BlackBerry PlayBook Launching in 16 Additional Markets Over Next 30 Days!

BlackBerry PlayBook
By Kevin Michaluk on 10 Jun 2011 07:21 am EDT

Research In Motion announced via a press release today that it plans to launch the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet in an additional 16 markets around the world over the next 30 days.

The BlackBerry PlayBook is scheduled to launch in the following countries:

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Hong Kong

This is definitely great news for those you of living outside of North America who have waiting to get your hands on RIM's first tablet. The wait is almost over!

Reader comments

BlackBerry PlayBook Launching in 16 Additional Markets Over Next 30 Days!


Still no Brasil?? Largest country in Latin America people?? What on Earth is going on with RIM??

Gee yeah, let android dominate in here, way to go RIM.

Yeah, I don't understand either why still not in Brasil.

But when I look at those country's, al our surrounding country's are on the list, except for Belgium, I don't see a reason why.

I think it is based on the number of BB handhelds sold in the countries, there are many more BBs sold in Venezuela than in Brasil. Actually, Venezuela is for RIM the biggest market in LATAM due to number of devices sold per year.

hopefully well get an update so they add the language support other wise it will be a fiasco for alot of the releases.

OMG - worst idea ever at the current state of software bugs and bridge-issues (BBM crashes 99% of the times I use it due to "special characters" in my contacts profile name which are super-common in Asia!!!! unless I close all chats with people who have special character for their names, which is almost everyone, I can't get a working connection. And it crashes immediately on a message from any of those people)

Asia is gonna hate the PB for missing input characters etc... I think RIM is in big **** if they don't have a BIG update until then.

Seems like they're rushing it again.

Maybe RIM one day understands that he rest of the world puts the day before the month - or would that be a cultural shock?

I think RIM made a big judemental error.
Instead of putting all these resources in qnx for the playbook and the playbook itself. They shoudl have focussed on their phones first and made qnx phones vaialable this year. Then bring out the PB next year ,working perfectly, having an app infrastructure already in place.
Becausen wo they are failing on both ends, they fai lwith the playbook and are chasing potential buyers away. And also they are upsetting their loyal fanbase who are dying for a proper phone by bringing out these semi-upgrades liek the 9900, wich they will drop next year for dual core qnx phones.

Somebody needs to be fired over there.

excited for pb in Indonesia, really-really looking forward to know will it sell as good as the phone?

and really want to know how much the price when it officially launch here

anyway i do agree, RIM need to put up the game on their hanheld. seems like their loosing it now..

I'm in Indonesia - and people here will not like the device at current state. Buggy, crashy and lacking one of the most essential part for Asian customers: GAMES.

"Buggy, crashy and lacking one of the most essential part for Asian customers: GAMES".

Maybe you shouldn't have bought your playbook on the street. Cause it sounds like you have a playboook not a playbook.

I've experienced < 5 app crashes each time was a bridge app. And I just counted about 500 games in "Action", "Cards" and "Puzzles" categories. I didn't bother to count the other 7 categories of games on PlayBooks AppWorld.

Dramatic much?

What are you talking about?

There is no good games on AppWorld - all the major titles are missing, except for NFS and Tetris - hurray.

And it's not enough to keep the crowd bound - even Angry Birds got announced by RIM as one of the titles to come - why do you think they did that??

And how many games have you purchased? Because if you really expect people to believe out off probably over 1000 games NFS and Tetris are the only good ones you're crazy.

Again you're being dramatic here and whats worse is you're assuming everyone likes the same types of games as you.

"Keep the crowd bound", I think you may need to re-think what constitutes the BlackBerry crowd. Because it's sure not gonna be games that keep them bound. Don't forget "Professional Tablet", NOT "Professional Gaming Device".

P.S. if Angry Birds is honestly what you consider to be a good game then you can find 1,000 games just like it on the net. And for free.

Hey crackberry...

Is this screenshot the newest one from RIM?? - have you noticed the new icons? They look different. Or is it old?

Since day one my playbook has worked perfectly. I have only restarted it once to cure a freeze. My bridge has worked without flaw and there are great games available. Jeez people CHILL

Hey Kev does this mean i will finally be able to have the bb app world on my playbook here in Senegal (west africa) as i bought mine in the states but cant download any apps on it. i believe here we share the same internet zone as europe.

the playbook was built for business purposes first, media and gaming second (much like the bb smartphones). anyone too dense to realize this should look at the abundance of business related apps available from day one and if youre still gonna complain, go get an ipad and nurture your below average intellect. rim made its money through business solutions, and thats where their focus will stay

Not being funny but have you actually used an iPad recently? IWorks blows Docs to go out the water as do many many other apps, business, music, gaming. There is no comparison.

Mine is available on UK eBay now if you don't want to wait. I have had enough of the rubbish apps. Comes with Otterbox and Bluetooth mouse and keyboard!!!

blockheads and doodle blast are def my favorite games. nfs is money too. good things are definitely on the way

Tai um negócio que eu não entendo.... com todo o respeito aos diverssos Países citados como previsto lançamento do Playbook.... Será que a Venezuela e a Colombia tem mercado consumidor para Playbook maior que o do Brasil ??? Vou continuar aguardo o Playbook, espero que a RIM não demore tanto.


Tai a business I do not understand .... with all respect to diverssos Countries cited as planned launch of the Playbook .... Does Venezuela and Colombia have Playbook for the consumer market larger than that of Brazil?? I will continue to await the Playbook, I hope that RIM does not take much.

OMG!!! Indonesia & Singapore but not Malaysia? What's up with that RIM? Malaysia has more BB users than both Indonesia & Singapore but RIM is not launching it here? I'm glad I pre-ordered mine from the US of A...

I really hope the by "launch", they mean selling a fully-ready product... I like BB alot because of their products' practicality, but the quality (and designs) of native apps seems to just staying where they were.

By far, there is still zero buzz about Playbook here in Hong Kong so I am curious of how much bang (or at least, noise) it can generate when it starts selling.

I am going to get one anyways, see how can it fit into my personal/family, as well as business use. However, hopefully it will come with all necessary native apps installed (and polished), and, for the loveof god, please don't fumble on the marketing...