BlackBerry PlayBook Experience: The Written Word

BlackBerry PlayBook Experience
By Alicia Erlich on 12 Jul 2012 10:08 am EDT

The BlackBerry PlayBook Experience is in full swing here in NYC and now that it's near my home turf I couldn't be happier. The minute the clock struck 5pm I hopped on the subway and headed over to Chelsea Market just in time to catch the first of their themed attractions: Experience the Written Word presented by FLATT magazine and hosted by Editor in Chief Christina Lessa. Throughout the day, various authors read bits and pieces from their short stories and novels, signed autographs, held Q&A sessions and showed demos of applications relating to music and books.

As we told you earlier, the purpose of these hands-on events is to show you the full capabilities of the PlayBook and show you everything it has to offer. In this case, it meant tables of PlayBooks and Bold 9900's (they were either AT&T or Rogers), that visitors could try out and use and become more familiar with. RIM employees were on hand to answer questions, demonstrate each device's features and make sure the atmosphere was exciting and pleasant. Plus you have to love the PlayBook wall they had in the corner for people to purchase a 32GB or 64GB tablet.

PlayBook Wall

One of the applications they tied into this event as part of the written word motif is Wattpad by WP Technology. Dubbed "YouTube for ebooks" Wattpad is a way for readers to discover new works, share their selections and connect with the authors and other users. This is a site for not just published authors, but for anyone to submit short stories, novels, or partial chapters for readers to comment on and enjoy. Users can download stories to their PlayBook, search through various categories that include fan-fiction, post comments to the author, share what they're reading to Facebook and Twitter, and most importantly read original content from writers from all over the world. Wattpad is an ebook reader so you'll be able to browse and read all from within the application.


  • 5 million stories posted with another 500,000+ added every month
  • Over 1.7 BILLION minutes spent on Wattpad each month
  • 8 Million unique monthly visitors
  • 1 comment posted every second
  • Many popular titles have over 10 million reads and more than 10,000 comments

Wattpad is available for BlackBerry Smartphones running OS 4.5 and higher and the BlackBerry PlayBook running OS 2.0 and is FREE in BlackBerry App World. Wattpad lets you discover new authors and gain access to millions of original stories.

Demo Table

I had a great time interacting with other BlackBerry fans, newbies, and those holding the demos. This is a great way for RIM to get their message out there and expose more people to their platform. Nothing shows off what the PlayBook can do than actually holding it in your hands and taking it for a spin. People from all ages lined up to listen to music, play games, and drink some beverages all while being serenaded with music from movie composer Paul Cantelon and his wife Angela McCluskey and listening to authors like Brittany Geragotelis and Sophie Flack. 

BlackBerry Experience - Lizz Winstead

The experience is open to the general public and each day they are holding giveaways with prizes that include the BlackBerry PlayBook, BlackBerry Music Gateway, 1-year PressReader subscription, SOUL and Sennheiser headphones and more. So if you're near Manhattan and want to stop by then be sure to do so during 11am - 7pm to have some fun. I'm hoping to catch the other scheduled events before it ends on July 23rd. 

BlackBerry PlayBook booth - Grand Central

If you can't make the experience, you can still check out the PlayBook in NYC as they'll be holding tablet demos at these locations.

  • July 10-20 - Grand Central Terminal Main Entrance
  • July 10 - Times Square Pedestrian Walkway
  • July 11-14 - Bryant Park
  • July 15-18 - Union Square
  • July 19-20 - World Financial Center
  • July 21-23 - Columbus Circle

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BlackBerry PlayBook Experience: The Written Word


Just how they setup that Booth at the Grand Central Terminal, they need to do that in malls all over the US, I guarentee people actually get to hold the Playbook, and get educated on it and the sales would skyrocket.

I offered my lady friend a Saturday in NYC. Chelsea Market, lunch at Mesa Grill and a Broadway show. She got angry at me. WTF? She has other plans this weekend and does not want to change them. Oh well, there are other friends to take.

LOL. Time to move on.
You were offering a great experience: PB Experience, a great meal experience, show experience! Her loss!

I'm loving this new approach! Wish RIM would do this in the top ten largest cities in US and elsewhere. Let me see if I can generalize a timeline for this:

July - New York, NY (already taking place)
August - Los Angeles
September - Chicago
October - San Diego and San Jose
November - Philadelphia and Phoenix
December - Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio

We get job creation, promote RIM is not dead much needed awareness, with hands and mouths salivating for BB10. If they play with it, they will come.

Alicia/Kevin....can we get this to RIM mgmt ASAP? Please tweak where needed.

Also a proud owner of a Blackberry Playbook

With all these interesting and different things happening with BB/RIM there are still many who have already written off the company.

Who cares? Those that dismissed rim shouldn't be acknowledged period, let them rot in their own environments. ;)

Just got my 16GB Playbook this week & i love it. The remote control feature & the Blackberry Bridge gave me instant techboners lol! Really smooth layout & great battery life. Hopefully this is really a sign of what Blackberry 10 is gonna be like. I will buy the 4G Playbook when it comes out as long as the price isn't too crazy. I hope they keep the 64GB 4G Playbook at around $300-$400 max. Pairing that with my new BB10 phone come January.......ooooooh weeeeeeee!!!!!

soooo, what were people thinking about it? That seems to me to be the most important thing about an event like this. Sounds cool, but what were peoples impressions and reactions? You stated that you had a great time interacting with people... well, what did they say?

Having attended the Chelsea Market event, all I can say is WOW.
Note the location, Chelsea Market is across the street from the GOOGLE NYC HQ, and near several hundred internet related start-up companies. This was not a usual Playbook marketing event. Few 'ordinary folk' off the street were there when I attended. Shortly after the Google staff left work, at five pm, many made a B-Line to the Experience's open bar and food cooked by a local renown chef.

The idea for this particular event, was to me obvious. RIM is targeting Google and other internet workers, showing RIM has powerful OS2 and PB opportunities: for RIM future hiring, and app development. Many of Google's computer scientists work on independent programs, not necessarily related to their regular assignment

(The events in other parts of the NY city are retail related. targeting a different market other then the Chelsea Market event. Realistically, the PB is difficult to find for retail purchase in NYC. Best Buy and Staples do not carry it, or rarely. Small in the area, Radio Shack is about the only major retailer who has it.)

I was there! It was indeed really cool. If you saw a guy with an afro and blue shorts, that was me, 9of13!

Regret, I missed you.
Upon entering the event hall I was dragged over by one of their friendly marketing gals for a 'survey'. (Ah, to have been young and single again!)

True, but, if OS10 meets expectation, Google and other high techs will remember the event. They will consider making apps for OS10 and PB and perhaps joining RIM or one of their contractors.

Technology firms are in a constant state of flux. Only a few years ago Apple stocks were almost worthless .. now, essentially they have only three products: 'a' phone, 'a' tablet, an 'app Store' (their main profit center).

Looks like an awesome event! But yeah, maybe this would have been better sometime earlier.. like around the release of Playbook OS 2.0?

The picture shows 6 people listening to the "Glories of BB Playbook !" Success !
Also from RIM's twitter campaign yesterday: " My Blackberry helps me_______ understand that nothing is perfect." :-)
Another one : "My Blackberry helps me_____ to be patient ." :)