BlackBerry PlayBook Mobile Tour - Get up close and personal with the BlackBerry PlayBook

BlackBerry PlayBook Mobile Tour
By Bla1ze on 2 May 2011 08:48 pm EDT

If you've not had the chance to pick up and play with a BlackBerry PlayBook then you may be in luck. RIM  has announced the BlackBerry PlayBook Mobile Tour which kicks off tomorrow, Tuesday, May 3rd from 9 AM to 5 PM, in New York’s Herald Square (Broadway and 34th Street). The PlayBook Mobile Tour is a tractor trailer completely outfitted to create an immersive PlayBook experience. Visitors will be able to:

  • Sit in the PlayBook Theater and watch a video showcasing all the benefits of the tablet
  • Get hands on at one of the demo stations to get a hands on tutorial of the stand out features of this powerful, ultra portable 7” tablet, including true multitasking, uncompromised web browsing with full Adobe Flash, rich multimedia and numerous apps from AppWorld designed specifically for PlayBook
  • Visit the bridging station and experience BlackBerry Bridge™, allowing secure access to BBM™, email, calendar, contacts, memo pad, tasks from your BlackBerry smartphone

Head on over to the BlackBerry PlayBook Mobile Tour site for more details and to see if your city is listed as one of the venues.

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BlackBerry PlayBook Mobile Tour - Get up close and personal with the BlackBerry PlayBook


RIM please add zoom to the video camera and while you're add it please add OoVoO, Yahoo Messenger and Skype to the list so we're not just stuck only able to do Playbook to Playbook voice/video calls. Also, Please add a dock like the rapid charging dock that has full size USB, HDMI and SDHC slot, as well the ability to connect and sync with the computer. Lastly, please let us connect external Hard drive, video camera or printer to the PB so that we can transfer/copy/view files on the PB.