BlackBerry PlayBook Native Weather App First Look!

By Kevin Michaluk on 22 Mar 2011 09:46 pm EDT

Following up our look at the native calculator app on the BlackBerry PlayBook at CTIA 2011, we jumped into the new native weather app that will launch on the device. Powered by Accuweather, the weather app is nice and clean and smooth and simple to use. Pick your city, and flick through the weather. It's as easy as that. Check out the video above to see it in action!

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BlackBerry PlayBook Native Weather App First Look!


Accuweather, who cares. That is for the americans. In Canada the best weather service is The Weather Network. Accuweather only does major cities in Canada and they suck!!!

i could see accuweather making a weather app for this, they already have AIR based desktop widgets so it makes sense.
sure 3rd parties will bring their apps (if they havent already)

I paid $4.00 for Berry Weather and it's the best weather app on my 9650 Bold. Berry Weather would be a great Playbook app. I love the BW radar.
I did not see radar on this Playbook app.

I have berry weather too, and yes it's good. But seriously...unless you're a meteorologist, what do you really need radar maps for. All I want to know is the temperature and condition.

A native weather app for the PlayBook is good to me, they might finally role out Weather app for BlackBerrys from RIM. Ive been waiting on that for awhile now. Yes, I do agree BerryWeather is the best Weather app out and it should be brought to the PlayBook. But I still do want a Native app of my BB without the price (and I dont say this because Im cheap *im far from that*) :)

Anyone notice the "not" fluidness of when he was pressing the button at the bottom and how it wasn't really responding on first touch?

@Xavior, yes, except it was pilot error, not the tablet's fault. He was trying to avoid sticking his hand in front of the camera too much, and kept missing. The PlayBook will not miss a valid touch!

@Peter thanks for clarifying, was interested in picking it up and wanted to see the fidelity of the touch screen compared to the pinnacle accuracy of the apple products.