BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 Walkthrough

BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 update
By Team CrackBerry on 23 Feb 2012 11:55 am EST

A full walkthrough of the new features introduced in the BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 software update!

While the original release of the BlackBerry PlayBook left many users wondering where native email, contacts and calendar were, the long-awaited PlayBook 2.0 software has finally arrived and brings good news. It's sporting a load of new features including the noted native apps, a revamped home screen UI, updated BlackBerry Bridge features including BlackBerry Remote, notifications and much, much more. Let's dive in and see just what makes the BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 software tick.

BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 Walkthrough

Home Screen

Home Screen UI

BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 Home Screen

The revamped home screen user interface is mostly all new in the PlayBook 2.0 software. Things have been tweaked for the better and the layout/functionality is now more intuitive and very user friendly. Even right down to the look of the application windows, you can see things here have been overhauled in a big way.

Home Screen Dock

BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 Home Screen Dock

Originally the PlayBook went with a tabbed-views approach much like that of BlackBerry 6. The new software gives us a customizable home screen dock and is much easier to work with. On PlayBook OS 1 there were fixed views for All - Favorites - Media - Games and BlackBerry Bridge if activated. These tabs could not be edited. The OS 2.0 experience is much more like iOS. You can move app icons between multiple, unnamed views. 

App Multitasking

App Multitasking

When returning to the homescreen while apps are running, you'll notice the different treatment RIM has given apps. The image above shows OS 2 on the left, and the original PlayBook homescreen on the right. In OS 2, minimized open apps are bigger, with a more integrated title and bigger X key to close. You fit less apps on the display, but they're more valuable as you get a bigger peak inside the open app.

Status Bar

BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 Status Bar

Most of the status bar remains the same in this version, however there are new notifications for the native Messages, Calendar and Contacts applications. Previously only BlackBerry Bridge and BlackBerry App World alerts were shown here. 


BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 status

Tapping on the battery icon in the status bar brings up a popup for battery status, screen brightness, and Restart, Stand By and Turn Off. This popup has changed slightly and is a bit larger in the new software. Plus, if you have a password enabled you'll see a new "Lock" button added there as well, so that you may lock the device quickly.


BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 Folders

The ability to create folders has been added to the PlayBook 2.0 software. Another feature that users have been longing for, we can now better organize the home screen of the PlayBook. The folders are created by dragging one app on top of another and then choosing a folder name. The folder icons even show the apps within.


BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 Keyboard

The keyboard has changed slightly and now offers the option for predictive text. Also added is a numbers row that appears over the keyboard when entering text in a password field. An awesome feature that makes typing in passwords much, much easier if using numerical characters. Also added is auto-correction which will automatically correct words as you type. 



BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 Glow

The PlayBook 2.0 adds the ability to use notifications for your alerts (email or calendar) and comes in the form of a "glow" or the familiar LED. In your settings you can choose to use the red corner glow, LED or a combination of both for your alerts. Oddly missing is an option to turn off notifications completely (but using just Glow lets you ignore them easier). A very welcome feature that was confusingly absent in the original software. 


BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 Keyboard Options

The keyboard itself has been tweaked up too and you now have the option to use predictions and suggestions thanks to the SwiftKey Keyboard. Auto-correct and spell check are also welcome additions to the keyboard. 

Native PIM (Personal Information Management) Apps

What could arguably be the best new features in the OS, the native PIM apps are long overdue. Messages, Contacts and Calendar are now available as stand-alone apps on the BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0


BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 Accounts

Before you get rolling with any of the new PIM apps you'll need to set up your accounts from Settings > Accounts. Doing so is very simple and only requires a bit of info. There is really nothing technical to it if you use a web email however it's a bit more advanced for something like Outlook. Once you're set up here your PIM apps will come to life.


BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 Messages

The native email client on the PlayBook could also be called a "social hub" as it houses your email, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook messages. It makes for one easy spot to view all that you need quickly and easily. Your accounts are listed down the left column along with compose buttons and a search feature. In the center is your inbox itself, and to the right the message pane. Action buttons like reply, forward and mark as read are all at your fingertips. Various settings in the Messages app can be found by swiping from the top bezel revealing a compose option, select feature, sort and various email options. There are also a slew of Rich Text features like color, font, alignment and more that let you create and edit Rich Text emails to your hearts content. The Messages app supports POP3 email like Gmail and Yahoo! For more on setting up with Outlook, check out our how-to here.


BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 Contacts

The Contacts application brings your contacts onto your PlayBook. If you're using a web-based email like GMail and have your contacts save, you can easily choose to sync them when setting up your accounts on your PlayBook. If you're an Outlook user you may have a more difficult time. Unfortunately RIM hasn't made it easy to simply port over contacts from your BlackBerry Smartphone (why I have no idea) so for now you'll have to work around things a bit.

The contacts app is very robust and holds a great deal of information in a small package. Down the left column you'll find your contacts through which you can scroll or search. The contact view shows off all of the contact's details including name, address, phone, email and other personal information. Down the right you have various tools for viewing recent social updates, shared appointments, company news and more regarding your contact. 


BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 Calendar

The Calendar app can be used locally or synced with something like GMail. The app itself is fairly bare-bones when it comes to options, but everything that needs to be there is. You can access your calendar in various views like daily or agenda (or the dual-view) and easily view appointments thanks to color-coded calendars. The options the same you'll find on your phone and allow you to set things like default reminder, snooze length and first day of the week. To add an appointment, click the icon on the bottom left or double tap on your schedule. Very intuitive and easy to use, the calendar is a great addition. 

New Applications

Print To Go

BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 PrintToGo

Print To Go lets you print documents from your PC to your PlayBook. Read that sentence twice. The name is a bit confusing - the majority of us feel this should mean you can print from your PlayBook to a printer. In this case you're at your computer, have something you want to take with you on your PlayBook, like a travel itinerary, and hit print from your computer. You'll have to install a small app on your computer (currently PC only) and from there just choose your document, print, and select your PlayBook as your printer. Print boarding passes, itineraries or anything you want to have on your tablet. The files are magically transported to your PlayBook and you can view them on your PlayBook in the PrintToGo app. See this video for a Print To Go Demo.

Video Store

BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 Video Store

While the Music Store remains unchanged, US users will now see the Video Store on their PlayBook as well. This is something that many have wanted for quite some time and it's a welcome addition. The Video Store is powered by Rovi and features new and old movies as well as TV shows for both rental and purchase. Prices range from $9.95 to $19.95 for purchases and around $3.95 for a 24-hour rental. Purchases are downloaded to your device and can be watched while the download is in progress. Items you purchase are stored and can be viewed in the native Videos application. 

File Manager

BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 File Manager

File Manager is a simple file browser that lets you view your pictures, videos, music and documents on your PlayBook. There was no stand-alone file browser of any kind in the original software (you could access this screen from within different apps for attaching files, etc.), but now File Manager gives you the ability to browse, view and delete files from one central app. It's pretty basic, but it's a start.


BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 News

BlackBerry News now comes pre-installed with the 2.0 software. The app was available previously for download but is now included as part of the OS (but you can delete it if you choose to do so). It has loads of preset feeds available and the option to add your own.

Updated Applications 

BlackBerry App World

BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 App World

BlackBerry App World has had a UI overall and is more up to date. The same basic functions are there for browsing apps, but the main screen pulls in more featured applications and does a better job of merchandising them.  The Games and Apps categories are still easy to find and now Top Paid for both appear on the main screen. 


BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 Easy Reader

The Browser has some minor tweaks, the most noticeable of which is the new Reader Mode. This lets you tap the book icon in the browser to view a skimmed text version of web pages for easier reading. Very cool for larger sites when you just need to get right to the goods. The browser seems a bit faster as well but doesn't have any additional options over previous versions. As was relayed to Kevin during his PlayBook OS 2 briefing, RIM has done a lot to make the browser render better and faster. It's the most highly rated mobile web browser in terms of web compliance.

Video Chat

BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 Video Chat

The Video Chat app has been reworked in the PlayBook 2.0 software as well. Video chat was a great feature that we loved at release (once the bugs were worked out) but now it's back and better than before. The interface is brand new, and no longer do you have to guess at who you know that also uses video chat. Your chat list is auto-populated based on your contacts and even knows users online status. You can of course call anyone outside of your contacts using their email or PIN. A handy call log is available as well. Swiping down from the top bezel gives you the option to set yourself as unavailable and not allow other users to call you.

Docs To Go

BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 Docs To Go

Docs To Go gets an update here and leaves behind the old single icons and Slideshow To Go. The new solo icon gives you quick access to both Word and Excel docs in one place. It's very much the same app, just condensed and a bit easier to use. You'll still have all the same great features, but now you can even take advantage of the BlackBerry Remote to use your phone keyboard when composing documents. Editing PowerPoint presentations on the fly is another welcome change.


BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 Podcasts

The BlackBerry Podcasts app has had some slight tweaks as well. A new RSS option allows you to add podcasts from their RSS URL. Most else remains the same aside from the different background color. 


BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 Pictures

The Pictures app is identical aside from the Edit button in the options menu changing to Select while retaining the same functionality.

BlackBerry Bridge

BlackBerry Bridge is still going strong. Now that the PlayBook has native Contacts, Calendar and Messages apps, you may want to turn these off when Bridged - to do so from your device, press the Menu key in the Bridge app from your phone, then choose Device Properties and pick the apps you want to use on your PlayBook.

Bridge Browser

BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 Bridge Apps

The original version of BlackBerry Bridge included a browser that was separate from that of the PlayBook web browser. Now the browser is unified and will automatically detect if you are using WiFi or your Bridge connection and adjust itself accordingly. 

BlackBerry Remote

BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 Remote

It does just what it says and lets you control your PlayBook from your BlackBerry smartphone. The screen on your phone shows a psuedo-PlayBook screen complete with swipe-able bezels. Use the screen or your trackpad to navigate - one finger on the screen to move the cursor, two to scroll. Your keyboard is echoed on the tablet so you can use your phone to compose emails or write documents on your BlackBerry PlayBook. Autotext entries are carried from your device as well and will appear on your PlayBook as you type. 

Open On

BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 Open On

The new Open On feature lets you open links, messages and photos from your phone on your PlayBook. If you're browsing your photos and want to show one on the PlayBook, use Open On to do just that. You can easily open links and full email messages on the PlayBook as well. You have to be bridged to see the menu options. 

Android App Player

BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 Android App Player 

A burning question on some PlayBook users minds is "Where is the Android App Player". The short answer is that it's there, you just can't see it. Android apps look exactly the same as BlackBerry Playbook apps, only when you download one will you know it's an Android app as it will run a little differently than a native PlayBook app. It will open and run inside the Android App Player, which isn't a separate download but rather part of the PlayBook OS itself. You'll be able to use the app the same as any PlayBook app, so ultimately you really don't need to worry about what is an Android app and what isn't. For more in depth answers, check out our Q&A from BlackBerry DevCon

Walk Through Done, Play With OS 2.0 Yourself

Overall, the BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 software has added some really great new features. Certainly some should have been there right from the get go, but none the less we welcome them now with open arms. Having native Messages, Calendar and Contacts truly adds to the PlayBook and makes it an amazing tablet. Its no longer a frustrating "Bridge only" device, and with extra features like BlackBerry Remote and the ability to run Android apps, it just keeps getting better for BlackBerry PlayBook owners. If you own a PlayBook and haven't updated yet, GET ON IT. If you don't have a PlayBook yet, keep watching for sales. If you can find a PlayBook on sale for $199, don't think twice. Buy it. And you too can experience all that OS 2 is for yourself.

BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 Video Gallery

For a closer look at some of the key new features in BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0, check out the videos below.

First Look: Full Video Walk Through of BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2 Native Email, Calendar, Contacts and more! 

First Look: Using the Calendar on BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0

First Look: Using the Contacts application on BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0

First Look: Using the Messages application on BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 

First Look: Video Store on the BlackBerry PlayBook 

OS 2 Launch Day Video Chat Interview w/ BlackBerry PlayBook Product Manager Michael Clewley 

BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 Promo Video

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Reader comments

BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 Walkthrough


I have to say this is a bit of a beef I have with OS2. A lot of features are hidden off behand swipes, etc... with NO indication that they are even there. Not super intuitive.

In 2.0 you can hold your finger on values to Copy Answers/Equations from the Previous Calculations. Wasn't possible in 1.x version.

The ability to see a previous calculation. Swipe down on the jagged edge at the top of the Calc screen to see a previous calc.

The unit calculator looks like it received an update. I like the functionality the unit invert button has added.

Great walkthroughs, Thanks.
I really love that Crackberry wallpaper, anyone know where I might find it. Have been searching for it for days now.

Great article!

Looked at RIM's official page, they really need a better job of "selling" their products. This kind of information makes the PlayBook look like a really good buy.

I notice through some of the game apps. People took advantage of the free playbook offer and the apps suck! Easy way to get a playbook for no effort. So far the 2.0 is pretty cool.

I noticed that my Wifi reception increased at home and work and the browser is more responsive and faster I also liked the folder feature and the keyboard, I would like to see a Netflix app.

News did not come preloaded with my 394mb update and it's also not available in appworld, shame because I used it daily. Press reader came preloaded, don't like it much. OS2 still is excellent!

Yes That's great, I think so too..... But finally RIM discard bunch of eastern Asian user and let them upset. We had waited Asian language support for almost 10 month. Still my Japanese friends expects RIM to support eastern Asian language. but I don't.

my coworker and I were just talked about this. RIM please this in the sooner the better. I'm more interested in being able to type Chinese or Vietnamese like on my 9900 phone.

The only frustration so far is NOT being able to SYNC Outlook contacts directly to the PB (without exchange). Hope they fix this soon.

Also, I use XP on my work PC, have not been able to get Print To Go working... the Sign-In window freezes up - Can't get passed that.

Loving the rest though!!!!

Bold 9900 & PlayBook 64GB Wifi

Here is another GREAT add on feature that I haven't seen anyone mention...the ability to play MKV movies. I had an MKV file on the PB with OS1, which was not supported. Now, with the OS2 it plays it and shows it on the list under the videos. Great stuff!!

I thought mkv movies were supported when the audio is mp3 (acc not supported) gonna go and try it right away :D

This is why I visit the Crackberry site. Great article above! I have held off on the update until a review was posted and discussion about what is good, bad, and the bugs. I guess it's time to update now! Thanks guys.

Fantastic Blog, lets you see all you need to know before diving into forum posts.

Could you alter your podcast post to say only available in US/NA cant get it here in UK & BlackBerry replied to me today say they cant comment on app availability. Real real shame as i cant see why its US specific & not available elsewhere, would have loved the podcast app as i listen to a ton of podcasts.

Really happy with 2.0 overall, just hope they release more apps to everyone, everywhere.'s not available in Australia either...what a joke...i am sick of this regional app availability bs....

How about a walkthrough of the changes in Settings....say maybe network settings like ....VPN? see if perhaps PPTP and/or L2TP are finally supported?

I do not own any tablet at all but have been shopping for one for a while before pulling the trigger to buy one. With the upgrade to OS2 how does it compare now to iPad2 or the newest Android offering...the ASUS Transformer Prime? Is the Playbook an ereader also? In other words, can I subscribe to the digital formats of my favorite magazines and read them on the Playbook or is the iPad or an Android tab still the better way to go? I want a tablet good at everything from business (Contacts, email, etc.) to web browsing (being able to watch embedded video is a big thing to me) to reading a magazine or book to playing a game such as Angry Birds.

I have been a Blackberry phone user since the Curve 8830 on the Sprint network back in 2008. I have had every single Bold on the Sprint network and currently use a 9930 so I am pretty loyal to Blackberry despite all of the issues they have had and will have in the future.

Thank you to everyone ahead of time for your input. Have a great day.

PB is the clear choice. The only thing is that Zinio (for magazines, news, etc) is not yet on App World, but we have been assured it's coming 'very soon'.

Even ignoring the price difference from the iPad, the PB's web browser is head and shoulders above it and other competitors. On an iPad there many sites where videos won't play correctly, or the site doesn't render properly (like Youtube!).

As for books, I love the book reader app.

At the price PBs are going for, it's a no brainer to me. If you really like the Android software, you could consider the prime, but in my experience the browser doesn't touch the PB.

I haven't tried the Prime but I have tried most of the others, and used a Transformer for several months. The PB browser alone is a reason to buy it, but the price makes it a complete no-brainer. So far in my experience, the PB is the one that you show to people and tell them the price and they go out and buy one. And you do show it to people because you have it with you, while the iPad, nice as it is, is just that too big to carry around. Hence the reports of a smaller iPad - which will, when you eventually can buy it, cost a lot more and probably, in reality, do less.

You missed one cool feature!

Like man who are playing with their OS 2.0 builds like maniacs and sometimes letting that battery get low.

When the battery hits 15%, it warns you, but the warning includes top resource consumers.

Example from using it, it stated that top offender was screen brightness was draining the battery and WiFi second, and it suggested whether you wanted to dim the screen or shut off WiFi to preserve battery life.


Great post !! Thanks! I was having some issues that resolved themselves... patience is a virtue! RIM is amazing and I am glad to have found this company... And thank you Crackberry for being such crazy hardcore fans!!

Pura Vida

i try 3 differente android apps , and none of them work! what im doing wrong? i need to do other thing for this app to work?

You missed BlackBerry Balance - now as far as enabling it outside of an enterprise environment, IDK if that's possible, but it's a nice feature...

I greatly appreciate everything the Crackberry team does. This review is great. I upgraded to os2 yesterday and almost everything works, except print to go. I have tried numerous times but I still can't get content sent to my device. These are the steps I took. I installed the driver > opened the document that I wanted to print > chose "print to go" in printer options and then a new window popped up for me to enter my BB ID in. I did that but I never saw any where to type the code in to connect the devices. I logged in and out multiple times but still nothing happened. I am using chrome but I don't know if that matters. Anyone else having troubles? I would be happy to post this in a forum related to print to go if someone can point me in the right direction. Thanks again!

I beg to differ in terms of the Print to Go comment of the article. While it's technically correct; it should have been said that in order to use Print to Go, you must be on the same wireless network as your computer. Why is this an issue?

Well, for those of us whose work does not allow the connecting of non-supported devices nor personal devices to the network, you can not use Print to Go to send your files to your Playbook. Could you tether to your phone and then use Print to Go from your work computer to send the file to your Playbook? The answer is no.

This severely limits the usefulness of Print to Go in my opinion. Print to Go should have never been tied to the same network; rather, it should have been able to send the files to your Playbook anywhere it is located as long as its connected to Wifi period.

On another matter, does anyone know why there is no icon for Power Point within the Documents to Go app when there is one for Word and Excell files at the bottom left hand side of the screen. Documents to Go will play Power Point files (sorta) so seems strange that an icon wasn't included for it as well.

Print To Go: a lame duck, but we'll never hear that from RIM
Docs To Go: cannot create a new powerpoint so no PPT icon

Not what I would call features = RIM may market them as such!

Like most of you I've been playing away with the new update since it came out. While the review above was good at highlighting some of the new changes, I think it would have been good to also highlight some of the obvious issues in the new OS.

- If you have bridge and messages set up with the same accounts you now get two notifications in the notification bar every time you get an email.

- There is no easy way to clear all the current notification popups... you have to go into each app and "process" each item that generated the notification (if there is an easier way to do this, please let me know its driving me nuts as i get tons of email every day). A simple "x" to clear all latest notifications (a-la android ICS) would be awesome.

- BBM still seems a bit laggy in syncing with the device.

- you can't accept google apps meeting invites. (assume outlook is supported but not sure about iCal)

- bulk processing messages is hidden in the pull down menu.

- calendar scrollwheel for date/time is hard to use (ie. i can't just pick start time and specify an hour meeting. I'm getting a lot of accidental overscrolls.

- blackberry desktop has lots of issues with mediasync (ie. itunes playlist changes not refreshing, slow sync, poor search capabilities, bad multi-select).

- the apps situation is still dire. I'm still waiting for a news reader and rss podcasst listener apps that can compare to google reader and beyondpod / google listen. I'm hoping we see a lot of android ports sooner rather than later. Its clear from some of the apps that Playbook certainly has the UI and horsepower to deliver awesome potential apps.

Overall OS2 is a MASSIVE improvement on the previous release, which was frankly an embarrassment to RIM. However its clear RIM still has a lot of work to do quickly if they want to compete with android/iOS functionality.

Dual notification is dead easy to fix: There is a configuration option in your phone Bridge under Device Properties where you can enable or disable any of the phone features from the PB. If you use native email on the PB, just disable bridging email. Yes it took me a little while to find.

The nice thing is that when there is a power cut or network outage at work you can just re-enable bridging email and carry on.

Wish you could zoom the Playbook screen through remote. You probably can, I just haven't found out how. The text box keyboard is one of the most awesome features, IMHO.

Is this now Android ready?

My favorite new features from OS 2.0 are:
1. BlackBerry Remote (Magical I had my PlayBook hooked up to my TV last night used my Bold 9900 to navigate it sick, also I can send browser links, documents, pictures and more effortlessly from my BB to my PlayBook)

2. Native Email, Calendar and Contacts.. Well I didn't really need it since I sold my Galaxy S2 and bought a Bold so I was able to do everything before but the new implementation is great. Love the UI easy to use.

3. Browser / OS / Keyboard: PlayBook had one of the best mobile browser from the start but now its alot faster and so fluid. I streamed NBA game right from the browser works great. Also navigating thru the new OS is effortless it doesn't lag at all. Keyboard on the new OS is a huge improvement from the older version… it has predictive text, bit larger and works great but no shortcut option as of yet like what you would find on BB phones. I still prefer my Bold keyboard.

4. Docs To Go / Print To Go. When I had my iPad I think I paid $14.99 each for Word and Excel. Even though PlayBook came with all three Excel, PowerPoint and Word but it wasn't as useful. Now with the new update Excel has alot more functions etc... I used Print To Go today easy setup.. Love it. Nice Job.

5. This is a simple on Notification... Now finally just like my Bold when I ever I get new Email or update the notification Red Light Blinks on my PlayBook. It’s pretty addictive but its effective.

6. Android Player: Just like all the reviews Android Player works good once you get it started… RIM has even implemented a swipe gesture for multi tasking with in the Android Player. The only thing there isn’t a lot of Android Apps at the moment. Hopefully things will change I read that there are a lot of backlogs of Apps submitted so soon we’ll see a lot more apps.
What’s Missing From The New OS:

1. No universal search… There were some BestBuy leaked screen shot of a PlayBook with a search icon. Hopefully this will be coming soon. There is how ever search within apps like Email and Contacts.

2. Apps: There a lot of games trickling into the App World like DeadSpace, Angry Birds, Modern Combat, Cut The Rope but Apps like Skype, Netflix and Kindle (I know Kindle Web App Works) are still missing. I hope RIM can work with the developers to bring these apps on board. PLEASE RIM EVEN THE HP TOUCH PAD HAS SKYPE.

3. Other than that PlayBook is a great buy especially for the current price for as low as $149.00 at places… even for $199.00 I would say it’s a better buy than the Fire or Nook even dare I say any Android Tablet and for people like who me had an iPad before I still prefer my PlayBook.
Thanks for reading.

Im super happy with everything on the new OS 2.0 OTHER THAN... my BBM only works when it wants to now via BRIDGE. Im running the current version of OS 2.0 and paired with my brand new Bold 9900 running the current LEGIT 7.0 OS. BBM opens then closes right away, or opens allows me to select a contact and then closes right away, or sometimes it will allow me to actually open the message and type text and send it.... I restarted my playbook, restarted Bold... this is very frustating..

Have the BBM bug also just closes when I open it via bridge.
Little tip which works for me go the BBM on the phone and clear notifications retry has worked every time so far on mine.

Great improvement, super dedication. I am happy!


1. Native Notes like phone (that will sync with my phone notes /or outlook) but allow photo attachment for reports;
and b> Sync notes with google doc option.
2. Native Task like phone (that will sync with my phone task/or outlook)
3. Sync task with google task (like we do calendar and contacts)
4. Correct the problem with .xlt files opening
5. Print to go, I should be able to email the document

I get an error when attempting to play .mpg files. Does anyone know if there's a fix for this, or does the PlayBook not support this file type?


- have a playbook? buy a blackberry 7 phone, like - seriously


you could also buy a bb10 phone later this year, either way, if you're experiencing some kind of confusion with your playbook and can't bare that - then you simply need to acquire yourself a blackberry 7.1 or bb10 phone to pair with your playbook , it's real simple

that is all

oh, i don't care if you "love your android" or "love your iphone" - get over it - you need TOOLS not TOYS



in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere

ROFLFMAO - people, please

why is everybody whiners? why does everybody expect "perfection" - NOTHING IS PERFECT

sorry to inform you

remember Windows when it went to Windows? it was a "technology transition" and was like a bomb going off in a business, destroying stuff - that previously worked

anyways, kiddies - be patient and don't be so critical of things YOU COULD NEVER ACCOMPLISH, like creating an app or making a device or making an os or, well...... you get the picture.

the playbook is awesome, always has been, what's not awesome - are idiots (not you personally, but the idiots who're idiots, lol) - like - take a breather people - relax - maybe smoke something

i don't know what's going on in the world from another person's perspective - but i do get an idea of what people are like - just by logging into this forum from time to time

i love people - even idiots - but, now this is a huge but - people need to really watch themselves and their "me me" attitudes - it is so unbecoming

anyways, grow up - but not too much, just have fun doing it



in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere

never used skype in my life, well, wait, i did on a PSP

LMAO - what's skype? haha

phone numbers are so 90's - people actually still "phone eachother"?

oh, wait, it has "video something" so you can see the other party, so i guess it's good for long distance sexual relationships - not much else

i'm the worst devils advocate and i hate skype - i also hate netflix, hulu, and all movies and tv (except for documentaries and movies made prior to the 1980's, before cell phones and computers were in the hands of idiots)

anyways, i'm done jokin' around, or am i?


in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere


in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere

i have a ps vita, playbook, and 9810 torch - best combo ever

why? because i can perfectly utilize the 9810's 7.1 mobile hotspot feature to connect the ps vita system to the internet and use skype - no problem

know what else i get out of this combo? the best combo in the business of entertainment - a vita for skype and games (although i don't even care at all about skype, LMAO) - a playbook for tablet deadliness and - a 9810 for the ultimate in commincations and mobile modem capabilities.



in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere

the iphone doesn't allow the vita to use it as a modem, at all... just sayin' ____________________________________________________________

in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere

Very good recap of 2.0 features--helps me when anybody asks 'what exactly is new on PB?" Also, the writeup encouraged me to try native email, which I had avoided up to now. Syncing Gmail messages and contacts now, no problem. Less and less use for my faithful 9700!

I've used the PlayBook everyday since I got it in november. I never turn on my laptop. I liked the OS1 and love the OS2. Any issues that have come up in regards to performance or functionality have been in regards to tablets themselves and not just the playbook. The playbook (or any tablet for that matter) has a different experience than that of a computer, but I haven't been able to define what it is. The form factors plays into it obviously, but there are some elements missing that help to define the experience. I don't know if the playbook (or any tablet) is more like a computer or smartphone and I've spinning my wheels to try and figure it out. I think the simplicity of the tablet/smartphone apps is killing it for me. There needs to be programs that have some depth to them. I think if RIM were to change that aspect (what ever it is) they could change the game. Again its giving people what they don't know they need yet and I think that tablets are at that point where someone (hopefully RIM) could take this ball and just run away with it.

Guy Need Help Plees I Have A Problem With The App World In This New Update It Says 003-005 Error And I Have Problem With My Browser When I Opened It Crash After Like Three Second Please I Need Help Thank U

i'm getting a similar message whenever i try to update apps from app world

'003-005 Error - please retry later'

The error is still there after reboot which is frightening, so I cannot update to the new Blaq etc.

Looks like not many ppl have this pb so hopefully in the future we'll get some help

I wonder if I'm missing a setting, I use yahoo e-mail in the native message app, when I view e-mail on the PB and delete the message it does not sync with the main yahoo server and delete it from my mailbox. I.E when I log on from PC/Android Tablet it is still there. At least when bridged I could delete from the device and mailbox or just device etc. Is there a way for me to delete from PB and my server mailbox?

I was just thinking the same thing and glad to see I wasn't the only one. Kevin and the rest of the great crackberry team please please post something on this.

1. someone from the crackberry team pls inform RIM we need blackberry news outside of the US. all this regional locking of apps is just stupidly insane. I sort of understand the limitations of bbmusic but an rss reader that's region locked? seriously??

2. email needs a portrait mode (see iOS implementation for portrait mode...for a more in-house comparison see webreader when you move from landscape to portrait.

3. they absolutely need to get skype in this device, they can't possibly expect people to all have the same device just to do video chatting. do something, pay off skype/ms if you have to but you need to bring skype to the playbook.

4. better video support pls. we need to be able to skip the entire "video conversion" process to make it a really good selling point vs every other tablet out there.

5. in relation to number one on my list.....please get some real developers to port real RSS readers not those fly by night apps popping up claiming to have the next best thing in rss, news junkies would flip over the playbook's portability if it had any decent feed readers.

6. thr browser is amazing for a mobile device, the new sort of "readability" function is gorgeous...the text size, and picture placement is exactly what i want to see implemented in an RSS reader, please have your browser dev team work on an RSS reader :P

More feeds than I can possibly want here in the UK - perhaps it is just taking a day or two to roll out?

Windows 8 is most likely going to be a failure on tablets. Windows Phone barely shows up in the statistics. The only thing it will have that BB doesn't is Skype. How much do you think RIM would have to pay Microsoft for a BB Skype client? Enough to fill the cash hole?

You forgot to mention that the file manger let's you view your bridged bb files too and listen to the music through your playbook

This is a great blog and the wealth of information is totally invaluable. I appreciate the communications between members and all of their comments. I am a newbie to RIM and they ROCK. Thanks to everyone!!!!!

The new email client is a great feature but I havent found a way to set up additional email folders and it just comes with Inbox, Sent and Drafts. Has anyone found how to do this?

It seems that Skype can work on the PB but is blocked. You can log onto Skype from and even try out the Skype call testing service (record a call and hear it played back) which works flawlessly but calling contacts and Skype IDs is blocked.