BlackBerry PlayBook gets a huge price slash in the Philippines

BlackBerry PlayBook gets a huge price slash in the Philippines
By DJ Reyes on 19 Jun 2012 11:58 am EDT

There are still plenty of people out there wanting to get their hands on a BlackBerry PlayBook. If you're in the Philippines today may be your lucky day. The PlayBook as just received a massive price drop on all models. Prices have been slashed by more than 50 percent: 

  • PlayBook 16GB - P10,990 (was P23,990)
  • PlayBook 32GB - P13,990 (was P28,990)
  • PlayBook 64GB - P15,990 (was P33,990)

So, if you have been waiting to get yourself a BlackBerry PlayBook, maybe these prices may tickle your fancy a bit more. Visit your nearest BlackBerry retailer today.

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Reader comments

BlackBerry PlayBook gets a huge price slash in the Philippines


So is this on top of the last reductions or are these the first one there?
I guess RIM needs to nudge more people to the QNX platform and grow the user base in preparation for the BB10 launch.

15 990 Philippine pesos = 378.46731 U.S. dollars
13 990 Philippine pesos = 331.12931 U.S. dollars
10 990 Philippine pesos = 260.12231 U.S. dollars

Well, Filipinos are not stupid anyways. Chances are, they have relatives in North America (US or Canada) that can buy them PB at the local retail stores and send it to the Philippines via Balikbayan boxes. :)

Damn, are they serious, they (RIM, RIP), have discontinued the 16gb @ $259.91???, should now be FREE. They are really dumping some luggage overboard where ever they can, first Jamaica and now Philippines (HELLO). Is this the big message RIM???

Hi I just recently bought a 16GB playbook from the us and got it shipped here to SG. Please check my quick review:

This is a good deal cos after shipping expense I paid about 228 USD shipped to singapore. Hopefully SG market would also introduce this price drop here.

In Brazil there was also a huge cut in prices. Bought mine by a little bit less than half the release price.