BlackBerry PlayBook native email, contacts and calendar shown off at BlackBerry Innovation Forum

PlayBook PIM Apps
By Adam Zeis on 22 Nov 2011 01:41 pm EST

During the BlackBerry Innovation Forum today, RIM took some time to show off the much anticipated native apps for the BlackBerry PlayBook. Attendees got a peek at the native email, calendar and contacts applications that are said to be part of the PlayBook Tablet OS 2.0 due out in February. The email client looks as to be expected -- messages on the left with a preview pane on the right. The calendar is much the same, showing the full month view along with a daily agenda view. The contacts app is powered by Gist which brings a ton of extra info to the contact list (you can check out more on Gist for BlackBerry here). All in all some very cool stuff, but we'll still have to wait quite a while to try it hands on. The native apps are rumored to be arriving on February 17th of next year. More images after the break.

Source: BlackBerry Cool

PlayBook PIM Apps


PlayBook PIM Apps


PlayBook PIM Apps

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BlackBerry PlayBook native email, contacts and calendar shown off at BlackBerry Innovation Forum



I've heard the BBM was going to be included, and I've heard that it was currently not possible to do BBM on the PlayBook. Any word on which is correct?

I think there was announcement that BBM will NOT be included in the Playbook when the expected date of Feb was announced.

BlackBerry Balance and yes, BBM is possible provided they fix the current technical issues beforehand. They said it wouldn't be there for Feb, but that's a case of keeping expectations low and possibly exceeding them when the time comes.

They're learning from mistakes.

This is getting better and better!!! And i Just ordered my palybook on sale yesterday at Best Buy online!!!!

It looks like they might actually stand a chance at meeting a deadline. Then again, I think it is BIS and BES that are the holdup since they were originally designed to deal with just one PIN.

Sorry, having already had this stuff in my hands on more then one occasion, images of it and it still being a couple of months away don't overly excite me. I'll be happy when February comes though. :)

Anyone who really thinks this is coming out in February needs to have their head examined. As far as I'm concerned, this is nothing more than fancy pictures of broken promises and empty dreams.

We'll see if RIM, just once in their life, can deliver on its promises and stated deadlines. Hopefully they can do so but seeing as history is a good predictor for future performance - and RIM's history of delivering anything remotely on time and as advertised is poor at best - I'd speculate that you wont see this until "a summer".

Oh - you didnt want to me specify a year did you :)

Its a stupid tablet. Just buy a nook tablet or a kindle fire. They both are supported complete and basically the same. The playbook needs to go away and RIM needs to act like it never happened.

Seriously, you're wrong and you're bitter.

Maybe you should go away as you're adding nothing but hate to this forum. At least with that comment.

Try to be more constructive next time please, otherwise Mods? si vous plait?

OK?? I guess you know what is best for RIM. I like my PlayBook. I think it works great. I can use it to read books and magazines (zinio over the browser). Stream Amazon and internet videos (flash). I can get free 3g through my phone. Get email, bbm, im, etc. What exactly is the problem? The nook and kindle tablets are fine, but I would rather keep my PlayBook and I hope RIM keeps pushing it. It is a great device.

Yea the playbook is a bigger fail than the storm, they can give this thing away, slashing 100-200 off buy one get two free...smh

start over

Any word on whether it is going to be a simple/boring UI or whether TAT will have anything to do with prettying it up?

Looks good. Can't wait for this! Will enjoy my new PB for a few months and will feel new again come February!

Looks like my 64GB PB for $229 that will be in before christmas is right on time for this :D can't wait and I'm so glad I didn't get 1 at launch!

Things keep looking better and better, I find myself carrying around my PB more often despite already owning an iPad and a experimental tablet of which I'm still working on a OS for.

One thing I really hope RIM works on is the keyboard. Adding auto-punctuation and a bit of spell checking on the fly would be wonderful implemented system wide. If my old defunct unused Curve 8310 can do it, why not this tiny beast of a tablet.

agreed, the only reason i dont carry the pb around is because i find it absolutely insane to type the message on my pb then save it and do a spell check on my phone. I have to see spell check on this device soon. also email search could be quicker and more robust.

Well I'd love to be optimistic, but we did see a demo of Native apps at BBW back in May and they were scrapped and redone. Hopefully we see them on February 17th, but I'm going to assume we won't.

Looking forward to the outrage when people find out the native email, contacts and calendar are going to be using ActiveSync and not Blackberry Push technology……….

I was going to ask about that.

I can't say I'm completely happy about it using ActiveSync, and it should worry people who've become dependent on BES and it's tools for provisioning, policy enforcement and such. ActiveSync isn't in the same league.

On the other hand, it takes away a big, dirty single point of failure.

Looks nice. Guess I'll see what they come up with in February.
In the meantime, I already have email, calendar, contacts, BBM, Notes, and files. Today (for months actually). Bridge works wonderfully.

I just wish RIM would more the secure and unique pairing of the BB and PB.

Will be glad the see the new apps though, to address the needs of others.

I'm excited for the update but with all said and done, there has to be some advertising when it happens. I have talked a couple of people to buy playbooks and they had no idea how much it can do. I mean advertising that it has flash to the common folk is not going to hack it. They need to push on the stuff that puts the other tablets to shame, and trust me it isn't the flash for how much I like it.

It looks great and since I got mine on release day, anticipation and expectation will turn into realization!! Oh the joy!

I like the Bridge and Playbook combination! I presume that, after it's released, the native suite can be turned off and that I'll be able to continue to rely on my phone's e-mail, contacts, to-do list, calendar etc via the Bridge.

I'm glad to see this finally happening, but I do think RIM has a lot of work ahead of them if they want to have an impact on marketshare..

And for gods sake can we please invest some money on the UI? Android 4.0, iOS & even HP's WebOS look amazing..

When you have so much competition everything needs to be perfect, from user experience to User Interface Design..

Hire some real designers..

I agree. These apps don't look like they have the TAT touch. I don't see why they didn't just use the Trails app shown off at DevCon for the email, calendar, and contact UI. The drop down menus scream 1996 websites.

They have the talent in-house with TAT, but my guess is that they are working on the phone UI rather than the Playbook. The standard menu items need to be more modern and contemporary to win consumers. They shouldn't look at simply copying the feature set from the past to the new devices. There's no reason that an email app shouldn't download the full email with pictures as default. Sure, give me the option to only load the content but the out of the box experience should look beautiful rather than optimized for data usage (although I don't know what they are concerned about when the Playbook only has Wifi??) If I have a LTE phone, downloading emails are not an issue and it isn't a big data usage issue...

"...the out of the box experience should look beautiful rather than optimized for data usage (although I don't know what they are concerned about when the Playbook only has Wifi??)"

Possibly due to bridge connection? Not sure how much extra data I am eating while being bridged and surfing. But yeah that probably doesn't sell as well versus the average person seeing pretty bells and whistles out the starting gate.

"There's no reason that an email app shouldn't download the full email with pictures as default. Sure, give me the option to only load the content but the out of the box experience should look beautiful rather than optimized for data usage (although I don't know what they are concerned about when the Playbook only has Wifi??)"

Could this possibly be a result of security issues? I know that with using browser-based email clients, downloading images or other embedded media can expose your account and the device you're using to malicious files. I'm not sure if this is simply RIM continuing to cater to their business/government-based customers? Either way, the average user would still benefit from this feature, even if it seems tedious. But downloading the entire email I agree with.

In the electronic shops here in the GTA I have come across many moms and dads asking about that BB PlayBook presumbly to be put under the Christmas tree and at these firesale prices ..why not !. Hopefully Rim will know how to promote these new features and promise a free update to OS 2.0 during the festive season. Might even get a few new BB converts if they play their cards right this time.

I would like to see Netflix and Kindle on the PB. Native email? Well, I have bridge and frankly there isn't much chance I'd be away from my phone using the PB for email. When there is native calendar and contacts, would this sync with the phone? If not, its redundant, IMHO. I like the PB for the ability to play flash and HDMI to a larger screen. Hoping the February update is awesome.

Next question: now that we're supposedly getting native PIM apps (like BlackBerries have had for a decade), can we also get autocorrect (like BlackBerries have had for a decade) since we'll presumably be typing stuff now?

You know what would be awesome? If they made a Dock that had Full size SD card slot, about 3 or 4 Full size USB (idk if 3.0 is possible), AND Full size HDMI out. Then you could connect the PB to a 24" monitor and work or play out of it via a Bluetooth or USB Keyboard and Mouse! That would be legendary! Oviously tey would have to enable USB hosting but it would ROCK! Are you listening RIM? I just gave you an idea to something the others haven't done yet but soon enough someone will come up GET MOVING.

You know, the more I think of this, the more I'm inclined to think that I wont use any of these apps/features. As another poster said, rarely am I away from my phone and if I really need to drop an email, I'm inclined to do so from the phone then my Playbook. Even now, I rarely access my email, calendar, or any of the Bridge Apps as I find it more efficient to simply use my phone.

Granted, not everyone is like me and I'm sure being able to advertise "it does email now" will go a long way to stop the constant whinning from the Playbook's distractors. But the more I use my tablet, the less I want to use email on it. I actually like not having another device to which my email can be accessed.

But as for spell check, mkv suport, AD2P, and the official Blackberry Bluetooth keyboard - I say bring it on. Following that, the ability to wirelessly connect to a wireless LCD projector would also be sweet - sending power point through the tablet to the projector without wires would simply be too cool!!!!!!

I went to the BlackBerry innovative forum in NJ and it might not look so much different or better in those pictures, but honestly there are a lot of features that make the contacts, calander, and email better. Someone asked about the briefcase, I don't know if anyone answered but that's only there when your connected using BlackBerry balance. For anyone that will be using that feature it works really well with making sure your "work" files, emails amd sucharent able to get mixed up with your Personal stuff, very secure. You will need a second passwoed to enter your business files and certain apps/programs that are work related. There will also be a new section in app world for business apps, and also where apps your IT department pushes work apps to your device. There will be some optional apps that you might want to downloas but then decide you want. to delete which is fine. Then there are mandatory apps that cannot be deleted.Its really pretty cool. There is so much new stuff they went over mostly enterprise, but a lot for consumers also. One of my favorite new features is in the calander App. When you open up your calander you will notice that the size of the numbers are bigger than others according to how much stuff you have planned for that date. For example if you have nothing planned on yoir calander for Nov.20,21,&22 but you have a real busy day on the 23rd the number 23 will be a lot bigger then the dates you have nothing planned. If you only have one or two things planned on another date the number of that date would only be a little bigger then the normal default size. Well I hope you guys were able to understand the way I explained it, I'm falling asleep as we speak. I was glad I decided to attend the forum it showed me RIM has some nice added features coming in the (hopefully soon) future! Keep up the good work!