CrackBerry Santa Contest: Win an IOU for a BlackBerry PlayBook this Christmas!

Win an IOU for a BlackBerry PlayBook!
By Kevin Michaluk on 2 Dec 2010 10:25 am EST

Leave a comment for your chance to win a BlackBerry PlayBook!

* December 24th Update: This is it folks, we're into the final hours of our Win an IOU for a BlackBerry PlayBook this Christmas contest. If you haven't left a comment yet for your chance to win, do it now! Good luck to everyone, and MERRY CHRISTMAS! *

We usually get pretty festive here around CrackBerry during the holiday season (I guess when the site's founder lives in Winterpeg that's bound to happen) which means every year we try and come up with an awesome contest to run in December. As deputized CrackBerry Santa I was chatting it over with my Little Helper (pictured above) the other night as to what would be the ultimate gift for a BlackBerry user and abuser to receive under the tree this year. We both decided it would be a BlackBerry PlayBook, but alas, it won't be on sale until 2011. So this year CB Santa is doing the next best thing and giving away an IOU for a BlackBerry PlayBook!

Enter to WIN an IOU for a BlackBerry PlayBook: You have until Midnight PST on Christmas Eve to leave a comment to this blog post to be entered for your chance to win an IOU from CrackBerry Santa for a BlackBerry PlayBook. If you're not a member, you can register for free. As soon as the BlackBerry PlayBook goes on sale in 2011, we'll pick one up from RIM's elves and get it out to out to you. The contest is open worldwide. Please just leave a single comment to this post. GOOD LUCK, and be sure to spread the CrackBerry Holiday Cheer this month!!

Reader comments

CrackBerry Santa Contest: Win an IOU for a BlackBerry PlayBook this Christmas!



This is AMAZING Crackberry...Thanks for the chance to win a Blackberry Playbook, the best Tablet to hit the market

this is why there are 2.7 million members on this site cuz you hook it up and keep up on the site! Unlike the others that have fallen off ex., the!

Dear Crackberry,

I have been a very good boy this year and would love an IOU for that sexy playbook.


P.S. Cookies and Milk are waiting for when you come.

I'm posting this comment from an iPad. Feel sympathy for me and give me this free playbook. I'll donate my ipad to crack berry lol

The BlackBerry PlayBook is going to be a game changer for business professionals. I am excited for an opportunity to throw my hat in the ring for a chance to win one.


Can't wait til the Playbook is out! I need two so it would be wonderful to win one :o)

Thanks and Merry Crackberry!

Best contest ever, thank God i access this site so often. Hopefully if i win it can be shipped to Mexico :D!!

Justin Bieber movie in 3D?!?!?! My Bieber fever went from a mild cough to a deadly plague!!!

Oh and I would like a playbook please!

p.s. I apologize on behalf of Canada for producing Mr. Bieber.

Thank you.

I would LOVE to win one of these!! My friends have iPads and I would LOVE to stick it to them with my PlayBook! Merry Christmas to all! Good Luck everyone

This would be great, especially if I am picked. (Hay, does the girl come with it???) LOL Thanks Crackberry...

Lol, crackberry always has to one up themselves! Good luck to everyone, and one of the best damn giveaways I've seen in awhile anywhere on the net.

It would be great to receive this to show my friends how great Blackberry products are. So I would love to win this IOU.

Working on developing an app to try to score one that way, but this would be even easier (will probably develop the app anyway, but maybe not as rushed).

I write this post and also write my letter to Santa. Please Santa "CrackBerry" let me won this Playbook.
All the year I have been a good boy.
Happy Holidays to everyone!

Before the play book I was iPad or no tablet at all, but ever since you posted the video comparing the web browsing speeds of each the Playbook had my heart and I wouldnt think of ever having another tablet but a playbook. The iPad has some catching up to do in my opinion!

Long live RIM <3

Where we have 3 seasons: winter, mosquitoes, and construction. I'd love to be among the Winnipeg crowd representing RIM and their products. Thanks for the opportinity, Kevin and Crackberry.

This is the one thing that I would have loved to have gotten for Christmas this year. A Playbook would be awesome and I hope I get one.

Oh wow oh wow I want I want I want
Now that I got that out, Merry Christmas CrackBerry and my fellow CrackBerryians :)

OMG! How awesome this would be!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your web-site! Couldn't have ever figured out my BB Tour without you all! Thanks! Happy Holidays!!!!!

SANTA! I have lots of cookies and Bacardi eggnog for the cold nights! Lock in your GPS to my house and leave a Playbook for my son. Oh and can you take a picture of Rudolph with it? Thanks

Happy Holiday to everyone! :)

Yes please. I'd love to show it off to all my iTard friends. Maybe record some 1080p video then output the video to my TV. Perhaps visit some websites that have 16:9 flash videos in full screen.... you know DO STUFF TABLET COMPUTERS DO.

This is a pretty AWESOME post-Christmas gift. As a side note, I wonder if Crackberry ever proof-reads their postings...

T'was the night before Christmas
and all the forums was an empty trail

Users and abusers were waiting for st. Nick
And that one special email

All stuck to their screens with wide open eyes
Any moment now someone will be getting a surprise

Clicking refresh, every few seconds taking a look
For tonight someone will be the owner of a BlackBerry play book

but the time has not yet came and that is all right
Until then, Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night

This would indeed be the ultimate gift for a BB user like myself.
Dear Crackberry Santa,
I've been especially good this year...

Crackberry rocks! Love these contests, entered all and lost them all haha. Here's keeping my fingers crossed and hoping I win. However, even if I don't, I'm sure the device will go to someone who really deserves it and congrats in advance to that person.

Great day to make my decision. Waiting for the playbook or im just gonna have to go with a crappy IPad. Send it my way baby!

Uh - who wouldn't want this under their tree! Seriously, I could SOOOOO use this... considering I havent won anything - EVER with these contests... does that give me a better chance? I can't afford it when it comes out so I suppose this is my only chance right now of getting my hands on one. Good luck and Merry Christmas to all!

OMG..! I can't believe u thought of me when u made this comp! *winkgrin*
At last I get 2 revel in all the glories of my new BlackBerry PlayBook. I can't wait to receive it *excitedbackflip*
Mine! Mine! Mine!
I'm the luckiest Girl in the Universe.
Thanx 4 my best Xmas ever..!

There are 19,846 black jelly beans in the jar, and if I'm right I'll eat them all in front of the lot of you!

Thank you CrackBerry for everything! Got my first Berry this year and learned tons of new things on this site.

Man I've been signing up for these giveaways since before you guys had 100,000 members haha crazy how this site has exploded in such a short amount of time.

Here's hoping this BB Tablet brings back faith that RIM has it in them to compete :) hope I win!

Better than winning the lottery - winning the contest for a free Blackberry PlayBook!!!

Just when I decided I was skipping Christmas this year because the only thing I wanted was a Playbook, this contest comes out. Thank you!

Best Contest Ever!

Dear Santa,

I would love an iPad kill...uh, BlackBerry Playbook more than any other piece of technology. The things I would do, the efficiency & creativity I would do them with,... the possibilities are endless. It's the only gift besides having my family together for Christmas that would make me happy.

A Dreaming CrackBerry Addict,


:p ;)

Crackberry Nation, Dec 25 is my Bday and there is nothing I would want more for my B-day then an IOU for a playbook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CB Santa I've been berry berry good this year...hehe !
Soooo Puleeeeez CB Santa bring me a Playbook IOU on Christmas Day :)

CrackBerry Rocks!

I'm really looking forward to the PlayBook!
Could Tablets be the future of the smartphone...

In it to win it!

Thank you, CB!

I'm not getting my hopes up. To win the Playbook would be awesome, but I never win anything this cool... there's always a first!!

I'd love to win one of these. Not only for person use, but to see how useful they might be in a high school environment for teaching/learning purposes.

Thank you crackberry for all the giveaways you have! I got really excited when I saw this contest! Goodluck to everyone!! Hopefully I win!!

There is a God!! Now to make me a true believer...Please choose me this once come on you can do it :)

What ever you do dont give it to the host of Tosh.0! He'll hit it with a golf club or light it on fire lol

What ever you do dont give it to the host of Tosh.0! He'll hit it with a golf club or light it on fire lol

This will be the best gift for the winner of this competition for Christmas!!
Hope everyone has good holiday season, and keep on bbming ;)

Crackberry yet anothere amazing deal. You guys are truely the best out there for content and give aways!

I hope for this magical gift under my Chistmas tree in early 2011 :)

Happy Holidays!

Not a Tab or an iPad, or even a nook
Only one thing under the Christmas tree, for it I’ll look
Who in the world would give a gift so merry
Only one comes to mind, the awesome folks at Crackberry
I’ll barely sleep Christmas Eve, but I’ll try not to look
Then fingers crossed in the morning, I will have my PlayBook

Thanks Crackberry, you guys have the best contests! I want a PlayBook more than anything and really have a one track mind for it right now. Now I’ll try to wait to see if I’m the lucky one. Keep up the Crackiness!!

Crackberry Rocks & I feel loved with the offer to win this AMAZING PlayBook! Who needs an iPad? pfft!
Luv Ya!

If I do not enter no chance of winning! So, count me in! Thanks CB! Love the new web design too. You guys are the best! Happy Holidays to all @ CB!

HO! HO! HO! No, not you Sweetheart. I was just getting ready to put on my Santa suit. Damn. You can take the woman off the street, but you can't take the street out of the woman.

I had to leave Blackberry for iPhone 4 after a BES plan issue (carrier wanted an additional $20 than what I was paying for previous but with half the calling features and I really miss my Torch)... However, BESX and Playbook will win me back in the new year :)

I'd love a PlayBook! Then I can show my wife how much vastly superior all BlackBerry products are in comparison to her Apple ones!