BlackBerry PlayBook now available from Zain Bahrain

BlackBerry PlayBook now available from Zain Bahrain
By Yousif Abdullah on 28 May 2011 01:05 pm EDT

Now available at Zain Experience Shops throughout Bahrain, the BlackBerry PlayBook has finally escaped North America to find its way near the western shores of the Persian Gulf. Available at competitive prices, monthly installment purchase plans and direct discounts, the BlackBerry-loving folk of Bahrain now has the ultimate chance to get ahead of the technology race without breaking the bank.

Ammar Al Samea, Zain Bahrain's Value Added Services & Data Marketing Specialist, sees the introduction of the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet as a milestone achieved and a promise for quality offerings at affordable prices. "The Blackberry PlayBook is perfect for both business and personal use. It is your all-in-one tech device that can solve all your professional as well as your entertainment requirements! We are offering fabulous prizes and packages to offer the people of Bahrain the very best service that they expect from us," he added.

Definitely, this is huge news. Only a while ago did Europeans announce availability of the BlackBerry PlayBook, but Zain Bahrain actually upped the ante and released this bad boy to its customers. So, am I excited? You bet! Are YOU excited? Chime in on the comments!

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BlackBerry PlayBook now available from Zain Bahrain


That's really cool to hear! :)

P.S. "Arabian Gulf" could also refer to the Red Sea. Persian Gulf is both the historical and international name, so from a geographical standpoint, it is the Persian Gulf. Thanks!


Looks like the PB is finally moving offshore.........Now when is it coming to Australia.........I know we're on the bottom of the globe but does that have to mean we wait longer than every one else?

pb is available in all Arabian Gulf countries since first of May 2011. but when will have middle east support such as arabic keyboard and accessories (cases, cables, etc...?)