BlackBerry PlayBook OS now available for download

BlackBerry PlayBook
By Bla1ze on 2 Aug 2012 08:38 am EDT

With the BlackBerry PlayBook 4G now announced, RIM is pushing out OS to all current BlackBerry PlayBook owners. This release is noted as a maintenance update and will come preloaded on the BlackBerry PlayBook 4G, though I'm sure most folks were hoping for OS 2.1 to be readily available for download. Either way, an update is an update and we'll take it. RIM has yet to outline the exact changes in the release, so we'll update when we find out and by all means, feel free to comment if you spot any changes yourself.

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BlackBerry PlayBook OS now available for download


"This release is noted as a maintenance update and will come preloaded on the BlackBerry PlayBook 4G, though I'm sure most folks were hoping for OS 2.1 to be readily available for download."

This is one reason why RIM is failing. The should have launched the PB 4G with 2.1 (perhaps even renamed to 3.0 for marketing purposes) so that they'd have some new software to show off on the new hardware. But instead they're launching it with software that's already been available for months. This makes the release a lot less interesting.

I agree. RIM is like the child I don't like but have to love because their mine. I don't know what else to say, they inforce so much false hope.

Nobody even said when 2.1 will be released. It's a rumor made up by somebody. Only the developers got it. It's a beta. Realize that. Oh and RIM isn't failing. There isn't false hope. Just. Be. Patient.

If they lost their direction, then how come carriers around the world are getting new devices? I don't see them losing any direction. BE PATIENT!

Why don't you buy RIM and make it right?!?!? Other wise being negative gets us nowhere fast!!!!!!!

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RELAX everyone.
RIM will do ok . They still have 78 Million subscribers, AND NONE OF US ARE GOING ANYWHERE ! RIGHT?!

Kevin is going to assist in seeing these guys through!

Trust me. He is THE MAN !

I agree. It makes sense to have used 4G PlayBook to show off 2.1.

I can only guess that 2.1 is still a long way away.

2.1 is the same thing as 2.0. Even 3.0 wouldn't make it much different for marketing. Consumers don't care about the OS version, they care about the actual OS. I can't see a 3.0 update for the PB. Next biggest updated will be BB10 in Feb/March.

@mnhockeycoach99 ~ I totally agree with you. I think the moderator(s) should not allow these negative comments. Yes, everyone has a right to their opinion. But comments like these go way beyond that. It seems, at times, there are people who deliberately go out of their way to slam RIM.

- CB

Do you even have a playbook, or aren't you patient enough just to wait? For fucks sake, I am. There wasn't a release date for 2.1, so don't expect this update to be that.

Just install it. Sheesh.

Sell your PB if you even have one and end your misery! You sound like an Apple guy anyway!

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You can always go buy an iPad and you won't have to woory about RIM's so called failings! When has whining ever gotten anyone anywhere?!?!?

Sent from My Blackberry Playbook or Bold 9900 think it would have been a GOOD thing for RIM to have the 4G PBs done and ready to ship, and then NOT ship them, instead letting them sit there, waiting until a new increment of the OS is out, one that hasn't even been announced yet?

I can hear it now; "What do you mean they're not shipping them? This is stupid...RIM has to get these into users hands!!"

im downloading it now, for 319 MB it has to have some good updates. will post findings when its done.

Ok so the non beta update is 319 mb while the beta one is 3 mb. I am running the 2.1 beta now on one of my playbooks and i have definitely noticed that this little update has added some keyboard stability as it is less lagy now as for the 319 not sure exactly what that brought yet.

RIM is the best and I am a crackberry addict.

My god. Since i updated the new software. It so much faster now. The only annoying thing is that the lag when typing a url link on the browser still lags.

I find it is much faster now. The pim apps used to take forever to open, but now it is just a few seconds. Going to have to use it a bit more to see, it might slow down over time.

Some people just expect way TOO MUCH, when they aren't even patient enough to JUST WAIT UNTIL IT'S RELEASED. Gosh. 2.1 is just a BETA. It's NOT for production. Wait until the GM is out, THEN you'll get it.

So much negativity. I just got mine updated, I am patient, but are you? No, you bitch and moan. JUST BE PATIENT AND DON'T BUST AN ARTERY!! Holy fuck!

Can I use the Rogers sim card (currently have 6GB date sharing) on 4G playbook? or do I have to pay more money to rogers ?

313 mb for my 16gb one , why so big? They work so hard to build it why can't type a simple change log?????????

"When you're going through hell, keep going."

Impossible is not a fact. It's an opinion.
Impossible is not a declaration. It's a dare.
Impossible is nothing.

We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give...

I don't know how long you have been a blackberry user, but if it has been a while you should know that RIM NEVER releases change logs, so you should either get used to it or switch devices.

To date, they have released a change log of every single OS update for the PlayBook. I'm sure they'll update their list and add this update pretty shortly.

My Playbook totally froze, it won't turn on anymore and when I hit the power button it goes from red and blinks a few times with a yellow light. Can someone help me?

What?! Apple charges for updates?? Wow! I suppose i shouldn't be that surprised, after all it is apple... That alone tells me never to get an ipad, not even as a gift...hopefully this new playbook will give rim a much needed boost.

Not sure if you're being sarcastic... but just in case: Apple has never charged for an iPad OS update. And NO, this will not help the playbook.

Didn't you just say they charged $20 for os 10.8??... Whether it's for ipads, iphones, macbook, etc. If they charge you 10 cents it's still too much... Apple is the evil Empire.

I'm very happy with my PlayBook. I'll give this latest version of OS 2.0 a whirl. I must say it's been several months since RIM annoyed me! ;-)

Just updated my PlayBook. The update slightly changed the notification sound & it fixed my keyboard lag in the browser. That's all I've noticed so far.

diddycarter , I am using my PlayBook to view this Site at the moment..sometimes when I see negative comments about RIM I just laugh because I know those comments actually make them stronger..and they will prevail..I belive in rim and the qnx will take time but they will get there. Any update they push out am so getting it.. Patience is the key..

Maybe it's just me but my native messages app was broken for the longest time and after this update it seems to be fixed....for now at least.

So I installed the OS update and I wonder what changes RIM made to this version of OS 2.0. Does anybody know what they changed? From my vantage point, this version of OS 2.0 looks fairly similar if not the same as the last stable version of OS 2.0 that RIM released.

Some are saying the browser loads faster. Can't notice a difference, it seems like it's no faster; (it was already speedy),

Certainly the PB browser already felt faster than the browser on my Torch connecting with wi-fi - before this update.

What I do notice myself is a general acceleration in the overall feel of basic functions in this update, like scrolling, animations and loading.

Not to mention that reboot/boot-up time seems to have been cut by at least a 1/3.

With BB10 being months away.... make no mistakes about it... there will be NO true updates given till after its release. anyone that thinks otherwise is a fool

What's new for this update? I just found this update on my PlayBook after reading this post. Ugh, my battery just ran out so I can't update right away. But like when are they going to push out 2.1? I hope 2.1 brings lots of big changes, can't wait!!!! If it is true boot up time has been cut, that is fantastic news!!!

For me, the Android App Player works perfectly now, it takes the same time as if opening a Blackberry native app; the Messages app is fixed too, it loads everything; also I get to "open in a new tab" in some sites that didn't let me before. Big update for me, it was getting a little annoying.

Mine dled the 2.1 update . If you do the restart while holding down the button thing to reload software, you will get or something like that. Im just getting used to the playbook so im sure this isnt all right but I did have it and portrait email. Unfortunately I had to send it in for touch screen issues today.

So to summarize this lazy post. If you make it reload software. you get the 2.1 OS.

It feels a little more fluid. However, the over the browser doesn't work anymore. It just get stuck on an "Untitle" webpage. I am not sure if this is from the update or from a recent upgrade of!??

Does anyone experience the same issue at all??

I am hoping the 2.1 upgrade would have more comprehensive fixes and functionality enhancements.

wow ..... new update has much better wireless range ...... longer battery life ..... awesome !!!

I was told that this update would fix my Comcast email issues and it did not. I am very frustrated. I love my PlayBook but if RIMM cannot resolve basic POP email issues why should I believe they can resolve complex integrated code issues.

Too slow, just too slow, basic functionality still missing. They are still releasing software at a pre-historic speed they cant keep up with Android or even Apple.

Since upgrading (software update I get an "ERROR - Couldn't resolve the host name" for a web page that requires a user name and password - PSA squash TV ( It's a streaming video web page/site. I’ve rebooted, etc. I can logon and watch on my main computer. This is the first time I’ve ever received this error, and it is after the software update.

Seems to be a web browser issue - beyond my knowledge base... any ideas?

FWIW, my wife and me have 64GB PlayBooks, yesterday (Friday, August 3, 2012) both of them showed the update as available, today it is gone, rebooting and resetting our PlayBooks hasn't changed anything, the update has apparently been pulled by RIM.

The update was there for me yesterday too, but now that I'm ready to run with it, it's no longer there. Anyone know if RIM really pulled it? I rebooted my PlayBook about 17 times

RIM pulled it because it was full of bugs causing many devices to discharge their batteries in a short period of time.