BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.1 Beta to be released soon, RIM currently testing v2.1.0.560

BlackBerry PlayBook
By Bla1ze on 29 May 2012 07:35 pm EDT

Internally, RIM has been testing 2.1 builds of their BlackBerry PlayBook OS for quite some time now. Shortly after the big 2.0 OS drop, RIM hopped right into building 2.1 and now they seem ready to go ahead and give folks a look at just what they've been working on according to some tweets from Michael Clewley, BlackBerry PlayBook Product Manager at RIM.

Lots of questions about the #PlayBook 2.1 beta, they will be answered in the blog post when it's available so stay tuned!

Right now, the ETA is sitting at "end of May" -- so take from that what you will. The beta process will be the same as the previous one but we're now hearing the version that is being tested for developer beta release sits What changes will it bring? We'll have to wait and see but I know for sure, PlayBook fans will enjoy going through it and picking out the highlights.

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BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.1 Beta to be released soon, RIM currently testing v2.1.0.560


Yes. I say that because it is suggested to of have been included with this release however, I cannot confirm that 100%. But what I do know is it was on the table for inclusion.

I hope not. Do you think everyone uses Twitter? It's not a necessity to have a native Twitter, or Facebook for that matter. If you like Twitter, load the app and use it or go to the website via browser.

I'd be glad with enhanced stability and memory management... I have a dreadful memory leak somewhere right now...

Here are the rumored updates in 2.1:

-Portrait orientation support for PIM apps (Email, Calendar, Contacts)
-Bridge update to enable SMS/MMS and Bridge via wifi
-Multitasking support for Android runtime
-Additional APIs for the Android runtime(camera and in-app payments)

Other rumored updates (unlikely unless they announce PlayBook 4G LTE):
-Support for mobile network and data provisioning

Yes, that would be nice if they did. With better bookmark management. At least providing the ability to import a bookmark.html file exported from a desktop browser.

While I think USB Host can be extremely useful (I'm an Arduino nerd), I think it leaves a gaping hole in security - similar to the lack of SD card-ness.

I'd never trade security for a feature like that. It would feel like I was using an Android device - not that that's terrible or anything though.

Isn't a "developer" missing in "BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.1 Beta" title ? I mean, is this a dev beta or a public beta ? As of now, I thought this was a dev one, intended to run (runtime, compatibility box, whatever) BB10 apps with cascade over a physical device.
Was I wrong ?

Okay RIM will this finally fix the PlayBook issue that you will not seem to make public knowledge even thought every exchange 2007 user has encountered since 2.1 upgrade? We are sick of telling our employees they cannot use their PlayBooks for corporate use because it sends duplicate emails! 2 months guys 2 months this has been an issue and you have known about it.

have a read and tell me you think this is responsible to your corporate clients!

Being able to run things such as Skype and or netflix are half the reason why people get a specific device. If this device has Skype it would sell more, period. It already has a front facing camera.

And the website, imo doesn't work properly.

The camera function now works in andriod. I'm not sure about the mic. Only time can tell whether skype video chat will work with the android function. Hold tight. Once it starts downloading, I will report back. My guess is it won't work, but keep you fingers crossed.