The BlackBerry PlayBook gets yet another price drop in the UK - Anyone for a bargain?

By James Richardson on 1 Sep 2012 05:41 pm EDT

It was only last week that here in the UK the 64GB PlayBook got a price drop at Currys/PC World and for some bizarre reason it has been retailing at £129. Both the 16GB and 32GB version of the 7 inch tablet have now also been re-priced and the new costs fall in line with the 64GB model.
So if you fancy a bargain you can pick up the BlackBerry PlayBook for the following prices:

  • £109 for the 16GB
  • £119 for the 32GB
  • £129 for the 64GB

All three prices are an online exclusive and as well as home delivery you can also reserve and collect from your local store if you wish. I have no idea what stock levels are like so you may not want to hang around. If you are at all hesitant of purchasing the PlayBook may I remind you that we have been promised by RIM that it will indeed get an upgrade to BlackBerry 10, although when exactly this will be is still very much a mystery. Either way, this will be the cheapest way to get a BB10 device and from using the new software you will have to trust me on this one when I say you WILL want one!

Head on over to Currys or Dixons and get your orders in.

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The BlackBerry PlayBook gets yet another price drop in the UK - Anyone for a bargain?


hehe - whats wrong there?


£109 for the 16GB
£119 for the 32GB
£129 for the 32GB

BTW I would buy a second one if I could get this prices ;)

Hi bold...

Here in Montreal, at FutureShop (owned by BestBuy) the 16GB is 149.99$ That deal is available on-line until September 6th. On the 16GB, that is actually a better deal than the UK one. Also, depending on where you live, shipping might be free. Here is the link:


How about a Dell Voice app for the PlayBook?


How about Skype? And to think the Playbook was $599 on April 20, 2011 at launch.
Playbook, the one and only

Do you even own a PlayBook? The PlayBook runs perfectly on 2.0. I have everything I need on it and everything that isnt available I sideload on to it. So since you don't value the device why do you even have it??

The only annoying thing about the PlayBook for me is that it lacks NFC, and it gives me absolutely no reason whatever to dump it in favor of a Nexus.

In light of the fact that Playbooks currently sell for far more than $10, without BB10, you are obviously wrong.

Bought mine last week! 64GB for £129. So happy with it! It's fantastic! I expected it to have more integration with the Blackberry 9900 though.

Have myself a lovely bunch of games! :)

Bought my 64g earlier this week, then bought my son one aswell. An astonishing deal you just have to buy it at those prices, but move quick cause I had trouble about a week ago when they were stocked out and I was trying to get my hands on a 32g, (thank god they never had any or I would have missed out on this deal). Can't wait for bb10!!

Can't beat that price & got 4 (1 for me, 3 as gifts).. sadly found it bit buggy, hoping you are right that BB10 OS upgrade will fix it!?

on another note, my BB torch 9800 keep crashing, but cannot upgrade as even new BB9900 cannot take my 25,000 contacts and now cannot get 9810 anymore.. any solutions!?

Is it not just the case a 3rd party (pc world) is just trying to offload stock to make way for new stock and nothing to do with RIM?

Just bought a second 64GB for my wife - the price is just madness once you factor in retailers profit/shipping etc...

£129 to much TBH ....

Was testing new Nexus from google today n is a good bit of kit £159 for 8gb.
Really regret buying a playbook ... Google Play Store n apple store you look for new apps daily ... Blackberry you wait months n still offered very little.
The bible being 2nd app in app world says it all really lol.
Mega fail.

Think there are a lot better deals to be had.

Sell your Playbook then and go and buy a Nexus.....

I am happy with my Playbook, I bought a 64GB version for £129 and in my mind it's a huge bargain. It does almost everything I want and I'm happy with the Apps on offer.

Thanks for that.

My playbook is nearly worthless 2nd hand but am looking at changing.
Am debating about ipad 3.

When I bought PlayBook everyone was saying about how good it will be when new update is coming, now everyone is saying it will be better when blackberry 10 comes out :)

I am just giving it up as a lost cause.

You would enjoy it far more if you took a few minutes and learned how to side load apps. It takes 5 minutes to figure it out. I don't understand how some people can be so critical of a device they don't even learn how to use.

Because I think it's sh*t you assume I cannot sideboard! I can and have sideloaded apps. Most crash or do not work correctly and having to have to sideloaded apps on to playbook is not really a great selling point.

I'm not gonna argue no more the fact they reduced a £600 tablet to £129 in less than a year speak for itself.

I think it was a waste of money, now get off your BlackBerry fan boi horses.

Clearly you don't know what the f@#k you are doing because every single sideloaded app I have on my PlayBook works perfectly. I think it's "sh*t" that you discredit a tablet that works for other people based on your own stupidity. At the price point it is the best option available. Now get the f*#ck out.

Yes clearly I not got a clue what I am doing.
Think one thing that is apparent is that Playbook owners have a chip on their shoulders and have major issues.

Or is it that you obviously failed in life and cannot afford to buy a decent tablet, that it is u that is stupid for trying to defend a piece of junk.

Now go keep side loading your sh*t apps on to ya brick and let us adults get on with the serious stuff.

It won't, unless it is new in box unused. Who is going to pay $400 for an obsolete, out of warranty tablet with unknown battery condition?

You buy a tablet for what it is worth to you now, and do not expect any resale value. As such, if an iPad is worth $600 to you, that's what it will cost you. You cannot really argue that the resale value means it will "only" cost you $200, because after you have sold it you won't have it any more.

Apple continues to be so successful partly because its user base all failed Economics 101.

I love my Playbook too, but if BB10 is a fail and RIM does go under, I'm going with a winning team and buy a top of the line iPad 3.
Playbook, the one and only

not very informed on how apple work eh? lol
BB10 will launch Q1 2013, so we wont get a feel for how its doing till Q2 2013. seeing as apple refresh their ipad every year, ipad3 (which isnt even its name) would no longer be `top of the line` and may not even be available!!

if ur gonna moan bout BB, theres plenty of sites like BGR for ya to do that on.

I'm happy with my Playbook as it takes care of all my professional and lesiure needs. But if RIM ever does go under I will go to my garage, start up my power band saw, put on some safety goggles, cut my Playbook in half and immidiately go to Best Buy and purchase a top of the line iPad 3 and go with a winning team.
Playbook, the one and only

So be it. Goodbye then if you do. The door is always unlocked. Lol

By the way, RIM isn't going under. FUCK the media.

I wonder why its still close to 400 $(Rs. 20,000) in India! Wish they gave more discounts up here too..Would have definitely grabbed another of this awsome device!

NEEL (Sent from my BlackBerry® PlayBook™)

Picked up another 64 gb PB for the wife .. can't pass up these bargains. Now 3 PB's in the house - One 16 gb for my daughters (eldest has a Curve) and two 64 gb for the wife and I (both with Torches). Fantastic for the bridging and now I can have enough storage space on the wife's pb to store all the movies and videos. Totally worth getting it at such a good price.
And btw there are easily enough apps and games to get all we need to get done around here - more cool games and apps appearing on app world every day and can't wait to update all 3 of these playbooks with BB10 OS in a few months.

For all the trolls out there, do your fat-self a favour and instead of sitting on your fat arses everyday playing with all your apps and games on your other expensive devices .. get some exercise.. go for a walk and maybe "talk" to someone for a change....

Let me get this straight, your knocking the good devices (ie iPad) because they have such a large selection of games and apps, that you could spend too much time on it? This is your argument in favour of the Playbook?LOL!
It certainly is original!
But then why are you so happy that there are "more cool games and apps appearing on app world everyday"? Are you not afraid of getting fat and lazy?LOL

Hey I don't mind the apps if they are available.. but at least I can say I didn't I didn't pay 2.5 times more for my tablet as I would have done if I got an ipad. If the multitude of available apps are not that important to me or I have other devices at home which I can use those missing apps then I'm really not bothered by it. I got a deal..

What I am bothered by is morons continually kick dirt at the device when there is no need to. So lol all you want .. I for one got a great bargain and I don't give a crap what anyone else thinks.

And btw I'm not fat and lazy.. I get out and enjoy life. so I'm not willing to sift through lots of shitty apps or tell my friends how great life is .. cause I got an app for that... :)

I don't have any issues with what anyone wants to use as a tablet. Higher up in the thread, you'll notice a couple of trolls "kicking dirt" at the playbook due to its limited apps. I'm tired of people trying to identify themselves through what tablet they use especially when they can't just understand that everyone is different and everyone has different needs. If Skype and Netflixs were to land on the playbook tomorrow there would be something else the playbook is lacking. The PlayBook is not for everyone and some iPad users will be shocked to learn that neither is the ipad. For me it's price, portability, fully capable browser, bridging (so much this), multitasking, a real-time operating system with a heck of a lot of emulators and the expectation of BB10 - to name a few benefits.

I wonder what's behind the scenes with these drops in pricing. Why does it seem like only the UK has such dramatic reductions before anyone else? Hmm...

I am new to the forum here. We have been looking for a tablet for simple web surfing and email, without the worry about the security issues relating to android devices ( . We were looking at buying a Nexus 16Gb however having examined the build quality we decided against this, having read reviews like this (,2817,2407422,00.asp). We are not games players, neither are we application addicts.

Having read the forums our view is that it’s horses for course, if you want a tablet that you can play games on and have an endless supply of extra applications for then you need to look at the iPad or Android based systems, but if you want a tablet to surf the web check your emails then at £129 (GBP) for a 64gb tablet that has then the playbook is a great buy at the price.

We purchased 2 64gb playbooks, perfect for web browsing and movies whilst travelling.

We all have blackberries and bridge is great too.

Too silly not to at these prices - it supports html5 and flash, for apps I have an ipad but I really like the playbook - it would never compete at full rrp but at this price its good.

If BB10 comes for it then great, if not it's been purchased for a purpose it fulfils very well.

"If BB10 comes for it then great, if not it's been purchased for a purpose it fulfils very well."

Finally!! someone that knows how to shop. buy something for how it performs now, not how it may in the future, view that as a potential bonus :)

Damn great bargain! I wish they had a few in Canada because 16GB fills up FAST!

...And all you trolls, Suck it up. Get over it and GOOD FU--*BEEP*--ING BYE! Find somewhere else to disrupt.

You know its really amazing to me they can sell a tablet of this quality for such a low price. The invention of the tablet is awesome, but Playbook is a next level up.

Tablets are incredible

I'm in the UK. On Saturday our local Currys had 64 Gb in stock. It's now Monday 10am and they have sold out. I am so pleased with my 16 Gb PB that I have just ordered a 64 Gb online. At £129 including free delivery it is an unbelievable bargain.

Picked up mine last week. Purchased in store (on an online purchase for instore collect) even though touted as available online only.

I got mine last week for £129 from PC World.
I like most os's I own over 500 for ios due to been a iPhone owner 3g and 3gs. kids and wife got ipod touch 4th gen device's
I have over 60 Android games/apps
I own around 10 playbook apps.

I find the ipad to big for what I need and I find the Nexus 7 looked like it was going to fall to bits everytime I touched it, Mine had the screen that popped up, Sold that and got a Galaxy tab 2 7 but I did not check that one out on line as the microsd slot does not allow apps2sd even when rooted, unable to move the data.

I have owned the 16gb playbook a few times before and My Son has a 16gb version.
I was telling someone in Currys before I got mine, to get the 32gb for £149 as it was then, and the rep said NO this is the 64gb version for £129.

I could not wait to get one. Good job pay day was near.

I like apples apps and the way it just works. I'm not to keen on android as it keeps getting worse the nexus 7 not been able to play games my then T-mobile Vivacity could?.

But the Playbook at that price for 64gb is a steal, and I did not buy it for what it might do next week, I got it for what it can do now. great for films and music and the web.

I will in most cases be buying a iPad mini if such a device comes out as I do not like the 3.5" screen on the ipod touch. but only if around the £250 price.

even with this low price all my local Currys/PC world etc still have them instock.

Its just my 2p worth.

I'd really love to know the strategy behind such pricing cos I suspect these are devices that are refurbished. Or could it be that these retailers are trying to sell out their stock really fast to make way a new version? search me.

To clarify these devices are not refurbs.

I checked this point with the manager at the local store.

[My purchased 64gb Playbook was made in Taiwan 17/08/2012 and was in perfect condition with OS factory installed]

I purchased one to upgrade the 32gb Playbook I purchased 3 months ago, which will now go to my Mother as an eReader (Lucky Mum !!!!)

The price is such good value for what you get and meets all the needs I have.

I originally purchased 2 32gb Playbooks to use as eReaders, everything else was an extra. [The price at the time was £149.00 each which was comparable to the price of a Kindle]

I have upgraded all Playbooks to the 2.1 Beta (2.1.840) and they have performed flawlessly.

I am very aware of the plus/minus points of the Playbook but feel that the bad press is excessive and grossly unfair. The technology/build quality for these prices is a no-brainer.

I of course use them for more than reading books but my original objectives are being met and I am very happy with them.

My advice is do your research and ensure they do what you need - NOW -, everything else is a nice to have and will come in due course (BB10 etc) but should not be a deciding factor.

N.B. The Internet is not always your friend in the case of the Playbook as there is a lot of mis/dis-information which states blatant un-truths about RIM & the Playbook.

Checkout the Playbook at a real bricks & Mortar retailer and decide for your self.

Good luck.

BlackBerry by Choice [ Not Fashion or Peer-pressure :-) ]

P.S. I suspect the price is due to PC World having a committed quantity of Playbooks agreed with RIM which they must sell. In the current climate for RIM and their Customers this is a way to shift the stock before the new models appear which they will also sell. Probably any profit will only come from shifting quantity quickly.
They will also get profit from the sale of accessories and the usual Insurance against breakdown etc.