BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 developer beta updated to v2.0.0.4869

BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 developer beta updated to v2.0.0.4869
By Bla1ze on 22 Nov 2011 08:43 pm EST

With RIM having now release the BlackBerry PlayBook Native SDK version 2.0 and updating the BlackBerry PlayBook simulator, it only seems fitting that they would also go ahead and update the developer build of the BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 as well and they've done just that. If you've signed up for the Native SDK 2.0 download you can now also punch in your PlayBook PIN and download the new PlayBook OS v2.0.0.4869.

Keep in mind, this is a developer build and not for the general public -- things are broken and there is dragons ahead. No telling what, exactly as of yet but if you download it be sure to let everyone else know what you spot -- right now, we can say you'll get a look at the new LED notification system.

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BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 developer beta updated to v2.0.0.4869


None of my android converted apps work. I get the Blackberry screen and it hangs there. I've tried Amazon Kindle, Fox News, Kaiten Mail, The Weather Channel, Quote Pro, etc, etc, etc, and they all freeze on the Blackberry screen. I've shutdown and restarted 3 times so far.

has anyone to just unistall and reinstall the android apps instead of the whole security wipe thing?

Here is a question to the people who are using the developer update. Can you see the final product (figuratively) like where RIM wants to go with the update, what they hope to achieve. It 2.0 better then the original and what things were good on the original that might be lost with 2.0?


When i update to 2.0 (eventually, finally model) should I back up my playbook and the documents I have on it so it doesn't get lost?

worth the update for bridge functionality (though, when a notification comes through, you ha e to go to the Message app-will not work clicking on the notification). all my android apps work, too...

Awesome, happy to see another update, and I think It's very possible that RIM will actually be releasing OS2 on the announced time..

I was happy to read that BRIDGE WORKS now!! That's all I have to really say! Way to go RIM! Keep up the great work!

this is the issue that i have been looking for clarification for long time. currently the pb opens apps in cards. therefore for apps such as bebuzz and other utility apps that runs in the background on bb phones the pb needs to have an open card as well.

will future os bring features such as apps running in the background without it being shown on the carousel? i dont need bebuzz window keep showing on the carousel. i might accidentally close it then it wouldnt work anymore. perhaps a taskbar of icons of apps running in background on top is better?

does anyone have any idea on how the qnx devices will handle this? otherwise it will be quite painful scrolling thru the apps on them once background apps are running

Yeah, I noticed both of those after updating.

They're pretty annoying. I can't shut off the keyboard typing sound, and if I scroll through my homescreen, I get folder icons appearing where they shouldn't be.

I guess they're minor issues, but I'm surprised they weren't caught before the update was pushed. I ran into both of them within 3 minutes of installing the update.

I can confirm that Android apps WILL work after a security wipe!!!! Bridge BBM works, is anyone getting their playbook screen turning on at random?

EDIT: it was turning on at random when i was tranferring the android seems to be okay now

seems to be pretty fully featured for beta. bridge works, kobo mostly works (manual page turn via scroll bar), .docs to go is nicer. tried kindle cloud but couldn't get it, though that might have been me. apps like sharepoint work too, so going to leave it this time. had reverted back after trying it before, but seems much better now.

Thanks for the report, and could you be more specific about Docs to go? What's new, what's nicer?
-Have they included arrows on the keyboard?
-Is the blue "paddle" sliding in real time with your finger, or is it still laggy?
-When you keep the backspace key depressed (touched), can you see a continuous letter by letter delete, or is it still blindly deleting all at once when you lift your finger from the screen?
-Did they add auto repeat to the delete and arrow keys when using a BT keyboard?
Thanks for your reply (or anyone else who wants to chime in).

Anyone having issues with Facebook app on playbook? All my android apps etc are working but I keep getting an error about password or login being wrong. Although they work on my pc, imac and 9930.

I am having the same problem. Can't log into the FB application anymore with the details that I use elsewhere.

The Keyboard setting is showing no options at all.

Other than that everything seems fine

So far, this seems quite stable. And, it feels like Bridge is working better than in past builds. I like the newer Icons in the top left hand corner (for Bridge) and web browsing is solid.

I use the web for Facebook, so sorry newflasher, I can't tell if FB app is working.

Does anyone have a workaround for video chat?? I want to stay with this build but I need the video chat to work. My parents are taking a trip and that is the way we will be keeping in touch.

Anyone, anyone??

it broke my modern combat sound :(

i fixed my broken modern combat sound, lol


everything else is awesome, thanks for fixing bridge there rim!


in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere

i received an "out of graphics memory" error message in the notification bar, happened after i launched every bridge app simultaneously, and then subsequently launched the regular browser

i haven't seen the error before, also cannot receate it either, which is good i guess, lol

now, instead of the notification error popup, the subsequently launched app simply crashes and disappears

everything else seems pretty "rad" dudes

oh, except the browser takes longer to load things and envokes fits of blacked out rage, lol, maybe i will just clear my karma cache and be done with it

in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere


the "article" or "reading" view in the browser seems to be missing now, or am i just missing the setting for it?

...and now it's back. on the left side of the screen.

Anybody else missing Video Chat? I lost it with the last beta and was hoping it would come back with this one. Any idea how to get it back?

this build is snappier, smoother and faster for my playbook. also yeah, the notification light..

Yea i realized now what i shouldve done was back when the new OS loaded them wipe then re-install. Can you tell me is there anyway to get back the previous V2.0?

The Glow and LED feature doesn't work for me? When there are new messages, all I got is the new message icon on the top left corner.

Can't adjust keyboard typing sound is bit annoying.

Also someone mentioned video chat, I don't even have that icon on mine.

So far:

Facebook won't login for me, on playbook app, and even from the browswer, i thought it got hacked, but worked fine on my computer

Android apps work, AFTER SECURTIY WHIPE

CANT RESTORE BACKUP ( didn't have anything on it really, still a new PB)

Brdige works great!

It dropped Bridge connection a few times. Distance to phone not an issue, PB and phone were right next to each other. Also, as other folks said, can't open Bridge mail using notification icon, have to open app directly. Other than that I am happy with the interface. My update was huge 502MB

anyone else getting the salmon colored box that says "oops something went wrong while handling your request. you could try again later or you could file a bug report" ?


I have to purchase either an ipad2 32gb or playbook 64gb what should i buy any suggestions?

also if i update will my apps work?

I don't know if it is happening to anyone else but since I upgraded to this new 2.0 my Bridge and Android apps work fine but the default Pictures app does not display the Wallpaper pictures when I tap them to view them in full screen. Anyone else seeing this?

Glow is working for me. No Led
No Wallpapers to see in Pictures
Bridge won't connect on setup, must complete install and then go pait it.
Touch screen seems to run smoother and snappier.
Keyboard option blank. Weird, no one caught this?!? (It is a Beta though!)
not seeing anything else that is significant.

Anybody else see anything more?

STRONGLY RECOMMENDED, You should wipe and start from scratch! I realize this is a pain, if you have setup your stuff and load all the apps, ...but this is the best way to not have issues that you should have in the first place. AND YES, backup you stuff before and copy all your files to you PC, not only in the backup. YOU may not be able to retrieve some the files if you can't go back to the previous backup. lived it and learned it the HARD WAY!! :-( Just trying to spare you some pain!


PS. I see some of us complain about some stuff missing not working, etc...We should all remember, this is BETA! There are things missing, not complete and may not work properly!

Can someone assist - I am generally having ok luck using this build.

This is the first 2. build I have installed.

Do I need to install the android player to run android apps?

I had tried it months ago using the "side load" for both the player and apps - do I have to do the same - is there a new player?

Thanks for any help

no android install required. its built in.

another observation no Hotmail or Gmail native links?

can some confirm please.


Ok - so do I just side load bar files - I have this BBHTool that I used a few months back. Also - is the android store accessible?

Thanks for your response.

I realize the following:
- Pos: Bridge function works, only problems are the lack of the bridge file function and clicking at notification does not give an access to messages. Android apps work.
- Neg: Big map, video chat disappeared. FB doesn't work but you still can, of course, use FB by browser. No keyboard setting.
- Not sure: I could continue having FB usable by directly updating the OS from current OS 2.0..0.3xxx, not by downgrading the current OS to ver. and then update from this OS.

Im experiencing a wi-fi problem with this build. Am I the only one? its there a way to delete a specfic wireless network from the saved networks?

How is the WIFI on this latest update? I was experiencing problems with the previous update, so I decided to roll back to 1.8... I would connect via WIFI and was able to browse websites for 5-10 min at a time, then a message would appear saying I lost my connection. The problem isn't the WIFI connection as I have tested it several times. Just want to know if this update resolved this issue.

Since this update came out, I wiped my PB and reinstall with 1.8 then updated with Beta 2.0. I bridged with my 9900 (BES) and since then, I am unable to download my attachements on the PB. Can anyone confirm this to be an issue? Thanks

Can anyone confirm if proper bluetooth support for stereo headphones has been added? I really want to drop kick my crappy archos device out the window, but can't till i can go wireless on my PB!

I agree with zzbsb with the keyboard and video chat aspect. PLEASE fix these things before it is released to the public.

The video chat worked great and the keyboard adjustment was perfect....with this os 2.0 it does not have those options.

Can there be an app or way for the playbook to have blackberry messenger to stand on it's own?

Also for you to be on the internet without having bridge or wifi?