BlackBerry PlayBook OS v2.1.0.1032 now available for download

BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.1 now available for download
By Bla1ze on 3 Oct 2012 08:35 am EDT

Now, is the time folks. If you've been impatiently waiting for the latest BlackBerry PlayBook OS to arrive, v2.1.0.1032 has now finally landed after a very lengthy beta process and is ready to be downloaded. With this release there is plenty of changes to be found including but not limited to:

  • Updated BlackBerry Bridge: Now you can view, respond and compose new SMS messages on their BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet when connected to a BlackBerry smartphone over Bluetooth®. You’ll also enjoy increased performance and speed of other BlackBerry Bridge functions as well. So you can do more, more efficiently. Txt away, my friends.
  • Email and PIM Enhancements: You’ve asked for it and we’ve delivered portrait support for email, calendar and contacts, giving you the option to use your tablet in either orientation to message. This will definitely come in handy for those of you who enjoy thumb typing in portrait mode like I do.
  • Improved Android Application Support: Includes Multi-Window Applications, Camera Support and In-App Payments. We all love a richer app experience, and with the improvements to the Android runtime, that’s just what you’ll get. Running the applications in separate windows allows you to multi-task between Android apps easier, and in-app payments will make it easier for you to enhance your app content. Game on!

Make sure you grab the new BlackBerry Bridge update if you've not already grabbed it. Go ahead and fire up your BlackBerry PlayBook and check for updates. Keep in mind though, this release is only for the WiFi BlackBerry PlayBook and not the 4G LTE versions, as those need carrier approval. When you're done, drop by the CrackBerry Forums and let us know what other goodies you have found aside from those already listed.

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BlackBerry PlayBook OS v2.1.0.1032 now available for download



odd.. I had the beta, my wife didn't and her update is smaller then mine at only 334MB to my 394MB.. also her's is downloading WAY faster then mine on the same wifi network..

Ohhh Yeah!!! I'm in Windsor Version at 397MB Its finially here!!! Hows the battery life?
Tablets are incredible

I totally forgot about this, I am so mad. I woke up late for work anyway, so I didn't have time to update, but it would have been nice to get it downloaded at least so I can do it when I get home. Text messaging on playbook FTW!

Just a reminder for people. The update may not show by default. Click on the settings gear symbol on the top right corner of the home screen. Then click on software updates and update. It may show then.

The early releases of BlackBerry Tablet OS 1.x always indicated whenever an update was available. I wonder if something changed with the BlackBerry Tablet OS 2.x code? Anyway, it arrived after much rumour and anticipation. The slow release schedule might indicate serious management issues within the product development teams because this update lacks any ground-breaking features.

Now with BlackBerry Tablet OS 2.1 and BlackBerry Native Development Kit 2.1 officially available it is time to create an application. BlackBerry 10 OS for the BlackBerry PlayBook is at least six months away, in the most optimistic scenario, therefore I am porting a Unix editor to this tablet; the lack of a good text editor with full keyboard support is inexcusable.

Should a .1 release have ground breaking features? The text messaging is huge to me and the android player update is pretty significant as well, not to mention the improved browser.

When you make certain changes to a unit with a radio in it, the carriers have an approval process before it gets certified on their network. Standard stuff, everyone goes through it. It has nothing to do with QNX. They don't care about 802.11, it is not on their system, it is on yours.

Yeah but they made a big deal that the new OS was separated from the radio stack so that what your talking about wouldn't be an issue.

This is exactly what I was thinking. The idea was that the base OS update would come through regardless of carrier, and the carrier-specific stuff (radio stuff and shovel ware) would be separate components that would update independently.

If this is how it is going to be, then nothing has changed and we'll see fragmentation and certain carriers dragging their feet (AT&T) and their customers will suffer because of it. It really should be treated like a Windows laptop with an Air card, where the only thing that the carrier cares about is any software update for the Air card.

It probably depends on if there is anything in the os update on that model that would break if used with older radio code, if there is then they obviously couldn't just release the os update on its own.

They could conceivably split the os update into two parts for those devices, but it would not surprise me in the slightest if there isn't the staff working on that project to support that extra level of testing since bb10 is going to be hoovering up most of rim's resources these days and rightly so when you consider its importance relative to the playbook.

I found this at, which explains why so far updates have been large and not incremental. They just implemented it (patch-based updated):

Streamlined setup and software update experience

When setting up a brand new BlackBerry PlayBook tablet and running through the out-of-box experience, a Wi-Fi connection is no longer required. Software updates can also be delayed until a later time – and when you do need to update your software, patch-based updating is now supported, which significantly lowers the file size of the updates and increases the speed of the operation.

I tried linking it here but it was flagged as spam, but on the BlackBerry Biz blog, it indicates that the new update includes support for patch-based updated. Meaning all this time we haven't had incremental updates like we thought. So maybe going forward, things will be separated out.

I found this at, which explains why so far updates have been large and not incremental. They just implemented it (patch-based updated):

Streamlined setup and software update experience

When setting up a brand new BlackBerry PlayBook tablet and running through the out-of-box experience, a Wi-Fi connection is no longer required. Software updates can also be delayed until a later time – and when you do need to update your software, patch-based updating is now supported, which significantly lowers the file size of the updates and increases the speed of the operation.

The 2.1 upgrade here is for wifi Playbook users only. Playbook 4g lte users have to wait about a month for their 2.1 upgrade. Heres the link.

If the link doesn't work, here's a cut and paste.

RIM's attention around its QNX-based platforms might revolve around BlackBerry 10 as of late, but don't think that it's leaving BlackBerry PlayBook users behind. A PlayBook 2.1 update is rolling out today that fills in some of the gaps left by 2.0 earlier this year. Habitual messagers can now start SMS text messages directly from the tablet when tethered through BlackBerry Bridge; they also get overdue support for a portrait view in email, calendars and contacts. If communication isn't the cornerstone of your life, you'll still find a few niceties such as Android App Player support for the camera and in-app purchases, device encryption that extends to personal data and wireless printing beyond the local network. For now, you'll have to be an owner of the original, WiFi-only PlayBook to leap on the 2.1 train today -- those who sprang for the usually carrier-bound PlayBook 4G LTE should get their upgrade within a month.
Tablets are incredible

It's for real. However patience is a virtue. We will all be rewarded in early 2013 with BB10 :-)
Tablets are incredible

BlackBerry Tablet OS 2.1 - Grab it while its hot off the server before it is "off the server." A new twist on supply-demand marketing strategy? So far the update has been available throughout the day while I have updated three BlackBerry PlayBooks. There has been no time to explore the latest update yet; the final tablet is now rebooting. Yeah!

A new twist on supply-demand marketing strategy? LOL just with bum corrupt updates like .668.
Tablets are incredible

RIM needs to get a grip on incremental updates and push-out only the changes. I find it incredulous the few announced changes warrant almost 400MB download. Must be the Microsoft-indoctrinated co-op students and gamers whom infiltrated the one-time engineering, industry-pioneering company. Yep. As the sand trickles through the hourglass so does the download. I will refrain from simultaneously updating all my tablets for fear of bringing down the house (RIM's update servers). :)

What's your point? Nobody accepts a hundred dollar bill but readily takes five twenty dollar bills at any gasoline station. I still have a hundred dollar bill in my wallet from two years ago. ;)

Just like a PS3, with time the updates get more frequent and larger. They do this so you fill your memory and you are then forced to upgrade to a larger hard drive model or get the next gen

Yeah, I don't know what happened to incremental updates. That's probably also why the 4G version is not updated, even though the network stack was supposed to be separated for updates so the rest of the OS could get pushed to 4G users.

Yeah, I just found that - support for "patch-based" updates. So when they stated before they had that capability, they must have meant once they implemented it. Glad it's now in place though.

You must have plugged your BlackBerry PlayBook directly into one of RIM's servers. A ten minute update for almost 400MB is incredible. :)

havent't looked at the clock but it was indeed not a long installation.

faster than installing one of the bigger games from appworld.

The restart took longer than usual. but this is usual the case.

I'm curious how long you think it should take to download a 400 Mb file on a 20 Mbps connection? 400/20 = 20 seconds.. 1 minute tops. Install -> 3-4 minutes, reboot -> 3-5 minutes. 10 minutes tops....

My updates (2 playbooks) took less than 10 minutes each, but... keep in mind:
400MB (Capital B) = 400 MegaBytes
20Mbps connection = 20 Megabits/second (small b)
1B = 8b (1 Byte is 8 bits)
400MB * 8 = 3200Mb and...
3200Mb/20Mbps = 160s so 1 minute 40 seconds, 7 times longer than your estimate.
I'm not going against your initial statement, the update is really quick but I also feel it's important to note the difference between bits and bytes in your statement.

In reality, the download took about 5 minutes, the install another three and the reboot less than two. In comparison, for my android phone (running Cyanogenmod 10) a normal daily update is takes about 6-7 minutes to download the update and another 3-5 minutes to install and reboot.

I would say the PlayBook update process is far more efficient.

I hope they did some backend PIM enhancements which is the cause for carrier approval. I really don't know for sure, but I do remember hearing that the QNX OS wouldn't need carrier approval because the carrier stack wouldn't have to be updated with the rest of the OS.

This update is for the WiFi BlackBerry PlayBooks; no carrier approval required. The update notice in this blog posting indicated this update is ONLY for the WiFi tablet. RTFA!

I think he was getting at the point that carrier approval is needed for the 4G version, when we were told previously that the separation of the network stack would allow base OS updates to flow without such approval, and the approval would only be needed for the network stack (and I'm sure their shovelware).

Are you saying no tablet except the BlackBerry PlayBook gets wireless carrier shovelware installed? If that is true, why do the carriers insist upon it?

Hey DORK! Read the POST ABOVE " Keep in mind though, this release is only for the WiFi BlackBerry PlayBook and not the 4G LTE versions, as those need carrier approval."

or did you just got so excited and missed this part..?!

The PB update didn't show up until 2 mins ago.... after I started hammering it. LOL Updating now. Bridge getting the update as well.

Hope for the best!

In Canada the federal government has been running War of 1812 memorial historical awareness "advertising" on television. Maybe Thorsten Heins was afraid Canadians and Americans might unity in burning down the "White House" aka RIM HQ during the Thanksgiving Weekend (06-07 October 2012, in Canada). The whole "Waterloo" and "War of 1812" and "RIMpire" thing has them spooked.

Down with RIM! I mean hurry up and download the update before it is ordered to strategically withdraw from the battlefield.

Those 1812 commercials are getting old. Dont people get it that essentially it was Britain vs USA, and not really in effect a canadian victory?? False pride. Just like how britian thinks they won world war two, but really they were defeated and russia and usa fronts were what overwhlemed.

Really? Don't really care what day it was released, the fact it's out and available within 48hrs of a internal memo.

I'm liking the new RIM, and now maybe this will start the crow eating process for the pundits.

Calm down! There is plenty of time before the release of BlackBerry 10 so RIM can disappoint you again. :)

I don't actually know why mines was so large I was on v.358 but I realize everyones will be different

390mb for me in UK from V2.1.0.840 Beta to V2.1.0.1032

Didn't show up very well but after enough rechecking, it came up :)

There must be a lot of other improvements, no?
That seems like a short list for such a long awaited updated. For all the chatter and bitching on this site about where it is and why the delay, I'm sure there'll be a lot of disappointment in the room.

But an update is an update and I foolishly forgot my Playbook at home today. At least it's still being supported 2 years in with promises to update to BB10!

We are only a year and a half (less actually) after it was released, but that's not important.

Considering that the beta OS released like 4 months ago had all these features and worked very well, I'd expect a lot of other minor improvements behind the scenes.

I didn't convey this but I meant with promises to update to BB10, it'll be 2 years of supported updates, which is pretty good.

There is a vast amount of Enterprise stuff as well -

Here's a tip that worked well:

I had the Playbook connected via Desktop Manager to my PC in order to take a full backup first. After the backup completed and my view returned to the Desktop Manager, I noticed that the PB 2.1 update was available. I took it via connection through Desktop Manager, and the update completed in mere minutes. Restarting now, and fingers crossed!

Scratch that! Although Desktop Manager reported that the update was successful and that I could disconnect, the version reported after restart is still 2.0... *sigh* Downloading and installing OTA.

Same happened to me ! WTF ??
Now doing it OTA 337 MB
I don't have patience to do this twice.
I hope its not a sign of intruducing problems instead of the wanted improvements. Time will tell.

I wish we could get the metrics from the RIM NOC once CB posts these updates and see how traffic spikes.

This should just be a testament to RIM and the NOC

Until the RIM NOC is validated by the /. effect there is nothing to testify to your creator about. Ha! Ha!

YES!!!!!! As sad as it sounds such a small update has made my day! :o) I LOVE YOU RIMM & CRACKBERRY FOR ALWAYS PROVIDING JOY! :o)

Ya'll do realize that all you need is "Play On" to watch Netflix and MUCH,MUCH more on your Playbook...right?

I have it , life time package. It works great but I don't like the fact they won't build a Playbook app. I asked them why but they didn't have any answers. They told me that it works with our browser. I hate to support a dev that doesn't support the Playbook.

Dude! Awesome! I was all depressed because I'm heading into work with no wi-fi, I didn't even think to use hot spot with my 9810, you made my day!
Fingers crossed!
Random exclamation mark!

If you're having trouble with getting the update to show up try plugging in your playbook.

I kept on getting error messages like "cannot connect to the update server, please try again later"

I was trying to see the update and nothing came up until I plugged it in.

Its here! Its here! Ring the bells and roll out the red carpet! 2.1 has finally arrived!

Okay, too much? Ah well; just think what excitement BB10 will generate :)

2 PBs, both on .358, both downloading .1032, both DLs are 340MBs. Strange stuff, but I'll take it! Woo Hoo! It's a wonderful Wednesday!

8 min reboot, hopefully so long because the update

Update: Android apps have access to camera and they open in different windows

Mine is, however it's only 330MB. Perhaps it's because I had

Au revoir the dreaded, you will not be missed.

Why oh why I had to leave my Playbook at home! It is going to be a veeeeeery long day for me....
sigh.... :*(


Downloaded and here are my thoughts...

Minor changes to be honest, but very well welcomed minor updates. The Text via bridge is excellent and also allows for me to send messages from my playbook. Very useful, especially when your phone is charging and you don't wanna have to keep moving to and fro to reply messages. The portrait layout for the messages and calender actually look beautifully cool. And makes things easier as opposed to always have to (force)switch to landscape viewing. The separate android window is hella fun, that's all on that matter. I am still checking it to see what else they have put in
sincerely speaking,
I really do appreciate this update.

Thanks RIM.

Finding on SMS bridge:
Not happy with SMS Bridge, which I was dying for.
1. It now has a separate screen for SMS and not allowing us to combine it to "Messages."
2. Somehow the recipients' name for the recent SMS are all messed up. In my BB, my SMS was for a recipient A but in PB, it shows recipient B, for some reasons... Does anyone else see this?
Kind of disappointed...

Mine is actually working properly... I know cos I can clearly see what conversation I was having with who and on what topic and even what I said last.

Really? Actually everything looks fine but it flashes and suddently all I am left with are 6 conversations, of which 3 shows recipient A and 3 other shows the recipient B.
However, this is acutally 1 converation with recipient C...
I don't know what's going on.

The SMS via bridge definitely isn't working well. I have sent multiple messages, but when the people respond it shows up on my phone and doesn't show up on the PB.

This update is minor, and a disappointment. But I guess after so little from RIM lo these many months anything is welcome.

SO agree: native apps in PB still don't have the same features as on phone! Portrait mode? Who cares. Sms? Clumsy interface! AND STILL CAN'T MANAGE OR SAVE WEB BOOKMARKS! Really!? AND browser not that greatly improved.... Sigh

I can SAVE web bookmarks (so can you if you tried) but managing them (read organizing them) still can't be done without workarounds.

I still do not see native calender, memopad or contacts. Nor a way to tie native email to contacts. Those were all initial promises from day one. Kind of a weak update.

Yeah Poopwahr.. they pushed out a "minor" update to allow SMS via Bridge, multiple Android player screens, and viewing email in portrait mode just to pi$$ off whiney trolls like you. Some people are just never happy. I bet when BB10 comes out, you'll be pi$$ed that it isn't BB11. smh

Oh my!! I had already forgotten about you, baby hockey coach. Has your Mommy allowed you access to her computer again? Tsk tsk.

Now run along.

Ohh poopy.....With all of your sniveling about RIM, maybe you should run out and buy a box of tissues so you don't get water damage on your electronics.. booooo hooooooo

How does Bridge over WIFI work? Still need to have Bluetooth on to bridge the phone & PB?. I thought it sounded like you could bridge as long as both devices are on the same WIFI network

Finally! Thanks RIM! Can't wait to go home and install it.
Let's go everybody, post your fisrt impressions!

339 MB download for me. Installed and wow - the free memory has jumped to 635.9 MB. Impressive!! I was hovering around 505MB before starting Android apps. Then it would dip, forcing a reboot every so often.

Using sms / text on the PB through bridge is good, but once you have the bridge running over wifi it gets screwed up. I was texting one person but on the reply, a second person's name shows up and when I respond, the response disappears (or gets sent to that second person - there's no record of the message ever going out). Taking the bridge off wifi however corrects the issue.

UPDATE: The error seemed to have corrected itself once I took the bridge off wifi but I may have spoken too soon. Its back and I have neither PB or Torch on wifi right now.

I'm not sure why it would pick up on another contact over bridge while texting on the PB. Strange.... Anyone have any thoughts?



from my experience as being a RIM tech its usually the cable ive found that non BB branded cables cause issues with my PB

same here, not usb not having enough power as someone else suggested. Playbook was charging of the same port on os2 fine this morning.

It's a trickle charge, if same as the 2.1 Beta (gave same message 'unable to charge...'). It just does it slowly. I had some big sideload installs to do one night and left PB plugged into computer at about 49% battery. Next morning it was fully charged. I imagine it should be same now.

Downloading right now, 387mb size for me..
Very very slow download in indonesia, lol

For everyone who always complaining about pb, its better for you to SELL ur pb..
So u dont have to complaining anymore..
Simple right?
U like it, u keep it.
U dont like it, sell it.

BlackBerry 4ever, whatever they say!!

Installed and runs fine, coming from beta not much difference. Noticed air version and flash player minor update.

That's my question, too. I even read that "leaked" bridge document from a little while ago. It alludes to WIFI bridging happening ONLY after a successful Bluetooth bridge. I've done that, and have transferred files between the two devices at apparent Bluetooth speeds. I cannot find a way to enable the WIFI bridge at all. For reference, both devices are in front of me, and the WIFI router is about 18 inches from BOTH devices. BOTH devices show WIFI connectivity to my network, so I'm not sure what I'm missing.

I would appreciate any suggestions, too...

All is good, no issues with the update at all. It seems like my browser is VERY fast at the moment. I am going to leave it standby and see how the battery life is. All and all a minor upgrade but still appreciated!! Thanks RIM!

Do you need to do a backup before upgrading? I had read somewhere that for the PB OS backups were not required when upgrading. I upgraded mine to 2.1 and my contacts are all a mess and all my appointments from my calendar are gone :(

I updated 3 PBs today with no backing up. All beta OS's, all with loads of sideloads etc, and all restored beautifully. Nothing missing, or in different place. Wish phones upgraded this nicely. Wish my Bold 9900 worked as well as my PBs.

Can someone shed the light on setting up the bridge over wi-fi? I have my 9900 and PB both connected to wifi but when I tried to bridge, its failing. Do I have to have the Bluetooth on too??? Also, how do I text from the Play book?

Second that, It looks like I can't bridge through wifi, it makes me turn bluetooth on.

For texting, just go to where the bridge calendar and messages are and select SMS. I can send messages through mine but the responses don't show up on my pb only on my phone. It also doesn;t show the whole conversation. I am assuming this is since I am back on my old storm 2 since my torch broke and i am trying to hold out for bb10 now.

Interesting. My current text threads moved right over to my PB. The responds from text I have sent appear almost at the same time. I wonder if device models come into play. I'm using a 9930 on 7.1

I wasn't sure about the device. I don't think it should matter, the fact that SMS shows up I would assume all the features would work. Just wanted to get it out there and see if anyone else noticed this.

Yes both wifi and bluetooth must be on...the playbook uses bluetooth to set up a secure wifi connection to the phone, so you need both on. If you disconnect bluetooth it will also disconnect the wifi connection. So you must leave both on.

Texting from the the Playbook requires the new Blackberry Bridge app on your phone. Then the Text Messages app will show up on your Playbook along your other bridge apps.

finally... altho mine shows 389mb.. its downloading... time to kick it...

BB 9780 white os 6

BB Playbook 32gb os

In class and really should be paying attention......instead waiting for my update to finish downloading

I have an issue where my accounts are not showing and therefore my Messages, Calendar and Contacts are not working. Anyone else having this issue?

I had similar issue. I restarted playbook and got my messages. However, my calendar appointments are all gone, and my contacts are all a mess.

I think the Sync process is taking a bit longer than usual. Wait for a few minutes before updating your calendar and contacts applications.

I upgraded about an hour ago..still no calendar appointments showing up. I noticed that the email address I was using to schedule appointments is not showing up anymore on my calendar app. It is set up and I am checking my emails on that address, but it is nowhere to be found in the calendar. Only the Local PlayBook and Facebook calendars are displaying, and those appointments are showing.

Check that in the options section that address is Checked, so that it can show up on the Calendar. It should not have changed due to the update, but check nonetheless...

Issue resolved itself after about 15 minutes... I guess the system needed some time to Sync... Will test everything now.

Do you reboot your PlayBook a lot?

I've heard a few people complain about the boot time, but it's more of a "nice to have" fix for me.

I generally keep it running without resetting unless there's an OS update or if it starts getting finicky.

It doesn't need to reset when I install an application like BlackBerry 7 and I haven't had it freeze and require a battery pull-type reboot like BlackBerry 7 either.

In short, I don't really notice the boot time much, cause it's not part of my daily activity.

Do people turn their PlayBooks off nightly here?

From the time of clicking "restart" until "blackberry playbook" showed up on the black screen was one minute and two seconds. From when the blackberry playbook screen first turned on until my password/home screen was an additional five minutes and 42 seconds.

After the initial setup, cold boot from red light to password screen is exactly 2:30. Boot time with 2.0 was 2:50, so I have an additional 20 seconds of my life back.

Thanks for the input everyone. I usually turn my playbook off when not in use and it takes approx 6 minutes to turn back on. I guess I will have to leave it on all the time because it is a huge pain to wait for the device to boot up! I though RIM might have lessened the boot time with the update...

not tht it really affects me, since I don't have the LTE PB, but all this time to get this released and LTE owners are left out high and dry?

And I thought with the new QNX OS RIM would be able to update the OS without changing the network stack so it could avoid lengthy carrier certiification everythime?

I was on Beta 2.10.840 for a little while with no issues.
Updated Bridge which worked fine with the Beta above for the brief time before the update came through on my PB. Now downloading the update: 397MB. Looking forward to this release, mostly the user improvements

Update went well, everything working great, except still I cannot use my front facing camera, "Another application is using the camera. Please close the other application and try again."

I first got this error on the last beta update. I have done security wipes, and figured this would be fixed in this official update. Oh well...I don't use the video chat option much anyway.....

To those wondering about file size variances: According to a BB Support Forum Resident Expert (JSanders)It depends on your region, languages included, applications included as well (some apps don't work in some countries). He said that a friend in Bangladesh had his update @ 468 MB where mine was 340 MB in Alberta, Canada.

Just got an answer from a friend. You still need to have the Blutooth turned on . the Blutooth used for secure connection but the wi-fi used for transferring files and text messages.