Invite only BlackBerry PlayBook launch event Thursday April 14th in New York City

BlackBerry PlayBook NYC Event
By Adam Zeis on 6 Apr 2011 08:03 pm EDT

This one just came into the tip line and it looks like things are gearing up on the BlackBerry PlayBook launch front. It's been over 6 months since the PlayBook was first announced and I'm sure RIM has been working overtime on this one and are ready to let loose for an evening. As we close in on launch day, RIM is holding an invite only event next Thursday in New York City to kick things off. Not much is noted in the invite but it's a safe bet there will be plenty of food, drink and PlayBook demos for those that are lucky enough to get an invite. At under two weeks until launch a party to celebrate the release is long overdue. 

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Invite only BlackBerry PlayBook launch event Thursday April 14th in New York City


Great another event where consumers can't touch it.

My interest is waning a tad esp with the confusion with BIS on bb and web browsing on the playbook, hopefully this event my clear up some crap for those lucky to go. At least they acknowledge putting usb otg on there eventually.

Otherwise I'm sure it'll be a good event - one of the better tablets out there.

Who is going to the Toronto event on the 18th?

To zensen - there will be lots of Playbooks floating around for people to use...

Maybe it's just me but I think this in a subtle way an answer to the biggest question regarding Playbook battery life ...

Looking forward to any outstanding doubts being put to bed.

now if you dont reside in New York City,and you travel there just for this lunch. (your the ultimate blackberry fan)

Last time this type of event happened in NYC, the attendees walked out with Torch in hand...

How about being able to sign up for a "chance" to get an invite for the event? That would be awesome. I would definitely make the trip!

These events are more for reviewers (think cnet, crackberry, gizmodo, etc.) and high profile clientelle in the tech industry and industry partners. You MAY be able to get an invite outside of this circle but not likely.

There is actually one on the 11th in NYC, also invite only. Crossing fingers that I walk out with a playbook :)