BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 developer beta updated to v2.0.0.7111

PlayBook 2.0
By Bla1ze on 18 Jan 2012 10:01 pm EST

A new BlackBerry PlayBook developer beta is rolling out to users right now. You'll need to re-register your BlackBerry PlayBook in order to get the update but once you do, it's there ready and waiting for you. While we pick through it all, by all means go ahead and drop some comments here in the comments and in the CrackBerry forums if you spot anything new. Keep in mind, this is a developer build and not for the general public -- things are broken and there is dragons ahead.  Thanks, @genericscissors!

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BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 developer beta updated to v2.0.0.7111


Well... Might be time for me to jump on board! The last beta seemed like it was pretty stable no? Can't wait to hear what/if-any features are included (new)

correct me if I'm wrong but before the real thing comes out shouldn't we anticipate a bridge update? If I'm correct it always came first.

My predictive/suggestive auto correct is not working at all...It says its on in the settings, but no bueno. Where are some places in the UI that it should work? it doesn't do anything in the browser addy bar or facebook.

Keyboard has predictive text

in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere

In the browser when I do the "select all" I can actually copy or cut it, which is cool.

I enjoy the fact I don't have to double tap the cursor to enter my password on start up.

I love the auto correct, lol, this is excellent so far... Impressed.

Now all my posts won't be in all lower case, with less edits because I was too lazy and spoiled by my blackberry keyboard that I just didn't bother with all that punctuation and whatnot... Now I guess I'm the guy who's been "dumbed down" - lmao!

This is suddenly the best software keyboard in the tablet business!!!!!!!!


in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere

Android launcher has improved. Swipe at the bottom opens up a menu and option to hide similar to the browser, with a back button.

Iv never tried these beta releases but im very curious now, what are the limitations in terms of apps to download on this release? do i still have full access to app world and such? Can anyone confirm kobo still works? I have always been interesting in testing the latest but if im really limited than ill avoid this.

Any thoughts?

I have a lot of apps, the only 2 of mine that do not work properly with 2.0 beta are madden and samurai vengeance.


in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere

Blackberry specifies right on the registration page that email, calender, and contacts are NOT included - you shouldn't be surprised at this.

I was just getting clarification as to if I should bother with the download. I hadn't gone to the registration page

Upgraded a Dingled PB that was running .6149 to .7111. Previous jailbreak was blocked by the upgrade. had AIR

Does the new version have a newer version of AIR?

Unfortunately I'm having an issue downloading the upgrade. Me so sad.

The installed Android Apps from the dingled install before the upgrade are still there and the android email and contacts still work. However, the Market option to add an account does not run.

have you tried reinstalling the market? a new was installed when you updated so reinstall the android market back and tell me if it works

Without being able to SSH with Dingleberry, WINSCP won't connect. So I can't re-install the google apps.

no, once you are rooted you are rooted. have you tried dinglingssh with dingleberry? thats the only way to know if the root is not there. you have to try it first

Huluberry has stopped working after the upgrade. After selecting a episode to play, the following message appears:

"Unfortunately HULU is not supported on your platform. We apologize for any inconvenience."

If you haven't updated, just connect your playbook to your computer via USB with developer mode on to enable it again.

If you have updated, I'm sorry but root is currently blocked for today.

how do you mean enable it again? the app is there but when i try to watch something it says it is not supported on my platform

Great, but today my Playbook wall charger stopped working.. RIM is such a piece of garbage company.. =/ Seriously I'm not happy today, not only has the value of my Playbook gone done significantly now the charger is not functioning..

If I still had my iPad 1 It'd still be worth $340.. I better get a replacement charger for free..

I tbink he was responding to the off-topic, infantile overreactions in your post. You posted nothing but an unsubstantiated claim of a hardware failure (which has nothing to do with the new beta OS, which is the topic at hand), then whined like a 2-year-old about how a single failed wall charger makes RIM a "garbage company." I understand your frustration and hope that you get your issue resolved, but if you express yourself so childishly, ineffectively, and inappropriately, normal people -- not just BB fanbois -- will become irritated with you.

Seems that "your" one of those who complain too much. I bet you can get that charger replaced (it's still under warranty), and get a $5 from your local electronics store. Or you can charge it slowly using the USB cord to your PC!

I'm giving you options here. Now go get that puppy charged!

my charger also did that. i went to best buy and my warranty was still on. they agreed to change it for me. how lon have you had yor playbook?

Sorry to hear.

My iPod Touch completely died less than 2 years after I bought it.

My iPad was thrown into recovery mode last year by an Apple update, and it wasn't until Apple released two updates for OS 5 -- so months later, that it finally was able to fix itself.

My last MacBook Pro shipped with a defective RAM module, that progressively made the system run worse until the point it wouldn't boot.

That same MacBook Pro had a battery that almost exploded, as in it bulged out the bottom during use, so was noticeably distorted. I've had to replace the battery 3 times now on this model -- fortunately my current MacBook Pro doesn't have this issue.

My G5 tower from 2005 died not even a few months after my extended Apple care plan expired. My DP G4 workstation for reference, still works and I bought it in 2002.

Both my Titanium Power books had chargers that burned out, as in physically charred the wire near the base of the adapter. Apple was cheap, so instead of upgrading the gauge of the wire for my G4s -- which consumed more power -- they used that the MacBook's charger, which was designed for a lower powered G3, would be fine.

My wife's TI Book's screen crapped out not even 2 years in and every screen they replaced it with F****D up with in a few months of getting it back from Apple care! I paid $3200 + Apple care for this note book for it to be a lemon!

My G4 workstation at a prior job, shipped with defective memory and was completely useless out of the box for the type of work I do.

My G3 333 Beige Mac, had a power supply that burned out with in 2 years of buying it.

My Apple 20" monitor that cost me almost $2k for back in the nineties, lasted just over a year before it died!

... I have more stories about Apple, as I've been using their products since the eighties and I also know a few others that also have not had a perfect track record with their products. No company is free of issues, and it's not always their fault. The PSU issue and screen I mentioned above, were because of the power in my last house being wonky.

Anyways, to call RIM garbage, when no company is perfect, sounds like it's just coming from frustration of the moment.

I hope you charger will get fixed, but this is coming from someone that broke/bent the USB one that came with my PlayBook a couple of days after buying the tablet -- it fell off my shelf while charging. I now have the fast charger portable version and base version -- both work great and are worth buying.

Your iPad would loose it's value if the charger was broken, because it is a special expensive apple charger.

The PlayBook keeps it's value with or without a charger because it charges via any standard micro usb charger.

You are so dumb that it would be safer for you to go back to using apple products, just to protect yourself (from yourself)

Cool! I didn't realize the PlayBook uses a standard connection. I always though it was specific to the device and some other smartphones like the Bold.

you're blaming RIM for your failed charger? RIM does not produce the charger, direct your anger to the proper place.

The browser is quicker on loading the sites I vist and the bookmark page now caches WAY faster than before, so it scrolls smoothly with a ton of bookmarks and does so even on a return. This area has been bothering me.

Here's hoping that they'll add in page search in the browser and arrow key buttons on the keyboard in a future update.

I am just curious as to why RIM released this update. The public release is only 2-3 weeks away...unless they are planning on announcing another delay?

they are probably making some more tests before releasing the new os. the developers are the guinea pigs. understand why now?

I hope you are right...but again they wouldn't get much use/feedback from devs in such a short period...

They're probably aware it's not just developers who are nabbing the beta releases.

If the keyboard now has predictive text and other features are now included (I'm still installing the newest version as I type this), they'll probably take all the feedback they can get.

This is a developer preview with various updated runtimes.

RIM's developer relations people said last month there'd be one more preview released before the end of January, so this is out according to plan.

is it worth downloading? all my apps i have now arent gonna disappear are they? will I have to reinstall and hows the compatibility? im really curious but at the same time i dont wanna have most of my apps broken

Your apps will work.
Anyway,do a little backup before upgrading.
I've done it and installed the new version.
work In Progress for the test phases,but by now everything is working fine,and even better!!
My QNX android launcher works,Overdrive,IMDB are fasterreddit is ok,honeycomb launcher still working,Asphalt is ok.
Browser? no words! BB Bridge is fine ,the keyboard is georgeous!...ok what else?want a Nespresso? lol

ok,still WIP for test

Do I forget to say that it's still a beta?
I'm already singing and dancing! call me a fool, i agree with you! no problem!

my 0,02 for the day

All my apps still work except samurai 2 and madden has no sound, all settings remained configured as they were.

However, i did upgrade through all the 2.0 beta versions, but, if you're worried about problems, just back up your current playbook, then upgrade, if it isn't good, then downgrade and restore that backup file.


in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere

Ahh I want to update my for some reason, my pb on the beta stops connecting to my home wifi after a while. Gotta wait until I get to campus and use that wifi haha

I upgraded and the only thing that seems not to work for me is the e-mail bridge. However, I can live with that because I have the e-mails programmed in the e-mail program from the Android player.

Someone said hulu does not work with this version. It DOES for me. In fact, I just finished watching a Family Guy episode as a test. At the beginning the app took longer to load and log in. I closed it after it finally loaded. The second time I started it, it went smoother and fast.

If you mean pushed to your PB. Its almost instantaneous. The browser gets a 348 rating on the HTML5 Test site. prior to update it was 329...
Predictive typing is fantastic. ..JS

No Arabic input but can display the language fine on websites.

This also applies (for those who are interested) to Chinese, Korean, and Japanese.

No input capabilities for any of these standard languages.

thanks a lot for responding to my question, is there alternative method to install Arabic keyboard... my idea that the 2.0 will support Android Market, can i install Arabic keyboard from there?

Big improvement. Well done RIM! Predictive keyboard is very good. Never saw need for native email but really need NATIVE Kindle, Medscape, Skyscape and the ability to play Hulu and Netflix.

I am sure a kindle app will be coming.

It will probably be an Android port, but who cares? If it doe all the same things you want, you won't actually even know whether it's android or native.

I took the plunge and updated. Very slick, love the enhancements to the browser and auto text ability. I'm typing this with it. Sweeeeeet!

the contextual keyboard works on Facebook web app --> need to tap the space bar to enable it.
opening playbook facebook app settings keeped, ,no contextual keyboard :-(
VEVO works better,FMDB is ok,
i had web browser with opened ( video stream),FMDB (video opened),bridge with my mails opened (2 boxes),NFB (opened),VEVO opened and running... hum Lana Del Rey singing) and 115 Mo RAM left and you know what? the Playbook said : hey i'm ok!.

i did the same there now on the previous build of 2.0 beta prior to the update and everything on the screen just moved sluggishly does this mean multitasking is improved further :)

I have tried multiple times and not sure why I can't login????? I tried turning off predictive text in case that was it but still no go :(

Much improved Adobe Reader. Files load much faster and I don't encounter the lag that existed before when navigating. The browser is faster. What happened to presentations to go? I only see the document and spreadsheet now.

Yeah Adobe is faster though it puts up the upper and lower bars when a new file is opened. That is a backward step as you cannot hide them until Adobe's timer has completed...

But the killer with Adobe is NO NEW FEATURES: no search, bookmark or annotate. What are they thinking? They have the codebase in production in other platforms. Very stupid!

Agreed. No search ability does suck. I'm hopeful that that the full blown reader will be available at official release of OS 2.

Tried also and correct was unable to log in too (will check if there's a kind of one unique SQL user session on the site (as i'm now typing from my laptop),but yes this's a kind of weird.
By the way :
Sunspider Javascript test done :
- 2420.2 ms +/- 0.4%
BrowserMark done with and error on the page refresh:
- score 48591 (Samsung Galaxy SII scored 35139)

Done these tests as is will check about their signification later,but as some devices are going through these...

the html5test is almost the ability for running html5.
you have also for browsers' comparison

I had to run Browsermark twice to get it to run through but when it completed successfully it produced a score of 64252.

Browsing the file structure with Files & Folders...seems to now be a folder called "/radio" tell.

why do not they include user feature..It would be nice to let people try it before the final release. running's nice

This may be a stupid question but is media considered end user apps? So but installing 2.0 I won't be able to access my music,videos and pictures?

You'll be able to access Music, Videos & Pictures. Id say, everything that you find in V1, should be in V2.

For all:

Maybe it's me but I downloaded thing beta 2.0 and was not impressed. First I was disappointed that it didn't work well with Madden 2012 and what really got me was that it was having problems maintaining the BBM bridged windows displayed on my playbook. Also, I'm hoping that when the actual 2.0 hits they don't get rid of the bridged files option like they did in this beta release, which was the last straw for me. What sucked was when I decided to go back to the 1.0.8.blah OS I thought that backing up my playbook before updating would just load it again,WRONG! I had to format it then download the 1.0.8.blah again. Yes, I can load my stuff from the back up but after going through all that I was exhausted from it. What I was expecting for the updated do was simple spell check on the playbook, which you can't on either versions, and the two finger highlight, which I do all the time with my 9900. Anyway if I'm wrong please let me know maybe I missed something, cheers!

is there alternative method to install Arabic keyboard... my idea that the 2.0 will support Android Market, can i install Arabic keyboard from there?

My predictive/suggestive auto correct is not working at all...It says its on in the settings, but no bueno. Where are some places in the UI that it should work? it doesn't do anything in the browser addy bar or facebook

For me the keyboard upgrade is alone worth the install. This is my 2nd 2.0 beta iteration and the system just feels more snappy from virtually every standpoint.

Keep up the good work RIM!

First I was affraid about the apps, I have my whole pro life managed with Conqu.... hehehehe.... After the update it works just fine, perfect, everything is back where it was, including my projects and tasks. Very good. I really reccomend.
I'm finally enjoying brigde (I was on the bugged bridge beta version).
The new intuitive keyboard is also wonderfull, not only for the bridge but for all the apps, just noticed a little bug when it comes to accents.... In portuguese... "Abraço" (Hug) or Renião (Metting) doesn't produce the word....
Really great job anyway!! I'm loving my PB / 9900 combo!!! Thanks RIM!!!

The folder icon in the right-hand corner of the top bar of Adobe is missing. Anyone else notice this? Not a big deal since the library page is available as an open app. Just different.