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Blackberry PlayBook OS 2.0 release date once again confirmed for Feb 21st

Blackberry Playbook OS 2.0
By Bla1ze on 17 Feb 2012 04:57 pm EST

While RIM has already slipped up once and given us the goods during their PlayBook NDK WebCast, we're once again getting confirmation that Blackberry Playbook OS 2.0 will arrive on Feb. 21st. This time around though, there is some documentation to go along with it and as noted above, it will be rolling out bright and early in the morning.

In addition to Blackberry PlayBook OS 2.0, BlackBerry Mobile Fusion will be made available and noted previously -- FaceBook for PlayBook will get an update as well for bug fixes and compatability for Blackberry PlayBook OS 2.0. When it comes to Blackberry Bridge 2.0, previously it was set for release on Feb. 20th but we're now hearing that may be delayed to conincide with the Blackberry Playbook OS 2.0 launch. Rather then letting it go out the day before and have people trying functions that will not work due to the fact they don't yet have Blackberry Playbook OS 2.0.

Source: Engadget



WOW, So were is the update for bridge.


It'll be here on the same day as the OS drops... On Tuesday


As noted, it WAS set for the 20th but was delayed to likely conincide with release of 2.0. Avoids people trying to use features that won't work UNLESS they have Playbook 2.0


Does anyone know if there is something special to do if you are running a beta version of 2.0?


Yes I see it now, Going to be a busy day that for sure.


Cool! I'll have to set my alarm really early that day! Can't wait!

the brother

Soooooo what the HELL do you expect me to play with all weekend?!?!?!?


you don't really expect me to answer that, do you?


Tuesday = Late to work day.


This appears to be a fake posting.


I see pricing is now fixed.


could of at least spelt untethered right lol


Could have not could of.


Well, they gave it a try and made a mistake. BTW, spelt is form of wheat. The word you needed to use was spelled.


The price point is competitive

@BBPhoenix, why do you believe its fake


Because it has a typo, lol. Either way, it's coming Feb. 21st.


So happy I'm on febuary break! Ill have time to play with 2.0 while I'm on vacation


typos, mix up about pricing, and a Tetris Picture (lollll) and RIM has talked about native not the mispelled teather


mobile fusion is the bigger news


It does look fake. What the hell is that yellow and white thing by the mysterious device to the rightof it? And a photo of 'Tetris'? Get real!


The Black Helicopters are circleing !


Does that say 4:01 AM?

/Device agnosticism or bust!


4am where in the world though?


"pricing in the system is now permanent"
"current pricing only good until Feb 20th"


Okay I'm starting to come around to the idea that it might be the 21st, maybe.


Why would blackberry not use its own website or blog to announce the date and time. Looks lime it is fake. Will wait for RIM to announce the same.


Good lord, it's not from RIM... it's from Best Buy.


Engadget???.....Who is engadget?.....I will wait until RIM announces it or when I hit the "button" and the NEW update shows up


Ya. You'll be up early Tuesday morning.


That's kind of what I'm feeling too. There isn't enough info to say for sure this is real. Too many discrepancies (typos, poor marketing wording, bad graphics). Why would someone want to fake this news is the bigger question though? Are they trying to discredit RIM if they don't actually release that day? If it's not do they need to fire the person who greenlit it


Modern combat just updated to 2.0. I think OS2 will be here very soon ! Although I was just at best buy and the guy told me "idk" when I asked when OS2 was coming out. Beat buy had the 16g for 499$ I then went over to office max were they had a 16g for 199$,I asked the office max guy about OS2 and he said:"idk" "what is that?"


Oh, come on! Where are all the pessimists from a few postings ago when it was announced that the launch day was confirmed by an employee? No one is complaining? Wow!

Woooohoooooo! February 21st!!!!!!



It looks like an internal document for Best Buy or another retail outlet. I am assuming that it is 401 am EST. Good I will be in California and the bars close at 1 AM PST. :)


It's Best Buy. Everyone calling fake for whatever reason seems to think it's from RIM, it's not from RIM. It is, what it is.. Feb 21st, OS FaceBook will be v2.2.0.39


"Get in, get out, nobody gets hurt".


Those are the precise words your father said to your mother moments before your birth. Now look at the horror they unleashed upon the world? Hopefully, we bear witness to the birth of BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet OS 2.0 in the early morning hours of 21 February 2012, though I expect some complications.



You know more. Kevin told you the date and the OS release #.

If I was skeptical before, I'm not now.

Thanks buddy!!


Kevin.. didn't tell me anything. There is a reason Kevin keeps me around, and it's not because I just repeat what he tells me, lol. ;)

You're welcome though. :)


Best Buy huh? Well that explains the typos, poor marketing wording and bad graphics... I never thought it was from RIM by the way... I give them much more credit than that. After all, they did CREATE the PlayBook...


I say this again, Feb 21 is my BIRTHDAY, so naturally I should receive a complimentary playbook :))


I will start downloading it first thing Tuesday morning - this is going to be great. I can't wait!!


I really hope to be blown away by 2.0. I can't even remember a time I was this excited about an update. In fact, I normally dread them. THIS, however, will be pure awesomeness!

Boldly sent from my 9930


This is fake. My old neighbor who does not speak English and who's never used a computer would produce a more polished flyer that would look more real.


I guess something had to give.
February is winding down now.
Where is the big splash?


hell ill be sleep at the time eastern time lol


Darn it, I'll be out of country on vacation. But advantage is when I get back, server backlog won't be an issue.


im really excited about the apps....on that day i will spend $50 on apps


You know, now that i really think about it, i do believe the 21st will be the day. When I went in last weekend to get a playbook at Best Buy, they were sold out. And they let me know that the current pricing was only good til 2-20. I thought this was kind of odd at the time and completely forgot about it until i saw it stated in that pic.

Went to Walmart, they were sold out too, again saying the 20th was the last day of the sale. I ended up ordering one and it just happens to be coming on the 21st. I know that part is total coincidence, but now it would corroborate the pricing only good til the 20th as stated above in the pic.

So basically get it while its old, then new OS hits, bam, back to regular price. Bad move if you ask me.


my 7 year old son made this flyer!!


04:01AM on 21 February 2012, eh? Those servers are going to feel exhaustion in their network adapters. ;)


Great 4am Eastern is 10am CET, which means I'm in work and won't get it right away, unless....

Thanks for the post, Bla1ze :)



Look at the heading. Launches? FAKE!


Yup i think its a real freakin fake! wrong spelled words, marketing layout poor and WTH "tetris" for a pict? come on guys RIM will definitely post it in their own website!


After this week's debacle with the pos desktop software, I think I will be waiting a week or two before I upgrade my Playbook. Let someone one else slag their machines this time.

I have been a BB user and enthusiest for over 7 years now, but lately it seems like RIM is doing everything in its power to destroy their user/fan base. They need to learn from what happened to Palm...


I'm looking forward to waiting until Feb 23 or 24 and see how y'all do. Happy Guinea Pigging!


All you skeptics, and people saying this is fake are going to feel real silly when 4:01CST rolls around on the 21st.

RIM won't confirm or give a press release until it and fusion are officially released


Great observation, RIM skeptics have been feeling real silly lately.


I don't care whether it's real or not, or what day it does come out. All I care about is not downloading one more piece of RIM software until I wait a week and watch others do it and then wait for RIM to release the fix for the stuff it breaks or doesn't do correctly.

Heck, if I'd had a sense in my head I would have waited a few months to buy the Playbook, let RIM work out the wrinkles, and pay $400 or $500 less for my troubles.

RIM has lost the right to be early adopted on anything. They can't even issue a Bridge, AppWorld, or DM update without utterly fouling it up anymore.

An OS?

Yeah, dive right in there dog. The water's fine.


It's HERE! Download started at 10:01 am GMT. Fingers crossed.