Want a cheap tablet? Pick up the BlackBerry PlayBook at a silly price from ebay

BlackBerry PlayBok
By James Richardson on 22 Aug 2014 05:34 am EDT

For many of us the BlackBerry PlayBook is a thing of the past. Sure, I still have mine, but I'll be honest and say that these days I very rarely switch it on. The PlayBook itself is still, in my eyes, a great tablet - it's just with no ongoing support from BlackBerry it is I'm afraid a dying breed.

But on the off chance that you did fancy picking the PlayBook at a silly price, you may want to head on over to ebay where I've found that you can pick up the BlackBerry tablet for a mere $79.99 today, from Grab Wireless. For your money you'll get the 16GB Wi-Fi model and that's darn good value if you ask me.

We all know that for apps and games the PlayBook doesn't compete with the competition on iOS or Android, but if you want a 7 inch tablet for web browsing and looking after your social networking then the PlayBook will have you covered. For this price it may be worth considering for just having a specific tablet to live on your couch or in your bedroom for when you want a device that's bigger than your BlackBerry smartphone?

If you take up the offer be sure to let us know in the comments? I'd be interested to see how many folk pick one up while so cheap.

Order the 16GB BlackBerry PlayBook from ebay

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Want a cheap tablet? Pick up the BlackBerry PlayBook at a silly price from ebay


I still use my 64gb PlayBook and it still meets my needs but as you mentioned it doesn't even come close to what android and apple offer as far as apps.

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I still use mine for listening radio when I shower but to be honest and clear if someone was to purchase it now it would be a great waste of those 80$

I still use my 16GB primarily for Bridge and as my home email client (instead of outlook). I wonder however with the soon to be arrival of BB Blend will Bridge still work in the same PAN (personal area network) space. I assume that Blend will work similar to bridge via bluetooth. I would still like to keep my PB for a home email client and buy a new tablet after Blend rolls out.

Blackberry keeps Johnson National LLC moving

I still use it... I put it into my elliptical bike and watch videos while doing exercises... great for radio too...
My dreams and hopes died and killed my PlayBook the very moment we all as a community let BlackBerry and Kevin Michaluk kill the PlayBook..

My 64GB PlayBook has everything... 580 apps... most of them are games... and the list could have been even bigger if BB10 apps worked directly on PlayBook... not even that was possible for them to make available? Don't want HUB.. just the apps, or just the same Android VM...

I agree with the waste of $80 part.

I'm no expert but I think you can get an android tablet for the same price and have apps you would never get on this plus possible OS upgrades.

Just sayin'

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And of course that android tablet would do all that social networking, web browsing and radio streaming things too.

Just sayin ' (again)

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And of course you would have to send it back for warranty repair within a month. I work in a shipping store, and you have no idea how many of those cheap no-name tablets people send back for device failure. Add to that all the terrible reviews I see on sites like Newegg or tiger direct, there's no way I'd pay for an android tablet that isn't from a big name brand and doesn't cost at least $200. Meanwhile, I've had my PlayBook for almost three years and it still works fine, and I *still* haven't found an android tablet that has a better speaker setup.

Galaxy Tab 3 7" can be found for $99 every so often. I got one last Black Friday and alternate between it and my PlayBook. Which of course means that I keep trying to swipe for actions that aren't swipable! Not a powerhouse tablet, but it's been reliable and probably worth an extra $20.

Welllll, black Friday sales are a bit different, lol. Though I have a Tab 3, and I'm really not thrilled with it (mostly due to my extreme dislike of TouchWiz). I needed a cell enabled tablet, and TMo had just EOL'd the Nexus 7 maybe two weeks prior, or I'd have that instead of the Tab.

x2, can't believe this is main news.

Save your money for an actual supported tablet.

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Just why shouldn't it be reported on? Just because you don't find it helpful to you doesn't mean it doesn't have relevance to others. Yes the Playbook is old and not supported but doesn't mean someone can't purchase it if it works for there needs. News is new and not everything you read, your going to agree with or like and the world goes on!

Agreed. Additionally, it's Blackberry. Someone is bound to want to pick one up for a cheap social networking/media/web device. It plays youtube just fine and the speakers are great for music. It's not such a bad deal.

I also agree that the upcoming BB Blend may very well be the final nail in it's coffin though. RIP Playbook. :(

Nifty Foods! C003262E5

For one it's not a news there are plenty of places that sell cheap PlayBook's, secondly you cant even properly use it as a browser it takes ages to load every page and I have no data on it and just wiped it and installed only like 3 or 4 apps. Origami browser is slightly better but still pretty slow to do anything.

So yeah this is not main news nor news, it's pretty old we all know it's a dusted, outdated, half baked product that can be bought for a fraction of the original price but dont be mistaken it's not a deal for sure.

Really? I use mine every day and so far it's been working like a champ. Bridge is pretty awesome and my mother uses her PlayBook to video chat with her grandchildren. It's too bad that CrackBerry and others have given up on the PlayBook. Well built and the apps keep on coming.

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Yeah, I'll take advice from someone who spells advice "advise"!

I'll probably actually buy another one today for my mother since it's easy to use and more stable than any Android device and cheaper than an Ipod.

Hold it with both hands, will you? ... the Playbook, I mean.

Tsk, tsk...

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

I thought the PB could run Android apps? Pretty sure I installed Paprika for someone once.

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Not how BB10 does. You have to convert the apk's to .bar files then sideload and prey it works.

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You could buy an actual android tablet for less with Android apps that actually work. This should be priced $29 for 16GB, $39 for 32GB and $49 for 64GB but even that is a tad over priced.

Same here, I have my kids cartoons loaded up on the PlayBook. Things a freakin life saver on 9 hour trips back home to the SOO.

Look! It's Zedzilla10! 

6 kids and they all have PlayBooks. All get used daily for movies, games, and reading. Two of them have cracked screens, one badly. They still work though and still get used!

Might pick one up if I can get it to Canada.

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From the standpoint of simple functionality, the PlayBook is still a marvelous device, I'm not one that's very app-centric and can do most of what I need to via the browser or Docs To Go for spreadsheet viewing and editing. " TOOLS not Toys! "
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I am glad I sold playbook at the right time. I would not buy it even for $50. There was nothing good about it. I got myself iPad and I cannot be more happy. Any hardware without proper developer support is garbage and so is playbook.....but I am happy with my z10 so far

I would humbly disagree, if the end user doesn't need specific apps, the flow of the Playbook is still better than my brand new Windows 8.1 Tablet. I still use the playbook every day as a secondary device to my laptop. and on trips prefer it because of ease of accessibility, as on my Z10, nothing beats the quick upswipe to wake for quick access. I do what I need to do and get out, I'm not one that loiters on devices all day long, I've a few businesses to manage. I trust Blackberry devices implicitly for security and they're still more stable than my devices with other OSes.

I have to agree with you. I'm not one who need a lot of apps. I still use mine for lectures, presentations, notes, Docs to Go ( possibly THE most important app for me), Web Access, and music and videos. Since I've had my Z30, I have used my PB a little less because of the Z30 screen size. But I can't say the PB is "crap" or " garbage".

Yes, I'm Very disappointed that support for the PB has ceased but I also understand. Waiting to see if Verizon will carry the Passport so I can get that. The larger screen may eliminate tablet use for me altogether. Nevertheless, I May look at another tablet IF my PB dies - but can't say it's garbage.

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I couldn't agree more. I sold my PlayBook 64gb as well and am using currently a Nexus 10 for work and privately an iPad Air. The PlayBook is where it belongs. In the bargain bin. I really wanted to like it and there are some innovative feature I liked but overall. Well, if they had priced it right. Maybe, maybe.

However, I would love to get a proper tablet from blackberry.

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Already have two PlayBook devices with the old qnx system on it.

Waiting for the ne PlayBook with bb10 10.3.x qnx version.

The one with LTE, BBM, data and phone capabilities.

...the one with email client (full hub capabilities) from the start


Dreaming about the new Passport

You're going to be waiting a long time if you think the PB is going to get that type of update.

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This is a comments post, thanks and like are only available in the forums.

As for the PlayBook, I still use mine quite often thanks to the great sound quality, screen size for travel, and a few RDP and SSH apps that allow me to manage servers with ease and without the bulk of a laptop.

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Great Point, Sound Quality is still superior to any other tablet I've ever picked up, surprising really!

Blackberry had great aspirations for the Playbook, just no follow through. disappointing, but so are many things in life.

The only thing that should be talked or discussed about Playbook is BlackBerry lied to us and ought to be sued for damage. I don't care if this will be their end. You don't lie to people and take their money as BlackBerry did

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I think lying requires some forethought, Blackberry was going through a transitional period and didn't in many ways know what they were doing tomorrow let alone several months after the creation of their first QNX device, I would have liked for the Playbook to have been updated eventually to BB10, but understand how they could have underestimated the hardware requirements for BB10. I for one am grateful that the Playbook was the testbed for future BB10 devices, without it BB10 might be a floundering OS, unable to get out of it's own way.

BB10 for me is light years ahead of Legacy devices, and I absolutely, poisitvely love Peak, Flow and the quick accessibility of the hub, the way i can just half swipe upwards from sleep to peak into what my red light is blinking for and swipe back down when for later review. It's taken nearly a year, but I realize now how quickly I can navigate through my Z10 and be able to stow it back away, ready for the next swipe up for use!

There's a difference between deliberately misleading customers and failing to fulfill a commitment after a good-faith effort. BlackBerry made the good-faith effort.

You can't actually call it "lying" unless you can prove they continued to assert the commitment after they already knew they wouldn't be able to live up to it.

I use mine all the time. Print to go is the best thing for printing to. I print to it all the time from my computer. It still has good life in my PlayBook.

I still use my playbook for reading books and for music/video playback. The speakers are still the best out there for a tablet.

Kobo and YouTube and docs to go. All work fine on my PlayBook and I use it every day.

From my totally Awesome Z30

Will BB Blend be supported on the Playbook? If so it will certainly give the playbook some future mileage...

Unfortunately since Blackberry has stated that there will be no future Playbook OS updates, I believe it's unlikely any more functionality will be brought to it such as BB Blend, I think from now on it's "what you see is what you get". Doesn't mean you still can't keep your fingers crossed (loosely).

I believe Blend actually WILL be supported on the Playbook, but I can't remember off the top of my head where I heard that.

"The PlayBook itself is still, in my eyes, a great tablet - it's just with no ongoing support from BlackBerry it is I'm afraid a dying breed."

I believe, we should no longer get afraid... BlackBerry PlayBook is already a dead breed...

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Forget the fact that it's old and unsupported, it works to surf the web, it has basic apps and you can use docs to go alongside things like box to keep everything in the cloud, my main reason for buying one... 64gb of storage compare the price of that to any 8gb or 16gb android device, or even to the price of a decent sd card for your phone (£25 to £50 depending where you look)
Cheap storage with an os that "does the job" I'm more than happy with mine :-)

Use mine daily! Sure wish for some more support from berry. (jerks) but it does what I need at this time!

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Trying to sell 64gb here in the UK for 50£, it looks like new but nobody cares :D for me it became useless thing with no more support..

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You can get them on ebay even cheaper. Got one for $50 a few months ago. Then Target put the ipad mini on sale for $199.....

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Me I ask someone here this playbook tablet have availability to download android like amazon appstore.

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It's amazing how people forget how advanced this tablet is. Suberb screen and sound hdmi out wifi blue tooth Web browsing etc. I have two 64 gb and they are in constant use. Shame on BlackBerry for not providing OS10.

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The PlayBook is slow, let's be honest. If it was on sale for $40 I could see some people picking it up along with the desktop dock to use it as a music player/alarm clock but at $80 it's overpriced for what it can do.

Use it for web browsing....

It's a horrible slow experience web browsing on the Playbook.

It is good for music or video playback.

I use mine daily with a spreadsheet I designed for work.

At $80 it's a steal but not for web browsing..

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Get the Origami browser, and it's all hunky-dory.
Gives the tablet a new life...

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

My wife and I still use ours, she mainly plays Mahjong on it and I watch vids and read ebooks on mine, our son plays some games on it too.

Z10 with OS

Like most things, the value is in the eye of the beholder. It still does many things very well (sound, screen quality, microphone, HDMI out, bridging) and no other tablet matched the gesture controls. You may not necessarily need the particular strengths of the PlayBook but if you say that you fail to see them at all then your admitting quite a failure.

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One of my buddies rocked the PB like a boom box at a party. It had surprisingly good sound quality.

My PB is solely used for anything that needs a secure platform to maximize my online security. I've even stopped using my desktop for banking. I figure since i don't go to any website other then specific ones I'm less likely to get compromised. Otherwise, I use my Nexus 7 or Z10.

I think if you're looking for something simple the ebay price is not too bad. It really depends on what you want it for. It's like driving an econo car in an F1 race: good car for fuel efficiency but better suited for grocery runs.


Still using my 64gb PlayBook. use it as my media player and brains for my dumb TV. Take it for my travel as well, 64gigs help.
Been more than 2years and still going great.

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Great for live TV streaming, connecting to big screen TV via HDM I cable. Great sound. Great for reading books (Kobo) listening to music.
Pdf editor, docs.
Best screen resolution. Great for video chat.
Use it every day, despite having a Z30.

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How do you do the video chat? I know there is one that came with it but the other person needs to have a PB too. I tried to side load Skype bit ir doesn't work,any other ideas ?

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The video chat will work with anyone with a OS10 device. My son video calls me from his PB to my Z10 all the time.

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I have a 64g PB and still use it at home. It works well but here we are waiting for Passport!!!

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Even BlackBerry stop supporting playbook going to support android tablet n ipad(sa)
For that money get android tablet soon u will get benefits from BlackBerry blend

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Many BB10 apps actually work on the Playbook. The ones that do get listed in BB World on the tablet.

There's still new apps appearing every day. Not many, no, but it still happens.

That's not very good value at all. It's only the 16GB version. Crackberry must be wanting, for "news".

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Sound died on mine a few months back ( it always thinks headphones are plugged in).
I now use it maybe once a week for the occasional web browsing an ebook from time to time (side loaded Moon Reader because the native reading app I bought was abandoned by developer Untangleddev and doesn't work any longer).
I'm happy with having bought the Playbook way back when.
I feel like I squeezed a lot of use out of the the device the past 2 years though. Bridge with my old 9320 and hdmi cable was a formidable setup (specially using Splashtop for remote viewing).
But I don't think that getting it now is worth while even at this price.

Frosty white Q10/

Ours still get used for road trips, streaming music, videos, movie nite, and the calculator on it is great, scientific too.

My Z10 - an extension of me

I use my 32gb everyday, watch movies, read the news and books. I have a few games in there too for my son, the battery life is amazing! I'm actually looking for another tablet so my son and I don't have to keep fighting for it and it's hard to find something this good, this PB was well made I wish BlackBerry would make another one with BB10.

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Have not used my Playbook in months. No new apps, no support and dated.

It's a shame but if you want a good 7" for under a hundred you can likely grab a used Nexus 7 on ebay also.

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Been buying a lot of playbook less than $50 CAD both 16 _& 32 gig give them to daughter school for kids to use school loves them helps in class my daughter and son both love there tablet fins USB get messes up buy 3 cent replacement and some sodder and it's all fixed glad to see so cheap will hope schools buy these in bulk great for school environment.

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I'll admit I still use mine. My son got me a Windows 8 tablet and I still try to minimize apps by swiping up from the bezel. BlackBerry gestures seem so natural to me; I'm sure windows phone users are used to their gestures.

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What Carbonetics said: Tools, not toys.

I grabbed my 3rd PB recently. I have two 64GB PB's that get regular use by myself and the kids. I bought a 3rd one (16GB) and mounted it on a swivil/tilt arm under the kitchen cabinet for recipe look-up, email, weather, and media viewing while cooking/prepping. I have no use for a more expensive name-brand tablet with an OS I don't like (Android). And the iPad...there's no way I'd spend that much money on a tablet. I have the money, the value just doesn't justify the price in my opinion.

I'm sorry but the 16gb playbook is worth $20 at most - the tablet is so dated and slow, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone at this point.

Unless you can find a 64gb for under $100 to store movies and watch them - that's all its good for.

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I use my PB Every single day. It's a high quality tablet and works well for me.
I don't like how blackberry shafted us on updates and ongoing support for it though.

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My Z30 kind of took the place of my PlayBook and previous phone all at once. I would love to have a new PlayBook running BB10 of course.

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ya really cheap. Sorry I meant crap. Fed up with BB. I had this playbook for 4 months. Worst tablet ever.

I still use mine and apps still come to it believe or not, Marmalade had put a ton of stuff on there and really good ones plus I love how easy you can just video call someone, that's one feature I wish made it to bb10.

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I don't use mine any more, but my wife uses hers every day instead of the Ipad I bought her which she does not like. Generally, I find the Z30 does much of what I would use a tablet for.

With such an enthusiastic fan base, would it not be feasible for a capable app developer (or ex BlackBerry employees) to bring some improvements to the PB using crowd funding such as kickstarter.com? Things like:

USB OTG (someone already made a demo), OS10/Android apps etc? I'm sure many of us would be willing to chip in some $$.


if only the PlayBook received BB10 lite, it would be the best tablet going.
or, even if it were simply a bluetooth screen for your BB10 phone, it would get much more use.

I still use my PlayBook daily. Mostly for reading, games, music and videos. Some apps have stopped working for me like Evernote and the Facebook app. But Apollo and the Kindle app work like a dream on it. The browser is starting to degrade a little, seeking more and more of the blue checkerboard, but I think I will keep it until I NEED to buy another one.

Posted using my awesome Z10

I use mine to connect to my work servers via RDP and VNC. As well as streaming sports and music. Beats carrying a notebook around. When the battery stops charging it's done but for now it still works for me.

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Although I used to love my PB until that fateful day I abandoned it in an airplane seat (I still cry myself to sleep over that). $79.99 is a little overpriced for me, maybe for $78.99 I'd think about it.

I still hope someday BlackBerry will release PB2

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Mine is showing its age and is no longer cutting it.
I will be looking for a replacement tablet soon but it has had a great run

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Maybe for a 64gb 3g model I would consider it at that price..... but not the base model.

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I still use mine from time to time & if they made a better browser, would use it a lot more for casual browsing etc.

I don't care what the naysayers think about the BB PB, i've got three of them on my home network and I'm loving it to this day, there's one for my son, who love playing games on it, yes there are enough games, how many can you play at once? He also loves making hi def videos using his
My wife uses her's to do her online shopping and watching movies and catching up on her social networking activity, and me, I use mine for almost everything, for Work i Manage PC's remotely using Logmein and also to manage my helpdesk using SpiceWorks. I read all my emails on it take pics and also make videos and powerpoint presentations, so I say if you wanna spend that $80 go ahead you just might like it and find lots of use for it like i did. oh and i forgot to mention, it makes a beautiful alliance working together with my Z10

For $80 def worth it just for the BlackBerry Bridge function to have data on your tablet anywhere you have cell signal!

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I love my PlayBook. I still use it everyday for social networking and YouTube. My kids prefer it over the ipad. Keeps them busy.

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Paul Paul, that is my point. Someone here tried making excuse for BlackBerry. That is hogwash! The point as I pointed out, BlackBerry lied to us and should have come clean. People should stop trying to make excuse for the trash we purchased based on the lie from BlackBerry. I don't really care for the excuse made by this individual nor do I give a rats ass for his cheap excuse in answer to my previous post. BlackBerry ought to live up to the promise or refund our money, period!

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Use mine all the time. Email, Web browsing, you tube, videos. Just the other week had streamed video to TV over hdmi while awhile in vacation.
Apps are not as abundant as BB10. However many things can be run on Web browser. Must say that the PB has been an excellent buy and love the layout of the system. Very stable.

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I'd like to know why CrackBerry is posting advertising from one particular seller on ebay. I just searched ebay and there are tons of PlayBooks for sale, some cheaper than this one, even LTE models. Ebay is all private sellers, what's the kickback?

Posted from my awesome Z30 :-D

I love my PlayBook 4G LTE. Maybe it's the upgraded processor, but I don't find that it's slow. It works fine. I absolutely love the UI with the swipe between apps, swipe to close, access to the settings in any app, etc. I don't find the browser slow either.
A PlayBook OS 3.0 would have been perfect. BlackBerry 10, as it is now, wouldn't be as tablet friendly as the current OS is.
I use mine for music, videos, Web browsing, games, a fitness app. I wish they didn't close the video and music stores, and I wish developers would fix just the bugs in some of their apps (ie Cineplex just has a server error).

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You can get a nexus 7 (2013) for around 130.00 bucks and it's a great tablet...

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I use mine everyday. It's sad that BlackBerry is no longer supporting it. Hopefully, they will do another tablet with BB10 capabilities. It would be fantastic!

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We both use our PlayBook every day. We use it as a reader. Tried the new readers on the market and they don't even come close.

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We still use our PlayBooks everyday.

With BBM, Kobo, Print2Go, Docs2Go, RDP,YouTube, movies on Box, Tablet TV and the occasional mind numbing game, it goes everywhere we go.

I guess the bottom line is they do what we need them to do.

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I still have my 64gb Playbook that sits collecting dust. It was set aside after I got my Q10 for several reasons. Like the 9900 I purchased it was a great blow to find out that after promises by BlackBerry and months of waiting, the coveted BlackBerry 10 OS was not coming to these devices. Also using it for simple browsing is a waste of time compared to BB10 devices. I purchased it solely for the reason that I wanted a BB10 tablet. Heinz went and F'd that up and really made me question the management of BlackBerry as a whole. Luckily we now have Mr. Chen at the helm and even though the BB10 OS is lost to the Playbook at least now BlackBerry will not be lost to History as it would have been if it Heinz had not been ousted.

Posted via CB10 on my Q10

I was tempted to get a Nexus but looking at my 64GB PB I can utliize Bridge to get internet without even turning on HotSpot that's still the best 4G-LTE enabled tablet for my need.

Still beats any other tablet for form and function. Sad to lose support? Yes. But let's be real, if your i-crap breaks down and heaven forbid that you didn't buy an outrageously costing protection plan, you are out 3-5 times the price most of us paid for the PlayBook. Don't even get me started on the Draconian i-tunes rules and restrictions that prevent you from doing anything that they don't "allow" or find a way to charge you for..... I will happily continue to use my Playbook daily until it no longer functions.

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Well is still a great tablet, IOS and Android are in the top because os popularity, but this playbook is more better than those tablet, unfortunately it couldn't have luck but I still love my playbook.

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I've always wanted one but does anyone know if we can side load apps on it? I need a tablet to replace my stolen ipad so any info on side loading apps would be greatly appreciated thanks!

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I still got my 16GB Wi-fi playbook. :)

Posted via CrackBerry 10 (CB10) application using my BlackBerry Q10.

My 16g playbook is alive and well and i went and bought my cousin a $200 android tablet and it died after a month, sent it in cause of the warranty and it lasted 2 weeks (so she says)...needless to say i never had to send in my playbook and as old as it is i have yet to see a tablet that holds the same sound and i can plug directly to my tv and connect to my phone and surf the web without having to pay extra for it.... if my playbook should die today, i would go out and buy another, i predict this black friday you will be able to find them for $50

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Also, the android tablet i got my cousin can't run flash. And there are still a ton of websites that use it...as far as I'm concerned, the playbook is the best tablet you can buy right now.

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I just purchased Playbook form E-bay in UK 64 GB for just about 60 pounds. It being my first BB device and also my first tablet I consider it quite good value.

I probably wouldn't buy one for 2 dollars... I love Blackberry, but this slate was just a poor show on their part.


I like it for work. My technicians can load the manuals and wiring diagrams for in field use. Lot more compact than laptops and won't take out a hard drive if misused. 80 bucks, Why not?

I bought my 64GB day one, @ $699 CDN (if memory serves). I have never regretted it, and use it 5 days a week on average. Sure a new Droid tab would knock it's block off- but the PBook is hardly new tech.

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What is this obsession with apps? I've gone through the Android apps and Blackberry apps and I don't see how having a million apps or 250,000 apps is that important. Most of these apps are complete shit anyway. Any app thats any good should be incorporated into the os. That's what makes the os great, awesomeness baked right in.

I'm concerned about the battery life after three years of release??? I think the battery is really bad and maybe even dead...

What do you think guys??

Posted via my awesome Z10 STL100-3

I continue to use my 16gb, enjoy it more all the time, using the HDMI recently so my 7" screen now becomes a 21" screen, all the text is quite legible. Just gave AV by AOL a run, can now web chat between the PB + my iMac. For me the PB is the ultimate utility for email, banking, weather, surfing, playing video + music, the physical construct of the Playbook is superb, the screen is exquisite. My PB works perfectly, use it mainly on AC power so is very reliable, battery especially. My PB is here to stay.

yeah it's an old school tablet. yeah it is a part of history. yeah it has no relevance to current's demands and it won't match the current specs etc BUT.. remember, apart from those drawbacks, PB is still the world's BUSINESS grade tablet. PERIOD.

my 16GB wifi PB is still standing strong till now. i still use it as my jukebox when i'm at the gym, thanks to its dual stereo speaker and its BOOM sound (without having to create some jargons like that **C) and emails.. it is a true power horse, really a complement of my Z30 and (soon) my PASSPORT :D

i'm still using the playbook, I have 64gb wifi only version and there's some cool apps runing fine on it , i'm using it for BlackBerry bridge, movies and browsing but I think playbook is the best for music with it's front speakers

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I still use my PlayBook a good bit, especially when traveling where I can bridge to my phone. I just bought my wife a new 64 gig PlayBook from Amazon for $119.00. She recently switched from Android to a Z30 and, this way, she has her own tablet to use. She loves it and wonders why BlackBerry stopped supporting it.

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I also received a Toshiba 8 inch windows tablet for Christmas. I use it infrequently. The battery life is terrible and using the email isn't as good. As a 60 year old, I find myself having to use reading glasses to use it. Not so with my PlayBook. It is a shame that they couldn't have upgraded the processor and memory and reintroduced it running BB10. I would have gladly purchased an upgraded version.

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I'd like to know which PB model would work best for in-car navigation. As I understand it they all have stand alone gps built-in?? My interest is maps, voice turn by turn, tracking, satellite, topo. Anyone want to share their opinion or suggest a current forum that I could get some input. My primary objective is a larger screen for my truck and off-road toy. .. ???

No. No. No. Why encourage folks to buy a product that the company has orphaned when for a few more bucks you can get something that will do much more and is still supported? BlackBerry won't even support its own products and services on the playbook, the latest of which is Blend. Encouraging folks to buy this is one way to turn them off to the company.

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Not related but I still get a laugh at remembering my friends tease me about the PlayBook

"Its too small"
"Why did they make it so small"
"How can you read the screen"

I can name all of them who promptly bought an IPad Mini on its release. (rolling eyes)

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On that topic I still have to laugh at a friend who buys Apple everything...when other people asked him if the tiny screen on his Iphone bothers him he said that other phones' screens are too big and that the Iphone screen is the perfect size. But watch what hapoens when the bigger sized Iphones come out, I'll bet he'll get one and say it's the best thing ever.

$79.99? Take that money and put it towards a better product. My 64GB is so glitchy it's not even funny. I try to type on it and the keyboard pops up and down for no reason at all. I try to activate a link or an app, and something completely unexpected activates, not what I was actually trying to access. I thought I was getting a great piece of technology that I could carry and work from and leave my laptop at home, but that's just not the case. At best, my Playbook is good for playing games, listening to music or watching movies while flying and, when it wants to act right, trying to send emails. Business-class or business capable, it most certainly is not.

I have a 64GB WiFi play book if anyone wants to buy it? Comes with flip cover & charger. Make me a reasonable offer.

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My wife and I each own our own Playbooks. I was thinking about upgrading to a 64gb model, but I have a feeling Blackberry has a Playbook 10 around the corner. It is the only format left besides a laptop, but a tablet would be a better option, especially if it can (like the old Playbook) connect to a keyboard via bluetooth. They just need to release 10.3 and market the heck out of it.

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If BlackBerry was to build a bb10 os release for the Playbook they would triple in price.

The new BlackBerry. Ahead of the curve.

For those of you that keep saying "my PlayBook just sits gathering dust"...you realize that you're saying this to a community of BlackBerry people, don't you?
If indeed the PB is so useless to you and just collects dust, why don't you donate it here where it most likely will be more appreciated? You've already spent the money and it's being wasted collecting dust anyway. Why not put a smile on a BlackBerry fan's face? I'll gladly pay the shipping if you would rather not see a BlackBerry collect dust.
Just sayin.

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I loved my playbook but why did blackberry take off the video store I rented movies and I want it back so badly I can't watch movies on my playbook at least let me buy and rent then I rented a few movies and I wanted to rent more I loved the video store on my blackberry it had very good movies but now I can't watch movies

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I still use my 64GB Playbook. I use it to access my files both stored locally and on cloud. Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, and Evernote works well. I also have installed apps to read tech news and watch movies as well as Evernote for note taking. . . and a few games. Most of all I like how the playbook OS was developed, the ease to multi task is just so great. These are the reasons why I am still using my Blackberry Playbook. I really hope its development will continue someday. GO Blackberry!!!

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I reckon once we have access to even more apps from 10.3 we will see another blackberry tablet.
Mine sits in my top drawer but I can't bring mywto let it go without a blackberry replacement in hand.

I still use my old playbook for browsing in the evening. At that time I don't want to sit in the office nor. Do I want to lug around a laptop. So the plabook is still fine for me if I want to look sth up or enjoy some youtubes. Its instantly on and with fast browser also quick enough.

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I can't believe this device ever cost more than a $100 in it's lifetime. I wouldn't pay $20 for a brand new one now. I purchased the Playbook genuinely thinking I was getting a BlackBerry iPad. What a way to spend $500. Oh well.

Too bad the browser went down hill on os 2.0 and kept crashing and closing and how slow it is compared to my z30 browser. And having to convert video files to mp3 audio so it will play with sound.

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I'm very happy with my 64Gb PlayBook. It does everything I want of a tablet. I bought it off ebay to keep all my photos but found it so useful I have yet to relegate it to being just a photo book.

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I use mine as a bedside clock and to play movies on my big screen. Other than that, it's a dinosaur and feels majorly dated to me. I prefer my z10 every time. I wish BlackBerry would make a tablet that ran BB10.

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My 64 GB Playbook just arrived from EBAY. Had a Blackberry when they were the 'only' smartphone. When the keyboard went away so did I. Then the Passport which I had to have immediately. and bought off Amazon unlocked and LOVE so much I wanted to try the Tablet. Still trying it out. Interesting though, I have a HP Windows Tablet which I really like. It is a full Windows OS. The issue I was having was the port to charge was giving me problems and the battery was down to almost 0%. Tried a number of combinations, USB, AC nothing. Then I plugged it into the Playbook charger now charged to 100%