BlackBerry PlayBook Live Demo! [video and photos]

By Kevin Michaluk on 25 Oct 2010 02:17 pm EDT

It's a big week again for the BlackBerry PlayBook! If you were thinking the DevCon PlayBook announcement was smoke and mirrors due to the fact we didn't see a live demo, you can now rest easy knowing that the BlackBerry PlayBook is the real deal, and looks like it's going to kick some serious tablet ass.

RIM's Founder and Co-CEO Mike Lazaridis was on hand today at the Adobe Air Max conference, where he showed off the BlackBerry PlayBook LIVE on stage. We caught some of the screen caps from the livestream (see below) and we've got a partial video of the demo above (thanks bizbuzz3). Hopefully we'll have even more video soon. All I can say is WOW. Based on the DevCon hype we've had high expectations for the PlayBook and what the new BlackBerry Tablet OS will be able to deliver, and based on this demo it's looking like the end product is going to be SWEET. The full flash support and REAL multi-tasking seriously makes the iPad/iOS operating system look more like a kid's toy. It was pretty awesome to see Lazaridis start playing a full screen video, then minimize it back to the homescreen and watch it still keep playing while moving around the homescreen. 

BIG NEWS too... RIM is taking apps seriously here, with Lazaridis announcing that developers who submit PlayBook apps and get them approved into App World will get a FREE BlackBerry PlayBook. OHHH BABY!!! Heck, back stage, even Martha Stewart said she loved the PlayBook. Check out the photos below and stay tuned for more!

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BlackBerry PlayBook Live Demo! [video and photos]


Its not going on any current phone. They have said it will come to their phones later on. Who knows, maybe they'll surprise everyone and have it on the next Storm? But its for sure coming to their handhelds just a matter of when.

This and Meego are what Im interested in.

Looking good so far from the screen caps. I'm anxious to actually see a video of it being used. I think RIM might actually have a winner here with that QNX OS for the Playbook. Now the next (logical) step, if the PlayBook is a success, would be to put that OS on the smartphones.

Umm cause she was in prison. You dont say no to people who have done hard time unless you want to get shanked.

So it seems like when he swipes left/right starting from the bezel it goes to app switcher mode. When he swipes from the bottom up, starting from the bezel it goes to the home screen.

Neat. Now all I need is an idea for an Adobe Air app.

I used to read the comic strip 'Herman' religiously as a kid and his profile is EXACTLY like one of the characters drawn on there......and when I see him bob his head I hear a mackaw somehow......not sure why.

And the Playbook is sweet.

Jobs probably got words that Playbook will be shown at MAX that was why he went on attack mode against RIM and Android. The world will soon see whether we all need to file down our fingers to use a 7" tablet.

Hahaha, and next year Playbook 2 running on a Quad Cortex A15 processor vs. iPad 2 crawling on a dual-core.

QNX will RULE !

"we're not trying to dumb down the internet for a small mobile device, what we are trying to do is bring up the performance and the capability of the mobile device to the internet."

I know its targeted at most smart phone manufacturers, but I can't help but revel at the apple shot.

does anyone follow martha stewart on twitter maybe we can ask her how was the playbook maybe we can get more info

It looks like it will be a good device. Don't see the need to denigrate the iPad though. I LOVE mine, and am hardly anywhere without it. Think the size is perfect. I use my blackberry for some things, iPad for others. Wouldnt want to give up either one.

Wish they had shown a different video - the BB video has too much "black" lead in time, and actually makes video rendering look slower that it actually was.

I can't wait anymore to do hands on this.iPad doesn't really help our Business as we are struglling from 3 months on how to make it secured,how to push apps..iPad is a great consumer device but BB Playbook will fit in our Business the best.As we don't need to worry about security.

Also the OS looks awesome.RIM please release it soon..

I cant wait to get hands on with this baby it looks great and specs rock hope rim folows with the storm 3 like this!!!!!!!

I WILL have one. Period. And I will buy the first phone device with QNX as well. Finally RIM has pulled a rabbit out of the hat and the future is exciting!

I really am looking forward to the Playbook.

But I am hoping that I will be able to do the following: (i) put copies of my teaching notes, in pdf format, on the device so that I can teach from the playbook instead of carrying my notes around with me; and

(ii) have the option of putting powerpoint presentations on it and hooking the device up to a projector (wirelessly would be cool but physical connections are alright to).

Basically, I'm interested in using the Playbook as a teaching tool in class. If it can do that, I would be happy as clam.

From a more personal stand point; as long as I can use MSN messenger; access e-books, magazines; and so forth, it would be great.