BlackBerry PlayBook Native Email and PIM Video Demo!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 3 May 2011 10:51 am EDT

Here it is folks... a video sneak peek of native email and PIM apps on the BlackBerry PlayBook!! RIM showed it off during their BlackBery World Keynote today, and working with BIS and BES, this is the full native email and PIM experience you'd find on a BlackBerry Smartphone on the PlayBook. 

Sure, it would have been nice if this was on the PlayBook at launch, but what's done is done and it's coming and it'll be here soon. RIM says this summer, and it makes sense that it will be available as the radio versions of the PlayBook hit the market. Hit the video above for a first look!

Reader comments

BlackBerry PlayBook Native Email and PIM Video Demo!!


To be honest it looks quite dry and you can totally see they still need a lot of work to be done.
Why the heck is everyone cheering and clapping when this is something that should have been a part of the release from the day one.

awesome news! with this now almost completed, RIM knockers will probably move on to something else minor like BING integration.

Looking good and smooth.

I do wish we could make / answer calls and hear voicemails via BB Bridge in the future.

They are doing that, At least I think they are. Has anyone else noticed that when you compase and email trhough the bride the border along the two sides of the email now looks like a desktop blotter (Cloth-like). Maybe that was always true but I didn't notice it until the latest OS upgrade.


As long as they bring everything over to the wi-fi versions.. anything that doesnt 'need' the RIM NOC. Although a calendar/email w/o the NOC kind of defeats the whole "unified experience", at least having pull email for personal accounts without a blackberry would be nice.

So how will this actually work ? Will it sync with my BB or will i end up having copies of my e-mail on BB, Playbook & Laptop on BIS ?

It will likely sync through the BES, if you have a BES/BIS account. If you don't won a blackberry it probably works like every other email client out there.

I would say it is still a good thing. This way you don't always have to have your blackberry on you to check your email.

Might mean less for business users during the day, but for consumers it is a good thing. Plus it makes it more marketable for users that don't have a BB.

the only time my blackberry is not beside me is when im in the shower.

when i sleep its at arm's length

Agree with all of you but I'd rather have it on there since when I bring up the email now it take time to "build" the stuff since everytime you do anything all it is doing is "creating" what's on the Playbook. It's pretty nifty technology but I'd rather not have the delay.

I'm happy now but this would make me happier.

If they got rid of the lags across the bridge then I agree pretty much no value to BB users.

I think it looks a bit spartan to be honest, there's still no flagging on the server, no move to folder button that I can see (for IMAP).

Calendar is plain, definitely still limited to one account (i.e Google Sync lumps them all into one account.)

Did anyone see the demo of the Palm/HP calendar? I was hoping for something much more akin to that experience. The mail too to be honest.They have flag and move and a much better search since 2009.

It isn't a commercial product without proper mail and calendar integration - that's multiple calendars mapped and proper IMAP support. This is as limited as Bridge.

I just want email on my playbook now..

I don't have a blackberry that i want to use.. My iphone is still superior to the 9780... Why not release the mail client now with OUT bis or bes support so i can just use email already.

My ipad is collecting dust, but i still have to use my phone for email..


You login to BIS and setup all your email addresses. For BB I login to BIS and setup my yahoo, hotmail, gmail addresses.

My iphone is still superior to the 9780.

Them is fighting words... :)

It isn't long now anyway. Didn't someone say they were selling the 4G Version on May 31 or something???

This is definitely a good first step :) I hope they expand it beyond BIS/BES to allow for syncing mail with yahoo/google/imap/pop as well. and multiple calendars, Given the direction seen on the new BB OS7 with the personal/private this might be planned.. :)

You login to BIS and setup all your email addresses. For BB I login to BIS and setup my yahoo, hotmail, gmail addresses.

I just hope that it's not only for those 3G/4G models & that the WiFi models will also get this update as well. It's looking good & making me want a Playbook more & more. Can't save the money fast enough, LOL. Just wish AT&T would get in gear with the whole "Bridge situation!"

It seems that the native email app is a java app --- "blackberry player" was listed as the title on the bottom of the card view and there is no multitasking when the demo went from email to calender to contacts.

I'm wondering if this will be sandboxed and encrypted, unlike the rest of the Playbook (unless you're using the bridge with a BES account).

Loving it !!!!
I hear that these things are going to replace the stero systems in cars for the 2013 models .... is that true?

Haha check out the TAT vid put up today, RIM doesn't need to copy anyone because with TAT all others will soon be eating RIM's dust!