BlackBerry PlayBook order showing as cancelled at Staples? You're not alone

BlackBerry PlayBook Staples Cancelled
By Adam Zeis on 1 Apr 2011 11:51 am EDT

Like many others I have placed my BlackBerry PlayBook on order at Staples. Everything was pretty straight forward aside from the ship date showing as April 13th (which we know isn't true). I've been checking my order status every day, and until yesterday all was fine and dandy as it was shown as "processing". Early yesterday however, to my surprise the order was shown as "Cancelled". Not happy. I immediately called up Staples (800-STAPLES) to find out what the issue was. The Staples rep actually had a note (for lack of a better term) with instructions regarding PlayBook orders, and I was told that the cancelled status of my order was normal for this pre-order, and it would update again in the system when the device was in stock and ready to ship. They said I could expect it to ship between April 18th and 21st, and not to worry because my "order is still in there".

So hopefully for now crisis averted, but I'm still left wondering why their system even goes that route. Have you had the same issue as myself and many others? Drop a comment letting us know your situation, then head to the forums for more discussion. 

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BlackBerry PlayBook order showing as cancelled at Staples? You're not alone


I hate these advertisements. We're bombarded enough everywhere. Is this crackberrys doing or just somebody trying to get free advertising

Mine 32 gb model is still "processing". A week ago, I tried to cancel it and reorder with a 64gb model, but they actually said that I couldn't since it was processed already. I was hopeful that maybe I'd get something early, so I didn't cancel the 32 gb. Go figure.

I think this has something to do with credit cards. In order for your credit card to be approve for the amount it has to be shipped within a time frame. ( I think 10 days).

This happened to me with an order where I used my AMEX. The company charged me but AMEX dropped the charged because of the holding status with the company and my credit card.

They can only hold the amount for a certain amount of time before it is shipped. I also know by Staples being a large company they know this which means I would not be suprised if this was a set up for RIM to how many orders they will get in advance. This is the reason why Best Buy did only a 50.00 hold and you pay the remaining when you actually purchase it.

I ordered from Best Buy and I was hoping to get this by the 19th. Has anyone asked if best buy is planning for this? If I don't get it the 19th I'll be pretty unhappy. I hope they don't just start shipping on the 19th, because I can easily go to the store and pick it up.

I have received some e-mails from Best Buy Canada about this, one said the 'release date' is April 19th and the other states that it will ship when received at the warehouse. I certainly hope I receive it on the 19th - otherwise what is the point of a pre-order?

Um pre-order means reserving one the moment it arrives in stock, not receiving it any earlier than possible. That's the point.

Amazon usually ships stuff out so that it'll arrive on the day it is released (harry Potter books -- LOL), but Best Buy probably isn't as good as Amazon at this. It's going to kill me not to get this on the 19th.

I know this post is pretty old, but just in case someone is still reading it. I just called Best Buy and they said you should receive the pre-order at your house on the 19th!!! :)

I saw that mine was cancelled as well, so I called them.
and it actually was cancelled.

they said they tried to call me to confirm something and when they didn't get a hold of me they cancelled the order.

--- I JUST got this ---

Thank you for placing your pre-order for the Blackberry Playbook,

This retail coupon offer valued at $50.00 is not applicable and cannot
be used towards the purchase of any Blackberry Playbook, it is intended
to be used for laptops.

If you wish to proceed with this offer, please let us know either by
phone or email by end of business Monday April 4th.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

We appreciate your patience concerning this matter.

Melanie, E-commerce Communication Specialist

phone : 1-877-360-8500
fax : 1-800-567-2260
url :

That is terrible! I used a $30 off coupon at and didn't get told that yet. Hope I won't get that same e-mail. Mine was just $30 off orders over $150, so no mention of laptops.

I am still fighting with them on this one. Stupid staples. If it is not a valid coupon, why was it accepted? Why are you telling us a WEEK later (for me).

Then they gave me a lame excuse that it says on the web page "coupons are not applicable for playbook"

But they changed that AFTER I ordered.
I asked them if i should check back on their website every day to see if they have added any more words to the playbook web page?

They lured the customers with coupons and then canceled them a week later. I think they should be reported to the Competition Bureau and Better Business Bureau of Canada.

I do not believe that Staples can get away with that.

If their system accepted the coupon for the playbook, whose fault is that? The consumer?
They should be happy I didn't pre-order with them, that is wrong in so many ways.
Quote a price, give a coupon, give you the final price and then come back and say the coupon wasn't valid.

Never believe them when they say "not to worry". They told us "not to worry" our $50 off coupon would be honored if it was used by march 25th, and then they canceled it a week later.

Thanks Stooples. Best Buy is far better anyway.

From Staples:

"I apologize for the confusion this matter has caused. Unfortunately the process for the preorder
Blackberry PlayBook includes the original order being cancelled for the credit pre-authorizations to
clear. The order will be replaced, billed and shipped as soon as we receive the product.

Product will ship between April 18th and April 20th. Expected delivery: 1 - 3 business days.

Thank you for this opportunity to respond to your inquiry. I hope you will continue to look to
Staples with confidence and satisfaction for all of your office supply needs.

If you would like to contact one of our representatives, please reply to this email or call us at

Customer Service Representative

phone : 1-800-333-3330
fax : 1-800-333-3199