BlackBerry PlayBook dropping to only $149.99 for one week at TELUS

Telus Sale
By Jared DiPane on 2 Feb 2012 12:04 pm EST

Have yet to bite on one of the many previous BlackBerry PlayBook deals in hopes of something better coming down the pipeline? TELUS has a treat in store fo you, and for one week only they will be dropping the price of the 16GB and 32GB models down to the low price of only $149.99. We have seen them drop to $199 quite a few times, but who doesn't like to save an extra $50? With the launch of PlayBook OS 2.0 around the corner, this deal is something you won't want to pass on. The deal starts tomorrow, Feb 3 and only runs until Feb 9, so act fast if you are interested!

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BlackBerry PlayBook dropping to only $149.99 for one week at TELUS


Doesn't the picture also say that 64Gb is also priced at 149.99? I still can't believe I paid full retail for my 64Gb on launch day. Hey RIM - think about giving some credit to your early adopters rather than only to folks who waited for the price to drop before they buy... I'm sure you can find out who we are from activation data.

Called every store in Halifax at 10 AM when they opened. They have none and don't expect any.

I went to the Walmart in Bayer's Lake after being unable to get one at Telus and they honoured the price.

How did you get Walmart to match the price? I want to purchase a Playbook ASAP and saving $50 sounds good to me. I cant find a link on Telus's site showing the deal?

All I did was mention the discount to the clerk. They were aware of the Telus deal and gave the 32gb to me no questions asked.

I was wondering when the first early adopter whining would start. I didn't think it would be the 2nd post though.

Oh and I'm an early 64GB adopter so I'm not bashing or whining about it. I've got family moments on it that I would have missed by waiting.

Dude, chill out. Good for you for not bashing. I'm not bashing either if you read my post carefully. I'm not expecting it would happen, I'm just saying it would be nice to reward your company's faithful: it's not a bad marketing tactic. I recall when Apple came out with iPad 2 and dropped the price for iPad 1, they gave a refund to those who recently purchased the first iPad.


Keywords "recently purchased".

1st- There is only 1 PlayBook out (Comparing a situation of a price drop due to a new device i.e. iPad 1 and iPad 2 makes no sense)

2nd- I am sure that if someone "recently purchased" a PlayBook and the price drops before the return period they will be granted the difference.

3rd- The price of an item depreciates over time. We are now approaching 10 or so months since the PlayBook has come out. You expect for it to still be valued at $499-$699? $149 is not a discount "perse" it is simply market value. The actual sales of the PlayBook peak when the price is below $249 for the base model.

For next time, I recommend for you to make better comparisons :) might be more of your taste :)

I bought my PlayBook in September... After the 14 day return period I cared less of what happened after that with the price. I was too busy enjoying what I purchased!

I hope you got it on sale. I bought 2 on launch date and cant help but feel like I made a mistake. I should have waited or gotten something else. By the time we get everything that was promised, the PB hardware will be close to obsolete. As someone mentioned in another post, it is already 10 months old. In tech, that is a long time.

I understand your point, trust me! But, that is the way consumer products work, especially when they are not successful. I guess what bothers most of you guys is the fact that it was "promised" for the expected features to be released shortly after launch. I am still upset that T-Mobile hasn't released the 7.1 update with UMA for the 9900. They mentioned it would be released by November (I believe)... I am still waiting, I did get my 9900 for $400 (No Contract)

Probably. I am still on the BB team though. Playbook and 9900 here, but sometimes you have to voice these concerns. I just hope these price cuts will lead to the needed proliferation to attract more developers. Heck, they get them free now... LOL :D

LoL, aslong as BB's continue to make "Bold style" keyboards I will continue to hang-on. The developers will come (slowly) but they will. The more PlayBooks that are out there, the more lucrative it is for devs to develop and these recent "discounts" have helped. And as you mentioned "they get them free now". lol, who can beat that!

i agree. whiners should stop and think;
playstation 3's were once $800.
should sony reimberse all the early adopters hundreds of dollars, now that they sell for $200?
does apple reimburse buyers when they make a new ipod/ipad every 10 months which reduces the value of last gen ipod/ipad?

completely different scenarios. The playbook as of yet is still not the complete product it was advertised to be. Maybe OS 2.0 will finally get us there, but how can you say that a drop in the upwards of 70% plus is easy for early adopters to justify? Blackberry till you die blindness I guess.

As a launch day purchaser of a 64G, I try very hard not to let the resentment creep into my thinking but sometimes its a little difficult. Remember the outrage when Apple dropped their iPhone by $100 soon after launch. Didn't Apple do something to compensate those early buyers? Can't recall exactly...

That's nothing........I paid $800 for my first VCR and all it could do was flash 12:00 all day long :(

Me too! And I'm not whining because I've used my PB every day since release. And I bought another 64G at the $299. But you might have to admit, an almost 60% price drop only months after a major product launch is pretty unprecedented so lighten up a bit on us early adopters.

be happy. at the end all the things rim does to push playbook out is just a good thing for you at the end. the more playbook adopters there is, the more apps are released and the more happy you will be ! 4 years ago i spent close to 3k for sony 42inch TV. Today i would probably have to pay someone to get rid of it

Fiiiine ill buy a playbook, you got me RIM lol. Stay tuned for a post of me mounting it in my truck for the ultimate "dvd deck" experience

I'm definately buying another PlayBook I bought my 16GB from the $199 sale now we can get a 32gb for $149.99 wow
It's unreal:) I'm not complaining ill give my 16gb to my family and grab the 32gb I need more memory from all the games I've been installing lmao

It's an indication that RIM is going to announce a brand new redesigned tablet(s) pretty soon. To clear WiFi only stock they had set a deadline of Feb 9th. So, they are going to announce something new and great. This is my guess otherwise there is no rush I can imagine unless they want to boost their top line for this quarter if it is terrible. So it can be either a good news or bad news :-) for investors

uhhh, hello??? it says STARTING at 149 does anyone read anymore?
Telus is not selling the 32GB for 149 it will likely be 199 or something like that. Great deal non the less.

I just went in to a Telus "Connect" store and they didn't know about this. They further told me that they don't even carry stock and purchases are ordered in.

The store manager went on to say that this is most likely an online deal via the online Telus store.

Oh well, guess it's online shopping for me.

how many times they said that before???( limited time only, only for one week) and now they droped even chepier!!.. i dont know how many time this will work for them, the only thing i know is this does not look good to me

Debating if I should buy the 32GB for $150 and sell my friend my 16GB for $100....
Twice as much storage for an extra $50 doesn't sound bad to me...

Some people just want any reason to get angry no matter what the price point.

"Oh I wasted $ getting it early", You say...

Well clearly the Playbook was a mistake to you already even before you purchased it.

Otherwise, this is quite the bargain. Really tempted to pick up a 16gb.

if i bought a new 32gb playbook, can i transfer my paid apps ( angry birds, fruit&ninja, asphalt 6 etc. )from my current 16GB playbook to my new 32gb playbook, or would i have to re-buy them again?

It is transparent throughout all BlackBerry devices with your Appworld user ID and password.

So, no you would not.

Yup. Just wipe your old one, then use your BBID on the new one. Go into AppWorld and reload them since they'll appear as deleted.

Actually, I didn't even wipe my old one.. Just logged in to my new 64 GB PlayBook, entered my BBID, and then clicked reinstall on all of the apps (free and paid) that I have on my 16 GB model. I figured that if I paid money for a game or an app, I should be able to use it on how ever many PlayBooks I own..

I did that too. The only thing is that two PB's with the same BBID can't video chat. And seems I read on BB website that you are limited to 5 devices on an account. Please correct that anyone if you know differently.

Otherwise... good to go!

Now that you guys bring that up. What happens if someone else initiates a video chat to the BBID that is registered on 2 PlayBooks will that initiate a 3-way chat?

Not really. RIM is just selling out the old Wi-Fi only models before they release the new 3G enabled version, as opposed to killing the device altogether.

Duh! I bought 32Gb PB at 250$ instead of 300$ I thought I had a deal... My girlfriend told me, wait the price is going to drop even more...

I'm definitely grabbing one for my wife... and here I thought the $250 I paid for my 32GB was a great deal. LOL! Maybe it'll be $100 by March. :P

got mine in April, used points to get a futureshop card to pay for it, no regrets as i have made good use of it, i'm surprised it's lasted based on how much i use thought it would have burned out by now.

Seems like a great deal, but as it stands now, there's almost ZERO content worth even using the PB for. I can't even use the Browser to watch Netflix. The PB I have at home pretty much just catches dust next to my iPad. Bottom line is apps are the lifeblood of a tablet, and where the PB is concerned this is (still) a barren wasteland. So much potential unrealized.

It's a sad state of affairs with RIM that these things have to be almost given away, and now even more. I'm really pro Canadian and WANT RIM to succeed, but I just think it's too little too late to recover.

beside Netflix, skype or hulu... what else pb can not do?.. it does everything else with the browser!! does not matter how long takes to rim to get skype and netflix but they will get them.. watch!!!

There is a piece in Businessweek (current issue) titled "Research in Motion: The Walking Dead?". Basically says when you are a dinosaur it is hard to catch up. I think it is still too soon to write RIM off just yet. You are right though, they need apps bad. They need to focus on working out deals with those core apps everyone is waiting for: Skype, Kindle, Netflix, etc.

RIM ID aproval web page for new bb ID is not working like 2 weeks ago! i already have try to make a new bb id for the past 2 weeks with no succes

Hey do you know if they are going to have this sale next week.. I wanted to buy one but sucks that they are only having this sale for a week

I live in the US but my daughter lives in Canada. Does anyone know if I can purchase one of these by phone or online from Telus and ship it to her? I've been on hold with Telus for 18 minutes so far and don't know if they'll ever pick up. Thanks!

Does anyone know if I will be able to buy one since I'm in the US?! Some sites only let you order within that country. I will be all over that sale once it hits! Is there a specific time zone that they are going by, such as CST, EST, PST, MST?

Well I can see that the sale start tmw till the 9th so it start on Friday and end on Thurs that's not fair I wanted to get one but then if its gonna end on thbe 9th won't be possible for me and I have money on the 10th so don't make sence but hope they extend the sale or this price will appear again at other places

Do u think that with Telus selling the PB for $149.99, it would cause RIM to sell it for that same price?!?! Therefore, allowing for people to purchase it from them at the lower price.

Makes me feel like giving mine away before it becomes worthless.

The good deed would feel good, watching the value plunge to nothing since i got it in october not so much.

There are no contracts on PlayBooks (the current ones at least) because they are wi-fi only so there's nothing to contract for.

i bought my 16gb playbook on december 28th for$199.00 i am loving it. especially the hdmi port. if u paid full price i'd be bitter too. but this always happens in electronics not only with the playbook.

Lets not loose sight of the fact that this is great for everyone. For folks that don't have a playbook, they are getting one. And for those of us that do have one it puts more playbooks on the street which should translate to more apps, development, etc.

cheers for the web link, its an awesome price for sure. Pity the telus web page is crap for finding the store with any PB in stock, it just find local stores. First one bought yet?

I went to a Telus store this morning and the manager told me that there are none left in Toronto. They didn't have any stock to begin with.

+1 on that. Went to 3 different stores, and called 6 others and nada. What's the point of the sale if there's no stock?

Yep, same here. Manager told me they put on the sale only to clear out whatever stock they still had left -- which was little to begin with. Most stores were already sold-out before the sale began.

Checked with several stores in Mississauga, no one had any. One guy said it was because "they are not making them anymore". Sad....and so not true for anyone wondering.

Cant promise anything, but no Telus store around had any left. Called Futureshop, and got a price match :) Bought 2 32GB :)

Just came from the telus store. There ordering one in for me. Will be here monday. Some guy who was there at the same time ordered 12 lol.

Just tried to find PB at Telus and no go...and in talking with Best Buy and Future Shop they will not price match since the item is 'limited quantities'.

just came back from futureshop and walmart and they wouldn't price match because on the website it says "until supplies last" or something along those lines.

on my way home, i wanted to give it another go at staples and the guy did it for me. but as soon as he said he would, his manager said he couldn't. i politely told him that he just said he would do it, and so the manager honored it, saying that i'd be the last one.

you should try around, you might get lucky.

i'm in toronto, btw.

haha thanks guy for the match price trick!
i went to telus (Montreal) and they said it's out of stock in every montreal telus.
so i just went for fun to futureshop 5min walking from there and asked a seller if price match was possible for the 32gb playbook. he went away then came back few minutes later saying that he is reducing the 32gb to 139$ (with 10% more) :D

I just tried the price match with a Future Shop store in Mississauga ... no go. Wouldn't honour it against "while quantities last".

Not that it will work, but I've removed that from the page and will try taking THAT ad into another FS and see what happens.

No luck finding any of the PB at any Telus store in west Mississauga ...

Just bought one from Walmart. 32 GB for $149.99 then 10% off of that! I tried every store in Victoria BC. No one would price match except Walmart. All the Telus stores were sold out. Also, Telus removed the deal from their site?

Do you guys have the ad telus posted on the website? I can't find it anymore and I was looking to go to London Drugs or Walmart to price match.


Nope, no more PlayBook on the ON or QC tablet pages for Telus and the link someone posted earlier leads to a "page not found".