BlackBerry PlayBook Hands-On Video!

By Kevin Michaluk on 27 Sep 2010 08:15 pm EDT

Well, it's not quite our typical hands-on video, but I do put my hands on the device through a piece of glass. It'll have to do for now. Leaving the keynote session at BlackBerry DevCon, RIM had the BlackBerry PlayBook out on display for onlookers to drool over. Check out the video above for a quick look at the first BlackBerry tablet.

I also compare the the BlackBerry PlayBook to the Apple iPad and my BlackBerry Bold 9700 in the video to give you an impression of where it fits into the size equation. The form factor is pretty cool. It's a lot smaller than an iPad, but a lot bigger then your typical BlackBerry. Overall, I'm liking the form factor. It definitely fits with the "first professional tablet" branding as well. Going sorta hands-on we could see that they had on display both 16GB and 32GB versions of the PlayBook. No removable battery either - that's a new one for us BlackBerry users to have to deal with. It's hawt though. LOVING it.  We give a run down of the specs in the video and you can check out the BlackBerry PlayBook announcement for more information. I can't wait to do a REAL hands-on video of this one. It's the BlackBerry PlayBook... and really is a whole new ball game for RIM. Gonna be fun!

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BlackBerry PlayBook Hands-On Video!


Can't wait for the release! I've been thinking about a tablet and now i'm sold! I guess RIM isn't dead yet. I expect this to be very popular.

rim finally hot a homerun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i got to say kevin that ipad looks ugly up against the playbook

rim finally hot a homerun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i got to say kevin that ipad looks ugly up against the playbook

Sad to see it looks like it will take some time before we see a real hands-on. Anyone saw a real device in action?

Looked like Mike L was holding a plastic dummy on the keynote and the exhibition devices are behind glass for a reason. Probably dummy screens playing some video...

Hope somebody proofs me wrong though!

IPad was displaced the same way in glass enclosures during its launch event, don't speculate bad abt playbook yet, I have confidence in QNX and RIM is gonna hit a home run this time. Moreover I think they are still giving the final touches to the product. I'll definitely get one.

I'm impressed, RIM stepped up to the plate...I don't share Kevin's enthusiasm for the name, but hey that's OK, I'm sure it'll grow on me.

Well I was looking at an Ipad the other day with my daughter and after this I'm sold. Playbook here I come.

I am dying to have a Playbook, can't wait til it comes out! I just want to compliment you guys at Crackberry, your coverage of this event was over the top great! I was reading the live blog while trying to work, as you were spilling the details about the Playbook I was dancing in my office. I can't thank you enough for breaking the news in the finest fashion.

I prefer the size of the iPad, to be honest.. and the specs are better on the playbook.. it's never easy, is it? =)

Because who wants something without an adblocker. Sheesh.

IN other terms, it's nice. Steve jobs must be throwing a fit.

Looks like RIM finally created a device with better specs than their competitors. It'll be interesting to see what kind of apps are developed on this device. Now let's see if future blackberry devices will get these type of specs while still maintaing blackberry's high battery life standards.

The Hardware & Specs on this thing are great! Heck even the name of it is Nice! But I really hope that the Apps at launch are much better than the ones available to date from the market or else this thing will come out Smoking hott! & suffer the same fate as the Palm Pre/Pixi. The Apps are truly where its at,There are Phones out right now that can do all of what this thing does in the video! The only thing that makes the Ipad are the Apps...The Hardware Sucks...No Camera/Limited Connectivity

Apps will make or break this but I don't think that the amount of apps is what is important. It is having the right apps and what makes sense for the device. I have several apps on my iPod Touch, I use at the most three of them, on my blackberry, I have only installd the apps that I need.

Yes, Apple and Android can dazzle your head about the amount of apps they have in their marketplace but if only twenty of them are useful to you, does it really matter how many apps they are in total? I am talking about useful, not cool. Or maybe that is my problem; in my eyes, useful beats cool.

Apps are supposed to enhance your experience on the phone, not be the experience of the phone.

That's my 2 cens.

Congrats RIM you finally got one right...if its not laggy and bugged out...congrats

But since the Ipad has it locked up in this area of computer technology, you might want to focus on what made you who you are....a solid phone with heavey can clearly do it ...

so lets get to it!!!

Did anyone see a hands on demonstration with an actual Playbook? I've got a strong feeling that the Playbook only exists as a concept or prototype?

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Blackberry users pay for quality features, security and most of all reliability. Blackberry’s new tablet, the Playbook, takes into account everything a Blackberry consumer seeks in a device.

Size: The Playbook is a truly perfect fit in the palm of your hand. As consumers, we wanted a device bigger than our phones but SMALLER than our laptops or notebooks. It was the Tablet that was meant to fulfill that demand. Choose a laptop if you are debating purchasing a 10+ inch screen tablet. When I saw the HD demo video on the Playbook, I didn’t feel that it needed to be bigger and I could see myself watching a movie on a plane or wherever and being content with the size. Also, the Playbook is the lightest of all the tablets and so trekking it around is much more convenient.
Sound: All devices have Loud Speaker and most have Stereo Speakers. All except for the most in demand, the Ipad2! Why? Sound is crucial for the tablet and that is a feature that you cannot skip over.
Memory and Internal Memory: All devices come in 3 models 16, 32 or 64GB except for the HP TouchPad which do not carry a 64GB version. On the Playbook, we see a 1GB Ram and 1Ghz Dual-Core Processor, which again is supeior to the Ipad”2”, with its 512 Ram and 900Mhz Dual-Core Processor.
Android player for the Playbook: Soon you will have the ability to run Android apps on your Playbook in order to address the consumer concern for lack of apps. What more could you want?
Camera and Video: The best for last! This time around the Playbook is sporting a 5MP Primary Camera as well as a 3MP secondary camera Both of them are far ahead of the competition with the next best being the galaxy tab with a 3.15 primary and a 2MP secondary. The Apple again trails behind with an astounding .7MP not 7MP but .7. Yes, I also thought I read it wrong! Beyond that, the secondary camera is a mere VGA camera. This is the same camera found on FREE phones at your local retailer.
A better camera is NOT downloadable! As cameras are a big part of our lives and there are over 100 million photos being shared on Facebook, this is a need within this market. Camera quality cannot be sacrificed when someone invests in a Tablet.
The Video records at 1080p compared to most tablets with 720p. Again, the playbook takes the win with Video
The Blackberry takes this race! After comparing all the tablets currently on the market, my pick would be the Playbook which gives you the most for your money in comparison to its competitors.