BlackBerry PlayBook 101: Icon Reference

BlackBerry PlayBook Icons
By Adam Zeis on 11 Apr 2011 03:03 pm EDT

BlackBerry PlayBook 101: Don't know what that icon on your PlayBook means? Refer to this guide so you won't be left in the dark.

If you're a bit confused as to what icon gets you where on your BlackBerry PlayBook, hopefully this will help clear things up a bit. There are tons of naviagtion icons on the device and with plenty of 3rd party apps there will only be more on the way. So check out this quick reference guide and get to know the major icons on your BlackBerry PlayBook on the homescreen as well as the camera, video chat and browser.

BlackBerry PlayBook Icons

Homescreen Icons

BlackBerry PlayBook Icons

BlackBerry PlayBook Icons

Browser Icons

BlackBerry PlayBook Icons

BlackBerry PlayBook Icons


Camera Icons

BlackBerry PlayBook Icons

BlackBerry PlayBook Icons


Video Chat Icons

BlackBerry PlayBook Icons

BlackBerry PlayBook Icons


Keyboard Icons

BlackBerry PlayBook Icons

BlackBerry PlayBook Icons

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you guys are killing me here! where's my damn time machine!?


Enough already, just deliver mine!


It shouldn't be too difficult if you've owned a blackberry (or any smartphone, really)....


I sooooo want this device NOW!!!


very nice -- u guys are sneaky.


Hi Adam Zeis,
can you please tell me the size of the box as in height, width and length,as my cousin is shipping mine to me in UK so as to know the the UPS price...

Adam Zeis

Sorry don't actually have the device yet - these were just pulled from some training slides.


I don't I've ever known so much about a device before even touching it lol


ok! dont know if i saw this question yet so here it is!: is there an led notification light as far as ANYONE KNOWS?! gonna be doing alot of tethering bbm, messages, email, social would love for the playbook to have a notification light or screen flicker or SOMETHING!


Yes, there is a notification light(wouldnt be a BlackBerry without one). Its not an actual LED on the border or else where. You may be saying, how are we gonna get notified without a light??? Well, this is how it works, at the top left corner of the device just where the border and the screen meet, theres this glowing color indicator that notifies you. It looks cool, theres a video on one of the CrackBerry blogs that shows it. Hope I can get one!


could you locate that vidddddd i trust you i just like to see =D

send to me in a private message or just paste link as reply either one =D


the icons are looking really nice and consistent. hopefully they have less of those doc icons with the folded edges. Im sure RIM could think of better less generic ones than that :)


I'm dying here!!!! haven't been this excited about a piece of tech since the day I found out we were getting an NES as a kid!!!! Come on 19th already!!!!!!!!!


all ready to start running plays on my playbook


HEYYYYY where did my power button go from my desktop?

Pat Gibson

ok im figuring out most of it .have read a couple of books on it but how do i delete a book after reading it


I have a red glow along the top left border.... Is this a message notifier of some kind, or do I have a faulty screen?

ray smith3

Could you help Content settings are locked blackberry playbook