BlackBerry PlayBook integration shown off in police vehicles by Mobile Innovations

By Michelle Haag on 7 Jul 2011 06:17 pm EDT

For those of you doubting that the BlackBerry PlayBook has a place in the professional world, take a look at this video. Thinking outside the box, you know that professionals aren't just guys in suits that sit in meetings all day. This video shows another perspective, that of law enforcement, and some awesome ways that the PlayBook is put to use through specialized software and accessories.

The PlayBook's multi-tasking capabilities are shown off perfectly, with Google maps, video camera, and other apps all running smoothly together. And check out that sweet bluetooth keyboard! I know a lot of you are waiting for that to be available to buy so hopefully this is an indication it will be out soon. The compact size of the PlayBook really works in its favor here, as I can't imagine a larger tablet being as versatile in this situation.

To see other ways that Mobile Innovations is utilizing BlackBerry in law enforcement

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BlackBerry PlayBook integration shown off in police vehicles by Mobile Innovations


Not only is this video a great showcase of the power and real world usability of the PlayBook, but it also makes me want to buy that keyboard and the mount for my car.

Obama wants to increase the U.S. debt ceiling cause he wants to upgrade his administrations tablets from the iPad to the Playbook... Not really, but this video is great. Lets see what I decide after the 10" model (wishful thinking) comes out.

I want to be a cop now, so I can use that PlayBook to turn on my car lights !!!!

I saw that demo car driving west on the 401 yesterday morning at 8:45 on my way to work ..... passing through Mississauga. The outside of the car looks so cool and futuristic !!!

This is HUGE ... and so cool.

First, Canadas police force, then the US .... then around the world. Do you know how many cop cars are out there .... and EMS vehicles.? LOTS !!!!!

They have to use the PlayBook because it is :

1) Secure
2) Fast
3) Portable
4) Has 'wipe' function !!!
5) ect .....

PlayBook ROCKS !

Nice going RIM !

BTW - This officer has a BLOD 9700 ...... you see that in the car!

Security knows about security !!!

That was pretty awesome! Looking forward to that keyboard with that built-in mouse pad. I already have the playbook, so I'm covered there. My MX 5000 keyboard mouse combo is too clunky to take anywhere with me.

Trust me, there is no way the playbook or any other tablet is tough enough to withstand being in a cruiser. I have a Dell ATG in mine, and it has problems.

Does it have a solid state drive or a drive with actual moving parts.

SSD's and the type of memory storage that the PB has helps. I have had 3 different computers in cars/trucks and the standard drives do not like being bashed around. Not to mention the standard power setups with power inverters are not kind while constantly starting the vehicles engine all day long.

I am a Police Officer and I have had a BlackBerry for some time now. I went to an Andriod phone and only used it for a month before I came back to a BB. I pre-ordered the Playbook and have loved it since I got it. It is missing some things that I wish it had but all in all I'm satisfied. I use it in court for pictures and video and I can't wait to see what is in store for future upgrades. I'm so glad to see this in this video, makes me really want to contact this company and see what they can do for our department. Great video, thanks to CB for posting this.

i think that is pretty cool that the police enforcement are using playbooks. it seems to have more uses and better portability then having a laptop in the car. its great to see great technology being put to use to help better everyones life.

The PB certainly seems to be robust enough for the rough and tumble and that keyboard looks cool. The display is also brilliant enough for even bright sunlight while wearing sunglasses. And, BTW, the debt ceiling isn't about authorizing new spending. It's about paying bills that have already been racked up like wars and to keep the gov't in business despite an economy that was completely destroyed during the 00s which killed revenues and tax giveaways that drained the coffers and created no increase in economic activity (and what there was, housing, was all a sham).

Uhm, the only problem with this is the Playbook is wifi only. How would the data be updated when the police are on the go. They would have to be near a building with free wifi all the time to use most of the functionalities.

This is very cool. Why isn't RIM putting together things like this and showing them off? I want that car dock.

Although not listed this company has been a leader in computer mounts and other police (or service) vehicles.

I was luck enough to have them in my area which made it easier to purchase some of their stuff for my off-road truck and sales vehicles.

I changed to a tablet PC a couple years ago so I changed to Ram Mounts but Havis makes and sells some awesome stuff.

That mount looks like the Ram mount.

For someone who has upcoming interviews with a few police services this is awesome to see, I would love to see the PlayBook integrated into the cars by the time I get hired on!

As mentioned above, it will tether with many BT smartphones (including the BB you see on the console); or, mobile hotspot device.

I know about tethering...but that's through Bluetooth which isn't fast. When he did a search for James Bond it came up faster than a tether.

I assume it's a loaded program and not actually doing a 'search'. Trust me, it's no where near that fast yet even just on the BB; not any fault of BB but the second party software needs much improvement.

I hope the software gets some much needed overhaul, but I love the PB idea.

Today's announcement: police here in The Netherlands will receive Blackberry smartphones to take with them on patrol. Estimates says that this will enable them to stay out of the police station for 30-60 minutes longer, PER shift, because they don't have to go in to take care of administrative hassle/paperwork.
Imagine how they could benefit from PlayBooks in their patrolcars, on their motorbikes our their regulair bikes/ATB's...