BlackBerry PlayBook - It's Here! Video Hits RIM's Youtube Channel

By Kevin Michaluk on 20 Apr 2011 10:43 am EDT

Well, I guess technically this video hit RIM's youtube channel yesterday to celebrate the launch of the BlackBerry PlayBook, so forgive me for posting it a little late (we were kinda distracted by our new BlackBerry PlayBooks).

Check it out though. It's a good little video. All I know is that whoever at RIM picked the quotes for this one did an AMAZING job and deserves a big raise! :)

Reader comments

BlackBerry PlayBook - It's Here! Video Hits RIM's Youtube Channel


I think CB single handedly caused a spike in sales. The postings the last few days over the great features that RIM has neglected to mention/advertise. They should get a cut of the RIMs revenue.

For how well Crackberry market the Playbook leading up to launch, i think RIM should throw some money into to be their official outlet to all things blackberry and give them exclusive behind the scene access to information that would not harm RIM but would further authenticate I think Crackberry market the playbook 100 times better than RIM did.

Because of, i went and pre-ordered 2 playbooks after saying that i would wait about 1 month after launch to decide. Crackberry answered all the questions i had that allow me to pre-order the device and i have not regretted trusting

Crackberry dont just tell you, they show you and thats what really counts for me; seeing the device work.

A BIG THANK YOU to Crackberry Team.

Agreed, RIM marketing is pathetic, they should have tonnes of videos up on youtube showing the cool features...almost 20,000 employees and they can't even do that? I bought one anyway, due to Crackberry answering all the important questions RIM couldn't be bothered to.