BlackBerry PlayBook feature request: lock screen controls

I can haz lock screen controls?
By Joseph Holder on 11 Dec 2011 01:51 pm EST

Research In Motion, can I ask a favor of you? You know those Charging Enhancements you added to the BlackBerry PlayBook's OS back in June?  You know, the enhancements where you tap the battery icon in the status ribbon to get quick access to Shut Down, Stand by, and Restart. Can you add those to the PlayBook's lock screen?

I keep my PlayBook locked down with a password; I also charge my PlayBook next to my bed. What does this have to do with anything? At night, when the day is done and all is quiet, I plug in my BlackBerry tablet to charge. This immediately lights up the screen. asking for a password.  I also have a knack for accidently touching the screen and waking the tablet, with the same result. In order to get the tablet to darken (so I can get to sleep), I have to enter my multi-character password just so I can get to the home screen to use those Charging Enhancements to put the tablet in Stand By.

Sure, pressing the power button on the top will put the PlayBook to sleep, but the power button isn't exactly easy to use. And if the PlayBook is in a case (like mine usually is), you can forget about it. Honestly, it's easier to go through the rigmarole of entering my password than it is to use that power button. If there were software buttons on the screen, I could quickly tap one of those and be done with the situation. I'd even be happy if just the Stand By button were there.

The PlayBook is a totally touch-based tablet. Everything the hardware keys can do, the OS can do (better). Except for on the lock screen. I know I'm probably asking a lot, but won't you at least consider it?  Okay, I love you, bye-bye! Anybody else with me on this?

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BlackBerry PlayBook feature request: lock screen controls


I hate when my charging cable touches my PlayBook screen.

Then I have to wait for eternity for it to turn back off. -__-

They should also add a number password option (I'd make that the default) as most people just want to keep their kids, significant other, and friends out their phone. They don't need a 16 letter password to do that. The text password entry just wouldn't make sense on a phone and it looks like they put zero effort in making something that you interact with every time you turn the device on more functional and user friendly.

So make up a numbers password if that's what you want! A text password doesn't make sense on a phone? Do you use a BlackBerry phone? It's easier with text!

Except on a touch screen device that means I have to use both hands to effectively type in a long phrase or shift to the number pad portion of the keyboard. Given that the OS is suppose to be built around touch, it makes sense to use a pattern or numeric lock for simplicity.

so create a better and / or shorter password. Mine is 4 characters and ALL entered with my left thumb.

Instead of just complaining, stop, think, and solve the problem yourself.

Also add pattern lock, more gestures, lock screen music and notifications( kind of like ios), lots more cstomization, and bring back closing apps from in between spps (side swipe, upword swype)

Which beta are you referring to? I can still do all of the standard swiping gestures in Tablet OS2 beta.

I could see having JUST the "Standby" option, but if my PB is locked I don't want people to be able to turn off and restart it without the password.

I know many of us have ask for this feature as well, but a bedside mode would be nice when you have a charging dock.

I have a charging dock for my PlayBook and a charging pod for my Bold 9000, it would be nice to include a feature that displays the clock like most BlackBerry smartphone devices.

I would like a bedside mode that would dim the screen - clock, alarm, weather app, whatever - but keep it displayed while charging. Allow me to control the level of dimness, too.

why does the playbook turn on when you plug it in? That's what I want to know. I wouldn't need a standby button if it didn't turn on every time I plug or unplug the power

why ask for stuff? I want my native email. Get an Otterbox for your PB. The poer button is really easy to access

I was going to say the same thing. I have an Otterbox for my PB and while a bit bulky, the power button has a rubber bit that goes down and meets the PB's power button and is really easy to use.

I also find it annoying that when I plug in my charger when it's on standby, to have to place it BACK into standby... but really? First World Problems...

I think RIM has bigger fish to fry at this point in time. Also, I disagree that the power button is hard to use.

Yup I agree, but they should add much more in my opinion such as e-mail, social updates, weather, etc.. that way we don't have to unlock to check always..

Power button is pretty easy to use. And I'd suggest against getting a case that blocks access to it. There are so many things they could be spending resources on, it seems like this one should be far down the list...

On the other hand, I'd love the ability to have a development password *without* my device getting locked every time it goes to standby. I don't need to lock my device the majority of the time. Therefore the time I spend unlocking - many times a day - it is wasted.

(I also think this should be far down the list of things to fix ;)

Totally agree with the request. As a previous post noted, I would love some kind of pattern lock to be able to open up my Playbook. I use a number sequence, but that means I have to switch the keyboard to the number and symbol mode so that I can type in my access code. Maybe someone could come up with a pattern lock type app, but then again maybe that requires more access than what the Playbook allows. I have no problem putting in requests like this before we get native email or Android support. The more we request stuff, the more RIM sees that we want this product to succeed.

If I recall correctly, Kevin proposed a 2 finger swype to turn on/off the screen. That would be nice.

I definitely agree with at least a Standby option from the lock screen. It does become quite tedious when you accidentally activate the screen and have to wait for the time-out to kick in.

good idea,bothered mee too
but its not like rim will ever do something a user mentions,because they are deaf to wishes and suggestions

I just assume that if the playbook is in sleep mode and I don't gesture to wake it up, it should stay asleep when i plug it in. There's no reason it should turn on unless I gesture it to.

I can't use the password on my PlayBook as I have too much original stuff on it to loose. By entering the wrong password 10 times you activate the security wipe.

I don't like that at all. Ok on a phone but not on a tablet. I wish that feature was able to be turned off.

My Windows 7 computer has a power off/restart button on its login's sometimes useful. There's no reason why the Playbook can't do the same thing, and I doubt it would use up a whole lot of time and programmer effort to make the change.

I'm also in favour of a bedside mode. I could have used it this last weekend when I overnighted at a resort...

guys....they are still working on the email app...don't overwhelmed them with know how RIM is....

Another thing I'd like to mention is, my experience with Desktop Software has been crap, I mean the amount of time it takes to connect the device is too much.. Also the software is lacking quite a bit.. They really need to work on that area aswell..

Here's the best advice anyone will give you:

Go to BlackBerry Beta zone and create an account. Then join the discussions already taking place between PlayBook users and Project managers at RIM.

I think the time to complain about features/lack of features on this device has come and gone.

They also need to add a Snooze and Dismiss button to the lock screen for those of us using the alarm on the PlayBook, to have to wake up and type in my password while half asleep has caused me to almost security wipe my PlayBook a couple times.

what I really would like is to be able to see the notification bar at the password screen, to be able to see what time it is, how is the battery and if I have notifications, without having to type my password. Like on every phone ...

Sorry I haven't read all the comments so maybe it has been said here or in the forums, but has anyone noticed that their Playbook doesn't turn the screen off at all once its come on? I thought I was having problems with my battery since it lasted less than a day, but this morning I saw that the backlight was still on from when I left it on my side desk. This has only happened since the firmware update. I guess it's no real biggy if I only have to make sure it's on standby, but I would like it to do it itself like I set in the settings.

sometimes you gotta wonder if RIM employees actually use the playbook for everyday things...

This kinda thing just jumps straight out of you!!!

+1! Definitely a fix is needed here. I've been wondering the same thing... why is this not already there? I'll admit, the power button might be the WORST thing on the PlayBook. Forget native mail! The power button is simply unusable, especially if you have a skin or soft case.

I don't think RIM employees use their recent BlackBerrys and PlayBooks. RIM should be giving their employees the latest and greatest to allow them to provide direct feedback and "test" the new devices in a real world environment.

I do the same as this article and many users, but when I mistakeen to wake up my PB to the lock screen, well I just tap the recessed power button. That recessed button was designed as such and is not a flaw. ;-)

I would like to know how to keep the Playbook FROM going to sleep. 5 min. max before it goes into sleep mode? If I have it in a charging dock, I would like to keep the screen active permanently with the option to dim (and select the dimness).

I like to have my bedside clock/alarm stay visible all night but at present - unless there is a way I don't know - the max is 5 min.