BlackBerry PlayBook OS support officially ends this April

By Kevin Michaluk on 31 Mar 2014 10:41 pm EDT

There's a depressing saying that goes something like, "Everybody dies twice. The first time when you stop breathing, and the second time when somebody mentions your name for the last time."

In the case of the BlackBerry PlayBook, the first death came when BlackBerry made it clear they would not be delivering BlackBerry 10 to the tablet. The PlayBook is now (arguably) approaching its second death with word coming via BlackBerry's official Software Support Life Cycle site that shows April 2014 will mark the end of support for BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0.x and 2.1.x.

While a lot of PlayBook owners are still holding their breathe for BlackBerry 10 to make its way onto the tablet, given BlackBerry's priorities right now we wouldn't. Though, maybe a 2.2 update will eventually drop —not so much for new features, but rather for security updates, as needed. We shot out a note to BlackBerry to see if they can shed more light on the situation. We'll let you know if we find out anything more.

Until then, if you own a PlayBook, just keep using it and loving it, and be sure to upgrade to OS, which just became available for download today.

Update: So it sounds like today's PlayBook update was a single purpose update. In other words, that's it PlayBook fans. There shall be no BB10 on PlayBook, nor will there be an update to OS 2.2. :(

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BlackBerry PlayBook OS support officially ends this April



So Windows XP which came out in 2001 is getting discontinued around the same time as the 2011 PlayBook? Makes sense from an operational cost side of things, supporting all these different operating systems can't be cheap.

My words exactly!

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I know, right? Super depressing. Was Dan Rubino who told it to me one time. I should look up where the original source is.... though I never forgot it after I heard it the one time.

Al Pacino said it the movie, Stand up Guys, not sure if it's the original source though.

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Great movie!
One day they shall speak of the PlayBook ||.


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Affirmative. I as well am prepared.

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What just happened here? LOL!

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It's called the Z30. It's a little smaller, but more portable, more powerful with more memory as well as EXPANDABLE memory storage, and runs BB10. It's actually pretty good. Check it out. :-)

hahaha! So true. When are they coming out with a WIFI only version? :P

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In respect? I for 1 will miss it, but hey mine sill works :) I have plenty of uses for it says the Save the PlayBook Channel admin :)

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I hope this mean a PlayBook 2 is around the he corner hopefully for 2015....once they have the app support on bb10 and they become profitable there is no reason not carry back a PlayBook 2 once have the apps and the perception of blackberry changes....truly sucks because PlayBook is an amazing machine with a very unique and different interface that was way ahead of its time R.I.P PlayBook

If they do come up with a Playbook 2, I would pass on that one. As a playbook owner, I would be too scared of the outcome if the new one doesn't do as expected.

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Same for me. I have two 64GB Playbooks, the first at full price. I will not go down that road with Blackberry again. Love my BB10 phones but any future BB tablet... regrettably would pass.

I would be watchful, but I don't think I would necessarily pass. For me, it depends on WHEN they decided to release another. If it happened within the next couple of years, I would shake my head and wonder if they learned anything with their last tablet.

If you look at phone/tablet evolution for both Apple and Android it's been this:

1. Full touch phones get released.
2. Full touch phones get popular.
3. Tablets get released running same OS as touch phones (aka glorified giant-screened phones with no phone capabilities).

Apple, of course had the extra step before their touch phones which was their iPod touch devices.

BlackBerry messed up that evolution by trying to release a tablet before their touch phone devices were popular. I think people use the phone, want a much larger screen for other purposes that a phone can't deliver as well, and thus desire a large tablet version. Well, people were jumping ship in droves when the tablet was released. Users hadn't wanted a tablet experience then. They wanted a phone experience first which was not being delivered except by the competitors. The Playbook never stood a chance.

So, if years down the road BlackBerry is once again popular (read "competitive") and decides to release another tablet, I'll probably jump on the deal. However, I don't want to even see an announcement that they're even THINKING of making a tablet for another at least 5 years, or until they can nab a good 20% to 30% of the phone market. Until then, it's a waste of resources which is worth it's weight in gold to them right now.

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Why? You bought 2! Are android tablets supported 20 years?

I'm Zeeing a bright future for Blackberry

My nearly 2 year old Nexus 7 gets regular updates and works just fine. I'm not sure how long Google will support the device, but it has a great chance for at least another year, since it runs pure Android. We shall see.

On topic I'd be hesitant to buy a PB2. My original just sits in a drawer and has for a very long time :(

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They need to be smart design one and take pre orders to control the required amount of parts needed and make what's needed not guess and write off millions in wasted Inv.

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Same here, I have a 64g, but I would NEVER purchase another tablet from BB. I'm surprised that folks on this forum would be willing to take another screwing from BB.

The Playbook was a fiasco, eat me Rim/Blackberry!

It's okay, if they bring out a Playbook 2. Most of us can pick one up for $150 when they go into Clearance like last time.

I agree, even with BB10 and it's current ability to use some Android stores would not be enough to make the PlayBook 2 an attractive tablet.

But then again if they brought back a full Bridge that could utilize the full LTE speeds.....

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Don't hold your breath on a PlayBook 2 anytime soon, maybe in a couple years. Nobody would buy it anyway because of what happened to the first one.


It would be cool if BlackBerry could release the tools needed to make changes to the playbooks operating system and us as consumers gets our own team so we can continue to update the playbook and even if we don't get BB10, make the changes necessary so that the playbook can be used as a daily tablet

Yes! Unlock the bootloader! If we can't have the source to PlayBook OS, then allow the community to install Android or some other OS.

Why would you do that? Don't pay mind what people are saying, as along as you continue to have useful use of your PB. My kids still use my PB a lot; I also do occasionally too.

I still use my BlackBerry PlayBook in a professional capacity after 3 years. I much prefer my BlackBerry PlayBook to my sister's Apple iPad.

They aren't gonna be pissing people off. The playbook won't stop working after that date either. So give it a break. You don't expect things to be supported forever right? It'll piss YOU off, but not the people who use and love the device to death.

It pisses some people off because they didn't support it the way they said they would. They could easily remedy it with an update that fixes the current bugs and adds a few extra features and then call it quits. It's surprising that it's been supported this long, but the support hasn't been what was wanted or needed.

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Agree. They promised so much more. And it's not little bugs they left us with. A large browser which crashes. Android runtime that barely works (compared to what they have now). Never delivered the cascade framework even though IT RAN on the playbook. Just so much where they cut us off despite being entirely capable of giving it to us. That's the worst. They lied. It was all possible.

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yeah, it's hard to believe anything they promise you, I'll stick with my phone though. I was seriously looking forward to tethering my phone with my PlayBook, again, never happened. I'm a man, I don't like getting screwed, I'm use to doing the screwing! lol...

Opined with my Z10!

The question is: in the meal "toad in the hole" does the sausage penetrate the Yorkshire Pudding, or does the Yorkshire Pudding engulf the sausage?

I've never had a PlayBook but I've always wanted one. This doesn't shock me and honestly, I'm surprised support has lasted this long.

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Support? Meh it's been bug fixes only. Hardly even qualifies as support. Basically scraped by on the bare minimum. I think they lost a lot of people on this product. Only the true BlackBerry addicts took that and came back for BB10. Normal people would have gotten pissed off and never spoken of BlackBerry favorably again. Honestly I can in no way defend my decision to purchase this tablet. It was a bad idea. If I had bought ANYTHING else I'd have something that is more capable and was more capable. This was a worse value THROUGHOUT its life cycle. I bought it to support BlackBerry and assuming they'd bring me through alright. Software wise we got decrepit android 2.3 with a nice launcher and games in app world. That's worse than what Chinese knockoffs were delivering. Browser was good, but it's just not stable enough. Maybe that's the one thing that was worth it on the tablet at the time, perhaps the browser.

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Even the browser is a joke compared to where it could have been. I completely agree, there will be a lot of goodwill lost over this.

Kevin, that quote is from Banksy, an English political activist and director.

"They say you die twice. One time when you stop breathing and a second time, a bit later on, when somebody says your name for the last time."

"Progress is a nice word. But change is its motivator, and change has its enemies."

Oh yeah? But where did he hear it from? I thought it was a much older saying than that... his quote says "They say"... which means he must have heard it elsewhere? Keep searching. It must have another source! :)

"Some day soon, perhaps in forty years, there will be no one alive who has ever known me. That's when I will be truly dead - when I exist in no one's memory." - Irving Yalom

“There are three deaths. The first is when the body ceases to function. The second is when the body is consigned to the grave. The third is that moment, sometime in the future, when your name is spoken for the last time.”
― David Eagleman, Sum: Forty Tales from the Afterlives

Two other possible origins.

"Progress is a nice word. But change is its motivator, and change has its enemies."

You're all is from me.

I'm actually a Time Lord and gave that idea and every other one to every inspiring person that ever lived.

I'm like Serendipity...but, like a Time Lord version.

Banksy is an annoying urban graffiti artist. OK he's quite clever, but if he decorates your wall you are in a whole lot of trouble - thieves may decide to cut the section out of your wall. And he never gives quotes. So I would say, if it appears on one of his graffiti, he borrowed it.

wow... they still support the 9800... but no playbook. Frustrating. I have a few tablets... and believe it or not I still primarily use the ol' playbook.

One thing I will remember about the playbook... the first time my brother saw it... he's a hardcore android snob... I was showing him some john stewart video on it. He watched the video... then started fooling around with the playbook for a bit and he shook his head.

He said.. "Consumer Reports killed this. They said it was horrible. I'm sitting here holding it and using it... and it looks freaking great. The display is nice. The OS is slick and easy to use. I don't get it."

Funny... I've got newer tablets... but for some reason when I head out on the road... its always the playbook in my tank bag.

You might want to clarify. The 9800 ran os 6 which was EOL December 2013 which was 3 months ago. The 9810, 9850/60 are still under support.

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My PlayBook still gets more use than my Windows 8 tablet.

No it's not fast. Yes it's now dated, but I can no longer stand any other UI. It's broken me.

I got a free Samsung tablet from work last week. The screen hurt my eyes. I hated having to reach for those three buttons. Immediately I gifted it to my sister.

Am so jonesing for a tablet with bb10 on it. I won't hold my breath, but it's what I want most.

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This I will concede. The UI is good, could use a few tweets but nonetheless. If it just wasn't laggy. Why adobe air. WHY MUST YOU EXIST.

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Really I thought the UI was even better than BlackBerry 10 in a lot of ways. I would just be happy with a browser update. I'm even willing to live with the keyboard.

I still uses it more than my ipad mainly for the USB control. I can't believe apple gets away with not having it.

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That's why don't they Open Sauce it? We could do a better job anyhow ;) Show 'em how it was supposed to be done in the first place.

It uses Adobe Air. Isn't that closed source? Would it create licensing problems? Adobe is not a license friendly company.

Cos they gave it such support in the previous 3 years ???

They should support it cos it's BBRYS ONLY TABLET.

Still the future's not in tablets is it, as is the future of my cash which is no longer BBRY's

Dat video
Still remember people complaining about destroying that PlayBook
Never had one, but still would buy one if I could get it cheaply on the island.

On another note, I still cannot get over the fact that Windows Live Messenger was still supported till April 2014

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1st death dumb move by blackberry lost people that would of maybe pickup a BB!0 phone by seeing BB10 on a tablet. 2nd death big dumb move because of all the buzz on crackberry again about BB10 coming to the playbook...chen need to do damage control on this one

What damage control? They sold a little over 2 million in 3 years. I'm one of them and I bought it for what it does, not what it might do in the future.

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I bought it for what it might do in the future(at full price) I understood it was a brand new OS, and was mislead into believing QNX was going to build the greatest mobile OS the world has ever seen. To this day, no native BBM for fux sake...

Somehow, I just gotten hold of an LTE PlayBook and this happens. Then again, I already have a huge backdrop of games so I guess the PlayBook is there to offload stress of battery life from my Z30.

At least they should have given it a proper send-off updated instead of this :(

Since we're onto sayings, how bout....'All good things must come to an End'.... Long live the PLAY BOOK!!!

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That makes no isn't magically going to stop working. You can still use it and it will still work how it is working now...unless it spontaneously combusts...even then, you shouldn't put it in the nightstand.

Let me say this now before it's too late. I've already told my friends this. John Chen is saving BlackBerry, but not the BlackBerry we know and love. He is retooling it to dispense run-of-the-mill cheap devices and you can kiss full touch goodbye. This is based on several accounts from various sources, but Sebastien leaving had a lot to do with Chen telling him to scale back creative development and take a lesser role in that area. There was more to the story than I thought. It's a mess. The PlayBook proves that John Chen is all about the bottom line and cares nothing about goodwill gestures. Mark my words: our BlackBerry is over. Grab up your Z30s while you can (that's the reason they are being sold unlocked : cleaning house) .

I used my almighty Z30 to create this CrackBerry madness!

The PlayBook was killed under Thorstein... and where did they announce that they would stop making Zs after the Z3(Jakarta)?...

They didn't. People are taking a statement that they are refocusing on QWERTY to mean moving away from full touch. I don't see that at all. I think they will support both but focus on QWERTY because that's what the core audience wants.

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Guess it's a good thing you recently sold yours on ebay...considering the possible inevitable price drop :D

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Dude, I saw the writing on the wall. John Chen is only interested in profit. Is there profit in a 70 million plus user base of business customers who want basic physical keyboard devices, or 1 million customers (myself included) that love a big ass touch screen device? That's an easy one. He even said the company was going to focus solely on QWERTY devices. Z3 is cheap and low end. I've seen the devices on the horizon. None fall into the full touch class. Buy a Z30 while you can is all I have to offer. Make him see the Z30s sell so he can be convinced to make more. Otherwise, join me in dreaming of a new CEO swooping down from above to re-energize the BlackBerry I have loved for years. The BlackBerry that just made fun, cool, addictive products that were inventive and creative.

I used my almighty Z30 to create this CrackBerry madness!

Chen talked about trimming the fat. Apple stopped supporting the iPad 1 so this seems logical. If the PlayBook could run bb10 then that's a different story.

Z10STL100-3/ CB10

Yes it could run... everyone with any knowledge of computer science / engineering knows they could of done it... a trimmed BB10 should of been the way to go...


The scariest thing about your comment is that it makes sense.

Suddenly all BlackBerry 10 devices are available from BlackBerry direct is eerily similar to when they had the PlayBook fire sale. Albeit, not the same level of a price slash, but a discounted price none the less.

I do distinctly remember when John Chen took over as CEO, he indicated that he was going to acknowledge the loyalty BlackBerry customers have shown to the company. Is it possible that we are just gonna get duped again in the manner that Thorsten Heins did? Thorsten Heins repeatedly avoided answering any questions regarding PlayBook leading up to the release of BlackBerry 10. Once BlackBerry 10 was released is when he finally came out with his game plan that he was basically going to eliminate PlayBook. You can argue all day about the legitimacy of his reasoning, but I saw the YouTube video of the guy who had a Q10 with 1GB memory running BlackBerry 10. The video speaks for itself. Had I known that before I bought my Q10, I just might be typing this on an iPhone. We'll all find out soon enough I guess.


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Agreed and its why I switch to Android. At least I know I don't have to jump though hoops for a upgrade. IMO they will eventually end up as a enterprise and software company. To even think that a PlayBook will ever be released is idiotic. WAKE UP PEOPLE!

I'll still use mine knowing it won't stop working just because it has reached end of support. Some people just cannot realise reality. Nothing is supported forever. Also, android tablets are ALWAYS end of support once the next one is released. However with apple, they never usually end of life it. At least as far as I know. :D but I'm not bothered, it'll still work.

Speaking of which...

While they officially killed the PlayBook... what happens to Blackberry Bridge?

At this point even I probably wouldn't buy a new BlackBerry tablet, and I loved my PlayBook.

I was sick of having my emotions jerked around before they officially cancelled BB10 for PlayBook. I'd rather have something I know I can improve, whether through official updates or open source solutions.

They should release or someone should leak the bootloaders for it now. if it is discontinued, why not let the community users and owners make the device what it was supposed to be. Make it Open Source.

Because there's still a lot of underlying BlackBerry 10 code in the device. Windows NT didn't become open source after it was retired, especially since its successors all used it as a basis for their own coding and structure.

The last thing the world needs is another half arsed device with Android cobbled over it. Android is not a panacea for every technology problem.

Having said all of that, BlackBerry could give developers the tools to expand on the existing OS, much like HP did with webOS and the developer community that sprung up around the TouchPad.

I shall continue to use my PlayBook with no regrets as it still ably does everything I envisioned using it for.

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Some people are still hoping for updated BlackBerry flip phones, you really think BB10 on the PlayBook will be let go? :P

Posted via CB10

Of course. Nobody here lets ANYTHING go, which probably explains the new slate of devices out of Waterloo.

Very disappointed is what I am. I really thought we'd at least get an android runtime update. Is that something we can find a way to do ourselves?

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Really sucks. Spend so much on something to have them just to kill it and not really even give it a chance. You live and you learn.

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You know, it's not like Apple wouldn't have stopped supporting it after the same amount of years! Please grow up people!

Apple's tablets are much more fully featured. That's the issue. Not length of support. And Apple has a very good service record for past devices.

It's sad because the PlayBook had so much potential that wasn't used. I still think the interface is the best available for a tablet.

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I kind of feel like having a drink... so many PlayBook memories. Many fond ones. Many that end with tears. Soooo. Much. Wasted. Potential. :(

Do you think they ever gave the PlayBook an actual chance at being a great tablet? I would love to hear your comments on that. And do you think this is a good decision?

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Are you going to break out the chain necklace you guys had when it came out. BlackBerry B Boy style?

I loved those videos of the CB gang at the conferences with PlayBooks hanging around your necks.

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Reading this blog post announcing EOL and watching this dramatic Playbook-smashing video is indeed depressing. It just feel weird that we now can't even have a slight hope of another upgrade for our PlayBooks.

Ah well, let's format this baby to feel as if it was brand new out of the box, and snappy!


I am a big fan of CrackBerry. I think what you created with CB is really great. You should one day receive some kind of BlackBerry Lifetime achievement award for what you've done for BlackBerry and all of us!! You truly are a great Canadian!!


I cannot begin to tell you how it disappoints me to some degree that you are just not so G**D*** pissed about all this and really write something a little more harsh about how this whole PlayBook scenario was handled, as opposed to saying you would like to have a drink and reminisce about happier times. Yes, I've seen the 'Hulk Smash' alter ego you have, but I believe it would be more 'journalistic' if you actually called them on it. You have access to these people. We don't. You are the voice of CB. This is YOUR CrackBerry Nation! How about the hard questions Kevin? For example the video of the Q10 running BlackBerry 10 with 1GB of Memory? I've seen it here on CrackBerry. That video is still a mystery as to it's origins or it's legitimacy.


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I gave to agree with this post, CB is great, but haven't seen any PlayBook support lately...

PlayBook UK BBM Channel C001CB4A1

It always seems that the OS always has potential, but processor lets them down. (PB, Storm 1, Z10) PB can't run BB10, upgraded the storm 2 to run better, and upgraded Z30 to run better. At least Z10 still performs great, but what about the inevitable "this latest OS will only work on the Z30" ? Bet it happens if they live long enough.

Early April's fool Kevin?

Posted via CB10 | STL100-2 | Waiting for the mighty Squircle to return.

You are right about the potential. It could have been an amazing device. Now that BlackBerry is done, I hope that this community gets the chance to try to improve it.

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Absolutely think blackberry needs to be a tablet player in the market!!! Maybe not now but shouldn't kill it forever.... blackberry smart media player????

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Dumbledore wouldn't let this happen!!!!!! I mean Kevin...why isn't Kevin the CEO and Mr Chen the editor in chief on Crackberry???

"the way I see it there are two types of people, those who spend their lives trying to build their future and those who spend their lives trying to rebuild the past, for too long I've been stuck in between, hidden in the dark locked on a course of destruction...time moves forward and nothing changes" Playbook 32gb, Z10 stl 1001....Im AdicTEN to bb

I don't know what all the fuss is about. I haven't seen any major development on the PB since BB10 was launched. Bridge functionality from BBOS to BB10 devices is horrible and since I've purchased my Z10, my PB has become a dust collector.

Only thing it might be useful for now is loading up some Bubble Guppies episodes for my 2 year old!

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Wow... BlackBerry just made a bad move here in my opinion. the least they could have done was fixed the half baked OS. Give us share options like BB10. Fix the bridge to support full bridge like it did for OS7 and a better file management app like the one from BB10. I think those fixes would help the PlayBook. How can they honestly leave this tablet in the state that it's in. HBO go, amazon prime, and many other sites don't work on PlayBook browser. It will be a cold day in bell if I ever buy another tablet from BlackBerry. They might as well close the doors at this point. Take care of your customers that supported you blackberry and they will take care of you. BlackBerry is done people. I'd never thought I would ever say that.

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Since when did Amazon Prime Video stopped working on the PlayBook? I've been watching shows there for a long time.

Posted via CB10

I've got to admit that I wasn't expecting even the .1917 update so really, who cares! It's still got life in her and I love it. Now that the browser is faster, I'm happy.

I've used my PlayBook everyday since I've owned it and I will use it everyday until it dies, by death, I mean it no longer works, not by an official end date of support death. Who cares that there will no longer be support, I've not had any problems, it's still working and I'm still loving it! Now that's all.

Fully awake and catching my Z's, Z10 and Z30!

Two deaths could also apply to the fact that I think we could all kind of feel this was gong to be the case, and then hearing it for a fact. Knowing it was coming doesn't soften the blow....OUCH!!!

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So they're continuing to make and sell legacy os phones and officially canning future software development of the PlayBook????
They're all over the place these days.
Oh well enjoy your touchscreens while you have them...

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Well people it's old I mean come on not much of a surprise it's still a good little tablet always was smooth and did what it needed to do.

Posted via CB10

No, if the web browser was on par with my expectations I would agree with your statement, but that is not the case. The Playbook is the best example of beta testing with a lot of lost potential that is still present to this day.

The web browser is on a par with Android tablets of the same generation. I still keep an original Asus Transformer to use as an e-book reader (it has a good screen). It's as slow as the PB.

CyanogenMOD 10 for the TF101. Dolphin Browser. Or KatKiss ROM (4.4.2 Kitkat) for said TF101 on XDA.

Wow.. BlackBerry PB was a great value product, but it was only a matter of time -- even TH called the death of the tablet! Accepting it and moving on (should I buy my kids a z30 as a pb upgrade?)

Posted via secure bb10.2.1.2102

So who do we talk to about getting them to unlock the tablet? Its a steller piece of hardware , I'd like to see android 4.4 running on it, assuming drivers can be found.

Has the PlayBook development team been disbanded then? Anyone have any info on this?

With my Q10, I find the PB laggy as anything and tonight after the update BBM over Bridge is sucking big time (ringing with new messages, showing them in the contact list, but not in the chat unless I close BBM and open it up again).

I would have loved an Android runtime update to be able to run what we can run on our BB10 devices.

Having said that, if I could pick some up for really cheap, I would do that to have a few extras in my classroom. They are still useful for web research and I've been dabbling with Evernote as well. The Android version works well on the PB as do a couple of other apps I would use.

I was able to get my Playbook about a year and a bit ago from Currys in the UK and I also purchased an "Instant replacement" deal which stated that if anything happened to the playbook (whether accident or own fault) as long as I bring it in, it will be instantly replaced if they had one in stock or if not I will be given the price i paid to spend in store so I reckon when it is about to run out, I will pick up something sweet from Currys. Was so close to getting the 3G+ version. Thank God I didn't.

Could never figure out why people think a devicre should be supported indefinately... have not seem Apple doing much for my origonal Ipad lately.... do not see the negativity that seems to eminate from PB owner... ( which I own 3 ) ... just the way the game goes... maybe I am jaded from how so many of my Android devices never saw an upgrade ever... all things come to an end...

You can't compare PlayBook to the iPad.
It's literally comparing apples to berries!

Apple has had other tablets come out. This wouldn't be as bad if they came out with a PlayBook 2 about 6 months ago and now are saying we're focusing our time and effort on the new PlayBook.

Stay Classy CrackBerry Nation!

Apple supports all their old tablets. Blackberry gave the middle finger salute from day one. Besides adding the email to the os. Software updates have been pretty much useless. Like today's update..

A new tablet from blackberry? You're truly delusional lol

Sparky, you are correct and have experienced the middle finger from BB two days after my PB purchase.

After some thought, I might be done with BB.

actually apple doesn't still support all of their ipads. The original Ipad can't take the newer OS updates... and many many apps require it to run.

Well we had a good run at it and it was fun while it lasted. Ill always hold those precious memories of my PlayBook close to my heart. Ill always cherish the count down to release day and the excitement of seeing the first leaked images of it. But like they say all good things must come to an end......So nexus 7 or Ipad mini?

Canada BBM channel C001234A4

Disappointed, as a daily user. Really thought they'd at least give us the Android 4.2.2 runtime, but so much for that. Still, PB came out when the first iPad was still the device to beat and they're on their 5th generation already. We're lucky to have gotten as much life outta these little things as we did! Time for a Galaxy Tab Pro or Surface 2 Pro

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No no no. Don't even start this and give people more hope. It's all over. This is one of times where being optimistic hurts.

P'S. They would release an update today if they planned on releasing BB10 on PB in April.

It is over...

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Well, it looks like I've held on too long with the hope that one day Blackberry would get it right with loyal hardware customers. But I guess not so. Just as Blackberry leaves me in the dust with my Playbook OS and will not upgrade at least the browser, well my two phones and now two tablets that would have been upgraded in June 2014 definitely will NOT be a Blackberry. I hope they make it with mobile device mgt. See Ya!

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If I didn't hate iOS, Android and W8 so much I might actually leave BlackBerry but unfortunately there's not enough choices for the consumer.

I am curious about the Black phone. You hear that Mr. Chen, hello Mr. Chen can you please get BlackBerries sh*t together A.S.A.P.

BlackBerry 10 is really good but right now it lacks a great deal. I don't even care too much about apps but an eco-system is important.

Forget priority hub, give me back the Report As Spam feature.

 BlackBerry Q10 

Im seriously considering a galaxy s5 along with a galaxy tab pro 8 inch tablet.

Stay Classy CrackBerry Nation!

So the hopes comes crashing down as the shares come crashing down after the 4Q fiscal year report.

Posted on my flagship Z30

Any people out there willing to crack it so we can install Linux on it? And NO That does not mean Android, I mean real Linux.
Or maybe Crackberry could lean on Chen & Co. To unlock the bootloader for us?
I don't want a dead tablet and I really don't want any of the other tablet OSs out there.


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I really like your suggestion! If companies just wouldn't overlook petitions, I'd suggest we start one.

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People have tried to crack it for years.... each time they do it successfully they brick the device...


I bought my daughter a Samsung tab 3 seven inch display and it can not be connected to a TV all the other models can. The PlayBook has had that capability for years and flash something not being supported now by Apple or Android. The PlayBook was a great product with no Apps plain and simple the masses said NO.
So BlackBerry better figure out what the masses want or else.

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Well then iam getting an ipad mini, Q10 and ipad mini plus dell laptop.

Super Combo!!

Whenever playbook 2 hits imma sell that mini.

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How about a damn Facebook update. It's been broken since almost the beginning. Quite pathetic really not support the biggest social network on the planet.

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Even the BB10 version isn't up to par with the Android and iOS ones.... so to expect an update on use playbook would be a 'bit' of a wait...

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No kidding.I guess they forgot about all the free advertising every time you updated your status on Facebook with your PlayBook.

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Good point. I think after this last Quarter, 970mil revenue, the alarm bells rang more than usual. The ruthless Chen is chopping things like crazy this week, layoffs and now this. Now Chen can clean house, fire all Playbook employees, call it a day.

Then he will climb into the jet and fly over the homes of the recently fired, enroute to his home in California.

F@*# you BB

If the browser would have been updated a lot of what is done in apps could be done in the browser. In that regard, having only one thing fixed before ending support I would go with the browser.

Let's all think about this in depth... instead of spending money on something that is average they will now focus more on BES10 and BB10. This is a good thing as it closes another chapter and focuses on the current. All good! Long live #Blackberry!

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I, for one, am glad blackberry has lasted this long to support a supposedly dead and irrelevant product. For me, its still the best tablet os out there. When I use my ipad or android it stiill feels backwards compared to playbook. Than again im more an os centric user as opposed to an app user. I hope blackberry can continue to develop tablets in conjuction wit handsets as they seem to have found a natural fit.

Blackberry, my proverbial middle finger

"BlackBerry PlayBook OS support officially ends this April" - does this mean that Apps and games in BlackBerry World will be free?

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I love my playbook, and still use it everyday in the field for work with absolutely no complaints. I don't want them to keep giving OS updates on a 3+ year old tech platform, I want a PB2 (please name it something else)! Tablets are saturating the market even more so as a business tool, so here is to a PB2 for at least the BES customers.

I really enjoy my playbooks 64 and 16, and my Z10. The update restored the ability to watch video on certain websites that had been broken for a, not xxx! I use it to watch movies on TV and read various news sites and listen to Canadian radio stations and play music. Hey, XP is no longer going to be supported but lots of folk still use it, that what is on my laptops and still is solid for what I do with them. I used a DEC Rainbow pc long after its sell by date (another machine and os ahead if it's time, but eclipsed by Mr Gates et al ) goes on.
As long as my pb's are useful for something I will make use of them. But it would have been nice if.........

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Why they did not give OS10 to the Playbook, cheapest tablets have instagram, myscript calculator, Etc. I do not recommend Blackberry because the lack of support and bad service. Never going to buy from them

Selling my last pos playbook on eBay now. 32gb hardly used in an original box. Happy bidding..

Nexus 7 runs circles around this old thing.

Oh get a life will you! All you do is bitch about how crap the PB is yet you still hang around here and contribute nothing of substance.

I'm pleased to see that BB hasn't totally abandoned the PB........yet

So what! Apple doesn't support the gen 1 eye-pad anymore either. Why the tears?
My PB will work the same way it worked yesterday. When it dies. No regrets. I can say I've made good use of it.
I use my PB for something or other each and every day. I just used Meeting Minutes Pro today to share family trip action items and such with my team of planners.
Sorry but not sorry...the sky doesn't seem to be falling over here.
Keep it moving BlackBerry!

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Wrong, Apple replaced my friends Gen 1 iPad, gave him a replacement refurb. That's support, try that with this crappy BB support.

But but but.... Apple are on gen 5, going to gen 6...

We can't even say BlackBerry had a generation... they screwed up. end of.

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BlackBerry can not afford burning money in tablets every dollar is important now. Making tablets is a waste of money and time. BlackBerry is in do or day situation they died the first time when they put bold 9900 in the market with battery life less than two hours. Now they are still breathing hope it will last long! No shops in Morocco where you can buy BlackBerry accessories, no Z30. Many people think that the company does not exist anymore. I have been in Geneva last week no shops for blackberry either. The other day I was in Doha aéroport there were big shops for samsung and Iphone only. After all this who will care about tablets?! BlackBerry is now facing it's second death, the ultimate one. It will take a miracle to see them around in the up coming few year.
I have been supporting the company since 2005, I have been using 9900, Q10 and Z30. I travel lot I can spot any more blackberry shops or products in big cities only samsung everywhere.
So let's be realistic how can we talk about tablet for a company fighting deathly!!

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The day they fire up production for bbos7 phones again it's game over. That lunch money will runout soon enough, they're on borrowed time. Like everything they do it's ass backwards.

Make them Nortel already!

Without bb10 picking up stick a fork in them

Did you miss the earnings call? That ship has already sailed. They are commissioning more BBOS 7 devices for production.

News flash ! BlackBerry 7 phones outsell BB 10 phones 3:1.... They would be stupid to throw that money away. Yes they want people to transition to the new OS but getting rid of what is actually selling would not do that. They need that money to fund the development of BB 10 and other products.

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Finally thank god its gone. Every day of continued support just hurt the company and wasted precious funds. People need to get over the god dam playbook. It was cheap, BlackBerry probably made nothing on it. It's also years old, with outdated hardware, that wouldn't even be able to run the latest software. I could understand if the company had sold 20 million units, but continued support for a few hundred thousand units, when brand new tablets are far better and cheaper is madness.

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