BlackBerry PlayBook OS coming Feb. 17th?

BlackBerry PlayBook OS coming Feb 17th?
By Bla1ze on 30 Jan 2012 12:33 am EST

There has been plenty of rumors surrounding the PlayBook OS 2.0 release date but one thing for certain is that it'll be in February. The dates have ranged anywhere from February 9th all they way to the end of February but one date in particular has been popping up more often than not and that's February 17th.

Something that hasn't been mentioned though is the OS version we can expect. At CES the PlayBooks were running OS and RIM reportedly was testing later versions in house. New rumors are now suggesting we can be expect OS to end up in consumers hands come February 17th and while we'll take it all with a grain of salt -- it's something to keep an eye out for.

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BlackBerry PlayBook OS coming Feb. 17th?


OMG FEB IS ALMOST HERE!! Hope they take these couple of weeks to prepare a few surprises on OS2.0 Upgrade Day!!!

Can you imagine loading your new OS and finding Skype natively installed??????? That would be so AWESOME!!

Bold 9900 & PlayBook 64GB Wifi

OMG!!! I totally agree! How great would it be to run the update, reboot & see, Calendar, Contacts, Email, FOLDERS & SKYPE!? Maybe even a few more freebies...

I also hope that the keyboard/case combo comes out soon. I've already got my money put aside for that! Woohoo!!!


so what exactly does this upgrade mean that is a year past due ? Skype ? working VPN ? multi authentication wifi ? is it usable for more than browsing ?

i JUST ordered a 9810 to replace my 9700. hoping this will be a good combo. the 9700 was killing me, painfully slow.

i like that the 9810 is posted here.

The 9810 and the PlayBook are a great team. And I think the 9810 will be really good for using to control the PlayBook when we get that feature in OS2.0. Can't wait!

anyone know if you can use the "View on Playbook" feature for music or videos stored on BB7 devices?

i have a 16 gig playbook and want more media! i'd love to be able to store tv shows and movies on my 9810 and play them on the bigger screen. that'd be a sweet feature.

(i originally thought that music and videos could be viewed on the playbook via my 9700 with bridge, i was very wrong)

@jasperlin I just tried with a curve 9360 and the music and videos don't work unless someone knows of a work around.

15-12-11 6149 Thursday
18-1-12 7111 Wednesday
21-2-12 xxxx Tuesday

February 21. I said it first.

Also, that version number is way too low. It'll be at least 76xx+ but I'm sure RIM hasn't even finalised this yet. They only seem to do Q&A for 1 week before release.

Thanx for the link.
one question off the topic, whenever i setup a wallpaper on my PB, it get zoomed in...tried everythng...need help

I think you're likely right on that date, though it would be great to get it a few days earlier.

Marketing plays into this; 2.0 won't just be a system update for current owners. It's going to be a marketing reboot as well with announcements of new developer support.

An update of this magnitude OS2 will be huge for the Rim faithful, the PB early adopters, and a great first sign of things to come from T Heins and Rim. The negative media, naysayers, doom and gloom folks will have to go on standby and just watch or join in.

Both of these... most anti-RIM sites (sadly most "tech" blogs out there) will only focus on the lack of BBM on the tablet and not what it really improves on and brings to the table.

Wait for the overly biased BGR article... ugh

Hopefully Bridge is updated and prior or at the same time. Hopefully Rroy will work on the AT&T version as well.

Soooo excited and hope bridge will work better....uhmmmm where can I get the wallpaper used on that playbook on image?????

they better fix some issues before unless those arent issues like few apps games not working , low battery life, browser crashing, slowups that require restarts.

saw all these on developers version, apart browser crash that i see on the latest 1.8.*** build, never had that issue before, so new build comes with the issue.

That is a wonderful birthday present even if it is 3 days later, but who cares! Awesome news (even if it is speculation and not an official announcement).

Thanks for the update Bla1ze. =0)

Were you, Thor and Kevin Skyping over a few beers on Saturday?!? I fully expect all tips to come straight from the German horse's mouth now that Crackberry is tight with the man on top.

The OS2 is going to be solid, but it is just unfortunate BB faithfuls have to wait a year to have a tablet.......they can't keep delaying products or releasing them half heatedly.

Well I am betting it will be on the 23rd...and i hope to see a little tat stuff on the os.That would be a nice surprise!

I can't wait for it too, hopefully thereafter they update it to support USB hosting. I'd also like to see someone finally make a dock with built in HDMI out and a full size SD card support!

Another person who cannot wait here. Here's hoping the 17th is the date!
Oh... and it's "more often THAN not", not then...

I've been using RIM's devices since 2006 and love it! Currently using Bold 9900 great device - the only one thing I'm not happy about is the battery life. Tried iPhones, Android and I can say now Blackberry are the best messengers/email devices on the planet but I have to say how much I'm disappointed with Playbook, from paying £399 and using the tablet for just browsing the web?? I cannot even get a decent ebook reader?? An now PB prices went down to £169 in UK??

I would love to see RIM growing, innovating new things and I wish the company a very best but RIM please don't ignore your fans by producing 'unfinished' and expensive products and then slashing the prices...this really hurts!

I hope BB PB 2.0 will meet our expectations..


Guys, you know what will happen if we don't get the update on or befor February 17th, right? Expect some heavy traffic that day :) February 17 through Day X will be the days of outrage.

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say by this week ;-) anyway don't matter I'm just excited its comin soon to playbook near you!

Sorry but it does not excite me anymore, while it might be good news to some.

Was one of the early adopters of PlayBook, & as a supporter of RIM, got my playbook without hesitation even when there are many reviews against it. Thats when the stores in Singapore were selling it at higher than retail price.

Went through at least 4 updates where 2 where supposed to have Native Email & Calendar support. But it did not happen. For some reason, even 3rd party Email apps were not approved to be in the market.

RIM, with or without a new CEO have to step it up, they need to re innovate the mobile market. Make the BB messenger an integral party of the system that deals with emails, calendar, to-do & messaging that works on all OS and platforms. I don't need many emails, and IM's, I just need 1, a solid dependable system that handles all of it on any Computer or mobile.

This is something I don't mind paying directly to RIM.

Is that too much to ask? Maybe I should head to the church, & until then, my playbook is does a good job collecting dust.


I understand your feelings Ayzer, its a time for RIM to stand up and prove themselves! I don't want RIM to just compete with Apple as both companies are just great and different in many ways. When RIM launched Playbook everything what they have concentrate on was 'true multitasking' (against Apple iPad) and what happened? Who is the winner?

Do we know if the February release will include the Android player? It seems like the discussion around the Android player has gone silent. Perhaps it is due to expectation management :)

Android will be there. It's been in the Developer Preview and there are dozens--if not hundreds--of converted Android apps already available in Apple World.

Unless RIM's made HUGE changes from the developer build. OS is going to piss people off I think. The Android Player is sooo not ready for the general public. Multi tasking Android apps is the most god awful user experiance after seeing how native apps can be multi tasked. And since there's no distinction in App World... People won't be able to avoid them.

RIM will release it 1/2 finished (as it is now) I'm sure though. Because so far everything PlayBook related has been half assed.

@"ceo": His points are valid, even if his comment is a little out of focus. Being able to tell if the app is native oe not will be important for a good number of people considered the way the experience will be drastically different.

And there is also the support issue. Gameloft, for example, insist they do not support the PlayBook and their apps are ported directly. Imagine all those devs being flooded by support tickets they have no intention of dealing with...

I'm really happy with what they have done with the Android Player.

Handster so far have mostly only submitted very simple apps, I wonder if more complex games will work?

I liked what I saw with all of the CES review. There were several done, most of em didnt seem edited at all, and with that, showed a bit of consistency. I am thinking a but more positively than the 1/2 finished theory, but I will also be critical on judgement day.

I was under the impression that the way the dev build handles Android Apps is not the way the consumer build will handle the apps. I think they will all open in their own windows. I hope that is the case at least.

just curious but for those of us using beta 2.0 will the official 2.0 update be OTA like regular OS or will we have to got a site and register like with beta 2.0 ..any ideas would be appreciated

I wanted to make a whole statement about the 15th of February being my birthday and all...I just came to realize that whenever they will release it....awesome bricks will be shat in my pants!

About people commenting the Android player not running multiple Android apps well:

Thats because most apps that people are testing are custom-made bar files. Meaning a direct port from Android code to QNX.There is almost not a single file that you can port and expect to work 100% without changing anything in the source code.

The ability to create bar files is there for real DEVS who use it to test and change there apps so it will work better on QNX. For that to happen they have to rewrite some key parts like: adjusting controls for PB bezel and touch functions, calling PB APIs in stead of Droid, and most of all optimize it for PB integrated hardware and multitask capabilities. This is why we need a lot of App and Game DEVS to also join the PB bandwagon! Cause just a simple port to BAR files won't cut it!

I am still waiting for my new PB to be delivered. Possibly tomorrow.

Should I keep it until the new OS 2 is out?

I think the reason for the larger o's number has to do with the extra goodies they wanted to show off at devcon instead of ces. It mak see sense since they shouldn't be showing too much off for bb10 for the sake of not giving away the farm before selling more bb7's

I hope the new OS for Playbook is as awesome as it is sounding. Need a new BB though, the 9650 is painfully slow.

No netflix it does not work that way. You will be able to run android apps ported and approved through appworld. OS2 does not give you access to every android app in app market.

I agree, let the guy prove himself first before everyone gets a hard on for him. He's done nothing so far, and please don't attribute the release of Playbook OS 2.0 to this guy, he just became the CEO a few weeks back.

Actually he's been CEO for a week and a day so... I'm not too sure what you feel nothing is. But in 8 days he's done something. Relax.

I'll be travelling all day on the 17th, but as soon as I get home, and after I kiss the wife and kids, I'll look for the update...
And then again, maybe I'll do it first ;)

I hate reports like this with rumor dates. It's great and fun to guess at when OS2 could be released. But RIM has not released an official day of release. Now with articles like this, Crackberry is setting an expectation for customers that the OS will be released THAT DAY. If RIM does release after that day, but still in February, they will be tagged unfairly with the DELAY criticism. Of course Crackberry fans will not do that, but the media drones who are paid to report only negative on RIM will have a field day on Feb 18 and 19 if the OS is not available. With Crackberry having greater RIM and the CEO, you have greater responsibility to think about the implications of your articles, and avoid unintended consequences.

1st or 2nd week of February look for release. Us current owners will have 2.0 before the retailers. They are not gonig to wait until all the retailers have the 2.0 product in hand to release it to us. They are going to release to us, Then start their shipping process with the updated PB's. If retailers aren't getting it until the 21st, we will definetly see it by the 14th.

My issue with the release date of the new OS version is that if all holds true, RIM will yet again get bowled over by Apple. It's almost weird as RIM seems to always do a release or announcment the same time Apple does. If the rumors are true, Apple will announce iPAD 3 in late Feb. Regardless if the PB OS is better or ground breaking, Apple will steal the thunder just through pure media hype and it will not get as much attention as it should.

Just saying if they want impact in the market, don't release news the same time Apple does at this stage like they've done too many times before.

Will a company need to buy anything to have Enterprise e-mail work with my Playbook? Will I need to communicate anything to my comany's IT department in order to get my Enterprise e-mail on my Playbook?

I am counting the day til' I can get the OS 2.0 for my playbook. Can't wait to fire up the calendar and start adding tasks and schedule on the playbook. Since I don't have any blackberry phone, my playbook is really useless. Hope RIM will support NETFLIX on playbook soon.
As of now, I am using PlayOn software running on my laptop and watch Netflix on my playbook. It works well, but I want to be able to watch Netflix some place other than my home.
Please, please, please, support Netflix..... :)

I bought the PB when they were discounted to $200. I put it away waiting for the natives to come out. I have been using my 3G Toshiba Tab. I would love to use the PB with my Bold bridge.

i just cant wait for that.... wish feb 17 faster come .... hope RIM dont break promise again and delay the os 2.0 or not "fully" os 2.0

17th Feb.... This wait is too long....
i have a doubt that, how is our exchange emails going to work on playbook OS 2.0..
I have been watching videos of CES where its been explained the way active-sync is going to work, i have not understood (still confused). But how will i create my corporate email account on my playbook, how is my office server going to communicate with my playbook over WiFi.....

Playbook - 32Gb

i have one on order and i am tempted not to unpack it until this update, then if it is no good i'll take it back. i am a huge apple fan BUT didn't want to buy a tablet that was sooooo big, so stuck my neck out and bought/will buy this one even though i have been warned off of it!!!