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BlackBerry PlayBook Music App & 7 Digital Music Store on the BlackBerry PlayBook

By Kevin Michaluk on 18 Apr 2011 12:17 pm EDT

Media App Preview: A quick video look at the native music listening and purchase experience on the BlackBerry Playbook

If you've been wondering what the native music listening and music purchasing process is like on the BlackBerry PlayBook, you'll want to check out the video above which walks through the Music app and 7Digital Music Store which both come preloaded on the BlackBerry PlayBook.

The 7Digital Music Store app allows you to easily purchase songs and download them over the air directly to the PlayBook, from which they are transferred into the Music app for listening. Note, you will have to setup an account with 7Digital for this (I'm waiting anxiously for the day where I can also use my BlackBerry ID to buy music and videos and not just apps). And as is the case with BlackBerry Smartphones, you can also sync over your iTunes music via Desktop Manager software (you can also drag files onto the PlayBook when connected via usb cable to a computer or over WiFi thanks to WiFi File Sharing).

One of things I really like about the PlayBook is the way music controls have been integrated into apps via the status bar. When you have music playing in the background and are in a non-music app, you can diaganol swipe from the corner of the top bezel to bring up the status bar, which will now have a music button on it, allowing you to pause and skip tracks. Of course you can use the physical buttons too, but I'm finding I tend to forget about them as I'm fixated on the touch display. Check out the video above to see get a solid overview of the app!



First!!! Good walk through


Death From Above - nice!


lmao! Quote (i don't need no Beotch)lol...nice vid,cant go a day without my music


Hi Guys

I bought playbook two days ago. I am in love with it. I cant find Music store in my playbook. I thought it is pre-installed! I cant find it in the AppWorld either. I bought my playbook in Singapore, do you think Music store is not supported in Singpaore? Please help. Thanks.