BlackBerry PlayBook coming to Australia starting at $579

By Yousif Abdullah on 13 Jun 2011 09:07 am EDT
BlackBerry PlayBook coming to Australia starting at $579

The news broke earlier that the BlackBerry PlayBook is coming to an additional 16 markets within the next 30 days - including Australia, but if you are at a loss for details on the tablet's upcoming debut in Down Under, read on.

The tablet will retail for $579 AUD for the 16GB Wi-Fi model as well as $689 AUD and $799 AUD for the 32GB and 64GB models respectively. Although that is quite a premium in price compared to the U.S. model, it is fair to note that Europeans will pay even more than that (roughly $650 AUD for the 16GB Wi-Fi model). Please hang in there Down Under, we Europeans know how you feel ;-)

When is the big day, you ask? June 20th. Be sure to mark that in your calendar, Australia - and while you're at it, also note down that the BlackBerry PlayBook will launch through all of Australia's major mobile carriers as well as retailer Harvey Norman. So, any CrackBerry readers from Down Under planning to buy the BlackBerry PlayBook? Let us know in the comments!

Reader comments

BlackBerry PlayBook coming to Australia starting at $579


About time for the aussies, especially with all those android tablets filling up the aisles from asus, motorola and acer.

Leaving it until next month would have definitely been too late. They are lucky HP are still a month or so away from an international release right?

I'm glad its finally being rolled out to a lot more places.

Ill be getting mine day 1.
Been waiting for it to come to AUS, my brother is in NY now and I wanted him to pick one up for me, no point now.

And yeah, I have been trying to tell people to stop whining about the price because even with the dollar being similar, if not more, it would still cost more.

People have to remember too that the price is taxes in too(or should be) so really it's not too bad.

Finally! I'm excited. Left canada 2 weeks before it came out there and have been waiting for it to be announced. They need to market it quite well. No one knows what it is down here. Its a shame. I may be the only one in the stores looking at it. They can play off of Apple's iPad wait time. It takes about a month to get one here in Perth.

So all signs point to no on it being released tomorrow. Unless they plan to be hosting a lot of surprise parties that they tell people about the day of. Maybe they meant july 20th : )