CrackBerry Santa Contest: Win an IOU for a BlackBerry PlayBook this Christmas!

Win an IOU for a BlackBerry PlayBook!
By Kevin Michaluk on 2 Dec 2010 10:25 am EST

Leave a comment for your chance to win a BlackBerry PlayBook!

* December 24th Update: This is it folks, we're into the final hours of our Win an IOU for a BlackBerry PlayBook this Christmas contest. If you haven't left a comment yet for your chance to win, do it now! Good luck to everyone, and MERRY CHRISTMAS! *

We usually get pretty festive here around CrackBerry during the holiday season (I guess when the site's founder lives in Winterpeg that's bound to happen) which means every year we try and come up with an awesome contest to run in December. As deputized CrackBerry Santa I was chatting it over with my Little Helper (pictured above) the other night as to what would be the ultimate gift for a BlackBerry user and abuser to receive under the tree this year. We both decided it would be a BlackBerry PlayBook, but alas, it won't be on sale until 2011. So this year CB Santa is doing the next best thing and giving away an IOU for a BlackBerry PlayBook!

Enter to WIN an IOU for a BlackBerry PlayBook: You have until Midnight PST on Christmas Eve to leave a comment to this blog post to be entered for your chance to win an IOU from CrackBerry Santa for a BlackBerry PlayBook. If you're not a member, you can register for free. As soon as the BlackBerry PlayBook goes on sale in 2011, we'll pick one up from RIM's elves and get it out to out to you. The contest is open worldwide. Please just leave a single comment to this post. GOOD LUCK, and be sure to spread the CrackBerry Holiday Cheer this month!!

Reader comments

CrackBerry Santa Contest: Win an IOU for a BlackBerry PlayBook this Christmas!



I would use it to destroy all the iPads at my local starbucks. Oh and send out merry xmas messages

It would nice to win anything. lucky I do not know anybody that has a iPad. It would be nice to show people that Apple is not the only fish in the pond!

I agree. only replace "local starbucks" with "workplace". The fanboys I have the displeasure to work with need to be taught a lesson in what practical, awesome technology is.

That's funny right there! I'd love to have the Playbook, I could definitely put it to good use for work/family. Merry Christmas to all!

Hey, give me something to do while i'm in the hospital recovering from the heartattack lol... I'm game :)

please let the crackbery Santa find me! This would definitely ruin my other gifts. Plus my sister wants an iPad and it would be sweat to rock a playbook while her technology challenged hands fumble with an ipad.

LOL I was gonna say that! With the number of comments, our chances get less everyday, but here's my entry!

Merry Christmas Steve Jobs, just got myself the greatest tablet on earth
"THE PLAYBOOK" eat your heart out...........

I have wanted a Blackberry Playbook from the first notice that it will be released. I can only hope and pray that I am a winner!

Would love to have Blackberry Playbook. To hold the latest
technology in my hands, and know it was mine, WOW happy happy happy!!!!!
I'm thinking someone luckier than me will win it.It has been a rather bad year for me.So may you enjoy it as much as I would have! You are in for lots of sleeples nights, my friend, how will you everr be able to turn it off? And thank you Black Berry for making someone's year a verry lucky one.Thank you Crackberry for this contest, and all the other cool stuff you do for us, month after month.....

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to all.....

Oh, jingle bells, jingle bells, Jingle all the way, oh what fun it is to see a Playbook under the treeeeeee. Merry Xmas!

All my iPad and iPhone loving friends harass me constantly about my out of date BlackBerry Storm and the ancient OS it runs. If I could get my grubby hands on a PlayBook I could finally rub their faces in BlackBerry greatness!

Oh please oh please oh oh oh let me win... A playbook... oh please oh please (REPEAT AD INFINITUM)

This would really make my Christmas since my kids got all the good stuff. Lol. Merry Christmas everyone and good luck!

well, considering channukah has come and gone, and i really didn't get much of what i asked for, starting 2011 off with a new playbook would be the perfect gadget gift and playmate for my bb bold. shalom.

Love me some Crackberry! And a playbook would just put it over the top! Keep up the good work Crackberry!!! Merry Christmas!

I would love to win the Playbook and show the Ipad users a REAL tablet! Good luck to all. (but i really hope i win heheheh)

I have been good all year and I REALLY deserve... Well ok I've been PRETTY good... Well ok, I've been BAD, REALLY BAD, but bad IS the new good... RIGHT?!? ;-)

Look i've been holding on to this old8300 waitn on verizon to get the alleged storm3 almost fist fighting with those other ppl(iphone&droid) bbm angry face I want that play book GIVE IT TO ME NOW thank you bbm angle face

I'm loving my new Blackberry Curve 3G 9300. Great phone with lots of new features compared to my 8310. My first experience with a blackberry was with the 7100 back in 2005, both my wife and I have been hooked ever sine. When ever it came time to renew our account we looked at other phones to see what else was out there. Looked at the iphone and the android, but couldn't do it. Having my blackberry is like having a good pet dog. She's been faithful to me, and never left my side. Why would I leave her? I've done everything to dropping it Lake Vermilion (took the battery out and dropped both phone and battery in bag of rice for the day) put battery back in and still works, to dropping on ground when getting out of my truck. It still works. Try that with another phone. Love the calendar sink option, messenger, and password keeper to name a few. All features that are not available on other phones. Thanks RIM for providing outstanding phones and crackberry for a place to go to share and seek out answers.

Although I'd hate for you to actually have a heart attack, just in case you do, may I have your Playbook, please?

Santa Baby, slip a PlayBook under the tree, for me.
I've been an awful good girl, Santa Baby,
so hurry down the chimney tonight!

If I won the playbook, it would be the best gift I have received of all times. Presently I am in college and this device would be more than useful for me to do my research for my classes.

I would like to win but usually don't winning this would connect me to the world without having to bring out my laptop everytime I leave the house!

I know CPR so I can save you if you have a heart attack. Then you can give me your playbook out of appreciation.

It would be a nice start to the new year to win. And a chance to show the world that there are other devices other than apple

*SCREAMS* I want a playbook! so badly!! but I KNOW that will NEVER happen.. so let me just take time out to say Merry Christmas to all the Crackberrians.. and the Crackberry staff for making this site so awesome... I don't know what I'll do without it! :)

Merry Christmas!!!!!

- Jan

Its very rare that I win anything but by chance I win this beautiful phone it would be one of my dreams come true•

I think I hear Santa and his must be that time of year again. Merry Crackmas to all and to all a good ping!

it wont be for christmas, they are making the contest on christmas but the winner will get the prize when it goes on sale early 2011

i really think this is a great contest and the blackberry playbook is a fascinating product that rim ever came out with... whoever win this contest is going to be one lucky person and have the best christmas present!

CrackBerry, I freaking LOVE you! ! ! You guys have the best website and the best giveaways! THANK YOU!!!

Now thats what I am talking about. Just when you think you have seen everything from crackberry they come out with this wicked giveaway! Good luck to all and even better luck to me :-)