The BlackBerry PlayBook makes an appearance in Pitbull's latest video

BlackBerry PlayBook makes an appearance in Pitbull's latest video
By Michelle Haag on 11 May 2011 04:40 pm EDT

We have seen music videos in the past showing a BlackBerry Bold and a BlackBerry PlayBook, and now a new video by Pitbull has been released showing off a PlayBook in action once again. The song is called Give Me Everything and features Ne-Yo, Afrojack, and Nayer as well. You can see a woman using the PlayBook to view surveillance cameras beginning around the 1:40 mark, and several times throughout the rest of the video. You can check out the video above, or if you prefer there are some screenshots after the break. Thanks to everyone that sent this in!

BlackBerry PlayBook makes an appearance in Pitbull's latest videoBlackBerry PlayBook makes an appearance in Pitbull's latest videoBlackBerry PlayBook makes an appearance in Pitbull's latest video

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Aw yea!! I'd much rather look at the screenshots hehe thanks for those :-p


I watched that video twice and I couldn't tell whether that was a Playbook or just any other tablet.


You missed the RIM logo on the back?

Michelle Haag

...And in the first screenshot it says BlackBerry on the tablet under her thumb. It's totally a PB.


I saw it on the screenshot, but not during the video.


Saw it this morning and was amazed that a PB was used in the video!


does anyone know the name of the software she is using for the survallance cameras.


its called "adobe after effects" ;)


and it was Pitbull all night long!


I think I found my new fav club jam ;)


I've noticed quite a few videos on with PBs. black eyed peas have a few videos on there showing off the PB.


The Blackberry Playbook!

For all your nondescript tablet needs!


Too bad its a commercial for Voli and kodak as well. Cheapens it in my opinion. I think they should have had five more products showcased.


Really... Kodak!


I've already been using my Playbook to keep on eye on my surveillance cameras around the house, but as I've posted in forums, they need to add the option of "never" when it comes to the screen timing out since when monitoring the cameras if there is no interaction with the Playbook the screen goes black after 5 minutes and I hate having to interact with the Playbook in order to see my camera views. I access my cameras thru a WiFi network connection, so I can do this from anywhere in the world as long as I have internet access. Love my Playbook and my dad who is 70 years old loves his.


Wow. That is huge. It's a classy video, and the PlayBook makes it even more classier.
It just goes to show you that 'cool' people have the cool stuff.

BTW - The video is pretty catchy. Great job Pit Bull ... and RIM.


if you check out Jessie J's new video nobodys perfect you see a blackberry playbook dangling in front of her face.


Indeed you are correct. At first I just seen a lot of BlackBerries with colorful mouths, then I finally got to see the back of the PB.


They need to make the logo light up