BlackBerry PlayBook demo video from Dive Into Mobile conference

By Bla1ze on 8 Dec 2010 02:41 am EST

In addition to the interview highlights, All Things Digital has also posted up the full 6 minute BlackBerry PlayBook demo that Mike Lazaridis gave on stage. Again, not a whole lot new was shown off throughout the video but it is rather interesting to watch. I won't go so far as to say that I can definitively see the difference from previous PlayBook videos where they may have been running older software but, this demo given does seem to appear a little better over some of the others posted. Thanks to Dave for tossing it on YouTube so we can view mobile!

Source: All Things D

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BlackBerry PlayBook demo video from Dive Into Mobile conference


Looking great as usual. :) It's running all those apps pretty smoothly. I heard this demo in particular had a few hiccups but I didn't really notice any. I can't wait to see how this thing evolves.

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The more I see the Playbook the more I want it, it's such a fluid device to use and not to mention a more than capable device in it's class.

I love the full web experience on the tablet it's not comprimised by web apps that are limited. Go RIM

Now this is the tablet I want to have. Perfect mobile size, dual core processors, fluid multi-tasking, fast and responsive touch screen. This device literally made me change my mind from wanting an iPad or iPad 2 to just simply wanting the PlayBook and nothing more.

Yes it's time to start discussing battery life now that we see the PlayBook running smoothly. I wonder what the Ipad 2 will have compared to the PlayBook.

iPad 2: A bit faster and a 5mp camera maybe 1080p recording a the same old OS with a new theme and tell you its a whole new OS. Artificial multitasking like what they have now. Hey isn't that what the iPhone 4 has (except a 720p recording and the shitty old OS which u find on all their iphones and ipod touches)? Lol

I like it more every time I see it. I think as long as it has decent battery life I will definitely be getting this... Although I did still notice that it will occasionally take a few tries to get the touchscreen to respond. I wonder if that is environmental (cold/dry air) or just due to overly dry or overly greasy fingers. Either way, I WANT!!

Now I just have to convince my wife....

ok when did RIM buy Dataviz. in the video Mike says we now own dataviz @the 1:50 mark. i dont remember hearing RIM buying out dataviz

This looks really good. I was very disappointed with the blogger's take on this discussion (post below on main page).

Still I hope RIM gets this out early, but I'm afraid it is going to follow iPad2 and all the hype that POS will get. RIM has had some great advertising for their phones lately. I'd say they done well with products that are not in-class leaders. Hopefully they will go whole hog on this.

One thing I don't get, maybe someone on here will, is why RIM doesn't annouce that playbook will run wifi through blue tooth for any phone IPhone or Android (higher end). Why have any reastriction on this? I understand that they may want to say this is only secure when you pair with BB but why restrict 3G to just blackberry devices??

Personally as I've said on here before I don't care about 3G and Likely even 4G but it seems people do and the media, you just kno media types (bloggers and general media) are going to try to kill the playbook on lack of 3G/4G. I mean why walk into this trap if you don't have to?

I don't like this talk of different sizes in the future, it makes me want to hold off on my purchase. The ipad is too big but I also feel as if 7" may be too small for me. I think 8" or 9" might be perfect for me.

yea I agree with goldielocks there! I think 7" is to small but 8" would be to big. Can we please get a 7 5/8" screen! Its the perfect size. Why hasn't anybody thought of this? Forget that its the most outrageously spec'd out tab coming out in 2011. Let's bitch and moan about screen size because after all they should have a "made to order" system running like burger king. Have it your way!

(In case you were wondering That was sarcasm)