BlackBerry PlayBook Native Clock App First Look!

By Kevin Michaluk on 22 Mar 2011 11:24 pm EDT

Following up on our CTIA 2011 quick looks at the BlackBerry PlayBook's native calculator and weather apps, next we dive into the PlayBook's native clock application. Tapping open the app there's a sense of recognition of the clock app as it is on BlackBerry Smartphones running OS 4.6 or greater (the black background, etc.), but from there you quickly realize this app has been seriously overhauled. Instead of being hidden behind the menu key, the Timer and StopWatch sub-apps are found easily on the main clock screen. And one feature that I REALLY love is the ability to create multiple clocks (different time zones, etc.)  and set multiple alarms. Very cool and very handy. 

On a side note, one of the things I re-realized today is the importance of the down swipe from the top on the BlackBerry PlayBook and BlackBerry Tablet OS. With the PlayBook not having a menu key as is in place on the traditional BlackBerry Smartphone OS, all of your off-screen/non-displayed options are become visible when you swipe down from the top. This gesture-based way of doing things is really nice as it maximizes screen real estate and keeps apps looking clean, but the trick is you do need to think/remember to do that quick swipe down in apps to see what options are available. If you never swipe down, you could miss a lot! 

Be sure to check out the video above for a closer look at the BlackBerry PlayBook's native clock app. Enjoy! 

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BlackBerry PlayBook Native Clock App First Look!


Did you all just noticed Kevin sneaking in a ' cooking ' tip?
I need to get my hands on a Playbook so I can lure Kev into my house and make him some eggs for me in the morning! Making anything more than coffee is out of the question for myself.

Awww Kev... you know I love you but your advice on eggs is all wrong! Place eggs in cold water bring to a rolling boil for 3 mins. Turn off heat and let rest for another 2 mins. That is hard boiled egg perfection without the green sulphur ring around the yolk. :-D

I just tried your egg advice..... and I dont know what kind of hard boiled eggs you eat but I like "hard boiled" eggs not "sorta runny in the middle" eggs : )

Nice native clock though same with the weather app I cant wait till I get my 32GB Playbook!

Keep up the good work Kevin.....PlayBook is looking better and better. The more gadgets the better. Does it scramble eggs? :)

It actually depends on where you are as to how long it will take. Here in Alberta water boils at a lesser temperature then Ontario because the altitude difference. Water boils at 100 degrees celsius at sea level. In Alberta, I think 95 degrees. It takes us about 10 min for a hard boiled egg. 7 min for a soft boiled.
Just sayin'