BlackBerry PlayBook Launch Day Is Here! Now Fly into Orbit with your Friends at CrackBerry!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 19 Apr 2011 12:01 am EDT
BlackBerry PlayBook Launch Day

The day so many of us have been waiting for is finally here. It's April 19th, which means you can run to the store and pick up your brand spanking new BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. Unbox it, fondle it, power it up and play with it, then be sure to jump back onto You'll want to sound off in our PlayBook forums and chime in on the official I Got My PlayBook thread, pick up some PlayBook cases and accessories in our store (we always appreciate your support!), and start downloading stuff for your PlayBook, like apps, games, and wallpapers, and if you need some help or want the latest PlayBook news, we have that too.

Happy PlayBook Launch Day!!!!

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BlackBerry PlayBook Launch Day Is Here! Now Fly into Orbit with your Friends at CrackBerry!!


Picking mine up with the first poster. in full flash! Hi Treatz, Milan, Lee, Jorg, Dante, Dave and Simon. #pro

I have mine pre-ordered but there is no way I'm going to wait to have it shipped. I'm heading to Staples @ 8am. They will be company owned so some lucky employee will get a nice surprise.

I don't see how it is possible for the playbook to live up to my expectations. I have never anticipated a tech device as much as this. I don't know how it happened but this device is going to have to give me a blow job to make me satisfied. RIM, please don't demo a device 7 months prior to launch again!!!

Got mine today at 7am at staples no pre-order.I,m actually posting this with it now. Love it but, found it to lag while i was simply writing this message. There are many simple things that are missing i wont name them all I'm sure you will notice them yourselves, but heres the first "voicenotes " app records with a great sound,I can easily delete them but can't find the way to change there names for the life of me. 2. "Pictures" looks and feels great but when you are in a folder of pictures you can't simply back out into folders, you need to exit the app andthenreopen it to reach the folder page. Again these are simple issues to be fixed with updates withintime.

Thank you RIM.

Pre-order mine on BEST BUY, FIRST AND LAST TIME I do this, because it seems that I will have to wait to have my Playbook on my hands! I can't cancel the order and buy one tomorrow on any store so I will have to wait!!!! :(

A restock fee, I ordered a 64gb, going to buy a 16 tomorrow and then reset it and give it a Christmas when I get my 64. No way Best Buy is going to stop me from enjoying April 19th!!!!

Right, just sell the extra one someplace where it hasn't been released yet, like all the people who bought iPad's and shipped them overseas for twice the price.

I'm giving the 16GB to my GF, wil be good when BBM video is up. We live together but both travel a lot.

I do hope they get Skype though.

BTW have my 16GB now, love it no regrets.

1 more sleep ! On second thought .... break out the coffee ... I can't sleep.

Maybe I should form a line!

Now ... EVERYONE ... Go out and Buy a Playbook. I want to hear about your experiences and reviews. I will have mine !

Yes, finally!!!!!! Wow like Kevin said, I haven't felt this excited since Christmas when I was a young kid, many many years ago!!

It doesn't really matter but I hope analysts are surprised at the turn out for the Playbook... Today!!

Just played with a friend's pre-release unit (he works for Bell) and it's nice. Yes, half of the features weren't working because they were locked-out (no Bridge in AppWorld and I couldn't tether with Rogers - yet) but the browser was sweet and fast and the HD video is amazing.

Ohh and don't you worry about the size. It fits nicely in the hand. Thumbing typing in protrait is like on a normal BB. Who cares if it's 7-inches. The thing is sitting less than a foot from your face.

I'll be grabbing my 32 GB tomorrow. Maybe I'll get it at Staples. Nobody cool shops at Staples, so I'm sure there will be plenty to buy. :)

I hope tomorrow goes my way, I had an order to have my PlayBook delivered to me from Best Buy(US) but cancelled as I have a flight to leave Wednesday for Norway, so I went to the store and paid my $50, only to get a call today "Oh we didn't get any 32 GB only 16 GB"

So i called every Best Buy within a certain radius(the whole state of CT) and only one has two 32 GB, Staples, office max only has 16 GB. Called office depot and the young lady assured me they will have 32 GB(but at first she didn't even know what blackberry PlayBook was.. so I don't even trust that they have 32 GB)

So my choices are, wait for Best Buy miles away to open @ 10 and hopefully get one of the two they have on stock(and get to use my $50 gift card) or trust that the young lady knows what she is talking about and go to Office Depot. sounds bad but it might be the worst decision I ever had come across. :)

Really thought they would have more 32 GB, they don't even have 64 GB at any store here!!!

It can allways be worse! Here in Europe (NL) there are no PlayBooks at all! No 16, 32 or 64 GB, no wifi, no 3G... nothing. We have to wait until the end of june to get a PlayBook :(

I hope you get your PlayBook in time for your flight to Europe.

True I feel your pain, In may I might have to fly to Maastricht(not sure if you're close) to check out a job but by then you wouldn't have long to wait anyway. hang in there, it will be worth the wait.

Really hope I get it before my flight as it would be great to not have to bring the iPad or rooted nook this trip. :)

Sure are you in CT? Best Buy in West Hartford(by west farms Mall) and also in Danbury,as for Office Depot I only called one in Buckland Hills

good luck, hope you get it

I wonder if it is a short supply, or the pre orders were more then expected. I heard last week that RIM placed a rush order for 1 million PlayBooks.

If there are 20,000 stores stocking it, and projections are sales of 500,000 in the next 2 weeks, that leaves an average store with only 25 units on mixed 16GB, 32GB, 64GB models. That's nothing. I think that their initial order was for 2.5 mil units.

My suggestion is to head out of the city to a smaller town to buy one.

I'm sure that there will be more coming.

Hang tight, and wait for the model that you want to get !!!

Damn this beautiful day in April! I was hoping for rain so I could take the day off and enjoy my PB today, but I looks like imma have to work all day today. No cashing checks before the bank closes will mean no PB for me until maybe tomorrow if I'm lucky.

In order for me to pre-order from Best Buy I would have had to settle for the 16GB. They didn't even know what the Playbook was until I told them. Didn't even know if they would be getting anything bigger than the 32GB. I waited a couple of days and should be getting my 64GB Plabook 2morrow! I can't wait! I hope my bridge download works....that's my biggest concern right now, but I do have wi-fi @ home & will be traveling with it, along with using the phone if bridge does not work. I'm so excited & I just can't hide it....

Just downloaded BlackBerry Bridge onto my Blackberry Bold!! I'll be getting my PlayBook in about 12 hours!!!


Installed BB Bridge, won't get my PB for another month, do I have a sickness :$ ? You guys are lucky :'( :D :D Go out and enjoy it

I really want it but I'm scared to buy it right away... I might wait a month
thats gonna be tough!
cant wait to read thought of everyone tomorrow

Nail it!! as long as finances are in order of course, I say go ahead and nail it, in a month you will be a PlayBook guru instead of a novice. :)

im doing the same thing, i just dont like spending a lot of money on a brand new product, after a month RIM should have any flaws corrected and that when i will buy

I can't believe this day is actually here!
I've been checking out since the day the Playbook was announced,
i can't wait to get my hands on one.

I mean having a BB is good... But you must be mad to buy a Playbook not even having a email functionality, Addressbook and so on... Look at the many many many bad reviews online!

Don't read the bias ones (I.e Engadget who are always bias towards Apple) and personally I don't give a sh*t because I don't need it to be send to my PB a second time. I always have my bb in my pocket so connect it through bluetooth and I'm good to go. But if I get a different platform say Android or iPhone then I'd be thinking about that but for now I'm not in a rush :)

Now you only have to make sure your battery is charged in two devices and always have both devices with you to be able to read emails in via the playbook.

True, but is that really a step forward having to use clunky webmail to access email if you don't have a charged BlackBerry nearby? To each their own I suppose.

for most people, you'll have your phone charged daily but I guess for those times where your phone does run out of battery, there is of course web email. work emails can wait til you get back into work :P

RIM said "Be the first to have a Playbook......pre order through Best Buy and have it in your hands on April 19th". So, I, and thousands of other people, did just that. Come to find out, that not only are they not available today, but Best Buy doesn't even have them to ship! They are "Backordered" and the estimated shipping date is sometime in May. So, I may not actually see a Playbook in my lifetime. Very disappointed, but not surprisesd, with RIM.

Maybe you should ask Best Buy why you don't have your pre-ordered PB. I'm pretty sure RIM isn't the one shipping...

What the hell??? My pre-order that I made March 29th now shows as being backdated to 2 weeks!!! Arrgghh, screw you bestbuy!!! I'm cancelling my order. Anyone else have the same issue?

Edit: I just saw the previous post: This totally sucks ass people!

Still a bit worried about my Staples order as it still says that it is Cancelled!!! Cant wait for this and now reading the above am not sure that i will get my delivery any time soon! Can anyone confirm that Staples are going to ship tomorrow.

You may want to call them and ask about it. They added a new order a few days ago for me. So I have two orders one canceled and one at shipping stage. I had mine shipped to the store so that I was sure to get it today. I has arrived at the store. I'm just waiting for the notification to get it.

Got mine at 7 a.m. this morning from Staples. I love it but would have been nice to see RIM applications on there (MSN, Yahoo messenger, Google Chat, ...) other than that the device rocks and it is smooth.

still trying to get comfortable with the gestures, they are easy but it's new :-)

Make sure you all give a review on the PB. I am going to wait a little while b4 I go out and get one.

I picked up my 32gb PlayBook this morning from Best Buy. This location only had a total of 30 with about 20 reserved for pre order. Display is beautiful, browser is fast & with Flash! I'm a bit disappointed that BB bridge is not currently available on App World, I'm on Bell, but hopefully it will be out soon. The life of an early adpoter ;-)

Try alt-r,s,t in App World. After App World shuts down, go back in ... I was then able to download BB Bridge on my Bell Torch.

Anyone know why you can not get BB Bridge for ATT 9800's? Getting a error stating that it is not avail for your carrier. What a shame

Kevin - As a former Shuttle Prgram Worker gotta give you props for the space Shuttle background. Love it! have a great Launch day.

Anyone who is interested in sharing their PlayBook experiences, tips & tricks follow me on twitter @barryjdunn i'm lovin' my 32gb PB :-)

I live in the uk and have checked all local stores that might sell it (staples, currys, pc world, comet, etc) and not onlybdo they not have it, half of them didn't even know what I was talking bout, much less give me a date. Shameful, no?

Not really. It hasn't been released in the UK. I should know, I'm gagging for one and know people inside RIM UK...and I still cannot get one. :D

My 32GB Playbook has already arrived from Best Buy via Canada Post... Stupid CP didn't even ring the doorbell and left my $600 package on the doorstep.

The PB also had no charge, so it has to do that for a bit before I can play with it. :(

yeah CP always to stupid shit like this... It was ridiculous at my last apartment, I had to make 2 complaints.. but they never got anywhere

In Ottawa, ON, Picked one up at Staples on Oglivie. They only had 16gb and 32gb. No 64's.
I got it powered up and now have to install new OS right away. 287mb. This will take a while on my slow i-net connection.

Help!! I cannot get throught setup. I can't get past the BB ID agreement screen.

Unable to display the BlackBerri ID Agreement error. wtf!!!!!!

I had that error because i connected to WIFi in a hotel and went back to the WIFI screen and clicked the hotspot button on the bottom left.

Once i was able to enter the username/password it never worked until i reset my password to something simpler which means that maybe a password that works on the web may not work on the PB

I just don't see the hype. I must be missing something. When can we just move on. PLAYBOOK, PLAYBOOK, PLAYBOOK.. MAKE IT STOP!

I have this cool gadget that does all the playbook does....its called a laptop

Well got a call yesterday and and they said that it was taken off my card and it would be delivered today from 9-5. 4 3/4 hours left to wait maximum...Cannot wait to play with this thing.

I have mine.... Pick it up 20 minutes ago... the Videos doesnt do this beauty justice.... This is the RIGHT size for a freaking tablet and the way they have it prepped is awesome.

Office Depot was instructed to not put it on display until everything was shipped in but they could sell the units ONLY if a customer came in and asked for it.

Bad ASS... Now I am going to play with it 32GB wifi all day...

Back to the Crackberry videos I have INTENTIONALLY ignored.

I ordered the New 32 Go Wifi Playbook through ebay. I hope i will receive the device xD because i live in France and we don't have a true launch date for european shops.

Delivery set for tomorrow at the house. BB Bridge will be installed tonight. Excited?? You bet!!! If all goes well the wife will be getting her own PB before long. Life is good.

I would love Angry Birds on this.... Oh Rovio, oh Rovio where for art thou Rovio? Thou haves't thine head stuck too far up thine a** because thou bringest not Angry Birds to Rim alas.

Local Wal-Mart Canada had cases and a display, no PlayBook. Staples had a display and signs that said, "The PlayBook is here!" but no PlayBooks were in stock. Went to BestBuy and they not only had the signs but they actually had them in stock. Grabbed a 64GB and headed out the door.

Although some sites are suggesting that since I didn't wait five hours in a line-up there is no way I will enjoy it.

Initial review...

Bridging - Check. Smooth like ExLax
Internet Tethering - Check. Lighting faster than my BB (Storm 2)
Swipes and Gestures - Awesome

1 Drop so far, but the rubber backing protects the Unit.

CAMERA IS STUNNING... HD 1080i Quality... Freaking SCARY

Walked around the house and the bluetooth connectivity is holding steady.

10 minutes to set up..

APP WORLD SUCKS... How do we configure for Android Apps?

Pre-ordered mine from Office Depot on 4/6/11. It charged my card this morning and gave me a tracking#. Says I'll have it Thursday!! SUHWEET!!!

Just got home after purchasing my BlackBerry PlayBook! I got the first one from the local Best Buy. I can sympathize with Kevin when he first got his hands on one and was shaking. I'm having the same issue. Lol

I want mine so bad. If I would not have gotten an iPod for my birthday, I would be holding one in my hands right now. I just feel like I would be technologically over loaded if I got one right away. PLAYBOOK FOR LIFE!!!

Got mine this morning and returned it this afternoon. Both my home and business network use a non broadcast SSID. After over an hour with tech support and a call back from them to me, the BB guys informed me that "at this time" the Playbook OS does not support non broadcast SSID - but a patch should be coming in the next few weeks.

We will see. A bit surprised since on WiFi setup the option to name a hidden SSID exists (though obviously does not function).

Well, i am posting from mu Playbook. I would have posted earlier but i was busy with my baby. Gotta name things like this so i'll start calling mine Seven Inches of Awesome from now on.

I tried one out at Best Buy and loved it. I need to wait though. First priority is to upgrade this crappy storm 1 phone of mine. I think Blackberry should run a bundle package deal on a phone upgrade with a playbook. It's the least they can do for sucking us into the storm and making us wait so long for a successor. RIM, push these phones out, would ya!

hey dose anyone know how to transfer media from a berry to a book? all the videos i seen say desktop mngr but i got a new computer and the files are only on my phone. when i try to move them to the computer it says i cant due to it is a portibale device. when i try to move anything to the playbook i get its locked and need a password there isnt even a spot to put a password in. any help would be greatly apprecaited

No matter what the crazy world of reviews say.......... i am definitely getting this LION of the Jungle.

I'm typing on my playbook now. So far so good but I'm going to need them to add spell checker to it. With automatic first letter caps. I love the bridge but I cant wait to BBM from the playbook. Go #TeamBlackBerry

RIM needs to take a marketing lesson from Apple. Went to Staples today. Bare display w/ a couple accessories but no Playbook. Asked and they brought me one to look at. Told me had trouble with internet so no updates to the one display model. Had 4 apps on it. Had not sold one all day.
Off to Best Buy. No display. Was told didnt get enough to satisfy preorders. Did have one behind counter they let me look at.
Seriously? Love Blackberry and have been drooling over Playbook for months. Not a professional opening in my opinion.

I had that exact problem withe the one i got from staples. I took it back. There is a problem with some units sold at staples.

That's crazy - My local Staples had the same issue with their internet. They went to find the demo unit so I could hold it to check out the size and weight but they couldn't find it. Such a waste of my time.

my first post from my playbook!!! Very happy with it. Just what I wanted. Negative reviews were over done. Too much comparing to iPad. If I wanted an iPad I would have one.

Can hardly wait to go to a conference and leave my notebook behind.


Went to a Best Buy and a Staples near work. Niether store had them on display and both only had the 16 gig models. Went to a Best Buy little further away and they had a display model that I played with. Seems to work beautifully. Browser experience was fantastic, and the HD video on that screen is gorgeous. Bought a 64 gig model and its currently charging up before I start the setup process. I'm liking what I see so far. This thing is built like a brick shithouse. Feels very sturdy and comfortable in my hands. If RIM and developers follow thru with the apps and upgrades like they say they will, I think its going to be a very nice product.

all of the Best Buy's and Staples near me only have the 64gb PlayBook. I pre-ordered one at Best Buy but they had no idea when the 64gb one would come in. Staples was the same story. I was finally able to find one at Office Depot I paid for it online for store pick up. I took the extra step of calling to make sure they actually had one and THEY DID!! I'm going to pick it up right now.

I don't know what happened to Best Buy & Staples, but now I don't care!!


I'm so pissed my Playbook isn't here, I pre-ordered it from Best Buy pretty much the day it went on pre-order and it's 6 o'clock and it isn't here. This sucks so bad, not only that but I had to pull my battery in my Torch after I got home and saw that my Playbook wasn't here, this day is really messed up.

could someone please tell me when will it be available in the UK??? I WOULD PAY 699 DOLLARS just to know!!!!

i keeps happening to mine too! super pissed. sometimes it works, sometimes it freezes. I talked to tech support and they were useless...

I walked into Staples this afternoon to pick up a 64GB unit fully expecting one to be available. Found out they're only stocking 16GB units and that 32/64 units must be ordered online. So I had to order it online and am picking it up this Friday at my Staples store. BUMMER. The reason I insist on getting it at Staples is I can use the rewards points to pick up the rapid charger for FREE. They had a unit on display at the store and I played with it for about half an hour. CAN'T WAIT TO GET MINE. I hope I'm not disappointed.

Bought my playbook this morning and its been working like a dream. Setup and bridge worked excellent. Looking forward to my next Board presentation. Thank you crackberry for all the information.

One word: Wow! Downloaded Bridge from CB (thank you!) And could not be happier! Had to give it a rest to keep the wife happy but can't wait to get back to it. Hope everyone gets a chance to try out or buy one soon. You won't regret it.

I had to go through flaming hoops with best buy but i was able to get my hands on one at the end of the day. What the hell is up with att!?

Can anyone tell me who provides the best blackberry service because i swithced from tmobile last year and its not any better. help please

Hello everyone, i'm trying my Playbook. I came all the way to Toronto from Venezuela to "visit someone" and get my PB!!! so far i love it. unfortunately no bbm atm but everything works as expected.

i love the playbook so much. i got it at 8 am wound up calling in sick and i am still on it 12 hours later. the bridge is awesome cant wait for bbm. AT&T can go f them selfs i almost switch to big red today. if they mess with the bridge i will leave.

Im scared to open the box. i just dont want to touch it. seriously. it sucks cause i tried it at staples and i loved it. now i have a 32 just sitting here. im scared to but im sooooooo tempted!i wanna see how long i can go on for...lmao

Finally got some alone time with the PB and got the bridge setup and all. used the browser for fb and youtube and general navigation and IT ROCKS.

i mean i am not sure what reviewers where talking about it shows they have no clue what it can do they have their heads so deep in an Apple they can not see anything else.

Well too bad for them we PB users we'll have all the fun :-)

ENJOY everyone and for all those still hesitating. ARE YOU KIDDING ME go get one NOW.

I thought the Bridge could only access email and contacts and such. Not the actual Internet. Alainas, are you saying that the bridge can access the internet without worry about teetering?

It's using the speed of your BlackBerry. If you have a 3G BlackBerry then it's 3G speed. Mine is fast enough for me. Faster than the Browser on my Storm 2 lol.

Yeah!!!! Got my 64GB PB today @ 8AM when Office Depot opened! The sales clerk didn't know what it was and said online only. Asked the manager and she looked and said they had them, but only 1 64GB model and I took it! Awesome so far!!!!!!! Can't wait for new software updates in the future to expand what this PB can do!

Ok I got my 16GB PB ,, it seems good,, but NOT ENOUGH APPS,, the apps are lame,, I have 14 days to try this out,. Damn I don't want another iPad :( I was gonna go with the G-slate., $700 .. No way!!! HtC flyer? Im gonna check it out... Playbook not ready :(

No Apps? There must be some? I have two Playbooks on order and just curious. Can I get e-mail on AT&T or is Bridge still not available?

somebody want to tell me how to get those wallpapers you have on here to actually become your wallpaper on the playbook. cant seem to find the right gesture

i am loving my Playbook. No problems and smooth. There are a couple of apps out there for it but i really don't need them i just go to the sites saved in my favorites.

Finally, the day is HERE and I still don't have my Playbook!! I am watching it travel cross-country via UPS tracking. Why?? Because I had the nerve to buy the 64GB and the local Staples stores are only stocking the 16GB and a smattering of 32's.

Painful to wait. I actually visited Staples tonight to play with one.

I'm going to try & get one hopefully in the summer sometime. Don't have the money yet, but I'm working on it lol.This thing looks amazing!

Got mine, and I would like to share my experience with Jim and Mike.
As I was still working, I sent a friend over to 'The Source' to find out if they had sold any PlayBooks as of yet (We are talking about 5pm now - in a small town, population about 8,000) The guy said that he sold 1. Apparently, he was very knowledgable, any was trying his hardest to sell another one to my friend. So good job at the source.

On my way home, I stopped into Staples (seeing that they advertised the most on the radio, I thought that I would give them my business) and noticed a PlayBook display, but no products or accessories around. I spoke with the manager, and she said that they are all sold out. I asked her if she knew of another Staples that might have any, and she directed me to 2 other stores, 1.5 hours away. She said that one store had 10 left, the other 4. The rest were all sold out. I asked her if they were going to get more in, and she said yes, but doesn't know when they will be coming. "They are making and shipping them as fast as they can. It might be one or two weeks before some more arrive". After prying a bit more, I was under the impression that they sold 75 for the day.

Now, I went down the street to Walmart. I didn't see any display nor accessories around or in the electronics area. I asked the lady behind the electronics counter if they sold the new PlayBook. She said yes, and brought it out from behind the counter. Very well hidden. You would never know that they sold them unless you asked. I asked if they had the cable so that I can hook it to the TV, and the response was, "You can hook this to a TV?" She said that all they have was the PlayBook, no accessories, and maybe they will arrive in the future. I asked them how many they sold, and the one girl said that she sold 4 on her shift. The Walmart staff was clueless as to what this item was, or what it does. So bad job Walmart. I would like to add that they were polite in all respects.

I bought it from Walmart, and will be diving into it any minute now. It looks sooooo sexy, well built, and great to handle. Now I really can't sleep !!!!

on apps yes there aren't many, yet, but i have no doubt they will come.

recall that this was born today, the iPad is 2years old. Also by summer there will be tons of apps coming from Android. Solid built wonderful OS, Android apps and soon apps that make use of the native OS, be a little patient, it is a beautiful piece of equipment.

Bought mine at Office Depot first thing in the morning. 32G. Awsome surfing experience. Way better than my iPad 1. Way more mobile. And just think, it will only get better as updates come up. Needs more apps of course especially netflix which wont run thru the browser. Video playback is unbelieveable. No regrets!!

This thing is awesome. Showed up at my door at 5pm right when i had lost all hope. Love the web and like bridge but every time i use it for more than a few minutes it freezes my playbook. I have to shut the bridge off on my torch to get it to working again Other than that....ILOVE it!!

WOW! This is the tablet GOD HIMSELF would have picked to write the 10 Commandments on! Holy crap this thing is sweet and sexy. The software is smooth, fluid and stunning. I have no problems waiting for the killer apps. Cheers, RIM! You guys are BACK!

Loving it so far, purchased the 32 from Bestbuy and HDMI cable from ebay. Looks awesome on my TV. Bridge is a little slow but tethering to my BB Phone is fast! Can not wait for more apps!

Well looks like mine is bricked, it installed the new update.... and is stuck on bootup screen.... good job rim...looks like I will just get my money back

Has anyone ordered through staples actually had their playbook delivered yet?? My order still says 'cancelled' on it and I haven't been able to get an answer out of them!!!

Ok got my deal at costco wireless booth. 599 minus 50 in costco cards, free car charger and free case, kerching. Recommend costco sherwood park alberta


First you imply that your device is working by saying you tried out the camera. Then you imply you never got through the start up screen. Contradiction no?

Move along and keep on trolling.

Well... After 14 hard reboots!! It seems to be working!!! I will keep trying everything out,. & don't get me wrong!! I hate the iPad !! I sold mine a month back!! THIS PB IS THE PERFECT SIZE TABLET!! BUT IT'S STILL BUGGY

I am such a fan but I am already bored with it because there aren't enough entertainment apps to keep me going with it. I would of liked to see an ESPN app, an app that lets you listen live to MLB games, NFL, Soccer Also, Def would of liked to see Video call apps like OoVoo, Yahoo Messenger, BBM or Skype but none are there. I also noticed that with the bridge I couln't see the text messages and I couldn't see the media I have on my phone or even transfer it to the PB. Another is that Tetris has a problem closing and with the orientation. A couple things I'd like to see also are: Swype to type faster, Universal search, and Free turn-by-turn guided Nav. Lastly, I would like to see a dock that has Full size HDMI and USB out and if possible SD card slot to transfer media to the tablet. For now I'm just gonna stick to it and wait till it matures with more updates and more apps.

to transfer media files from pc to playbook, there are two options,
1. files sharing using wifi >> you can just drag and drop media files from pc to playbook .
2. using usb to sync the playbook to pc.

it has Universal Search

IM+ is coming soon for playbook

"NOT ENOUGH APPS, NOT ENOUGH APPS" I cant hear it anymore ;).
The Developer need devices to test apps, especially the more complex ones. It is not possible to test every aspect on the Simulator. I published only one free Fun-App. Two better apps are waiting for publishing until I got my free Playbook to test on (and i will get it not before Summer because i live in Germany - sad but true).
So lets be patient.

Here is the comment i wrote about the article on their site:


I do not believe that such articles get published.

I mean there are over 20000 outlets sporting the PB how many sport iPads on launch day. Plus I pre-ordered mine (like many other people) on the 18th from Staples walked in @7:00 am on the 19th and walked out with it and it is just amazing.

It's funny to hear everyone complain about apps but i can do everything with it like on my laptop using the browser which rocks.

The Bridge is just amazing me Playbook and BB are now one and working in harmony which is just amazing.


I encourage anyone using a PB when they read articles that make no sense to write something about it, i am tired of so many articles that have no proof of anything and they are unable to look at the device as is, they want it to be an iPad and that is exactly what it shouldn't be

Went to Office Depot yesterday and they had all three Playbooks, but none set up for demo, so I went to Best Buy and they had two set up for demo but no 64 gig models in stock. I played a bit there and went back to Office Depot and bought a 64 gig.

So far, so good. Once the software update was completed, things went well. Did the AT&T workaround installation of Bridge and that works fine. Installed videos and music with Desktop Manager and I'm ready to settle in and learn about it.

The video quality is fantastic. So far, my only quibbles are that the power button is kind of stiff and requires a fingernail to operate and I would have liked the USB port on the side rather than the bottom. I imagine there will be a cradle available, though. Not a biggie.