BlackBerry PlayBook to hit UK shores on June 16th - Buy at Carphone Warehouse/Best Buy, Dixons Stores Group, Insight & Phones

By Kevin Michaluk on 17 May 2011 08:23 am EDT

PlayBook in the UK

The above tweet from UK_BlackBerry says it all. The BlackBerry PlayBook is now available for pre-order and come June 16th will be available to folks in the UK. Finally!!  Retailers announced in the tweet include Carphone Warehouse/Best Buy, Dixons Stores Group, Insight and Phones 4U. The tablet will run you £399 for the 16GB, £479 for the 32GB and £559 for the 64GB version.

If you're in the UK and want to get primed and ready, be sure to to check out our PlayBook 101s and take a stroll through the PlayBook forums and PlayBook accessory store. June 16th can't come soon enough!

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BlackBerry PlayBook to hit UK shores on June 16th - Buy at Carphone Warehouse/Best Buy, Dixons Stores Group, Insight & Phones


Lol - I saw it for preorder on the Currys website and thought that I had grabbed a bit of news and dutifully emailed it to Crackberry, only to find the tweet in my feed straight afterwards.

A pure facepalm moment :)

How utterly scandalous that they've aligned their prices exactly with the iPad2. The iPad2 is a market leading, premium product worth the £399 price tag. How can they charge the same for a smaller, feature devoid tablet from a less fashionable manufacturer? I had been seriously thinking about getting a PlayBook because I fell in love with the iPad but was put off by the lack of Flash, but at £399 the PlayBook isn't worth it. They can't just one-up Apple on Flash, they need to undercut the pricing too. If Apple get flash on the iPad, I know where I'll be spending my money.

Every thing that the Playbook can do in its current form---it does a lot better than the iPad2 does. (namely consumption of media - playing/streaming video, surfing the internet, multitasking, videos, etc.) When the software has matured, the features are complete, and apps are in place, I imagine it will beat the iPad2 in every metric.

That's the thing cfoxx, Apple will NEVER get flash because God Jobs doesn't want it, and he doesn't give a flying F__K what you want.

Now why doesn't he want it? He says it's buggy but I suspect iOS isn't powerful enough to run it. Either way you'll never see flah on apple..... maybe I shouldn't say never they did get a right click ... about 15 years after everyone else.

You're free to have your own opinions. If you feel an iPad2 is money better spent, then by all means---buy an iPad2. Make sure you do your research though, because the Playbook does offer a lot more in many respects compared to an iPad2. And of course, the iPad2 does offer more apps and a larger screen size if that's what you desire.

For those who haven't looked, the prices are the same everywhere:
16gb - £400
32gb - £480
64gb - £560
[Well, 1p less]

About time its meant to be released here in the UK...still i paid less than what they will be sold here for, picked up a 32gb wifi version for £450....just goes to show what an utter rip off the UK is when it comes to buying things.

Very very happy with my US spec 32gb playbook, works perfectly fine over here and ill still be covered under the warranty even though its not a UK spec device.

LOL for all that start comparing Playbook vs Ipad, better buy both before make a post (you might just compare it from spec to spec, do you aware that what written in the spec may not working. for example both got GPS, but PB got no application running with

Please read a review before purchase, make sure the review not come from fan boy, be careful with your expectation. at this point Playbook have a very limited functionality. No native email, no instant messaging, bridge is very slow and still cannot play the media file except document. What do you except from an equipment that even cannot get their killer application up and running upon launch? why RIM share drop to 2 years low, while most other company share rise upon launch new product? HOLD your purchase, let RIM improve the product before they launch it........................

you must of missed apples shares being low in june and july last year, yup, launched new product and shares were down. time to rethink that thesis.

also RIM`s current 2 year low was in august 2010, not now. please visit a financial site rather than repeating something you have read on other blog sites which isnt even true