BlackBerry PlayBook Discount Pricing Roundup!

By Jared DiPane on 23 Sep 2011 10:57 am EDT

Are you one of the many that have had their eyes on the BlackBerry PlayBook, waiting for the right price to be able to finally land one in your hands? We have seen a number of PlayBook sales and promotions pop up already, and it appears as though they just keep on coming in. Within just the past few days we have seen quite a few more pop, so we decided to break them down for you to see which is the best deal for you. We'll update this post if/when more discounts pop up, so if you're looking to get a discounted PlayBook be sure to check back here before making your purchase.

BlackBerry PlayBook Pricing Roundup (as of Oct. 5)

Future Shop / Best Buy Canada


Canadians can take advantage of some great deals from Futureshop and Best Buy on the BlackBerry PlayBook. It appears as though they are offering $100 off the device, plus a $100 giftcard, or if you order online the second $100 can be instantly deducted. Ordering online can score you a 16GB PlayBook for only $299, a pretty stellar price for such an awesome device.

Check out the PlayBook savings at Future Shop / Best Buy

WalMart (Canada)


Walmart comes in with the best pricing on the PlayBook, but that may make it a bit harder to find there, or they have less stock, as we all know how that game goes. Walmart is offering the 16GB model for 50% off, at only $249 it is a steal.

Reports on this one are a bit back and forth, some are seeing the discount, others are not, so if you are lucky enough to score one at this price, be sure to let us know. 

Check out the PlayBook savings at Walmart

Staples (Canada)


The deals are all over the place for Canadians, Staples has slashed the price of all the PlayBook models by $100, bringing the 32GB version down to $399. While not as slick a deal as some of the others, who doesn't enjoy saving $100 on something? 

Check out the PlayBook savings at Staples 

Vodafone (Qatar)


For our friends across the pond it looks like the good folks at Vodafone Qatar have cut the price of the 16GB PlayBook down to QR 1299, which is about $350. What are you waiting for? Get to going and get your PlayBook before the sale runs dry!

Check out the PlayBook savings at Vodafone

Best Buy (US)

Best Buy 

Well, looks like the US Best Buy locations have finally received word of the sales going on around, and decided to change their pricing as well. You can snag a 16GB PlayBook for $299, $100 more for each size upgrade. Head into your local store, or grab one online.

Check out the PlayBook savings at Best Buy

The Source (Canada)


Yet another company wanting in on the fun of the PlayBook discounts, and The Source in Canada has discounted all their BlackBerry PlayBooks by $200, bringing the 16GB down to the familiar $299 price tag we have seen around. Interesting note about the sale from The Source is that unlike others, they list the sale to end on Dec. 31, 2011, so could this be their new permanent price for the device?

Check out the PlayBook savings at The Source 

Sears (Canada)


This deal is a bit different than those that we have seen so far, this time the purchase comes at a discount if you buy a case. You may be thinking that stinks, but they have the 16GB PlayBook, along with either a leather sleeve or leather convertible case for $299, so the same price you can get it anywhere else, except this time you get a case with it!

Check out the PlayBook savings at Sears Canada

Staples (US)

Didn't think that Staples in the US would want to be left out of the discount party, did you? They have slashed the pricing of the BlackBerry PlayBook by $200, bringing the 16GB version down to the $299 price point we have seen elsewhere. Looking to pick one up at Staples? Be sure to head in before Oct 15 or you will be missing out on the deal! 

Check out the PlayBook savings at Staples

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BlackBerry PlayBook Discount Pricing Roundup!


What do you really get out of this..this site is here for fun facts, important information, social interaction. instead of wasting time and space here why don't you search for ( or something else.

When the 50% discount hits the US, I'm buying 2 32GB ones...

I've given up hope of seeing this launch in Brasil.

actually it does if you want to buy IBM stock at 99.00 dollars you are just going to sit and never see it.

The PB is awesome. You will be hurt by not enjoying a great device and a great price.

RIM has a large inventory that has built up but once the android player and the promotions bring it down the opportunity will be gone.

I'm not one to think RIM is going out of business. They have had a tough year and largely due to their dragging their feet but they seem to have gotten the memo and the new Bold 9930 is so awesome someone would have to pay me a great deal of money to get me to switch now.

With 800,000 overstock and layoffs at the manufacturing plant, the $99.99 fire sale will not be long coming, I feel.

Christmas @ WalMart? Maybe.

Closer to 200,000-300,000 overstock is what has been reported more recently, but don't think you are gonna see $99 PB for a long time in either case, maybe next year after a completely new PB2 (not just os2) version is released and the PB1 is completely obsolete.

I really hope so, I'm very interested in developing for the playbook but just don't have $499 to drop on one. Kicking myself for missing the developer promotion RIM ran at launch.

Honestly I have had the Playbook since week 1 could care less about discounts.
All I would like is the OS update. I love Blackberry products and am not complaining but it would really come in handy to have all functions that have been promised since before the tablet was released. It is really disappointing to see such a great product be so underrated.


I agree. I bought one 2 weeks after release to use for work purposes but without the calendar and several other basic functions, it was useless for my needs. I took it back within a week for an iPad2 but if the OS 2.0 ever drops, I might be back in the market so I can pass the iPad off to the wife. Come on RIM!!! Quit stalling and give use what we want and deserve!!! And btw, we need some US sellers hooking up the discounts!

I agree. Playbook is great. I just got a second one at $249 plus $100 RIM rebate, but still need more functionality :(

This will only come if sales do. I bought mine on day 1 at a very high price that I can't recall, but I'm not complaining, the more PBs out there the better mine will get. Hell even if they gave them away I wouldn't be mad.

Adding more discounts I know of (Canadian) :

Rogers Employee - already reported 16GB / $250, 32GB / $349, 64 GB / $399
***Rogers is reporting back order of the 16 GB on their Employee site, waiting on RIM's warehouse?***
Telus Employee - 16GB / $299, 32GB / $399, 64GB / $499

So if you haven't hugged a Rogers or Telus employee, do it, might hook you up :)

RIM's Back to School Playbook rebate is over yesterday :(

I grabbed one for myself, then started playing with it, put it in friends hands and they were shocked. One friend of which was making fun of it until he tried it. Now he is a proud owner! Well waiting for it to come in from an online purchase...but the purchase is made.

The Playbook is FAR FROM dead, it is actually a great time to pick up the Playbook especially with 2.0 coming, a lot of great features leaked already, and some surprises I'm sure users are going to be happy about.

I already own a 16gb one. I'm interested in moving up to the 64 gig. There has to be a significant price drop for me to jump on it.

I called all 3 Walmarts in the Red Deer, AB area and they all still scan at $498 for 16gb. Might be an Ontario/Quebec thing.

Walmart Canada was an error. The guy who posted his receipt from Guilford Towne Centre (Surry, BC) got it in error, I had a couple Walmarts investigate and called the Guilford store and Walmart Canada is not offering the Playbook at that price.

Staples (US) website is today (9/23) showing a pricing slash on the 64GB from $699.00 down to $699.00, on the 32GB from $599.00 down to $599.00, and (you guessed it) on the 16GB from $499.00 all the way down to $499.00.... Teasers.... Oh, they're also showing as "New Lower Price"...

Yeah ! Why is it like that ? It says 16GB , with $499 , and a slash through it . Then it says "Now reduced to , $499 ! " ? ? ? WTF ?

RIM should just drop the price across the board by at least a $100. I don't understand why tablet makers set their prices equal to iPad. You need to gain some market share, RIM. Dropping PB's price by a $100 is a good place to start. Few people will prefer PB over iPad if they are priced equally. I have a PB and I love it, but Joe and Jane Consumer don't know anything about the specs. They are affected by the price and the marketing. RIM simply sucks in marketing, so they should compete on price.

MY god do they sucking in marketing.... You speak the truth friend.... they need to fire whoever is in charge of marketing as well as get 1 ceo instead of having 2 co ceo's...

Completely agree... The CEOs need to drop the arrogance factor a bit and accept that they've made awful mistakes. They need somebody with fresh ideas.

I totally agree with the price and why price everything like the iPad. I would have purchased the PB if they were $299, but not for anything more. Staples had $100 off of all tablets, but the PB and Touchpad, so I went with the Dell Streak 7 for $199. I truly believe that a tablet which is less powerful as a netbook shouldn't cost nearly the as a netbook or more. We should be paying less than $300 for a tablet.

For a second I thought I had a reason to set foot in a walmart for the first time in my life... then I saw that was Canada only. : (

Is there any news on when PB 2.0 is suppose to becoming out or at least rumors or something?

( I mean a physical 2nd playbook in terms of hardware not software 2.0 which should be dropping next month.)

Walmart in Ontario where I'm from shows the PB 16GB at $498.00 the 32GB at $598.00 and 64GB at $698.00 so where is this discount they talk about??
I want a PlayBook so bad but I'm not paying those prices plus taxes
Smarten up RIM ur marketing sucks.

I am going to pick up a couple for Christmas presents. For $299, it's perfect and I can video conference with my mom.

Glad to see RIM pushing the platform out now - better to grab more market share now before the new competition gets here!

$249-299 = perfect price (for me). I was able to get in on the Touchpad $99 fire sale, and it's a fine device, but nothing great. My wife and kids will use that one around the house. I want the PB for me (although I secretly wish it had a bigger screen).

At least Futureshop pricing is more attainable than Walmart's price
The PB 16GB is $399.00 minus $100.00 gift card/online credit so online it's $299.00 now till Oct6/11 Mmmm tempting

I am waiting for V2.0. I've been waiting all summer for the new version to come out, and I think a lot of people are waiting for that. No wonder they struggling with selling the device, so many people said they'd wait till the update to buy.

No discounts in the US is odd. Ten times more Americans than Canadians if you really want to shift units cut prices in the US. That is of course assuming there are units in the distribution stream in the US. Maybe RIM has written off the US for the PB, I wouldn't blame them. The press they got here was horrible and I think kids at best buy openly say you don't want that tablet, even when they know nothing.

Americans (I am one) are for the most part pathetic zombies who don't think on their own. They just follow what someone else tells them to do, or they see an iPad and just say I want that.

True iPad has tons more stuff but when I see someone use it, it like yuck that's so old style. Not more than one program open. Hitting a big button to close a program. Yeurp that's how you do it Grandad!

Hello everyone;

It's me again! I just got the Playbook from Futureshop... I bought it online
I paid C$300 as mentioned in the report here... you do get the C$100 discount from RIM upon checking out!

Previously I mentioned that 250 for a tablet is a fair price... I am still holding onto my word and if the price drops at Walmart... I am returning this one although I don't do that!

Cheers everyone and thank you Crack berry for the notification


Why can't we get these discounts in the US.... I guess I will continue to wait until they lower the price.
$499.00 is way out of my budget!!

The extra $100 off from Futureshop seems to have gone missing. Anyone else see it down to $299 still?

It's still there, apparently it applies when you go to checkout. Also just saw that the 16 GB from future shop is sold out and on back order. See RIM all you needed to do was lower the price.

I was on the future shop website all day and they use to indicate that you can get a 100$ off online purchase. It's not there anymore.
And I tried to checkout without completing the transaction earlier today and at that stage I would see the additional 100$ off. Not sure why it's not there anymore... odd. With 200$ off it is a pretty awesome deal for such a good device!

I've been calling walmarts and checking already sold out devies on best buy and future shop and I also did the checkout thing with no luck on the second $100 off.

Just bought another one online from best buy. Said sold out online, but buying in store, or ordering online and picking up in store is fine. Came to $339.78 with tax.

I went to the Walmart site and typed in my postal code so it would show me my local price. There was no mention of a sale. It was $498 or something.

FYI for those buying online at future shop and best buy -

The final $100 deduction does not happen until checkout. So it looks like you are paying $399 until the final pay screen.

Im going to keep checking Walmart for that 249 deal, if I can find it I will return this one and save $50. Doesnt seem to be showing anywhere though.

After reading the Article I took a peek at my bill/receipt for my Playbook 32GB from Staples..

only 2 weeks .. SWEET..

So the run down is ..

599 original price
-150 Gift Card for being a panelist a while ago
-100 RIM mail in rebate/credit card

So I popped over to Staples with my receipt and asked about the Price Guarantee..

-100 Price Guarantee.. (plus the 13% taxes)

End of the day once the mail in comes back from RIM.. The 32GB Playbook only cost me...


Gotta love it..

Checking online, the bestbuy/future shop are sold out/ back ordered, and I called the 2 nearest walmarts to me and they all sounded confused, and after checking they said that's too ridiculous and they dont thin they would do that, but on either end, no sale.

Anyone know which stores claim to have a sale? It's still canada, so why not mine? has them at the lowered prices..

My closet location in Oshawa here even had em in stock in the store..

And a working display unit (which so many places do not)

The real question here is: is the PB going to be scrapped and discontinued after 2.0 comes out, or will it be refreshed with a huge push behind it. Is RIM trying to put it out there as fast as possible to say "1,000,000 people own playbooks so devs get on it"? Time will tell. Not buying one discounted before 2.0 and the features I want/need are included. I will pay full price for that, believe me.

@Kiddo, I am from the USA, and where I live the Playbook stays out of stock. The Bestbuy stores in the Charlotte, NC and Greenville/Spartanburg, SC area are usually out-of-stock of the 32GB and 64GB Playbook. When I was in Bestbuy's mobile store last Saturday there were three people purchasing Blackberry phones. Where I live people love Blackberry. RIM was in Charlotte, NC earlier this year.

I believe the Playbook sells will pickup substantially when RIM releases the software update with the Android player and native email. In addition, after the software update, I believe RIM is going to release a 4G version on at&t. at&t is willing to take risks with products when the other net works are not. at&t took a risk with iPhone when Verizon was not willing to take the risk. The critics/analyst had declared the iPhone a complete failure; however, now they are giving the phone high praises. If the Playbook does well with at&t, then Verizon will get on board. I am glad that the Playbook did not go to Sprint because Sprint is failing company. The Playbook needs to go first to at&t or Verizon, which are successful companies that will give the Playbook and RIM some life.

I believe there is still a lot of potential and hope for the Playbook. I hope RIM does not do like HP and have a fire sale because it will hurt RIM even more. A fire sale would make RIM look as if they are heading for the grave yard like HP. I am glad HP got rid of its CEO because the decision that he made regarding the HP Touch Pad. The supply, retail, and distribution chain are very skeptical of HP because of the decision the previous CEO made.

Not surprised. If RIM says they have NO money, shipped fewer phones than the competition, made lower revenue, BB-kool-aid drinkers will tell everyone how great the companies doing. NOT one person on here seems to get the fact that their beloved company is blowing serious "coin" on the unsuccessful PlayBook release. They shipped 500,000 in the first 4 months, sold barely any & received barely any orders for more. They shipped another 200,000, last quarter. Less than 50% have been sold. I believe RIM hasn't even sold 40% of their units. Sales are probably closer to 25%-30% (less than 300,000 sales). RIM knows exactly how many PlayBook's they've sold, but refuse to release "sell-through" numbers (sales). Every PB owner knows you have to sign-in with a BBID. RIM isn't releasing the numbers because their sales numbers are TOO embarrassing. Face facts, this company finished. Finally, QNX is a complete failure, running "Sync" in Ford's. It's terrible. RIM is clearly a poorly managed company. Why would you make your revenue dependent on how many cars get sold?? Doesn't make any sense. Your NOT selling any phones (new or old), so your genius idea is to sell your technology in a product that has its own trouble with purchases. Real genius there RIM!!

the village idiot has reappeared, please go back to the hole you crawled out.

btw just ordered a 16GB for $299 + tax at Future Shop for my son now we can video chat when I travel.

Hmm.......... get off the koolaid and go play with your iTampon. Support a Nazi company like Apple that illegally enters and searches someone's home.

whats up with the picture of the Playbook being used for this article? The UI being shown looks different than the actual UI on the PB. The icons have a box around them, and there also seems to be a strange magnifying glass where the settings icon usually is. Now i'm confused...

without Skype, I would not buy Playbook for even $99 ...but with Skype I would buy it for 399

Yes - It is about the apps.

As of 4:00:18 AM Canadian time EST. I saw FutureShop is still offering the 16gb PB for $399 minus $100 online below...

"Temporarily out of stock: usually ships in 6-7 business days. 298 units available for backorder." On FutureShop's site.

That's a great sign people are ordering the PB and I will be one of them can't wait my Torch 9810 and a PlayBook wohooo I love u RIM!!

if i only knew that Vodafone Qatar will be having this Sale, i wouldnt have purchased last month.. what a waste of cash!

Office Depot is having a sale tomorrow 9/25, they will discount the PB to 399 and will give you an instant $100 rebate, online or in store.

I live in the Kitchener / Waterloo area and I called 6 Walmarts and only one walmart had a 16gig pb. I rushed down to grab it only to be told that it is reg price. There was also no record of it being discounted and the web site didn't show the deal either. I got the manager involved and showed them this blog about the discount and little bit of pleading with her, she hooked me up.
Thanks Crackberry for the post, I love this tablet and by far I'm going to have more use out of it then my ipad as it is compact and perfect for the car.

My only disappointment is that there is no native turn by turn. I don't even see a good app that offers as well. Asides from that, it is a steal for 249!

I'm waiting to buy it. I will do so when it is updated and can run more apps on it. I like many others are waiting on the fence till the final product rolls out. Look at the Samsung Android customers that waited a very long time for froyo 2.2 to roll out. RIM is taking a while, but I don't mind. I just want a product that I will be happy with.

So, I just ordered a PB online at Future Shop for store pickup. When i went to pick up the pb the cashier charged me the 299 and gave me a gift card for 100. At first i thought she was just going through procedures but when i got home i checked the balance of the card and it said there was still a balance of 100!

I am thinking the balance just hasn't come off yet but i thought it was instant? I will check the balance of the card in a few days but the deal would be awesome for 199!!!

if they were 249 each (16gb) , i would buy 2 for my daughters today, right now, cash, immediate, hello?

Just ordered a 16GB PlayBook for $299 from Future Shop.. Checked Best Buy and they didn't subtract the extra $100 at check out like FS did.

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! It gets better, my local Wireless guys at Costco sherwood park Alberta:

"16gb is $275 and 32gb is $375, we have to match competitors and beat them" I love them, I am off to get mine 2nd Playbook this afternoon.


RIM should just drop the price across the board by at least a $100. I don't understand why tablet makers set their prices equal to iPad. You need to gain some market share, RIM. Dropping PB's price by a $100 is a good place to start. Few people will prefer PB over iPad if they are priced equally. I have a PB and I love it, but Joe and Jane Consumer don't know anything about the specs. They are affected by the price and the marketing. RIM simply sucks in marketing, so they should compete on price.