. Txt away, my friends.
  • Email and PIM Enhancements: You’ve asked for it and we’ve delivered portrait support for email, calendar and contacts, giving you the option to use your tablet in either orientation to message. This will definitely come in handy for those of you who enjoy thumb typing in portrait mode like I do.
  • Improved Android Application Support: Includes Multi-Window Applications, Camera Support and In-App Payments. We all love a richer app experience, and with the improvements to the Android runtime, that’s just what you’ll get. Running the applications in separate windows allows you to multi-task between Android apps easier, and in-app payments will make it easier for you to enhance your app content. Game on!

Make sure you grab the new BlackBerry Bridge update if you've not already grabbed it. Go ahead and fire up your BlackBerry PlayBook and check for updates. Keep in mind though, this release is only for the WiFi BlackBerry PlayBook and not the 4G LTE versions, as those need carrier approval. When you're done, drop by the CrackBerry Forums and let us know what other goodies you have found aside from those already listed.

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BlackBerry PlayBook OS v2.1.0.1032 now available for download


Bridge over WIFI is a bit of a misnomer.

You MUST bridge using Bluetooth. Period. Once the bridge is connected, the WIFI is used when transferring data between devices or using bridged apps. This makes for faster communication in bridged sessions. It does not mean that Bluetooth/WIFI bridging is an either/or proposition.

From the Blackberry document titled, "BlackBerry Bridge App 2.1 and BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet 2.1" page 14: "If the Bluetooth connection between the tablet and smartphone closes, the Wi-Fi connection between the tablet and
the smartphone also closes."

So, when both devices are on the same WIFI network and bridged through Bluetooth, communications will happen using the common WIFI connectivity where possible, giving faster performance for bridged operations.

Hope my understanding is correct and that this explanation helps.


I hope this is wrong.

So're saying that even on the same wifi network, my PB has to still be in range of my phone?

I can understand needing bluetooth to do the initial handshaking/encryption, however once done that information should be able to reside on each device and be utilised regardless of the means of communication (Eg: Bluetooth over Wifi). This will be very disappointing if correct as I would be nice to not have to carry both devices around the office or house at all times to make use of the bridge.

However, I'm still waiting for the BB Bridge update to show up in my app store, so can't test this until it does. Anyone have any working insight to this?

For enterprise use it would not be good to keep the devices bridged after the initial bluetooth handshake if the device gets too far. One of the security features of the playbook is that once the device is out of bluetooth range than you cannot access phone files. In a large office when connected to wifi, if you were to go to a meeting on the other side of the building and you forget your playbook at your desk out of bluetooth range its nice to know it disconected so when someone steals it they cannot access everything even though both devices are on the wifi network.

So, I was at home and awake at 4:30am until 6:30 and nothing...go to work and BAM! Know what I'm doing tonight! "Sorry hun, not tonight...I have an update"...who am I kidding;)

Downloading now. Anybody know if they fixed the broken IMAP implementation? I couldn't get folders to sync and display on the PB.

You are welcome my friend. This is what all about Crackberry forum. You can get answers for anything. However I have an issue now and hoping if anyone had this issue come up. When I tried to update an upp (Logo Game) I am getting an error id:35005. It is frustrating.

In App World, Games > Categories and Apps > Categories then drill down the folders: Do you see Ratings for each Game or App?

Improved Android Application Support: Includes Multi-Window Applications, Camera Support and In-App Payments. We all love a richer app experience, and with the improvements to the Android runtime, that’s just what you’ll get. Running the applications in separate windows allows you to multi-task between Android apps easier, and in-app payments will make it easier for you to enhance your app content. Game on!? Can anyone explain what this mean as far as Android apps go?

Let me be sure I've got this correct:

We have a new PlayBook OS update --. Now installed and working.
We have a new BB Bridge OS update -- now installed and working.

Yet, the BBM Groups feature and functionality is still missing. For me this is a huge disconnect.

I've been patiently waiting for this to be enabled, but it seems that it will remain just an elusive dream... Very sad and disappointing...


Exactly... 1yr of waiting and the best they could do was 3 bullets of "upgrades" 1 of which isnt even the OS but the bridge app. And ppl are all excited!!??

I must really be missing something.

To be honest, it's just nice to get an udate, even it is only a few things.
Some of the key parts of the update work on the business side of things, which maybe you missed.

Personally I'm glad the update dropped and it's getting me excited to buying my BB10 device and rocking BB10 on the PlayBook. My only two disappointments for now are; 1. the reboot time took 6minutes(hopefully less afer fist time though), and B. BB10 is still at least 3months away!

It'll shorten, my boot time is down to 2 minutes:40 sec now

The blacker the berry the sweeter the use...

I agree. I believe that a new BB10 update will be coming after the BB10 phones. I think the playbook was great before this last update. Although it wasn't a big update it was nice to have a couple extra features added.

and yet we have all the Cool Aid drinkers convinced BB10 will be better. will never buy a device again based on what I foolishly assumed was a reputable company promises. only working, proven devices. when my contracts are up will perform evaluations with that in mind along with utilizing the 14 day trials offered by most carriers.

Yeah.. us "Kool Aid drinkers" know BB10 will be sweet based on the demos that we have all seen on sites like CrackBerry and at BB Jam. Man, that BlackBerry Kool Aid tastes so much better than Apple cider...

The sms works fine with the bridge.

Haven't been able to connect my phone and tablet over the same wifi connection though - is this possible?

I just update from Spain with 347 MB, and the only problem was the camera app because when i started just rebboted, didn't work, but some minutes after works fine, and everything seems better, i had a problem with the accounts sync (i erased and reconfigurated some times the same account and the updated apps did show the same account too times), but now it's all fine!

Thanks CrackBerry for the Good New! :D :D
(And the battery drains seems to be solved)

Upgraded and my Browser seems sluggish and horrible now. I'm doing a security wipe and I hope things work better. Is anyone else having browser issues?

Does anyone know if they've finally fixed the Networked Folder issue? I remember when I first bought my PlayBook it was so easy to make a Networked Folder on my Windows 7 desktop to my PlayBook but that feature disappeared in an update and now it's always a "work around" to try and find my PlayBook with my PC or Laptop.

Ok, this is weird. I remember this happened when 2.0 came out. But an update becomes available, I download and install it. I do a security wipe, and it says a new upgrade is available for my region and it downloads another version again.

I downloaded 2.1 this morning it was 337mb big. I did a wipe and now it says I need an update for my region, which I set to Canada, and it is 326mb big. Why did it install one version initially and then another when I did the wipe? Both times I was set to region Canada.

What!??? There is no portrait calculator mode!!!!???


Just kidding, I just wanted to fit in with the rest of the (usual) comments by some members of our community ;)

Really happy with 2.1 OS so far. Me like it!

Did anyone check new twitter UI on playbook browser, quite snappier and too good. Damn, i paid for blaq, tje new twitter for playbook (browser version) looks fab.

I just updated to 2.1. It is by far the best update to date. Text messaging from my Playbook is a fantastic feature. Wi-Fi in lieu of Blue Tooth is so much faster. The new orientation abilities makes it so much easier to use the electronic keyboard. Great Job Blackberry!!!!!

Still Problems with POP3 Mail.

I was told by RIM 4 months ago that the POP3 mail was going to be fixed.
It deletes from server when deleted on PB.

With the 2.1 update you do not even have the option to turn on or off delete from server, and it still deletes from the server when you delete from PB.

Anyone have a resolve to this?

Otherwise seems like an OK update. I will have to play with it for awhile to see what all is going on - and keep any eye on the CB posts../

I already installed the update. But there's one thing that annoys me 2 sms notification via bridge that doesn't clear. Anybody that experience this?

When bridged, all my sms contact names are wrong and text messages are mixed together with other texts. Anyone else having this issue? Been bridged for 30 mins now.

Downloaded the update and installed it, but now my playbook is so laggy it just hangs for ages when trying to open contacts and calendar and when it does opens in calender (10 mins later) the month view is missing??? I said...October. Love the SMS over Bridge feature. Now we have something new to play with until January (I hope it's January for BB10).

So...I received my Playbook as compensation for a lost order last year. I set it up and just didn't see any use for it without email, contacts, calendar, etc., so I vowed to take it back to the store and use the refund toward an iPad. However, I popped it in a drawer and forgot about it until the 2.0 update came out. Okay, maybe it would be more useful with the update. Installed 2.0, it was better, but still too buggy for me...sideloaded Kindle, Pandora, and a few other Android Apps, but when apps stopped functioning (which they did a lot), I'd be forced to reboot and wait for what seemed forever for the thing to reboot.

All that said, when I installed the 2.1 beta, the Playbook became a totally different animal. It's hard to describe it as just a load of cooler features, more at the PB now works like I expected. I'm now using it more than my Touchpad with Android (and webOS...yeah, I have one) and I've got to say it just works. That combined with the fact that Amazon's video content has improved to the point where I don't miss Netflix makes the Playbook a great $200 (or $300) tablet. So much so that I actually bought some RIMM stock last week at $6.35 as a vote of confidence (a gamble, I know, but being a user of Mac, Windows, Android, and Blackberry, but not 100% satisfied by any, I think there is still room for BB10). I love that the PB OS has much of the best look and feel of webOS, plus my favorite feature is the predictive text. By the way, does anyone know how to use a Bluetooth keyboard while still having predictive text?

Lastly, I picked up the new Blackberry Media Center for use with my old school home stereo and that little box does exactly what I hoped it would. I stream Pandora from my Playbook and it sounds great, "CD" like quality. Why doesn't anyone know about that product?

Here's hoping that RIMM has turned the interesting to re-read my post this time next year...RIMM at $15/share or $0?

By the way, the upgrade to worked fine and appears even more stable...

@ RIMM_B_Tomorrow ''Why doesn't anyone know about that product?''

Well when it was introduced on April 19, 2011 RIM was a huge company and still relativly sucessful. The Playbook when introduced was a QNX powerhouse with a dual core and a gig of ram, which was unheard of in April 2011. They had a HUGE media advertising campaign on the Playbook.

The version of QNX they bundled with it was a non responsive monstrosity and people cut the playbook up really fast and RIM stock plummeted.

What should have been done is Playbook should have been introduced in April 2011 with 2.1 and it would have been a MASSIVE success today, and RIM wouldn't be a half dead company trying to revive itself with BB10. BB10 by the way is gonna put RIM back on the map and give iPad the bitch slap is so sorely deserves.

Anyway I wanted to ask, can you tell me how do you I go about buying RIM stock? I'm thinking now would be a great time to buy considering BB10 is coming in early 2013, and that is gonna make the stock skyrocket.
Tablets are incredible

Non-responsive? I don't remember that. I do remember that key pieces were missing, but I've never seen PlayBook be slow.

As for "half-dead", their userbase is still growing, their cash is still growing and they still have no debt.

Compared to a lot of companies in the world, they're doing quite well.

I didn't phrase that correctly lol. What I meant by non responsive was the non existent email features and all the other features that weren't there before 2.0.

Sure their user base is still growing but half dead is in reference to their stock.

When the Playbook was introduced in April 2011 RIM stock was worth just over $50 a share. You can buy it now for $6. Calling it half dead is being kind, but I digress. RIM is still doing quite well and I am feverishly looking forward to BB10. Im actually gonna buy some stock at this all time low because when BB10 comes its gonna go wayyyy up. Can you imagine buying $1000 stock at $6 a share and having it go up to $50 a share? That would turn $1000 into $8300!!!
Tablets are incredible

PlayBook's initial launch was probably one of the most frustrating things I ever saw RIM do. You could see the potential in the OS, the hardware was great, yet they rushed it out missing key pieces.

Would it have killed them to wait six months and released it with what was 2.0's feature set? And maybe a hundred bucks cheaper?

I totally agree with you Rubber Chicken. In retrospect if RIM would have done that, then the Playbook initial launch wouldn't have been a fizzle. Instead they skipped key features and it was a flop and the company lost untold millions, and their stock plummeted from $55 a share at launch to a sad $6 just to compete with the suckwad iPad. Another reason added to the list why I detest Apple.

RIM's day is coming though because I know that BB10 is gonna turn them back into the force they once were and all my iFriends can go eat it.

Seriously the hardware (and now 2.1 software) on the Playbook is great and can butt heads with the best of them today. RIM had the great insight at launch on April 19, 2011 to give Playbook a 1ghz dual core processor and 1g ram when tablet manufacturers at that time were only doing single core with 500megs of ram.
Tablets are incredible

I use my PB everyday and I must admit....never missed a portrait option for email *shrugs*.

HOWEVERRRRRR I am very excited about SMS from PB! Thanks RIM!

*Swipes up (waking up PB)*
*Swipes down (selects Software Updates)*

I was trying my workout app Endomondo and the app shuts down every time I'm trying to view a workout. This started after installing 2.1.

Strangest thing. I downloaded the 2.1 update this morning, and it installed successfully. I had a little taste of portrait email and all.

Then about an hour ago, I noticed that the sound on the system wasn't working - browser flash video, youtube app, built-in video app, etc. So I restarted the system by pressing and hold the power button.

When the playbook finally finished loading, it prompted for my blackberry id, which it has never done. Then once I got in, I realized it has reverted back to No more portrait email, but the sound is back.

I'm now redownloading the 2.1 update...

@ciocco ''I noticed that the sound on the system wasn't working - browser flash video, youtube app, built-in video app, etc.''

Wow sounds like the same crap that happened to me when I upgraded to .668. Then shortly after that my Playbook was running really hot and my battery life was reduced by 50%!!! Are you experiencing any ill battery life?

I got really burned with .668 and had to revert back to .358 which was really stable.

I havent upgraded to 2.1 yet because I wanna see if its gonna have major issues like .668 did. And by the sounds of your browser and flash, it does. Please keep us updated.
Tablets are incredible

The second attempt to update seems to have worked. Sound, Flash, Youtube, etc are working, as are the portrait modes for PIM and sideloaded Android apps. Even Android Evernote has access to the camera now. And Print to Go has finally worked on my home network!

That said, I haven't noticed anything dramatic increase in browser speed or battery life. Maybe one of these days I'll do a clean reinstall and see how that goes.

I did have to reconfigure my email accounts, and set up the multi-calendar config for Google again from the Google website.

The PlayBook is alive! Android player runs flawlessly, no lag no hanging, just took VEVO for a test run, I'm glad I kept all my android apps, keep it coming RIM!!

Are you having any issues with the Browser, flash, YouTube,or battery life at all? And is your Playbook still running cool to the touch?
Tablets are incredible

Running it non-stop since this morning and no problems at all with anything you listed, thankfully.

Need to run it through a couple of charge cycles before I can vouch for battery life, but nothing seems out of the ordinary.

Hey Murph, thanks for the update. Please let us know about the battery though when you are done your testing as this is really a sore issue for a lot of us. I got burned really bad with the .668 as I said and just wanna make sure all is good before I take the plunge to 2.1.

Gotta force myself not to press the upgrade button till the results are in....AHHHH Vic no like!!! LOL
Tablets are incredible

Cool :-) really looking forward to testing out the new email in portrait mode and the android features.
Tablets are incredible

I have installed the update from and its 388 mb in pakistan. I'm very glad now.

I love my playbook 64GB and Bold 9790...

I just updated to the beta yesterday, fml. I keep checking in the system preferences but it says error connecting to server.

I've been checking all day and it's still not available for me! The kicker is all 5 of my workmates have been able to download and install! Grrr!!

Ask your workmates what region they have their Playbooks set for. You may have yours set for the wrong region. For example I am in Canada, but if I have mine set for USA I might not get the update or will get the wrong one.
Tablets are incredible

Disappointed: Standby battery consumption is still double what it used to be. Before the summer's update, Battery Guru reported consumption at 0.06W. Now it is 0.13W. Thanks for cutting my standby time in half, RIM. 8^( Thinking about trying a wipe to see if that helps.

Sounds like the same crap I experienced with .668. I'm gonna wait a few days to see if I hear any more negative stuff about 2.1. XXXCrossedFingersXXX
Tablets are incredible

I'm not sure about standby power consumption, but my operational battery life has certainly increased! Normally using wifi and bluetooth together would suck the life out of my PB. It seems much happier now.

Pennsylvania representing! Downloading 397mb update from Slow and steady but it's coming, did everyone get home from work and download? :)

Just finished updating two pb and they went through fine. I am testing text and that works fine as well, without what at least one person mentioned as recipients being messed up. The only thing I noticed was that on the pb, the picture messages don't appear.

My question (so that I don'ave have to read through 300 comments) is, has anyone tried file transfer? It was mentioned, but from each device, I don't see any new menu options when selecting a file.

and how do you know if the bridge is active over wifi vs bluetooth if they are both on at the same time? I see no indicator.

oh, and where is the Android player? I haven't loaded any Android apps on this one, but had sideloaded on a different one. If I am starting from scratch on this one, am I using the same sideload process? (btw I am not a developer, just an amateur haha)

I did a clean install. Backed up> security wiped> when rebooted it found the new update and installed. restored the files and Playbook is working nice. I am happy with the update. Now I am going to install some android apps.

Really like the e-mail update, so much easier to type. E-mail software is noticeably faster to boot!!

Ok can you have some huge sale for charger and any accesories for blackberry. After the PB update, im gonna need charger and really extra battery, bec. The TEXTING BRIDGE IS SO COOL.... Yeah!!!! Finally, i can slap this in front of my ifans friends... Hah!!! Hah!!! Hah!!! BBM and texting and tweet and facebook at the same time, and listening to music... Oh so damn good.... Oh yeah.!!!! Im Rockin my BB devices...

After upgrading to OS 2.1, my Facebook apps messaging cannot load. I receive an error that says Facebook must close, click OK, and Facebook closes. Rinse, lather, repeat. Anyone else seeing this?

With the new os just released it would be nice if someone can show us a step by step instruction on how to use all of the new features.
Thank you

Browser is much much faster.
Pictures load much quicker
Android player loads much much much faster.

This was a really good update!

really happy with the update ... it took about 10 minutes after restarting to come upto speed but now is racing along .... sms over bridge is great but I really like the ability to push/sync all my email folders with my exchange servers ... now I can use my PB as a primary email device

Yeah mine was also much larger than 400MB, and after downloading and restarting I am now stuck on the start-up screen. It was stuck there for hours and hours last night, until finally it ran out of battery power.

Mmm wonder if desktop manager will work,

It all seems to work a lot better now. The email client is much clearer. The problem with emails not displaying properly over activesync has been solved. The text now appears clearly in the body of the email rather than as an attachment.

The download was rapid and the installation easy.
I'm in Portugal and, of course, the assessment is subjective.

Am still trying to figure how to sms over BlackBerry Bridge.

Oh, the txt function is very very easy. It is in the Bridge folder..

The problem at this end was, as usual, between the seat and the keyboard, or touch screen.

I got the update last night and so far I'm wondering what the huge delay was. I guess the Android subsystem would be the technically most difficult thing to do but there aren't many great changes elsewhere through the OS. I realise it's a point release but in my time on 2.0 I discovered quite a few nuisance behaviours and I don't see many which have been fixed.

So i am one of those guys that likes to tease my apple using friends.. well because they tease me for being a BB user.. and of course i take pleasure when they have upgrade issues, like iOS6 wiping out their iPads or iph5 with crummy maps ;).. well, karma is a bit of a upgrade to 2.1 went smoothly but not all is good in PB 2.1 issue cropped up.. and even though it is only one issue, it's a pblm one for me.. The calendar app doesn't work.. and by "doesn't work" i don't mean that it comes up and my events are gone or not syncing.. i mean that i launch the app, a nice greyish screen comes up with a frozen hourglass (circle) and that is it!!! just sits there doing nothing, showing nothing. left it running over night for shits and giggles and nada. This stinks! Anyone else have this issue?! I also notice that the android launcher is a bit flakey.. i launched two apps, yes two windows open, great... but if i move from app to app eventually one of the two apps is cloned in the second window.. that is, one app now shows in 2 windows for about 20 seconds before the original app comes back. Not the end of the world.. but annoying. There are still "freeze" issues with these apps as well.

I don't think anyone has mentioned this yet - they have fixed the Microsoft Exchange Server email problem where the native email app would send every email twice. No duplicate emails!

So, I don't see an update option anywhere on my Playbook. Are they staggering the updates or what? This is pretty annoying. I've restarted it twice now and still nothing appears.


I have loved my playbook from the moment I first got my hands on it, .688 changed that in a huge way. The battery drain issue was so frustrating, especially when I had read that it did not affect everyone in the same way. I used to carry my playbook everywhere, showing it off to anyone and everyone...but after .688 the battery would completely drain in about 3 hours or less. That pissed me off to no end. I could leave it just sitting with nothing running and screen off and it would still drain incredibly fast. I for one was looking forward to this update with baited breath and I gotta say I was not disappointed. All the minor additions etc are nice and all but my main concern I gotta admit was the battery life and what this update meant for that. Since installing this update I have been monitoring exclusively and I gotta say I am now a happy camper once again. Went to bed with a playlist of 64 songs playing on a freshly charged battery and 6 hours later my battery levels have barely moved at all woo hoo! That alone has me ecstatic beyond words. Other noticeable differences for me were faster browser page loads, emails open alot faster, AND it has shaved a full minute off my rebooting time. In all everything seems to be alot snappier, Thank You Rim!!

@Kojjax I went through the same nightmare with .668 and finially found out when I turned the wifi off, the battery drain problem vanished. That being said it pissed me off to no end having to electively turn my wifi on and off when I wanted to use it, so I just downgraded back to .358 which is where I am now. I have read several posts in here (out of 350) of people saying that 2.1 has a battery issue as well. I wanna upgrade to 2.1 but am afraid to. What to do? I've backed up my Playbook and will eventually take the leap as I really want the new features.

Tablets are incredible

2.1 completely fixed that issue for me. I had it fully charged at 2 am when I went to bed, played a list of songs as I went asleep, been using it all day and it's still at 50% or so right now (7:26 pm)


@Kojjax Thanks for the update and I cracked and downloaded it at 4:35am Friday morning.

Everything is great. The browser is faster, love the email in portrait mode (for thumb typing), and the new Android player is great on how it lets you have multiple apps open just like native Playbook apps. Something else sweet I noticed, when playing a video you can scan and que it right up to the second on where you wanna go. Over all a top notch 2.1 upgrade. Thanks RIM :-)
Tablets are incredible

So, I don't see an update option anywhere on my Playbook. Are they staggering the updates or what? This is pretty annoying. I've restarted it twice now and still nothing appears.

I downloaded the Bridge update for my Torch and now I'm hearing texts come through also on my Playbook. There is the exclamation mark in the top left corner and when I click it, it shows me a preview of the text message, but when I click it, it starts to open Bridge but glitches and closes.

The thing is, is that I don't have the new update, so it's not working properly. It's demented. I can't find how to update my Playbook. There's no notification.


Did you open your Settings Icon and scroll down to Software Updates. Open it and click on Check for Updates. It should show up...

2.1 fixed my battery drain issue when WIFI was on.

It used to drop 20% or so a night just sitting on the nightstand. Now it's back to 2% overnight.


I always charge with my Playbook charging dock as I could never really charge via USB. Sometimes it would charge and sometimes it wouldn't, and that was with .358. Haven't checked yet with the new 2.1 but I'm assuming its gonna be about the same.
Tablets are incredible

I have a Playbook 4G LTE and the update to 2.1 doesn't come up. What shows is and when I check for updates it says its current?